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00:16 Welcome to "Battles of Faith".
00:17 We're your hosts, Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:20 Today we are going to switch gears.
00:25 We have the last five or four programs talking about
00:28 the French Revolution.
00:29 We're going to continue to see some really exciting things.
00:34 Today's program is entitled "The Science of Re-creation".
00:39 Some of you out there may have been listening to the
00:42 past programs, especially young people
00:45 and you've decided 'Hey, I want to
00:47 fully give my life, my heart over to God.
00:50 And I want Him to recreate in me a new heart."
00:53 We're going to be talking about that today
00:55 and we're going to be using the creation week,
00:58 the creation 7 days that God talks about in Genesis
01:01 as a backdrop, and see how He can actually do that
01:04 in your life and in your heart today.
01:06 So, we're very excited about this program.
01:08 - Yes. We've been discussing the issue of this beast
01:12 from the bottom of the pit, Revelation 11,
01:14 we've looked at the French Revolution
01:16 and, in one of our earlier programs, we noted
01:19 that evolution was one of the teachings
01:22 that sprung out of the French Revolution.
01:25 I want to say here that the purpose of evolution
01:28 is to discredit the creation account.
01:32 It is to cause people to no longer believe that
01:36 the creation is a valid thing,
01:39 according to the Word of God.
01:41 - And yes, the enemy of souls wants to destroy,
01:44 where God wants to create new things, and rebuild
01:47 and give you life; and Satan wants to destroy.
01:49 So, that's all a part of what he is trying to do
01:51 through the beast from Revelation.
01:53 - That's right. We saw that this beast
01:55 arose out from the abyss and, the abyss takes us back
01:59 to that place where the world was before it was inhabitable,
02:04 or rather in a habitable state.
02:06 We notice that this principle of evolution,
02:11 while it may be rejected by Christians, and it should,
02:17 because evolution just teaches that we got here somehow,
02:20 on another level there is a spiritual evolution
02:27 that the Devil utilizes in terms of trying to manipulate
02:32 the environment, change the environment so that
02:35 the people will adapt to that environment.
02:39 So, we've been talking about those things,
02:41 but in this program we're going to see that
02:46 the spiritual evolution that the enemy is using,
02:51 not only is its purpose to stop literal creation,
02:55 but also spiritual re-creation.
02:58 We're going to go to 2 Corinthians 5:17
03:02 and we're going to notice there that the Bible tells us:
03:06 [text on the screen]
03:15 Different translations carry the word "creation"
03:18 instead of "creature".
03:20 In other words, when God recreates us, He calls us
03:23 'a new creation'.
03:25 And that links us to the seven-day week of creation.
03:30 In other words, is it possible that we could find,
03:34 in that seven-day creation the very pattern which God uses
03:40 to recreate the old man, to recreate those who
03:45 are lost in sin. And the answer is 'Yes'.
03:49 And again, we're going to see that the Devil's plan
03:54 of evolution is not only to discredit the
03:56 literal account of creation, but also to stop the process
04:02 of spiritual recreation.
04:04 So, let's go to Genesis 1.
04:06 Atonte, I'm going to ask you to read verses 1 to 4:
04:10 [text on the screen]
04:29 Okay. Here we have day number 1.
04:32 First thing in creation, and the first thing we notice
04:35 is that the earth was what? Without form, void
04:39 and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
04:42 - And that's how we are when God finds us;
04:45 when, before we have given our hearts and our lives to Him
04:48 we are very void and there's lots of darkness.
04:52 - Void, lots of darkness, there're things we don't
04:54 understand, we're living in a way that's anti-God,
04:57 anti-Bible and we're just really walking in darkness.
05:02 Proverbs 4:19 says: 'The way of the wicked is
05:06 as darkness. They know not at what they stumble.'
05:09 And we see here that this principle of being anti...
05:12 I know from me, before I became a Christian
05:16 there was a realization that all that I had was emptiness,
05:22 was without form, it was void,
05:25 and this feeling is the first feeling that comes upon
05:28 a person in the process of salvation.
05:31 Before they know who the light is, they get this feeling
05:34 of emptiness. Something is missing.
05:36 - And we can also say that that's the Holy Spirit
05:39 moving upon someone, because we don't just create
05:43 that in ourselves. Without the Holy Spirit
05:45 we wouldn't know that we were void and in darkness.
05:47 - That's right. You can, by looking back, remember
05:53 you felt the Spirit of God beginning to hover
05:56 upon the face deep, as it were,
05:58 beginning to hover over you and bring this realization
06:01 of emptiness in your heart.
06:04 I believe that, once you've come to
06:05 the state of realizing that all that the world has to offer,
06:09 its music, its entertainments, all these things are empty.
06:13 - I can remember the Holy Spirit doing that.
06:16 I can remember when the Holy Spirit first started
06:21 talking to my heart.
06:22 I was in college, and I would be at clubs and
06:25 living and feeling very empty, and listening to music,
06:29 and going to movies that were not
06:31 at a fine or uplifting God
06:33 and feeling really empty inside.
06:35 - That' s right. And then, once that
06:37 emptiness becomes a reality, once you realize this is empty,
06:42 I need something more, that's when, I believe, Atonte,
06:46 God speaks and says: 'Let there be light!'.
06:51 And I think of 2 Corinthians 4:6 and it says:
06:54 [text on the screen]
07:06 God commands that light to shine out of darkness
07:11 and this is where that process of salvation
07:14 begins, and this is why the enemy, through his
07:17 spiritual evolution, is trying to stop you from
07:21 even getting to the place where you say:
07:23 'You know what? This is empty.'
07:25 That's why he tries to make the world seem 'Oh, this is
07:30 so exciting, it's so fun', because, once we come
07:33 to the realization that 'Man, this empty',
07:35 we are on the way to salvation,
07:39 we are on the way to being recreated in Christ.
07:43 God says: 'Let there be light' and the Bible says
07:45 'there was light'.
07:48 All of a sudden you begin to see things
07:50 that you didn't see before and feel ways that
07:53 you didn't feel before. You begin to see
07:55 'Wait a minute, there's a clear difference between
07:57 what? Light and darkness.'
08:00 - I can remember always listening to secular music
08:03 during the week, and then, on Sabbath,
08:06 I would put on Christian music because it was the Sabbath
08:08 and I wanted to worship God, but when this light came on,
08:11 as we're talking about, I started to listen to
08:15 godly music all throughout the week.
08:17 It was like my desire for that secular music
08:20 was being transferred to more godly music
08:23 and that's when I knew something was happening
08:24 into my life. I remember a friend stopping me and saying:
08:27 'You're listening to church music and it's Wednesday.
08:30 You know, it's not Sabbath!' And I said:
08:32 'You know, this is what I want to listen now.'
08:33 God does that for us, He takes away those desires
08:36 and replaces them.
08:37 - That's right. So, He says 'Let there be light'
08:39 which now takes us to day number 2.
08:42 So, why don't we look at verses 6 to 8.
08:48 [text on the screen]
09:08 - Okay. Here we have, on the second day,
09:10 God is now separating the waters from the waters,
09:15 and it is separated by air.
09:19 And, it's so interesting, when we begin to look
09:22 at the process of salvation, when God brings light into
09:27 our life, when He says 'Let there be light',
09:29 and we begin to see the difference between light
09:32 and darkness, the next thing that happens
09:35 is that God separates us.
09:38 And you would say: 'What does that have to do
09:39 with waters?' Well, if you look at
09:40 Revelation 17:15, this is in a symbolic context,
09:45 speaking of waters upon which the harlot
09:49 was seen sitting. And Revelation 17:15 it says:
09:52 [text on the screen]
10:01 When the Bible says here, in the second day of creation
10:05 that God separated the waters from the waters,
10:08 we can look at that, and, in a spiritual context, see that
10:10 the very next step in the process of salvation,
10:12 after God shows us what is light and what is darkness,
10:15 He then separates us from the crowds
10:19 we used to hang with.
10:21 He then separates us from the places that we used to go,
10:25 from the things we used to do, He calls us, as it were,
10:27 out of the world.
10:30 - And that's a powerful thing, when He does that.
10:33 And you'll find that when God is recreating a new heart,
10:36 He will separate you from, maybe some of your old friends,
10:40 not that you don't like them and you'll treat them badly,
10:43 but you just don't have the same things in common.
10:45 And they will even, kind of realize that,
10:48 and maybe kind of just distance from you,
10:50 but you still pray for them and you love them.
10:53 - That's right. 2 Corinthians 6:14 and on:
10:58 [text on the screen]
11:33 God calls us to separate.
11:36 Once we have been shown what light and darkness is,
11:38 He calls us to separate.
11:39 Another interesting thing is that, God,
11:43 when He separates us...
11:46 the Bible says there that in the second day of creation
11:48 there was air that separated the water from the water.
11:53 And, beloved, one of the things about the air
11:57 that are described in the Bible, or wind...
11:59 wind is likened to the Holy Spirit.
12:03 And it is only through and by the Holy Spirit,
12:06 the Holy Spirit is what divides, symbolically speaking,
12:11 the waters from the waters.
12:13 It is what takes us out from the world
12:15 and allows us to be separate from
12:19 the world. And the Holy Spirit
12:21 has a very important part because it is the thing that
12:25 draws us and enables us to keep that separation
12:28 from that things that we used to do.
12:30 - Right. And we need to pray for the Holy Spirit
12:34 and ask the Lord to give us the Spirit so we can have
12:37 discernment on 'Lord, what would you want me to do?
12:40 What is right? What is wrong?'
12:42 Especially if there're young people out there who are
12:44 searching, who just don't want to do things
12:47 because their parents do it, but because they want to understand
12:50 'Lord, what is the proper entertainment for me to do?
12:52 Who should I cord?' or whatever questions you may have.
12:56 It's the Holy Spirit that is going to give you
12:57 that discernment.
12:59 - That's right. I think of John 3:5
13:00 where Jesus is speaking to Nicodimus and He says:
13:05 'Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit
13:11 he cannot enter the kingdom of God.'
13:13 And we find there those two elements
13:15 on the second day of creation: water and air,
13:18 water and the Spirit, it says in John 3:5.
13:21 In 1 Corinthians 10: 1,2 it says:
13:26 [text on the screen]
13:39 Again you have these elements of air and water
13:42 symbolizing a new birth, a new creation,
13:46 being born again, and being baptized into
13:49 Jesus Christ. This is the second step of salvation.
13:51 We see light and dark, day 1, day 2, symbolically
13:55 speaking. I'm not saying this happens in 7 days,
13:58 but symbolically speaking, the stir of God
14:01 separates us from the world and we are born again, as it were,
14:06 through this separation.
14:08 And when this happens, it's a very exciting thing,
14:11 and people can tell, you can see it,
14:14 there's actually a new light that is being formed within you,
14:18 and those who knew you from before, it's very evident.
14:21 I can remember, when God started to do this for me
14:24 and I would meet people in the store,
14:26 I would have such an excitement because of
14:28 what God was doing that, you know,
14:30 if they said 'Hy' to me I would want to share
14:33 with them about Jesus and how He can really recreate
14:36 a new person within us.
14:38 And so, there'll be an excitement when this happens,
14:41 and you'll want to share with others.
14:42 - That's right. Now, we're going to go ahead
14:44 and look at day number 3.
14:45 Atonte, I'm going to ask if you would read verses 9 to 12:
14:49 [text on the screen]
15:27 - Okay. On day number 3 you have fruits being brought
15:31 from the earth.
15:33 And, I think it just goes off immediately.
15:36 Yes, when God calls us out of the world,
15:39 when God shows us the difference between light and darkness,
15:41 the next thing that He calls of us to do
15:44 is to bear fruits.
15:49 I think of Luke 8:15 where Christ is giving
15:53 a parable here. It says: "But that on the good ground
15:58 are they, which in an honest and good heart,
16:00 having heard the word, keep it,
16:02 and bring forth fruit with patience."
16:06 This group of people in this parable,
16:08 are described as those who hear the word, who come out
16:11 of darkness, who are separated and who are keeping the Word
16:13 and bearing fruit.
16:16 And I think of John 15:5 where Jesus says:
16:18 "I am the vine, you are the branches: He that abideth in me
16:23 and I in Him, the same bringeth forth much fruit:
16:26 for without me you can do nothing."
16:29 - And I think "fruit" is actual things that are changing
16:33 in our life and people can see, 'Hey I can see what's going on,
16:36 there's major changes',
16:37 but also witnessing to other people.
16:39 I know that, when this started to happen in my life,
16:42 shortly after I met my husband Ivor, we would have some
16:46 of the best times going to minister to other people.
16:49 We would visit people in a hospital ministry
16:51 and we would love to minister to and for people
16:55 on Sabbath afternoons, who were sick in the hospital.
16:58 We would go from door to door and ask people
16:59 if they wanted Bible studies or prayer,
17:02 all different kinds of things like that.
17:04 And it was kind of a full circle, or cycle.
17:08 When God is giving you light and you share it
17:10 with other people, you get the benefits and the blessing.
17:12 So, when this happens you don't stay idle.
17:14 You actually start to bear fruit.
17:16 - Right. And that fruit would also represent
17:18 the fruit of righteousness, but God doesn't only call us
17:21 to see the difference between the light and the darkness,
17:23 He doesn't only call us to come out from
17:26 the negative things that we were doing,
17:28 but now He calls us to engage in a pro-active righteousness,
17:32 doing things that are right and beginning to exercise
17:36 righteousness. This is how we begin to bear fruit.
17:41 So, we've got day number 1, we've got day number 2,
17:43 we've got day number 3: bearing fruit.
17:45 And now, notice day number 4. Genesis 1:14 to 18:
17:52 [text on the screen]
18:25 - Okay. This is just exciting because we think about
18:29 as we become Christians and as we come out of the world
18:31 and begin to bear fruit, God now says:
18:34 'I have given you a new guiding light in your life.
18:40 Before, when you were in the world,
18:41 you were walking according to your own stars, your own light.
18:43 Now, I've given you new light.
18:47 And I think about the sun. The Bible describes Jesus
18:50 as the Sun of Righteousness.
18:53 He is that new light in our life that helps us to divide
18:56 light from darkness.
18:59 You see, before, it was just a matter of 'I think this is
19:02 wrong' 'I think this is right', but now, in Jesus,
19:05 He is our dividing light, and through His teachings
19:11 we discern what is right and what is wrong.
19:13 - And it says 'rule', 'it rules over the day'.
19:16 And we know the moon rules over the night.
19:18 But isn't the sun... help me science people there,
19:21 isn't the moon a reflection of the sun at night?
19:24 Okay, there we go.
19:25 - Another thing. Psalm 119:105, another light that God
19:29 has given us, Psalms 119:105 says:
19:32 "Thy word is a lamp onto my feet and a light unto my path".
19:36 We've got the Word of God, the Old Testament
19:39 and the New Testament, we've got
19:42 the greater light, and the lesser light,
19:44 the Word of God and even the spirit of prophecy
19:48 seen as a lesser light to a greater light.
19:50 So, we've got these principles.
19:52 God says: 'You now have this light in your life.
19:54 Let the light shine.'
19:57 And as Christians we ought to guide our lives by
19:59 the light. It says the stars also,
20:02 in the Bible. Stars are symbolic not only of God's people,
20:06 Daniel 12:3- 'they that shine as the brightness
20:09 of the firmament...shall shine as the stars forever' rather,
20:13 but also of angels. The Bible tells us that we are surrounded
20:17 by an innumerable company of angels and witnesses.
20:21 So, day number 4 invites us to have a new light,
20:26 to have a new light in our life.
20:28 I'm going to look at day number 5.
20:29 [text on the screen]
20:52 - Okay. On day number 5 we have the creation
20:55 of two kinds of animals: birds and fish.
21:00 And, if you're thinking, you're going:
21:03 'Wait a minute! I know what this is', because
21:05 what was the first thing that Jesus said to His disciples
21:09 as He was calling them on the sea shores?
21:12 He said: "Come and follow Me, and I will make you
21:16 fishers of men."
21:19 You see, after we have understood what the Bible
21:22 is saying to us, what the Bible is teaching,
21:24 it has become a new light in our life,
21:26 the next thing God calls us to do is to go
21:28 and be fishers of men, to go out there
21:31 and to share with others what we have learned.
21:35 And again, the whole purpose of Satan's principle of evolution
21:38 is to stop the process of recreation.
21:40 His whole purpose of manipulating the environment
21:43 is so that we won't realize that we're in darkness,
21:45 we won't come out and be separate,
21:47 we won't bear fruit onto righteousness,
21:49 we won't have new light in our life,
21:52 and we, certainly, won't share this with others.
21:55 - And see, if my husband and other members of the group,
21:59 when they were in their rap music, wouldn't have accepted
22:03 what the Holy Spirit, what God was trying to do...
22:05 there's hundreds of people who are being blessed
22:10 by his and the others' ministry.
22:13 I mean, now you're a pastor, you're able to reach
22:16 hundreds of people, or thousands,
22:19 and now you're able to do that.
22:20 And if you wouldn't have responded, you wouldn't
22:21 have been able to do that. And Satan didn't want
22:23 them to respond. And he doesn't want you to respond either.
22:26 Because he knows that you have a circle of people
22:28 that only you can reach.
22:30 - That's right. That's a proper verse in
22:31 Ecclesiastes 9:12 which actually uses the analogy
22:35 of birds and fish. It says:
22:36 [text on the screen]
22:50 God calls us, as Christians to go out there
22:53 and to go fish and bird hunting,
22:55 to go and become fishers of men, to redeem
22:59 those who have been caught in the snare of the devil,
23:02 who are trapped in the abyss, or the black hole
23:05 that Satan has sprung upon this world.
23:07 - So, now we're moving on to day 6. And it says:
23:12 [text on the screen]
23:30 - Okay, this is really a problem Atonte.
23:32 I know that, when I became a Christian and I came
23:35 out of darkness and I began to study the Bible,
23:38 not began and go out there immediately and witness,
23:40 I just knew this is it, I would never have to struggle
23:44 with the sin again. Yes! Victory!!
23:47 And a couple of weeks later I notice that the old man
23:50 was still there. That old carnal man was still there,
23:55 who, by the way, the Bible in 2 Peter 2:12
23:59 describes the old man, or wicked humanity
24:03 as beast. Notice what it says:
24:04 "But these, as natural brute beasts,
24:06 made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of things that
24:10 they understand not; and shall utterly perish
24:13 in their own corruption."
24:14 That is just one example of the Bible relating the carnal
24:19 nature to an animal nature,
24:22 and in this process of salvation people that get in,
24:24 they get excited and...
24:26 We just baptized someone a couple of weeks ago
24:27 and this person was just feeling victorious,
24:30 had stopped chewing tobacco, and the day of his baptism
24:35 was like all of a sudden he felt the urge,
24:39 and by God's grace, he has been faithful,
24:40 but the urge springs up.
24:42 When we understand that the beast's nature
24:45 is there to try to dominate us, we can rejoice,
24:50 because in the very same day the Bible says God made man
24:52 in His image. And this is where that conflict takes place,
24:58 between the image of God and the image of the beast.
25:01 And we can praise God because, in Christ,
25:04 when we have the image of Christ in us,
25:06 God says to us we ought to have dominion over
25:10 the beasts of the earth.
25:14 And praise God, He says that very same thing to us,
25:15 'Listen, don't worry. These beasts may be vicious,
25:18 your carnal nature may be vicious,
25:20 but in Me, I have given you victory.
25:23 Dominate this beast!'
25:25 - So, young people out there whoa are saying: 'The things
25:29 of the world, they're to hard to give up. I'm struggling.
25:31 I won't be able to do it.' This is God's promise.
25:34 as we can see, as He created the earth that actually
25:36 we can look at it and say spiritually He can do
25:39 the same thing for us as we're struggling with these
25:42 spiritual issues.
25:44 - That's right. And day number 7, Atonte.
25:46 Genesis 2:1
25:49 [text on the screen]
26:07 - This is beautiful. Jesus says 'Come onto Me all ye that labor
26:11 and I will give you rest'. Jesus invites us to rest
26:16 from the wickedness of this world.
26:19 And in so doing, when we follow those steps of creation,
26:23 when we are led through this process of creation,
26:26 God is ultimately trying to lead us to rest,
26:30 to rest in Christ. The devil's purpose is
26:34 to manipulate the environment so that he can
26:37 stop the process of re-creation.
26:40 And he does it through music, through entertainment,
26:42 through humanism, all these different philosophies
26:45 with a specific intent of stopping and eliminating
26:50 the process of re-creation.
26:51 - That's right. He doesn't want it to happen in you,
26:54 because he knows once it does, you're his enemy.
27:00 Then you have the power to fight against him,
27:02 and he wants you to be on his camp, on his side,
27:04 and God wants you to be in God's camp, on God's side.
27:08 - That's right. We've been looking at the science
27:10 of how this beast from the abyss has been operating,
27:13 and in this program today we've looked at
27:15 the science of re-creation.
27:17 In our programs coming up, we're going to continue
27:19 to look at the science of how God redeems His people,
27:23 and I'm telling you, it's a wonderful thing
27:25 when we study the science of God, the science of salvation.
27:28 We see that there are principles that God has laid down for us,
27:32 that will be for our best benefit.
27:34 - I think that there might be some people out there
27:36 who only have gone through half of this re-creation process
27:39 or maybe none. If you're gone through only half
27:42 and you see the rest and you feel the Holy Spirit moving you,
27:46 give in to that spirit and allow Him to
27:47 take you the rest of the way.
27:49 - That's right. It is a full week of creation.
27:52 And we don't know how long this process takes.
27:54 God knows, but He invites us to partake of this process
27:57 and to start immediately.
27:59 - That's right.
28:00 Well, we're all out of time.
28:01 Until next time, God bless!


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