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00:14 Welcome to Battles Of Faith,
00:16 we're your hosts Ivor and Atonte Myers
00:19 Today we are continuing our discussion about the beast of
00:23 Revelation 11, the French Revolution
00:26 and today we're going to be learning about the philosophy
00:28 of humanism and how it's affecting our Christian world.
00:33 Yes, we've been discussing the Beast of Revelation 11
00:37 We have been discussing various principles like evolution
00:40 and seeing how all this ties in with what our young people
00:44 are facing today
00:45 For those of you who are just turning up program who maybe
00:48 have missed some of the programs before dealing with the French
00:52 Revolution we've been looking at Revelation 11
00:54 and we've been seeing that this beast from Revelation 11
00:58 described as the beast from the bottomless pit or the
01:01 beast from the Abyss rises up on the scene at a particular
01:05 time in earth history
01:06 we have seen that that time was during the French Revolution
01:11 and we noticed a couple of things, Atonte,
01:14 evolution was one of the principles that arose out of
01:19 the French Revolution and really got it's, had it's nucleus in
01:23 the French Revolution from a scientist by the name J.B Lemark
01:27 and that's where Darwin got his theory of evolution from
01:32 and we've seen that any spiritual context that principal
01:38 evolution has word against or is worn rather against
01:43 the two witnesses of Bible prophecy which we again on
01:47 previous programs represent the Old and the New Testament
01:51 and we've seen that that this principle of evolution also
01:55 applies in a spiritual context to the fact that one of the
01:59 teachings of evolution is that as the environment changes
02:03 so do the species.
02:04 They adapt.
02:06 It's called the principle of adaptation
02:07 And in a spiritual context the enemy of souls is manipulating
02:12 our environment, spiritually speaking, through music, through
02:18 entertainment to try to get us to adapt to become like
02:23 the world
02:24 and we plan on evolution, we had on our last program
02:28 we talked about the fact the way that he is doing this
02:32 through sexual perversion manipulating the environment
02:36 through pornography and you find the principle of sexual
02:41 perversion being spread through the music of today
02:44 through commercials, television, various things at that nature
02:47 and today we're going to touch on yet another aspect,
02:52 arising from the French revolution found that a beast
02:56 of lawlessness that has not contribute to society today
03:01 and what many young people are facing today as they are trying
03:06 to be Christians.
03:08 And many people may not be familiar with the term of
03:11 humanism, or they heard it, but they are not really sure what
03:15 that is all about
03:16 Basically humanism is: you don't need a God,
03:21 you have good within yourself - correct?
03:24 That's right!
03:25 We go back to the French revolution and begin to wonder
03:27 how in the world does this principle of humanism
03:31 tie into the French revolution
03:33 We need to realize that the French revolution was all about
03:36 rebellion against God.
03:37 According to the prophecy this beast from the abyss raises up,
03:42 wars against the two witness, the Old and the New Testament
03:46 and the Bible describes this place as Egypt and Sodom.
03:50 Again, one of the principles of Egypt. Egypt was known for
03:54 - biblically speaking - Egypt has become most popularly
03:58 associated with that statement from Pharaoh when he said:
04:02 Who is God, that I should obey Him?
04:05 That's right!
04:06 And we saw this during the French revolution
04:08 that was a rebellion against God against the clergy,
04:11 against the church
04:12 and naturally so because the church of the dark ages
04:15 had so long suppressed the Bible that people had no real
04:20 conception of what the Word of God was...
04:22 Or what It really said...
04:24 The only conception was what they were, what was literally
04:27 practically been shoved down their throats, so to speak
04:30 and so they finally had enough and they were rebelled
04:33 against. They said: we don't want the Bible we don't want God
04:36 and it was from this environment that we come to
04:40 August Compte who is known as the father of the religion
04:45 of humanity, or humanism
04:47 and I'm going to read from American Association
04:51 Humanist Association rather what their description of humanism
04:55 is. want to put a slide on and certainly says this:
05:14 So, basically you don't need God
05:17 That's right! And it says without supernaturalism.
05:19 It's talking about without any believe of something
05:22 supernatural: God, devil It's simply a states that as
05:27 human beings we have the capacity, the capability, the
05:31 ability to live ethical lives, we can be good within ourselves
05:37 and this was the teaching, in other words it was a rejection
05:41 of the Bible principles of what was for years accepted as
05:46 the only ethical only legitimate way to be ethical
05:51 and now rose this teaching out of the abyss
05:54 we should add, that says that humanity was: who is God
06:00 that I should serve Him?
06:01 Well, they are basically calling themselves God
06:04 That's right!
06:05 Because they say: I can be ethical on my own.
06:08 That's right!
06:09 It's a natural thing, so you are a god
06:11 that's right.
06:12 we are going to look at another slide from the humanism magazine
06:15 and we are going to see what the humanist magazine has
06:18 to say on humanism.
06:19 It says:
07:15 Now, that is deep!
07:17 That's right. I mean, here you have the exaltation of culture
07:21 over theology.
07:24 and as if you are thinking, now you begin to say: Oh,
07:28 wait a minute! I hear that in Christian circles.
07:30 This is our culture and this is the way we do things and
07:36 there is a tendency to lift our culture sometimes above
07:38 God's Word.
07:39 the Word of God. It also speaks of humanity taking
07:42 responsibility for it's own destiny.
07:45 That means the power is within yourself.
07:47 That's right. We control our destiny.
07:49 It speaks about, you know, holding culture, holding the
07:57 man himself as the highest standard of truth
08:02 and this is from the humanist magazine
08:03 This lets us know that humanism is really a teaching where
08:10 as man himself becomes God, becomes the decider of what is
08:16 truth and what is not.
08:17 You know we are doing research for this program, and I went to
08:20 a website that supports humanism and there was a story there
08:24 somebody may be thinking, they couldn't really believe that
08:27 but they do. There was a gentleman's story.
08:30 He was in Vietnam and he was in a very combative situation
08:34 where the enemy was shouting and people were dying all
08:36 around him, and he said I wouldn't dare call upon God
08:40 to save me.
08:41 That it was up to myself and my own smart wit and to whatever
08:44 he can do to save himself
08:46 So, I mean they really refuse to believe in a higher Being who is
08:50 more powerful, who can control a situation, but they believe
08:52 that they can do it all within themselves
08:55 Now, what's interesting at that is that during the French
08:57 Revolution and, I mean you can look this up in history books
09:02 talks about this statue that was brought in to one of the
09:07 assembly's during the French Revolution
09:09 it was a woman. They had her veiled, a statue woman and
09:13 they pulled this veil off and said: Behold your new god
09:18 and it was, she was called the goddess of reason
09:21 The goddess of reason and they said: This is our new god.
09:25 And what they were simply saying was that reason had become
09:29 god; their own human reason had become god.
09:31 And so we find that from that French Revolution aspect we're
09:35 where the goddess of reason has now become the ruler
09:39 Each man, let him do what is right in his own eyes.
09:43 Moving on to August Compte, the father of modern humanism,
09:48 we see that this principal God has sprung out from the French
09:58 Revolution, and now it has permit again society
10:02 We talk about the change of the environment.
10:05 the manipulation of the environment.
10:07 and now we're seeing that there are so many people who are
10:10 living by this principle, of doing what is right in their
10:14 own eyes, of worshiping the goddess of reason
10:18 through humanism
10:19 I will decide what is right and wrong not the Word of God for me
10:24 And it's really originated with Satan...
10:26 That's right!
10:27 ...because we have another slide looking at Isaiah 14:12
10:40 Satan was the first one to say I don't need God
10:43 I will, you know, be like the Most High
10:46 That's right!
10:47 I don't need help...
10:48 It goes on to say: [Text on screen]
11:05 When people read that verse, I think often times we hear:
11:09 Satan wanted to be eternal like God, and he wanted to be all
11:13 powerful like God
11:14 but there is another aspect to this which I believe is critical
11:17 to understanding what this verse is saying
11:20 When you think about the Most High, what is He like?
11:24 someone walk up to you in the street and, you know, you're
11:26 asking: hey, what is the Most High like?
11:27 One of the first answers that come out with is: God is love
11:32 God is kindness, God is merciful These are the attributes of God.
11:40 The goodness of God.
11:42 And I believe that what Satan was saying here in Heaven
11:47 was: I can be as good as God.
11:51 I can be holy like God
11:54 without submitting to God.
11:56 In other words he was saying: hey, God I don't need You
12:00 to tell me what is good. I don't need a lot to determine
12:03 what is good, because let's face it Satan grew up and say
12:05 hey, I think I want to become evil!
12:07 Evil was a mystery to him. He didn't know what he was at first
12:12 headed when his rebellion began in his heart, but he was
12:16 attempting to be something that he could not be without God.
12:19 I will be like the Most High.
12:23 He went out and tried to expose this principle
12:28 to all the angels, hey we are free; we don't need a law
12:31 in order to obey God. We don't need a law in order to be holy
12:35 It reminds me the story of Korah.
12:39 When Korah had this rebellion in the time of Moses, he rose up
12:43 and said to Moses: Moses, all the people are holy.
12:46 Why are you exalting yourself over them?
12:48 This was a battle of holiness as it was.
12:51 And Satan was upon the scene Isaiah 14 says the same thing
12:55 I will be like the most High
12:57 You find the same principle with Adam and Eve
13:01 When Satan came to Eve, he said: Listen Eve you really don't need
13:06 God to tell you what is right and wrong; you can be like God
13:10 knowing what?
13:11 good and evil
13:13 and that's the principle of humanism right there
13:17 and so, yes, this principle of humanism: I can be good, I am a
13:20 pretty good person I pay my taxes
13:22 I don't have God in my life, but I'm good.
13:24 Right.
13:26 You see, that's that principle and it originated from Satan
13:29 himself and now it is spreading throughout our society
13:32 Now, you may be wondering what does this have to do with
13:35 the entertainment industry and how is it affecting our
13:37 young people.
13:39 Well, if you pay close attention to I would say 99% of the movies
13:44 and television programs out there,
13:46 this whole humanism philosophy is portrayed through these
13:51 programs and through TV.
13:52 That's right!
13:53 I'll give an example. As a child as a young teenager we loved
13:56 the Cosby show.
13:57 And looking at the Cosby show you would think: it was a good
14:00 program; it was a family, they had family values, they
14:04 laughed, they joked and they always solved their problems
14:06 at the end of the program, but the problem with that is
14:09 there was never God mentioned He was not the center of
14:12 the family unit and they never talked about Him,
14:15 and so makes you think: oh, you can have a happy family, solve
14:18 your problems without God...
14:20 That's right!
14:21 The same thing with the movies.
14:22 We were flying to Hawaii recently to hold some meetings
14:26 and, you know, you can be flying on a plane without the sound
14:29 you don't have to have the audio to know what is going on in
14:33 a movie
14:34 and they have a big, gigantic screen before your feet...
14:35 That's right!
14:37 So, basically the movie was talking about two people who
14:42 got married and they both had their different sets of children
14:45 They had a large number of children, they got married and
14:47 at first the family couldn't get along, the children didn't
14:50 like each other, and then by the end of the movie, everybody
14:52 was happy and was no God involved.
14:54 They solved the problems on their own.
14:56 So the philosophy or the teachings or the spirit of
14:59 humanism flows through the media and then we constantly
15:04 are watching these things, by beholding we become changed
15:07 Yeah, as I was sitting on that airplane and every now and then
15:11 I glanced up, so we were not watching the movie,
15:13 but every now and then I glanced up and I could follow what was
15:16 going on and, you know, by the half we do this I began to say
15:21 to myself, you know, this is humanism
15:25 this is teaching in a very subtle way that there is
15:30 happiness to be found, we can solve our problems ethically
15:34 without the least mention of God
15:36 you know, how many movies are there?
15:39 you know, you think, oh, good family movie, or you know,
15:42 nice pass time, but even without with the absence of cursing and
15:47 the principle of humanism seeps through in a very insidious way
15:55 and you begin to think, you know these people are all solving
15:59 their problems, the music, these people are finding love true
16:02 love, oh listen to this song, this girls is singing about
16:05 how much she is in love and what a perfect relationship
16:09 they have and you begin to think well, here I am trying to serve
16:12 God, and I'm, you know, maybe struggling or not, but these
16:16 people don't have God, and everything seems to be going so
16:20 good for them.
16:21 They are finding love, which we know is not the case,
16:23 look what you see in Hollywood
16:24 And I'm not saying it is impossible, you know to God
16:28 leads people in steps even when they don't know Him
16:31 but generally speaking, when we live in a society which says
16:36 Hey, you don't need the love of God, or God to be good,
16:39 to be ethical, to be right. That is the principle of humanism
16:44 manipulating the environment so that it just becomes
16:47 a natural thing. Oh, you know, who needs God?
16:49 That's right. And our young people, they watch this
16:51 and eventually they say, you know what, Mom and Dad,
16:54 I don't feel like I need to go to church to be good.
16:57 I think I can be a good person, I'm just going out there
17:00 and live my life and I really don't need God
17:02 And you see more and more of that happening and you know
17:05 parents and older people who are at the church are kind of
17:08 throwing their hands up in the air
17:09 Like what would we do with our young people?
17:11 But again Satan is using the tool of the media to reach
17:15 their hearts and to change the environment
17:17 that's right!
17:18 The purpose of humanism is to attempt to make a person feel
17:23 good about themselves without obedience to God
17:29 And while the Christian definitely says you know no way
17:34 humanism: we are not to follow that
17:37 I believe that the devil being so tricky as he is has even
17:42 mastered what I'd like to call Christian humanism
17:46 when they not depend upon the goddess of reason, that statue
17:52 that were depending upon back in the French revolution
17:55 but we have a god of reason of our own and we begin to use
18:00 reason over the Word of God
18:02 Well, I like this kind of music
18:03 so I'm just going to listen to it
18:05 Right...
18:06 what's the matter with it? And instead of going to the Bible
18:08 I like this kind of you know, entertainment
18:10 instead of going to the Bible we are now using
18:13 you find people using reason over the two witnesses
18:18 The Old and the New Testament
18:19 to get the truth of whatever the situation is they may be
18:25 asking about
18:27 And the bottom line again is that Satan's whole point is
18:31 to get us out of the Word of God
18:33 not desire it so we will not know what His will is
18:36 for our lives and he knows that Jesus is coming soon and
18:40 he doesn't want us to be ready
18:41 Yeah, you know, one of the other principles I think about
18:44 just looking at what humanism does making us feel good without
18:51 or making us feel holy as it were without submission to God
18:56 I'll tell you what I was thinking about some of the
18:57 Christian styles of music that is out there now
19:01 Christian rock and Christian rap
19:03 One of the things that Christian rock and rap does among many
19:07 other things is that it helps us to feel holy
19:12 helps; let me rephrase that
19:14 it helps the people who listen to it to feel good without
19:19 necessarily submitting to law to order, that kind of thing
19:26 a lot of young people who listen to Christian rock
19:28 end up saying I don't care what the church says, I'm going to
19:31 do my own thing, but at the same time, while expressing
19:35 this rebellious spirit towards the church of God,
19:39 it is at a same time, hey, you know what? I am holy because
19:42 this music makes me feel good this music makes me feel
19:46 all right and therefore you have this principle of humanism:
19:50 I can be good without following all these laws that the church
19:56 has laid down
19:58 No, it's not the church that laid them down;
19:59 it's the Word of God
20:00 But that spirit of humanism says I'm going to do what I want
20:04 to do. I'm going to do what is right in my own eyes
20:06 and the Bible actually says there is a way which seems right
20:10 unto a man, but the end thereof
20:13 the ways are the ways of death
20:16 That's right! And this didn't just begin recently
20:20 There is also a gentleman who spoke up around French
20:24 revolution time. His last name is Voltaire.
20:27 And Voltaire was famous in his day for his skepticism
20:35 towards the Bible
20:37 And he used drama to get his point caught.
20:39 That's right! Voltaire was a dramatist and is just amazing
20:42 as we look at how much has come out. Let me just say this:
20:45 there is nothing against French people, you know
20:50 we're talking a lot about the French revolution,
20:52 but we talking about a spirit not a group of people
20:55 and through this French revolution, you got evolution
20:58 popping upon the scene, you got pornography, popping up
21:03 on the scene, you've got humanism popping up
21:07 on the scene, and now you have the use of drama as a tool
21:11 against the Bible and against Christianity now popping up
21:16 on the scene.
21:17 It had never been used in that way before and now here it is
21:20 this man Voltaire raises on the scene and effectively begins to
21:24 use the stage as his stage to war against Christianity.
21:29 Now you can look, I know they have a movie coming out
21:32 we don't need to mention the name of the movie, but it's
21:35 something about Jesus having an affair with Mary
21:39 and that rumor has been around but we see movies, the media
21:43 attacking every, you know, pick up a newspaper, you read
21:47 the popular magazines of the day news magazines of the day and
21:53 they are all, they are being used to attack and to criticize
21:58 the Word of God
21:59 but none so effectively as Hollywood, as the media, as the
22:03 theatre of today.
22:05 That's right, and we need God and we will never be what God
22:10 wants us to be without Him and so we can buy into this lie
22:15 into this philosophy and would really be self consciously, for
22:18 a Christian.
22:19 A Christian will never think that they would just openly say
22:22 Yes, I can do this on my own but subconsciously again, as they
22:25 are holding and taking these things in is changing their mind
22:29 and they are doing these things as Satan will have them to do
22:32 That's right!
22:33 Philippians 2:5-10 tells us Let this mind be in you,
22:39 which was also in Christ Jesus: I believe that is a very
22:44 important verse in light of what we were talking about
22:47 because the mind of Christ was a mind that was submitted to
22:50 His Father
22:51 It was a mind that was submitted to truth
22:54 Submitted to the Word of God.
22:56 And this is the mind that we're being called to have dwelling
23:01 within us
23:02 Let this mind be in you.
23:03 The devil proposes another mind It's the mind of humanism
23:06 It's really his mind
23:08 When he said in the beginning I can be holy, I can be like God
23:12 I can be just as right, pure and that's why, you know
23:17 understand that's why 1/3 of the angels were deceived
23:21 Not because the devil said: Hey, guys I want to be evil
23:23 who wants to follow me? No, he came to them saying: listen,
23:27 we don't need to follow God in order to be holy
23:32 This is why 1/3 of holy angels were deceived by his argument
23:37 While he comes with this same thing today: look you don't need
23:40 God to be right. You can overcome this by yourself
23:44 you don't need God to determine what is right and what is wrong
23:47 you can be your own God
23:49 and that's what humanism proposes
23:51 So we've got the mind of Christ and we've got the mind of Satan
23:54 which says: hey, you can be good all by yourself
23:58 and the Bible invites us to reject that mind, reject that
24:01 thinking.
24:02 How do we get that mind?
24:03 As the devil manipulates the environment, as he manipulates
24:10 it through the music which reach the humanism and
24:13 the movies which reach the humanism, all of a sudden
24:16 we begin to subconsciously be affected by the environment
24:21 that we are in, and we begin to think those humanistic thoughts
24:26 and then even bring it into the church
24:29 I'm, you know, I'm a Christian but I'm going to do what
24:33 I want to do
24:35 I'm going to live how I want to live
24:36 And that is a danger that is facing God's people today, which
24:39 why God again invites: Let this mind be in you
24:42 which is also in Christ Jesus
24:44 And it's our prayer and our hope that you're beginning to see
24:47 that really is a battle
24:49 Satan has laid some pretty thick plans down and there is a lot
24:55 to them there, but God still is more powerful to give us
24:58 the victory over these things, but really is a battle
25:00 we cannot just take things for granted anymore
25:03 Oh, I'll just watch this, or Oh, I'll just listen to this
25:05 It doesn't have any effect on me It does.
25:07 He planted these seeds over 100 years ago and they're coming to
25:10 mature now.
25:11 That's right
25:12 He is very patient...
25:13 It is organized confusion
25:15 the word of beast simply meaning without order, without law
25:19 it's confusion, but it's organized confusion
25:22 that's sprout out from the French Revolution
25:25 again we think about the quote we'll put it up here again
25:29 from Education, page 228 It says here:
25:44 We talking here about the world wide dissemination
25:48 in other words the French revolution did not end with the
25:51 French revolution and many study this prophecy from Revelation11
25:55 and say that's the French revolution, that's in the past
25:58 now, that's why we've being calling it the forgotten beast
26:01 because this, the principles that led to that revolution
26:04 it was like an experiment and now the devil says: oh!
26:08 the experiment was successful now it's time to
26:11 push it out to everybody
26:13 that's right. Now it's time to try out the real thing
26:16 to try out on a world wide scale
26:18 and imperceptibly our world is being changed by these
26:23 principles that sprung out of the French revolution
26:25 and we see it all combined in science, in the arts in we call
26:31 humanities
26:32 you know, through our educational system, and again
26:36 it is organized. It's not confusion only, it is
26:39 organized confusion
26:41 It is a plot, and God is trying to reveal this plot to His
26:44 people and say: listen, let this mind be in you
26:48 which was in Christ Jesus
26:50 Don't fall for the evolutionistic things that are
26:53 happening around you, stand firm on the rock Jesus Christ
26:57 He is doing this to keep us away from the two witnesses
27:01 That's right!
27:02 That's the whole point of the beast that arises from the
27:05 bottomless pit. It's just to keep you out of the Word
27:07 and you know, people wonder what's happening to our young
27:11 people?
27:12 Why aren't they here in church?
27:13 Why are they so into worldliness?
27:15 He has attacked them on all sides and
27:17 every angle that he possibly can
27:19 Many of them are suffering from evolution,
27:22 because he is manipulating the environment around them and
27:25 they are changing, they are adapting to it without even
27:27 realizing
27:28 and we believe that, you know, giving you some of these answers
27:32 to what's going on, will help you better to understand
27:34 and help the young people and all adults alike to be able to
27:38 serve God, to be in His Word and to follow Him
27:41 That's right. It is important we just want to make an appeal
27:44 again as you have listen to these previous programs and
27:47 seen how much has come from this revolution, remember that
27:51 we serve a God that is greater than the enemy and that God
27:55 is simply revealing to us so that we can better understand
27:58 Lord, what do you want me to do?
28:00 That's right! Well we're all out of time
28:02 until next time God bless!


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