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00:14 Welcome to Battles of Faith, we're your hosts,
00:17 Ivor and Atonte Myers. Today we're continuing
00:20 our discussion about the forgotten beast
00:22 of Revelation 11, the French Revolution, and also how sexual
00:26 perversion is affecting our world today.
00:29 We're very excited about this program and we're excited
00:32 to see what the Bible has to teach us about these topics.
00:34 That's right, we have been looking at the subject of
00:37 the French Revolution, and we want to bring our audience
00:42 up to speed with what we have discussed in our previous
00:45 program. We looked at Revelation 11
00:48 and Revelation 13, and we saw there at in the last days
00:51 Satan would use 2 beasts in particular, Revelation 13
00:56 speaking of the beast from the earth, and Revelation 11
01:00 which we have entitled "The Forgotten Beast" because
01:02 a lot of people don't focus on that particular beast.
01:07 From our study we saw that this beast was to rise
01:10 up at the end of a particular time period, that time period
01:14 being around the 1970s, we saw that this beast, according
01:17 to Revelation 11 would against the 2 witnesses, and we learned
01:22 in our previous program that the 2 witnesses represented
01:25 the Old and New Testament, the Word of God, and we saw
01:30 that this beast, his war upon the 2 witnesses would be
01:35 a worldwide type of war, we saw this beast was not
01:40 described like the other beasts of Bible prophecy,
01:43 which let's us know that this beast would be something
01:46 very hard to pinpoint, and yet, it would be doing its work
01:51 of trying to get people away from the word of God,
01:55 not studying the Word of God. We saw this culminate in
01:58 - the French Revolution. - Almost like a very chaotic
02:01 - beast, no rhyme or rhythm. - That's right.
02:04 Just whatever it can do to get us from studying the word
02:07 - of God. - That's right.
02:10 Chaos, in fact, this beast is described as rising out
02:13 of the abyss, and that word can also be translated "chaos";
02:16 the earth in a state of chaos. So as we look at this French
02:23 Revolution, this historical event, in some places
02:26 called The Reign of Terror because when that society in
02:29 1789 rose up and rejected God and rejected the Bible,
02:35 there was a reign of terror that ensued and many people
02:39 were slaughtered, this is what happens when the word of God
02:42 is put aside in a society, you get chaos, you get lawlessness.
02:48 We saw in our last program that one of the principles
02:52 that rose out of that revolution, that event,
02:56 was the principle, or the teaching rather, of evolution
03:01 from a scientist by the name of J.B. Lamarck, and we came
03:05 to the conclusion that evolution is actually a teaching that
03:09 comes from the abyss. The teaching of evolution
03:15 takes us back to creation when the world was without form
03:18 and void, and says: "Look, what the 2 witnesses said"
03:22 "about creation, it being created in 7 days, this world"
03:26 "being created in 7 days is not valid, this is how we"
03:29 "came about: through random circumstances."
03:32 Again, we see that this is totally unbiblical, but this is
03:35 what this beast does, it's war is against the word of God.
03:39 We also learned that this beast, or this teaching of evolution
03:44 also has a spiritual application because evolution teaches
03:49 that as the environment changes the creation, the species,
03:54 changes with it in order to adapt, and in our last program
03:58 we saw that the enemy of souls is attempting to manipulate
04:03 the environment around us in hopes that we will change
04:08 - to adapt to that environment. - So just slowly evolving,
04:13 so that he's trying to get us to be more like him
04:15 and the things that he wants us to do, especially for Christians
04:18 because Christians are not going to fall for the typical
04:22 evolution belief system because they believe in God,
04:25 but if he can try to get us to evolve spiritually into that
04:30 type of a person, then he has accomplished his goal.
04:32 Yeah, a slow changing of the atmosphere, and what we're
04:35 going to do in this program is we're going to see
04:37 another way in which he has done this through
04:40 the French Revolution. Now, I'm going to read a quote,
04:43 and this is actually taken from the book "Education".
04:46 we're going to put our slide up and it says in the book
04:49 "Education", page 228: [text on screen]
05:06 Speaking in a prophetic sense, we're being told that
05:11 the principles that led up to the French Revolution,
05:14 the principles that sprung out of the French Revolution
05:18 are leading people on a worldwide scale into the same
05:25 kind of event that we saw happen in the French Revolution,
05:29 which was a prophetic event. In light of this, we're now
05:33 going to jump into our study of the sexual perversion
05:37 that we see in our society today, and actually show
05:40 that yes, the beast from the abyss also plays into this
05:47 lawlessness that we see in our society.
05:51 It seems that Satan is happy that this beast of Revelation 11
05:54 is forgotten about so much, that way, as we focus
05:59 on these other beasts, the beast of Revelation 11
06:01 is going around and doing his destructive work around
06:04 - the world. - That's right,
06:06 and they have 2 different jobs that they are doing,
06:08 the beast from the earth is attacking God's people,
06:11 the remnant people, doctrinally, but this beast from the abyss,
06:17 his job is totally different, this beast power,
06:20 his work is totally different. So we're going to take a look
06:23 at Revelation 11:8. Let me just clarify this,
06:27 when we talk about manipulation of the environment we're
06:30 speaking in a spiritual context in terms of manipulation
06:37 through music, and manipulation through the fads and the styles,
06:40 those things that the Devil will use to change the atmosphere
06:46 around us, and in so doing, we, without an anchor,
06:50 without being founded in Jesus Christ, change according
06:53 to how the environment has changed, and this is what
06:56 we mean by spiritual evolution. Even though Christians
07:00 reject the teaching of evolution, many of our young
07:03 people are falling for this spiritual evolution.
07:07 Now we're going to take a look at Revelation 11:8,
07:11 Atonte, I'm going to ask if you would read that.
07:13 [text on screen]
07:21 Again, this verse is speaking of the beast from the abyss,
07:25 and it gives this description in terms of location.
07:29 This beast is described as being in the same place as spiritual
07:33 Egypt and spiritual Sodom. We looked in our last program,
07:37 we saw that Egypt represented a form of atheism,
07:40 and now we have seen evolution is really a teaching of atheism.
07:45 Now we want to notice Sodom. Why does the Bible use
07:50 the term "Sodom"? As we know, Sodom was a place
07:53 in the Old Testament where there was sexual perversion,
07:58 sexual lawlessness, sexual chaos if you will.
08:02 Remember, this beast rises up out of the abyss,
08:05 which represents chaos and it is described as Sodom,
08:10 in context meaning that we would be looking for a place
08:14 where sexual perversion would spring forth upon the planet.
08:20 That is exactly what we find in the French Revolution.
08:23 In fact, in 1791 France became known as the first modern,
08:29 western, civilized nation to decriminalize unnatural acts,
08:36 or what was called pederasty, and pederasty was simply
08:39 known as the act of 2 of the same sex getting together
08:44 for sexual activity. France becomes the first modern
08:47 nation to decriminalize this activity, or rather,
08:50 to declare that there was nothing morally wrong with it,
08:54 and lo and behold, the prophecy calls this beast Sodom,
08:58 and here you have this decree, first modern national decree
09:02 saying there's nothing wrong with this particular act.
09:06 Again, this is why Sodom itself was destroyed because of these
09:11 unlawful, chaotic acts. This beast rises up out of
09:15 the abyss, and now we see this beast power, the Devil
09:19 through this beast power would attempt to manipulate
09:23 the environment in terms of sexuality, to cause people
09:29 to change the image of God into the image of the Devil.
09:36 Right around that same time there was a gentleman
09:39 by the name of Marquis de Sade who came on the scene,
09:42 and he was really into public sexual acts, which can also
09:47 be called pornography now, and he was very into that.
09:50 He was not just into pornography, but sexual,
09:54 very violent sexual acts. He would write about it in
09:57 books, and talk about it all the time.
10:00 Right, the history of pornography actually, is that
10:04 just leading up to the French Revolution there were people
10:07 who began to use what was called political pornography.
10:10 This was actually a tool of the Devil, but what people
10:14 would do is they would take pornography and they would
10:18 portray the king, the queen, clergy men, renowned men
10:21 that were supposed spiritual, and portray them in these
10:26 little cartoons called political pornography.
10:29 That was to demoralize them in the eyes of the public.
10:33 What happened was as people began to lose respect
10:36 for the clergy, lose respect for king and queen, and all
10:40 authority, these are some of the principles that led to
10:44 the French Revolution. Well, during the French
10:47 Revolution Marquis de Sade, some people call him
10:52 the prophet of pornography, how interesting in light
10:56 of the prophecy we're looking at, they call him the prophet
10:59 of pornography, he began to write out all his fantasies.
11:05 In fact, the word "sadism" is actually taken from
11:09 Marquis de Sade, his last name because he was into
11:14 all kinds of unlawful sexual activity.
11:20 What Marquis de Sade did is that he was the spring board
11:26 that converted political pornography, once the French
11:30 Revolution was finished, something had to be done
11:33 with the pornography, and Marquis de Sade is kind of
11:36 like that switchboard, as it were, that turned it from
11:38 a political to a public thing. Now we have pornography moving
11:43 its way through the public, and from the prophecy
11:46 we understand that this is one of the ways that Satan
11:48 would manipulate the environment so as to cause
11:53 people to turn away from God. We can look at statistics,
12:00 so many studies out there that are showing the effect
12:02 that pornography is having upon people, and in fact,
12:05 it is indeed turning them away from the Bible, away from
12:09 wanting to read the Bible, away from God.
12:13 This is one of the ways in which the enemy is manipulating
12:16 - the environment. - That's right,
12:19 we have some stats here because we know that pornography
12:21 is affecting the world and many people may think
12:23 it's not really affecting Christians.
12:27 According to the statistics that's not true.
12:29 In December of 2000 the National Coalition to Protect Children
12:33 and Families surveyed Christian campuses to see how the next
12:37 generation of believers was doing with sexual purity.
12:40 48% of males admitted to current porn use,
12:44 68% of males said they intentionally viewed a sexually
12:47 explicit site at the school. Roger Charman of "Focus"
12:52 "on the Family's" Pastoral Ministries reports
12:55 that approximately 20% of the calls received on their
12:58 pastoral care line are for help with issues such as
13:01 pornography and compulsive sexual behavior.
13:05 In 1996 Promise Keepers survey at one of their
13:08 stadium events revealed that over 50% of the men
13:11 in attendance were involved with pornography within
13:14 1 week of attending the event; and there's so much more here,
13:20 but that's just a little bit to let you know that it is
13:22 a problem even in the Christian word, with Christian men,
13:25 - who are trying to stay pure. - That's right, it is definitely
13:29 an issue, and what we see is that there is an attempt
13:32 to recreate the atmosphere, or the environment
13:34 of Sodom. In fact, Jesus says:
13:37 "As it was in the days of Lot, so shall it also be in"
13:41 "the coming of the Son of man".
13:44 Well, how in the world are we going to get back in the days
13:47 of Lot? Well, if you look back to
13:50 the French Revolution and see what sprung out of it
13:53 we can understand that pornography springs out
13:55 of that abyss of lawlessness, of confusion, of chaos.
13:59 Really today, as we look at the environment out there
14:03 and we see what's happening on the internet, through video
14:07 games, and through the media in general, we are seeing
14:11 that there is this promotion of chaos in the sexual life.
14:16 Again, this is exactly how the Devil would want it.
14:19 In fact, he is even now, creating a spirit of rejoicing
14:24 in such wicked acts that the Bible describes.
14:29 When we look in Revelation 11 of this same beast power,
14:33 the Bible says in verse 10, speaking of the French
14:37 Revolution it says: [text on screen]
14:42 This is speaking about the death of the 2 witnesses,
14:45 which we've already described as the Old and New Testament.
14:48 When the word of God was put away there was a spirit
14:50 of rejoicing, some Bibles actually translate it as
14:54 celebration, there was a celebration that the word of God
14:59 was done away with. As I think about this
15:01 celebration of sin, the celebration of iniquity,
15:04 the celebration of chaos, of sexual freedom,
15:10 one holiday that comes to my mind is called
15:13 Southern Decadence, which is takes place in New Orleans.
15:16 What is it? It's a celebration of these acts
15:19 that the Bible describes as anti-God, anti-Scripture,
15:24 and we see not only that, but Hollywood celebrating
15:28 so called sexual freedom. People are talking about
15:31 coming out of the closet.
15:33 "They're hiding not their sin" as the Bible says,
15:36 and it's amazing to see that all this sprung up out of
15:40 the French Revolution according to the prophecy,
15:43 and we see it right now in our own very own day
15:46 - affecting our very own people. - That's right, because when
15:49 you turn on the TV, and when young people turn on the TV,
15:52 they see that TV celebrates sexual immorality.
15:58 It does not celebrate pure sex, which is between a husband
16:00 and a wife, but the sin of sexual immorality with someone
16:04 - that you're not married to. - That's right.
16:06 Another principle that we need to be aware of,
16:09 speaking about the manipulation of the environment:
16:12 is the Devil just using pornography?
16:13 No he's not, as we've said, he's using other means
16:16 to spread this principle of Sodom throughout the world.
16:22 Some of the things I think of right off top are music
16:25 and as we said, TV. A very important principle,
16:29 1 Samuel 15:23, the Bible says: "A rebellion is as the sin"
16:34 "of witchcraft", and the word "witchcraft" there literally
16:37 means "to whisper a spell". So in witchcraft the act
16:42 of whispering spells is prominent; well, believe it
16:45 or not, as people are listening to their music, especially young
16:50 kids, young kids, older people, it doesn't matter what age,
16:54 but they're listening to this music and the begin to hear
16:58 these words where the singer himself, or herself,
17:02 are speaking in terms of wanting to do this, or wanting
17:05 to do that. Just uplifting sexual immorality
17:11 and as these young kids repeat these words, what's happening
17:16 is it's as though they're actually putting this spell
17:20 upon themselves, speaking these words into their own thoughts,
17:23 and own feelings, and saying: "Yeah, that's what I want"
17:26 "to do", and they begin to act out.
17:29 This is another way in which Satan is reaching out
17:32 to create an atmosphere through the music, people hear it
17:35 and they say: "Yeah, that's what I want to do,"
17:38 "that's the cool thing, that's the in thing," and they
17:41 - adapt to what they hear. - It's not only the actual
17:44 words, but the actual music itself is made to move
17:48 the lower passion, and that's what that music,
17:51 - with that beat does. - That's right, we're going
17:54 to be talking about that in one of our programs coming up,
17:57 and again, tying it into the French Revolution.
18:00 But we see here this principle moving out in the world,
18:03 and one of the questions I would think someone would ask is:
18:06 "Okay, why would Satan want to create an environment"
18:10 "like this? Why would he want to recreate"
18:13 "a Sodom-like environment?" I think the answer we can find
18:16 in Genesis 18:26. We're going to go ahead
18:22 and read that, Genesis 18:26, and the Bible tells us there,
18:28 you maybe familiar with the story, God has come down
18:31 to speak to Abraham and He is about to explain to Abraham
18:35 what He is about to do; Sodom and Gomorrah are about
18:38 to be destroyed because of their sexual lawlessness,
18:42 sexual chaos. God and Abraham are in dialogue
18:47 and what happens is Abraham says "Well God, would you destroy"
18:52 "Sodom if let's say there are 50 righteous found there?"
18:57 And God says "No." Genesis 18:26, [text on screen]
19:10 As the story goes on, Abraham is really nervous,
19:14 he's wondering: "I don't know if there's 50 righteous in"
19:17 "Sodom", why didn't he know if there were 50 righteous
19:19 in Sodom? Because where the Devil
19:22 was able to manipulate the environment in this small
19:25 location, he was able to eliminate righteousness also.
19:31 God and Abraham are going and forth, 45, 40, 35, 30,
19:35 he gets all the way down to 10, "if You find 10 Lord,"
19:38 "will You save it." And God says: "If I find 10,'
19:41 "I will save it." Well guess what,
19:44 He didn't find 10, why? Because the effect of sexual
19:49 chaos, sexual immorality, it destroys righteousness...
19:54 ...And that's why Satan is trying to do it again.
19:58 Exactly, because as we look at our society, just permeated
20:01 with sexual innuendos and all kinds of sexual permissiveness
20:06 and suggestions, what the Devil is hoping is that God's
20:10 people will not be strong enough to stand in the midst
20:14 of this changing environment, that they will eventually adapt
20:20 to those principles. As we look at the statistics
20:23 we see pastors, we see clergymen who are falling to this
20:27 very thing, scandal after scandal breaks and what we find
20:31 is that this beast from the abyss is forgotten.
20:35 Most people will not equate pornography with something
20:38 that happened during the French Revolution.
20:41 But now we begin to see: "Oh, this is part of Satan's"
20:44 "organized confusion." The abyss represents confusion,
20:47 it's as though he has sprung confusion upon the world,
20:50 but it's an organized kind of confusion, it's a deeply
20:54 laid scheme, plan, plot, to remove righteousness
21:02 - from the earth. - Pornography can become
21:05 a sexual addiction, and it keeps elevating and elevating
21:10 to the point where now there's something called,
21:12 and the young people will know what I'm talking about,
21:15 they call it "the down low", where heterosexual men
21:18 actually are having homosexual encounters with other men
21:22 and they're not really homosexual, but they do these
21:25 things because their appetite for sexual things can only
21:29 be fed so much from your normal pornography, so they have
21:33 to go even deeper, so it just gets worse and worse.
21:37 That's right. It's lawlessness, in other words
21:40 once the Devil can make you get involved in a sexual
21:45 relationship that is outside the permitters which God
21:48 has set, that thing will begin to evolve and evolve
21:52 until it becomes something completely different than what
21:55 it started with. What happens is these men
21:58 who are participating in "the down low", you look at them,
22:01 you're saying there's no appearance whatsoever,
22:07 you would never think, and that's why they call it
22:10 "the down low", and it's amazing to see even our young,
22:15 the kids in high school and junior high school,
22:18 all you need to do is listen to the news and you will
22:21 hear what is just absolutely amazing, that these young kids
22:26 are now getting involved in activities, and it seems like
22:29 the age is getting younger and younger and younger,
22:32 because that way Satan has more time to work on the character
22:37 through this evolutionary principle of manipulating
22:41 the environment, and thus changing the character,
22:44 and really sealing the character for himself.
22:47 That's right, Satan is after our young children, he wants
22:50 to get them early. Because of the internet
22:53 and how much you can get access to all kinds of information,
22:56 it has made the pornography problem even worse.
23:01 We had an experience in our home with our son
23:04 who was actually looking up a Christian website
23:07 and those who go after young children in the child porn
23:12 world know that young kids would go to this Christian
23:15 website, so what they did is the made another website
23:19 that's very close to the Christian website in name,
23:23 but what they did is made it into a child porn site.
23:26 So by accident our young child went to that site
23:29 and these are the things that they are doing.
23:32 So it's very dangerous to even allow your children to be on
23:36 the internet without supervision.
23:38 That's right, but again, in making these activities
23:41 seem normal, even in high school and junior high school kids,
23:46 in making this seem just like a natural thing,
23:49 what's happening is that this world is slowly moving
23:52 to that "as it was in the days of Lot" stage.
23:58 As we move there it's just like: "Oh, there's nothing wrong"
24:00 "with that", it's not shocking to the senses anymore
24:03 because we have been desensitized by what we see.
24:09 But nonetheless, I know that there are people who are saying
24:12 "I want to escape from this, I don't want to be sucked"
24:15 "down into that abyss through pornography",
24:18 there are people struggling with pornography, struggling with
24:21 sexual immorality, with homosexuality,
24:23 all these different things, and God says in 2 Corinthians 5:17:
24:26 "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature,"
24:29 "old things are passed away, behold, all things are"
24:32 "become new." The greatest challenge
24:34 that we face as Christians is to realize that Nr.1: pornography
24:41 is something that is the power of the Devil, it is sorcerous,
24:45 it is witchcraft, and it is a supernatural thing,
24:51 the reason why people are so addicted to it, why it's so
24:55 difficult to break is because the Bible tells us
24:57 we "wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against"
24:59 "spiritual wickedness, principalities, and powers",
25:03 "spiritual wickedness in high places."
25:05 Once we understand "wait a minute, this confusion"
25:08 "is organized", this confusion is not just,
25:11 "Oh, I'm going to try pornography, and try this here",
25:14 it's a planned attack against remnant of God's people
25:21 in the last days. It makes us go
25:23 "Okay, if I'm looking at that I'm being drawn into"
25:25 "the abyss, Lord, help me to become a new creation,"
25:29 "help me not to be involved in this evolutionary process"
25:32 "that is taking the world by surprise"
25:35 because the world doesn't know it,
25:37 they just think that things are the way they have been,
25:40 and that we're just becoming free; but no,
25:43 there is an attack, and there is a God in heaven
25:46 who can save us from that attack if we will simply say
25:49 "Lord, I'm going to give my life to You, and I'm"
25:52 "going to burn the magic books", that's a good place to start.
25:54 In Acts 19 it talks about those who, when they had come
25:57 out of error, they burned the magic books.
26:01 We ought to burn those things that are sexually suggestive,
26:06 like the music, and the movies, and the magazines,
26:10 and everything that touches that, we ought to say:
26:14 "you know what, we're going to stay away from that",
26:17 "I'm going to remove myself from that environment"
26:19 "so that I'm not manipulated by it."
26:21 Sometimes you don't have any choice because you'll be
26:24 in the supermarket and you'll check out your groceries
26:27 and there's half naked women on the magazines.
26:32 So that's the time when you have to be so supernaturally
26:36 connected to God to give you the victory at that time
26:40 because you can't always avoid it.
26:42 That's right, you know, the word "Sodom", if you were to take
26:47 a concordance and look up that word "Sodom", the word
26:50 actually means "burning", and that's very interesting
26:53 because you know what happened to Sodom,
26:55 but I think that Sodom is actually as counterfeit
26:58 for another kind of burning that Jesus wants to take place
27:02 in our hearts, it's not the burning of true and pure love,
27:08 and the 2 can't be equated; one does not last,
27:11 one is sorcerous, the other is true, it is eternal
27:15 and you receive it from God. It is pure love, and God
27:19 describes His love as a fire. Sodom, on the other hand,
27:22 represents that burning lust that is chaos, it is
27:26 anti-God, it is anti-law, it is "I will do whatever I want"
27:30 "to do", and it will lead into very lawless acts.
27:35 We want that burning in our heart that is from God,
27:39 not this, what we see here as being portrayed as Sodom.
27:43 That's right, we can only get that from God, so we have
27:46 to begin to spend time with Him in His word, which this beast
27:49 from Revelation 11 does not want us to do, and in prayer,
27:53 and to get to know Him on a very personal level.
27:59 Well, we're almost out of time, but we do thank you
28:02 for joining us today, until next time, God bless.


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