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00:14 Welcome to Battles of Faith, we're your hosts:
00:17 Ivor and Atonte Myers. We call this program
00:20 Battles of Faith because there is a battle being waged
00:23 over each and every one of our souls.
00:26 Satan is fighting intensely and God is fighting back
00:29 even more intensely, and God has the power to give us
00:33 the victory, and it's up to us which one we're going
00:36 to chose, are we going to chose to accept God's power
00:39 or continue to be trapped under Satan's delusions.
00:43 Today's program is called: "The Science of the Forgotten"
00:46 "Beast", and we invite all of you to get your Bibles
00:49 as we go through the book of Revelation and find out who this
00:53 forgotten beast is, and what it has to do with what's
00:57 going on in today's world.
00:59 That's right Atonte, on this program we're going to be
01:01 looking at some very well, deeply laid plots by the enemy;
01:08 how he is planning, how is has plotted to bring about
01:14 an annihilation, if you will, of our young people
01:17 in these days. We also have to understand
01:20 that as we look at a deeply laid plot, it is going to take
01:24 time to unfold and in this program we're going to be
01:27 unfolding some things through Bible prophecy, through history
01:32 so that we could follow up in a timeline sequence
01:36 what the enemy is doing today. So we're going to begin
01:39 and we invite you again to get your Bibles,
01:42 and we're going to begin with reading Revelation 12:1.
01:46 I'm going to ask Atonte to read that verse.
01:48 Well, before we start, I just want to say to all of the young
01:51 people out there watching: don't close your mind
01:54 quite yet, I know you heard "Revelation" and you thought
01:56 "Oh, we're going over that stuff again, the beast and things"
01:59 "like that", but you're going to find that this is very
02:01 eye opening and how it literally pertains to your life.
02:05 So don't go away, go get your Bibles.
02:07 That's right. Well, now I'm going to read
02:10 - Revelation 12:1. - Okay, go ahead.
02:13 It says there: [text on screen]
02:22 Now, in Bible prophecy a woman is likened unto a church,
02:27 and you can look at verses like Jeremiah 6:2, in Ephesians 5
02:32 the Bible says "husbands, love your wives, even as Christ"
02:34 "loved the church and gave Himself for it."
02:37 So this woman being described here in Revelation 12:1
02:41 is the church of Jesus Christ. Again in verse 3 it says:
02:47 [text on screen]
02:57 What the Bible is doing here is it is taking these 2 powers,
03:01 this woman representing the church, and this beast power,
03:05 or this dragon, representing its nemesis, and it's about
03:08 to show us this conflict between the church and the Devil.
03:13 Now we're going to go ahead and we're going to look at
03:16 verse 6, Atonte would you read that for us:
03:19 [text on screen]
03:28 Okay, here is a description of this woman, or this church,
03:32 who is now in hiding. In the verse just before that
03:36 it speaks about her delivering a male child, that male child
03:39 was none other than Jesus Christ, the Old Testament church
03:42 delivering that male child, and after the death, burial
03:46 and resurrection of Christ we see that this woman
03:49 now flees into the wilderness where the Bible says she is
03:54 fed for 1260 days. This we understand to represent
04:00 a prophetic time period. We're going to look at our
04:04 first slide and we're going to notice that this time period
04:08 is in mentioned several places in the Scripture.
04:11 [text on screen]
04:33 Now I want to go back to Revelation 13:1, we're going
04:37 to see the same thing being described, and in
04:42 Revelation 13:1 the Bible says: [text on screen]
04:52 Sounds very similar to the beast we saw in Revelation 12
04:55 that was persecuting the woman. And over in verse 5, speaking
05:00 of this same beast it says: [text on screen]
05:12 We're talking about the same time period of 1260 days.
05:19 In Bible prophecy a day is always equal to a year
05:23 because you're dealing with symbolic time.
05:26 A perfect example of this would be the prophecy
05:29 of Daniel 9 where it is stated the Jesus, the Messiah,
05:33 was to come on the scene in a time period known
05:37 as the 490 day time period. Yet, most scholars realize
05:42 that this 490 day time period must be under the principle
05:48 of a day for a year because Jesus Christ did in fact come
05:52 - within that 490 year period. - But not 490 days.
05:57 Exactly, so taking that principle, the "day for a year"
06:00 principle, we realize that this 1260 days is actually
06:04 1260 years, and it is what is commonly referred to
06:09 as the Dark Ages. This is the time period
06:12 that the church of God was being persecuted and they
06:16 had to be hiding in the wilderness and hiding in caves
06:20 and rocks, and these different kind of things, and we see
06:23 the enemy putting out this assault upon God's church
06:28 during this time period, but now we're going to shift
06:32 gears and we're going to look at Revelation 13:3.
06:36 Would you read that to us. [text on screen]
06:47 The Bible is telling us that this first beast that arose
06:51 from the sea receives a deadly wound after the 1260 years.
06:58 By the way, that 1260 year period is commonly believed
07:03 to be 538 AD to 1798 AD, this is an exact period of 1260 years
07:11 where the persecuting power, which happened to be
07:16 the Dark Ages churches, the Roman church at this particular
07:20 time, persecuted the people of God for having Bibles,
07:24 for believing things the head church at that time
07:28 did not believe. Well, in 1798 something
07:32 prophetic happened to this particular power, and we don't
07:35 have time to go into that, suffice it to say that this
07:38 power, 538-1798 here symbolized 1260 days.
07:44 And there was a wound that occurred.
07:47 So now as the Devil is working through this power to try
07:51 to destroy the people of God, this beast from the sea receives
07:57 a deadly wound. Don't lose me here because
08:00 this is really going to tie in, you're going to see some
08:02 really powerful things here. This beast from the sea
08:05 receives a deadly wound. What does the Devil have to do?
08:08 He has to come up with another power to begin to war
08:12 against the people of God.
08:13 Because the first beast was working for him and with him,
08:16 they may not have known that, but he was using that beast
08:20 to do the things that he wanted to God's people at that time.
08:23 Right. So, now this beast is out
08:25 of commission, and now we're going to look at Revelation 13
08:28 and we're going to notice in Revelation 13:11 that there is
08:32 indeed another beast, and by the way, a beast in Bible
08:36 prophecy according to Daniel 7:19, represents
08:39 a kingdom, or a nation, or a power.
08:43 It's not a literal beast. But we see in Revelation 13:11
08:49 that just around the time where this first beast from the sea
08:53 would receive its deadly wound, there was
08:55 another beast coming up on the scene.
08:58 Atonte, would you like to read that? [text on screen]
09:07 Okay. Here we've got another beast
09:10 coming up out of the earth. We're looking for this beast
09:13 rising up on the scene around the time of the deadly
09:16 wound that is given to the first beast, which we said
09:19 would be around the 1790's; this beast represents
09:22 a nation that looks like a lamb, and I think right there
09:25 you're light bulbs must be going off saying:
09:27 "Oh, there's no other nation that can even fit this"
09:31 "description that is a lamb-like, or Christian-like"
09:34 "nation other than America, the USA."
09:39 Because Jesus is also represented in the Bible as
09:43 a lamb, so as Christians we follow Jesus, so a lamb-like
09:47 would be almost Christ-like, holding the principles
09:51 that Jesus has, uplifting them.
09:53 That's right. Now this beast, while
09:56 it looks like a lamb, the Bible says that it speaks
09:58 - like a dragon. - ...which is not Christ-like.
10:01 That's right, so what we're talking about is what
10:04 we would call counterfeit Christianity rising up
10:07 in America. We're not talking about
10:09 all Christians, but counterfeit Christianity, the kind of
10:12 Christianity that has the horns of a lamb, that appears
10:15 lamb-like, but is really dragon-like in spirit,
10:17 it's really against what the Bible says.
10:20 So we've got this second beast rising up on the scene
10:24 and there are a lot of prophecy students who recognize
10:28 this second beast and realize the dramatic role that this
10:32 beast will place in the last days. Hence our subject:
10:40 "The Forgotten Beast", there is another beast that rises
10:45 up on the scene just around the same time,
10:48 and this is why we call it the forgotten beast,
10:51 because most people are totally unaware of this beast
10:55 and the role that this beast plays in last day events.
10:58 When you study prophecy or hear things on prophecy,
11:01 you hear a lot about this beast that looks like a lamb,
11:05 but speaks as a dragon, you don't hear too much
11:07 about this forgotten beast that we're about to talk about next.
11:10 That's right, we're going to go ahead and look at
11:13 Revelation 11 and we're going to read the description
11:16 of this second beast and then we're going to go back
11:19 and unfold who this second beast is, and then we're
11:21 going to see how this forgotten beast is influencing our youth
11:26 today. Revelation 11:7, the Bible
11:30 reads there: [text on screen]
11:34 We'll discover who the "they" is in a moment,"
11:37 [continues to read]
11:50 Here we have this beast that is described as rising
11:55 out of the abyss, the bottomless pit.
11:59 What's amazing about this verse, if you look at all the other
12:02 places in the Bible where beasts are described,
12:05 there's a description in terms of what the beast looked like.
12:09 Right, very descriptive.
12:11 And the reason why that is given is because students
12:14 of Bible prophecy should be able to figure out:
12:17 "Oh, this beast looks like a lamb, speaks like a dragon,"
12:19 "so I know the characteristics of this beast".
12:22 Atonte, I want to suggest that this beast from Revelation 11
12:24 is a beast of such a different nature that it is not
12:30 even described in the prophecy, it simply says "the beast"
12:34 "that arose out of the abyss", it would be a beast
12:37 that is hard to identify. Now we're going to go back
12:42 to Revelation 11:1-3.
12:48 I'll go ahead and read that, the Bible says: [text on screen]
13:11 Here the Bible is again describing this same
13:13 time period, the 1260 years, the Dark Ages.
13:17 We're going to read again, verse 3: [text on screen]
13:32 So now this prophecy is telling us, leading up to who
13:35 this beast is, the prophecy says that during the 1260 years
13:40 God would have 2 witnesses that would be prophesying
13:45 in sackcloth; people would wear that when they were
13:48 in mourning or in hiding and when it was a sorrowing
13:52 time. We are told that these 2
13:54 witnesses would be prophesying during the 1260 years.
13:58 Now, instantly people would think of 2 witnesses,
14:01 2 people, and because we've established that time period
14:05 as 1260 years, not 1260 days, we see that these 2
14:11 witnesses can't be 2 human beings, they've got to be
14:15 something symbolic, and in Revelation 11:4 the Bible
14:20 describes them: [text on screen]
14:36 Again, when you look at various Scriptures that use this
14:40 illustration of the candlestick, the Bible says
14:43 in Psalms 119:105: "They Word is a light unto my path,"
14:47 "and a lamp unto my feet", and we see that Jesus
14:51 Himself actually, in the book of Matthew, describes the Bible
14:57 as those things that testify of Him.
15:00 What does a witness do? A witness testifies.
15:03 So during the Dark Ages the word of God was going forth
15:07 doing its work, but it was doing it in hiding.
15:10 Why? Because those who had a Bible
15:13 were being persecuted. You were not allowed to have
15:16 a Bible, the Bible had to do its work in very hard times.
15:21 So the prophecy says here that they would do this
15:24 for 1260 years and now we're going to go over the verse 7
15:28 and now we're going to see how this verse ties in.
15:31 [text on screen]
15:33 "their testimony" - that is the 2 witnesses, that prophetic
15:36 time period of 1260 years, [continues to read]
15:46 So here's another beast that's going to try to attack
15:50 the word of God, which is the 2 witnesses.
15:53 That's right. Some people have said that these
15:55 2 witnesses are Moses and Elijah.
15:58 The question I would have is: Moses and Elijah, when they were
16:01 taken into heaven, they were glorified, which means
16:03 they can no longer die, the Bible says that these
16:07 2 witnesses were killed, and again, we don't have very much
16:09 time to get into that, nonetheless, this beast
16:12 from the abyss makes war on the word of God, and he does it
16:17 just around the end of the 1260 years which would be
16:21 around the 1790's. Now the Bible's going to go
16:25 and give us a few more details. Verse 8: [text on screen]
16:38 Alright, and here, if you've been waiting for the punch line,
16:41 here it is: we're given a time description,
16:47 we're given a place description, and those 2 things together
16:50 will help us to figure out who this beast is.
16:53 N1- we're looking for a power that would arise around
16:56 the 1790's, the same time that America rose up
17:01 on the scene, and we're also looking for a power that
17:06 the Bible says would arise in a place spiritually called
17:09 Egypt and Sodom. Now, Egypt was known
17:14 in particular when Pharaoh was dealing with Moses,
17:18 Moses said: "Let my people go that they may go serve God",
17:21 and Pharaoh said: "Who is God that I should obey Him?"
17:29 This kind of attitude represented an anti-God,
17:32 even an atheistic attitude, we're talking about a power
17:37 that would arise on the scene around the 1790's that would
17:40 reject God. We're also talking about
17:43 this place, would be spiritually called Sodom.
17:46 Sodom was known for its sexual perversion, its lawlessness,
17:51 its iniquity, we're looking for a power that would arise
17:54 that would resemble Sodom and would resemble Egypt,
17:57 and for many people who have studied this prophecy
18:01 they see that there is only 1 power that can fit this,
18:04 and its during the time period what we call
18:07 "The French Revolution" where after France had been under
18:15 the rule of the church during the Dark Ages for so many years,
18:20 1260 years almost, they began to rebel against the Bible,
18:24 and against Christianity, and basically outlawed the Bible,
18:29 outlawed Christianity, and put in an atheistic society,
18:35 and this is this beast that rises up right at the end
18:41 of the 1260 years and begins to make war on the word of God.
18:46 They felt that they did not need a law or the Bible
18:49 for them to know what was right or wrong, or they didn't care
18:53 if they were doing anything wrong at that point.
18:55 Nothing that the Bible taught did they want a part
18:58 - of their life or their society. - That's right.
19:01 So what took place was something called "The French Revolution",
19:04 or "The Reign of Terror", because what happened during
19:07 that time period is when they put aside the word of God,
19:10 and when they put aside the law of God, what you had was just
19:14 pure terror, people were being killed, great slaughters
19:17 were taking place from hierarchy, all the way down,
19:21 people were being slaughtered, it was a time that just
19:25 symbolized the spirit of rebellion.
19:28 Interestingly enough, in 1 Samuel 15:23 the Bible says
19:32 that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.
19:35 What we see rising upon the scene in the French Revolution
19:38 is a spirit of rebellion, a spirit of witchcraft,
19:42 a spirit of "we don't want anything to do with God"
19:45 "or anything to do with the Word of God".
19:47 Some people are still saying: "Well, what does it have to do"
19:50 "with where we are today?"
19:52 Right, I'm sure many young people who are watching
19:54 out are wondering "Hey, you told us to stand by,"
19:56 "and this sounds just like more of that beast stuff"
19:59 "that we've heard all of our life", but we're about
20:02 to find out how the French Revolution actually effects
20:05 - us today. - Right.
20:07 There was a general by the name of J.B. Lamarck.
20:10 J.B. Lamarck was a scientist, a product of the French
20:13 Revolution, he lived during the time of the French Revolution
20:16 and in this atmosphere of rebellion against God,
20:20 and turning away from the law of God, J.B. Lamarck came up
20:24 with a theory that has become very popular today,
20:27 most people are unaware of this, but at this time
20:29 the theory was called "Transformism".
20:32 Let me read to you what J.B. Lamarck wrote in 1801,
20:35 he was the first scientist to document this.
20:37 He says here: "Time, and favorable conditions"
20:41 "are the 2 principle means which nature has employed"
20:46 "in giving existence to all her productions."
20:49 Here is a scientist talking about the circumstances,
20:52 or the principle of time and circumstances that helps
20:56 species to become what they are, what does that sound like?
21:00 - Evolution. - It sounds like evolution,
21:02 and sure enough, this is the man from whom Darwin really got
21:06 the teaching, or the principles of evolution that he espoused
21:10 - in his writings. - So he was the first
21:12 to write about if things just evolve into what they are.
21:15 That's right, he was the first scientist to actually put this
21:18 in print and to many he's actually known as the father
21:21 of evolution. What's interesting about this
21:25 is that evolution teaches that there is no God,
21:28 it wars against the 2 witnesses, and here you have this
21:34 principle of evolution, and I'm going to say, rising up
21:37 out of the bottomless pit, out of the abyss.
21:41 Something else very interesting is that when you think
21:44 about the abyss, that's the condition in which the world
21:47 was before God created it. Well, what evolution does,
21:51 and why this beast is said to arise out of the abyss
21:53 is that it takes us back to the beginning and says "No!"
21:57 "Creation didn't occur the way the 2 witnesses said it,"
22:00 "creation occurred over a long period of time, and there was"
22:04 "no God involved in it." You look, evolution has now
22:09 flooded our schools, our school system, and many people
22:13 believe, and what it has done is it has destroyed
22:16 the testimony of the 2 witnesses.
22:19 But to the Christian watching out there, you're probably
22:21 thinking: "Hey, I'm not an evolutionist, that's why I'm"
22:24 "watching Christian TV right now, because I believe in God."
22:27 So how does it affect the Christian?
22:30 Alright, we're going to look at our next slide,
22:32 and this is a definition that I want to put up here,
22:35 it is a term "adaptation". And adaptation, the definition
22:38 is simply this: [text on screen]
22:50 This is what Darwin taught. Darwin taught that as
22:53 the environment changed, that the species adapted
22:57 to fit that environment, and I want to suggest that while
23:02 many Christians say: "Oh, we don't believe in evolution,"
23:05 "and evolution is false, it's not Biblical", and those
23:07 kinds of things, "we've got our guard up"...
23:10 ...It's true, it is false.
23:12 Could it be possible that the Devil is manipulating
23:16 the atmosphere in which we live in hopes of transforming
23:21 our youth from the image of God into the image of brute beasts.
23:29 Right, or to his image.
23:31 That's right, to his image. Could it be possible
23:34 that the physical evolution is really a diversion
23:39 to the Devil's real ploy, which is it bring about a manipulation
23:43 of the environment through music, entertainment, fads,
23:49 styles, what's "in", and by manipulating this environment,
23:54 he will cause the species, especially the Christian
23:58 species, our young people to being to adapt
24:01 to what they are seeing around them, so that while we say:
24:04 "Evolution?! No way!" Could it be possible
24:06 that we're actually falling under the principles of
24:09 evolution as we change with the environment and the times
24:14 - around us. - His whole purpose to change
24:17 the environment or get people to adapt is, again, to fight
24:22 against the word of God, the 2 witnesses,
24:25 that's why he uses this beast from the bottomless pit
24:28 because this beast's job is to fight against the word.
24:31 When we adapt to all the things of the world then the desire
24:33 to study the word and be in the word, it's just not there,
24:37 it just swallows the desire out.
24:39 Right, Atonte, I think one of the important things,
24:42 the reason why we took so much time to unfold
24:45 the principles, to unfold this prophecy in Revelation 11
24:48 is because it is indeed a beast that many people do not
24:51 focus on, they read it, "Hmmm, I wonder what this"
24:53 "is talking about?" and then they leave it.
24:56 But while the Christian world is looking out for this
24:59 lamb-like beast and the false doctrines it may be teaching
25:01 and those kind of things, what about this forgotten beast
25:05 who is attacking our young people through the manipulation
25:08 of the environment. We're going to learn
25:10 in upcoming programs that this beast, this beast that rises
25:14 out of the abyss, has much to do with the music
25:17 that are youth are listening to today;
25:20 with the entertainment, with the philosophies.
25:23 It's incredible how much we're going to pull out from this
25:26 Revelation 11, but we need to know how we can avoid
25:31 the Devil's spiritual evolution plan.
25:35 Hollywood is built off of this thought system,
25:40 this evolution thought process, the movies that they put out,
25:44 there is no God, everything goes back to any kind
25:48 of random thing, but not God. God was never the beginning.
25:52 That's right, I would suggest that our viewers, in order
25:57 to understand "Hmmm, evolution, as I look around"
25:59 "I do see people changing according to the environment,"
26:02 "according to what's "in" now." The Bible tells us to be
26:06 in the world, but not of the world.
26:09 When you're not of the world, the Devil's plan of manipulating
26:14 the environment won't have no effect on us because
26:16 as Ephesians 2 tells us, Christ has invited us up into heavenly
26:21 places, we can dwell, spiritually speaking,
26:24 we can have our minds stayed on things in heaven
26:27 and when our minds are thus stayed on things in heaven,
26:30 the Devil has no power. No matter how much he
26:33 manipulates the environment around us, he has no power
26:35 to change us from what God wants us to be.
26:39 Right, and for young people out there, you may be
26:41 thinking: "Hey, I go to church", but spiritually things aren't
26:44 quite going the way you want them to, it's probably
26:47 because some of this evolution process that's been put out
26:51 there, spiritual evolution that's being put out there,
26:54 if you're still partaking heavily in the entertainment
26:57 industry, it will stop your spiritual growth.
26:59 That's right, we are adapting to our environment
27:03 and the Devil realizes: change the environment, they will
27:07 adapt. The true Christian says:
27:09 "Lord, help me not to adapt to the things of this world,"
27:13 "but to adapt to the things of heaven; to adapt to"
27:18 "the things that God would have me adapt to".
27:21 And by beholding we become changed.
27:25 It is so important, crucial, we begin to realize:
27:28 "I may not believe in evolution, but I see evolution going on"
27:33 "around me, and I need to be aware that it's not"
27:36 "just the physical thing, but the spiritual thing."
27:39 "Lord, help me to keep my mind stayed upon You,"
27:42 "so that I can be transformed into Your image,"
27:46 "and not degraded from man to beast."
27:53 As you can see, we are in a battle, and it is our prayer
27:56 that you will draw closer to the Lord, and get strength
27:59 from Him so you can win in this battle.
28:01 We're all out of time, until next time, God bless.


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