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00:14 Welcome to Battles of Faith, I'm Atonte Myers,
00:17 - ... And I'm Ivor Myers. - Today we're continuing
00:20 our discussion on the entertainment industry.
00:23 Once you've decided to escape the black hole which we call
00:27 "the entertainment industry", and then you allow God
00:30 to give you the strength to fight your giants,
00:33 then you have to become a survivor, and that's what
00:36 we're going to talk about today, we've entitled
00:38 this program "Survivor", and we know that there's a new
00:41 reality program that deals with this issue, so we're going
00:44 to be going back and forth about that program,
00:46 taking some practical lessons from that as well.
00:49 We don't know a whole lot about the program because we've
00:52 never watched it, we have seen the title and we have
00:55 the gist of what it's talking about...
00:56 ...And we have friends that watch it.
00:57 We have friends that know what the program is about,
01:00 so we're going to be taking that title, "Survivor",
01:03 and taking that concept of being a survivor and applying it
01:07 to real reality, if I can use that word.
01:12 We are looking at what it takes to be a survivor in the last
01:17 days because we know that the enemy of souls is trying
01:20 everything he can to eliminate as many people as he can
01:24 from entering into the city of God.
01:27 We're going to invite you to open your Bibles with us
01:30 and we're going to be taking a look at what it takes
01:32 to be a survivor, so we invite you to join us, and we're
01:36 going to be looking at Revelation 6:15-17,
01:42 and we're going to see what this has to share for us,
01:45 so Atonte's going to read that for us.
01:48 The Bible says: [text on screen]
02:17 So we've got that concept right there of survivors.
02:20 The question is asked: "Who shall be able to stand?"
02:24 And really, it is the wicked that are asking this question,
02:27 they are hiding from the face of God, from the wrath
02:30 of the Lamb, they are hiding from the destructive power
02:33 coming from that second coming event, and they're asking
02:36 the question: "Who is able to stand?", and we find that there
02:40 is a people, there will be a people in the last days
02:43 who are able to stand, those who will survive the second
02:48 coming, and I know that you want to be a part of that group
02:51 of people that survive the second coming, I know we
02:52 want to be a part of that group of people that
02:55 survive the second coming, we want to be survivors.
02:58 The Bible goes on in the very next chapter,
03:01 Revelation 7:1-3 to describe those survivors,
03:05 and it says there: [text on screen]
03:37 So what Revelation 7 does is it takes us back a little bit
03:40 before this event of the second coming because the 4 angels
03:44 are holding back the 4 winds and they're saying:
03:47 "Don't let any disastrous thing happen to the earth"
03:52 "until we have sealed the servants of our God"
03:55 "in their forehead", those who are sealed are those
03:58 who are able to stand before God, those who are able
04:01 to stand through, and survive through the second coming.
04:05 And you'll only be able to stand if you have that
04:08 supernatural connection with God.
04:10 That's right, what we're dealing with here is a war game,
04:13 you think about that TV series "Survivor", it's all about
04:18 who can outlast who. Well, in this context
04:22 we are dealing with a real live war game.
04:26 It is not the survival of the fittest, but it is the survival
04:31 of the those who are in Christ, and this is why Satan is doing
04:36 everything in his power to eliminate as many as he can
04:39 because guess what, he doesn't want anyone standing,
04:42 he doesn't want anyone to be able to survive that
04:45 second coming of Christ, he wants to take out
04:48 as many as possible. So again, we want to see
04:51 what does it take to be a survivor.
04:53 Well, according to Revelation 7:3, first of all,
04:57 we must be sealed with the seal of God,
05:01 and what that means is that we must receive God's image,
05:05 we must receive God's likeness in our foreheads,
05:08 and we know that the forehead represents the mind,
05:13 and God says: "I'm going to take your mind, and I want"
05:16 "to seal My image and My glory on your mind. "
05:20 So one of the things that we need to understand is that God
05:23 wants to work with our minds, that's where the sealing
05:26 process takes place. In fact, in Romans 12:2,
05:34 the Bible says there: [text on screen]
05:53 So God tells us through His Scripture, He says
05:57 that we are renewed through the mind, one of the ways
06:00 in which we're going to survive is by giving our minds
06:03 fully to Jesus Christ.
06:06 Because this program is called "Battles of Faith", we're
06:09 revealing his battle plans, one of his major battle plans
06:13 is to always try to corrupt our mind and to keep us
06:18 watching things, or listening to things, or seeing things
06:21 that are not edifying to us, and that will take us away
06:25 - from God. - That's right,
06:26 that eliminate us from the group of survivors.
06:29 Here's the good news, there will be a group of survivors,
06:31 the question is: will I be in that group of survivors?
06:34 Will you be in that group of survivors?
06:35 That's the real issue, it's not an issue of "will there be"
06:39 "any survivors", there will be, why?
06:41 Because the Bible has spoken it, God has seen it already
06:44 in the future, there will be a people who come out
06:47 and make their stand with Christ and survive through the last
06:51 great crisis that comes upon this earth.
06:53 Again, we're see that the entertainment industry
06:59 as a whole, is one of those ways in which Satan is trying
07:02 to eliminate people from the category of survivors.
07:05 And again, I think the good news is that Satan is already
07:08 a beaten foe, he wants to make us think that he is not,
07:12 but he is, so if we connect with Jesus the way He is
07:17 desiring to connect with us, we'll be perfectly fine
07:20 because I think people might hear this and become afraid
07:23 and think: "There's so many crazy things going on"
07:27 "in our mind", sinful thoughts, all kinds of things,
07:30 but God is able to purify and cleanse us, it's His job,
07:34 we just have to surrender to Him to be a survivor.
07:37 That's right. Who else is a survivor?
07:40 Let's go to Matthew 25, and we're going to find
07:44 that those who are wise are survivors, Matthew 25:1-13
07:51 give the parable of 10 virgins, and these virgins are broken
07:57 up into 2 categories, survivors and non-survivors,
08:01 those who are wise and those who are foolish.
08:05 So we've got to understand that we get wisdom
08:08 from the word of God, and we get power to walk
08:14 in that wisdom through the Spirit of God,
08:17 through the Holy Spirit, it's not just enough to know
08:20 what the difference is between right and wrong, but we've
08:23 got to act out that difference as well, we've got to live
08:26 that difference out in our actions and in our hearts.
08:29 The Word has to be a part of us.
08:32 That's right, so you've got 5 wise, 5 foolish virgins,
08:34 they all fall asleep and this cry goes out that
08:38 the bridegroom is coming, so they all wake up in survival
08:42 mode, but 5 of them are unprepared, they did not take
08:46 the necessary time to secure the oil that was in their lamps
08:52 and then the Bible says that they basically had no oil left,
08:56 their oil was going out and their lights, therefore,
08:58 were dimming, and because of that they were unprepared
09:02 for that final event. We want to make sure that we
09:05 have oil in our lamps, and that our lights are burning,
09:10 so those who are survivors are also those who are wise,
09:14 those who have oil in their lamps. Let's go look again
09:18 at Matthew 13:45,46, and Atonte, I'm going to ask you to read
09:23 - that for us. - Matthew 13:45,46.
09:31 The Bible reads: [text on screen]
09:45 One of the other identifying marks of a survivor is this:
09:51 those who are willing to sell all that they have
09:54 in order to follow Jesus Christ. When I was in the music
09:58 industry and we had an 8 album contract,
10:00 totaling somewhere between $700,000-$800,000,
10:04 - I gave that up. - That was all that you had.
10:06 That was all that I had... let me rephrase that,
10:10 I thought that that was all that I had.
10:12 I thought: "Oh, that's a pat on the back, I actually"
10:15 "gave up $800,000", but let me tell you, that was only
10:18 the beginning. Religion, Christianity, is not
10:21 about giving up, but it's about the willingness to forsake
10:24 everything because of your joy and your love for Jesus Christ.
10:29 I think when you're comparing giving up worldly things,
10:34 but receiving Jesus, you're really not giving up that much
10:37 at all; it's not a big sacrifices because worldly
10:40 things aren't edifying, they don't give you the peace
10:44 - and the joy like Jesus does. - That's right.
10:46 If you look at giving up a lot of these things in
10:49 the entertainment industry and you're going: "Oh no,"
10:51 "woe is me", that's already the wrong spirit.
10:56 The spirit that should be driving us is a love
10:58 for Jesus Christ, is finding that pearl and falling so in
11:03 love with that pearl that you willingly go and sell all that
11:08 you have, symbolically speaking you're not concerned with
11:12 the things of this world anymore, you're willing to give
11:15 up anything and everything. There's some people
11:18 who are saying: "I don't want to give up everything for Jesus,"
11:21 "I'll give up some things, but not everything",
11:24 but in this parable, this man was willing to sell all.
11:27 Christ is not going to ask you to give up everything
11:31 in your life, everything that you own, but we need
11:34 to be willing to give up all, so that when Christ says:
11:38 "I want you to get rid of this, this is going to harm you,"
11:41 "this is no good for you", that we already have a willing
11:43 - heart to do that. - That's right, we have to have
11:46 that mindset. I think of Malcom X,
11:50 and the movement that he had in the 60's, not that I totally
11:54 agree with everything, but there are some interesting aspects
11:58 to that movement. It was definitely a group
12:01 of young people who started that and followed him
12:05 in that, and one of his mottos was "By any means necessary",
12:10 and they were willing to follow Malcolm in anything that he did,
12:14 and go anywhere that he went, we shouldn't do that
12:18 with a man, we shouldn't follow a man, but with God
12:20 we should be saying: "Lord, by any means necessary,"
12:24 "whatever it takes, whatever I have to do that You want"
12:27 - "me to do, I'm willing to do. "
12:29 - That's right.
12:31 - That should be our mindset. - Well let's look at another
12:32 symbol, or another sign rather, of those who survive.
12:38 Not only are they willing to sell all, but they are also
12:42 properly armed. So let's go ahead and look
12:45 at Ephesians 6:10-13, and we've been reading
12:52 this text quite often through this series, Ephesians 6:10:
12:59 [text on screen]
13:31 "Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth. "
13:35 So one of the signs that we see here, one of the identifying
13:39 marks, one of the necessary things that we need to have
13:42 in order to be survivors, we need to have the armor
13:45 of God, we need to be girt about with truth, and in this age
13:51 truth is under assault, we're being told that there's
13:53 no such thing as absolute truth, and we've got to
13:57 realize that as Christians, Jesus Christ Himself said:
14:01 "You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free",
14:05 so we've got to be girt about with truth, but it goes on
14:08 to say: "having on the breastplate of righteousness".
14:14 That breastplate protects the heart, and we know
14:18 that the enemy of souls is after our hearts, he's after our
14:22 emotions, he wants us to be emotionally attached
14:26 and connected to the world, so when we put on
14:29 that breastplate, Christ is giving us power to keep our
14:33 emotions focused upon Him, to protect our emotions,
14:38 to guard them from the things of this world,
14:40 and have them set, the Bible says: "Set your affections"
14:44 "on things that are above, not on things that are"
14:47 - "on the earth. " - That's right, and I'm going
14:50 back to the truth part, the only way to know the truth
14:53 is to be in the Word, to know the Bible for yourself.
14:57 And for young people that's very very important.
15:01 I know nowadays it's not cool, or it's not in to be a student
15:07 of the Word, even if you do go to church, you just "kinda go"
15:10 to church, and maybe sing songs, but to really know your Word
15:14 as a young person, you don't see as many young people
15:17 knowing the Word as you did in the past.
15:19 To know the truth, the only way to know the truth
15:21 - is to be in the Word. - That's right, I remember
15:24 when I had just become a Christian and I was surrounded
15:28 by young people who were just on fire, I'm talking 16-19
15:34 years old, and these kids new their Bibles backwards
15:37 and forewords, and I was going: "How do you know the Bible"
15:41 "like this?", and I wanted to be so much like them,
15:44 not knowing anything about the Bible I thought:
15:47 "Man! This is amazing, to be young to know your Bible"
15:50 "backwards and forwards", it had a profound impact
15:54 on me, and if you're listening our there and you're a young
15:56 person, don't let the Devil tell you it's not cool
15:59 to know your Bibles. Don't let him tell you that
16:02 you're too young to know your Bible.
16:05 We have lots of young friends who are deep in the word
16:08 of God, and brothers and sisters, it is one of the best
16:11 thing that we can give our minds to: the study
16:15 - of the word of God. - It's very refreshing
16:17 to be around young people who know the word of God
16:20 because again, God is calling you, you are that next
16:24 generation that He wants to use to finish this work.
16:28 The people that you see leading out in church now
16:31 and doing all of those things, they are going to pass
16:34 and God needs young people to take their place,
16:38 and He needs strong young people who are connected to Him
16:41 - and He's calling you. - That's right.
16:43 Verse 15 says: "Your feet ought to be sod with the preparation"
16:46 "of the gospel of peace", those who survive
16:49 are those who are wearing the gospel boots of peace.
16:53 We talked about this before, the Bible says in Romans 16:20
16:56 that the God of peace is going to bruise Satan under our
16:58 feet shortly, we have got to learn how to maintain
17:03 our peace in Christ because the Devil wants to come
17:06 to steal that peace, to steal those gospel shoes.
17:09 You know, if I'm walking around, there's serpents on the ground,
17:12 I'd like to have boots on. I don't like snakes,
17:16 and I don't want a snake bite, when I have on boots
17:19 I don't have to worry about the serpent's bite.
17:21 - He's very afraid of snakes. - That's right.
17:24 And God says that if you wear the gospel boots, you have
17:27 no need to be fearful of the bite of the enemy because
17:30 you're protected, your feet are guarded and protected
17:33 and they're going to walk only in good ways and good paths.
17:36 That's right. Satan is not one to be feared
17:38 because Jesus has already beaten him, we don't have
17:41 to be afraid.
17:43 Verse 16 reads on: "Above all, taking the shield of faith,"
17:47 "wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts"
17:50 "of the wicked. " This verse, we need to realize
17:54 that this shield of faith, these weapons we think are
17:58 imaginary weapons, I believe that these weapons
18:01 are real weapons. We've got to plug into
18:04 them by faith, we've got to realize that that shield...
18:07 the Bible says "The angel of the Lord encampeth"
18:10 "round about them that fear Him" and I believe that God
18:13 has angels surrounding people, and when we put our trust
18:17 and our faith in Jesus Christ, He sends those angels,
18:21 they are like a shield around us and the enemy can't penetrate
18:26 because we are surrounded by God's shield.
18:30 So we want to make sure that as survivors, if we want
18:34 to be survivors, we've got to say: "Lord, put that shield"
18:37 "around me, when I'm walking in the street and I feel"
18:41 "all the the temptations being thrown at me, that I will"
18:46 "see my shield around me, spiritually understand that"
18:50 "my shield is surrounding me, that Lord, You are"
18:53 "protecting me and I will not fall, no dart will come in"
18:57 "and pierce my heart or my mind. "
18:59 That's right, because Satan will hurl darts at you.
19:02 We don't want to make it seem like once you make this
19:06 decision that you're not going to have trials and you're not
19:09 going to have temptations because you will, but again,
19:12 God is more powerful and He will help you stand and be a survivor
19:15 Verse 17 reads: "And take the helmet of salvation",
19:20 that's the next thing we need to be guarded with,
19:23 and what is a helmet? The helmet goes over the head
19:26 and protects the mind.
19:30 The enemy is trying to bombard the mind with those fiery darts,
19:35 he's trying to send those thought bombs into your
19:38 mind, that's what the word "darts" means there, it means
19:41 "missiles", "belos", the Greek, so Satan has these
19:44 missiles, these thought bombs that he'll just send to you,
19:47 you'll go: "where'd that thought come from?"
19:50 God says: "I want you to put on the helmet of salvation,"
19:53 "guard your mind, don't let the enemy put thoughts in there,"
19:55 "and I will keep your mind stayed on Me. "
20:00 That's how we wear the helmet of salvation.
20:02 These are the things that we need to have on in order
20:06 to survive. Finally we're going to read
20:08 in the last part of verse 17: "... and the sword"
20:11 "of the spirit, which is the word of God. "
20:14 Again, we have got to carry that sword, this is a battle
20:18 of faith, we don't want to go on the battlefield without
20:22 - our weapons. - That's right.
20:24 When we were reading in the first part of 17 and talking
20:27 about the helmet of salvation, which protects the mind,
20:30 again, this is why one of Satan's major battle plans,
20:35 the way that he's trying to sweep the word, and sweep
20:38 millions of young people around the world is through
20:41 the entertainment industry because everything that we see
20:44 and hear goes right into the mind, and if we keep putting
20:47 corruption and wickedness and evilness into our minds,
20:51 then by beholding we will become changed, so to put on
20:55 that helmet of salvation is to protect your mind,
20:58 and to protect it from those evil things of the world,
21:00 and that means cutting off those worldly avenues
21:04 that Satan has come through into your mind.
21:07 Verse 18, we're going to end with this particular portion
21:10 of Scripture, verse 18, it says: "Praying always"
21:13 "with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit. "
21:18 So above everything else, we need to be in prayer,
21:21 we need to have that communication flowing between
21:23 us and the Father. When you're on a battlefield,
21:27 you've got to have communication with the command center,
21:31 or the command post. Well, it's the same thing
21:33 in the Spiritual conflict: the Devil wants to come in
21:36 and cut off that communication so that as you are here
21:39 behind enemy lines you have no communication and you don't
21:42 know where to go, or what to do, Christ says: "Make sure"
21:45 "that your communication system is intact",
21:48 "and by so doing, I will be with you, I will guide you"
21:52 "and instruct you in the way that you shall go. "
21:55 That's right, Jesus wants to be our leader and our teacher.
21:58 Atonte, one more point on becoming a survivor
22:02 is found in Revelation 14:4 where the Bible describes
22:07 this same group of people and it describes them
22:10 in this way: "these are they that follow the lamb,"
22:14 "withersoever He goes. " One of the identifying marks
22:17 of a survivor is that they're willing to follow Jesus Christ
22:20 wherever He leads, there's not a place where they say
22:23 "This far and no further, if Jesus asked me to do this,"
22:26 "I'm not doing it", but they're willing to follow Him
22:29 all the way. 1 more, Revelation 12:11,
22:33 the Bible speaks of what I like to call "a code of honor",
22:38 all warriors should have a code of honor.
22:40 In Revelation 12:11 it says: "They overcame him"
22:44 "by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their"
22:46 "testimony, and they loved not their lives unto"
22:50 "the death". What's the code of honor?
22:53 Death before dishonor. You see, the Christian is
22:56 supposed to have such a high and holy understanding,
23:02 a high and holy reverence for Jesus Christ that they would
23:07 rather die than disregard, or than go against Jesus Christ,
23:15 so that code of honor is what sets aside a survivor.
23:20 A survivor says: "I will do whatever it takes to walk"
23:24 "in Christ, even if it means the sacrificing of self. "
23:30 We have 1 more point that I'm going to share, and the Atonte
23:32 you're going to share a lovely prayer, but one of the things
23:36 about a survivor, and probably the most important thing
23:39 is that we need to understand that survivors are being
23:43 selected for a very important reason.
23:46 Revelation 20:4 speaks about those who come back to life
23:50 after Jesus comes again, those who are raised back to life,
23:53 those who are caught up in the clouds with Christ in heaven,
23:56 and it says that they lived and reigned with Christ
23:59 for 1000 years, but it also says that judgment was given
24:02 unto them. Well why?
24:04 According to 1 Corinthians 6, the Bible says that we
24:08 are going to judge angels. There's going to be a judgment
24:12 during that period of time known as "1000 years", according
24:16 to Revelation 20, but before that, in fact in this time
24:20 right now, there is a judgment going on according
24:23 to Revelation 14:6, and this judgment is a judgment
24:28 for jurors. In other words, God is looking
24:32 to see whom He can find, who are intelligent judges between
24:37 right and wrong so He can select them for jury service
24:43 in the kingdom of heaven for 1000 years.
24:46 Do you know what that means? It means that if I'm here
24:49 on earth and I'm saying: "I don't see anything wrong"
24:52 "with this", and "I don't see anything wrong with that",
24:54 what does that mean? It means that God can't
24:57 trust us for that judgment that's to take place in the city
25:00 of God; so what the Devil is trying to do is he's
25:03 trying to confuse our judgment, trying to show that we
25:08 really exercise bad judgment, and in so doing he eliminates
25:13 those out of the group of survivors, those who are able
25:16 to judge between right and wrong.
25:19 The best way to trick a Christian these days
25:22 is to put the word "Christian" before anything,
25:25 so you have: "Christian boxers", "Jesus help me as I"
25:29 "attempt to knock this man out", you've got
25:32 "Christian hip-hopping", and "Christian rock",
25:34 and all these different things, and you trick a Christian
25:37 just by putting the word "Christian" before there,
25:40 we've got to learn how to discern between right
25:43 and wrong, and that's what makes a survivor.
25:46 Before we can be survivors we have to surrender,
25:49 because that's what Jesus did, He surrendered all,
25:51 and He was a survivor. This is a prayer about surrender.
25:54 It says: "Today Lord, because I love You, I choose to offer"
25:57 "my body to You as a living sacrifice. I ask You to be"
26:00 "in control of everything in my life: what I eat,"
26:03 "what I drink, my entire lifestyle, not so I can earn"
26:06 "Your love, but in awe that You already love me. "
26:09 "I know that Your thoughts and Your ways are not"
26:11 "my thoughts and ways, but I ask You to enable me"
26:13 "to be in Your Word so much that I will know Your ways"
26:17 "and Your thoughts. Change me from the inside"
26:19 "out, my thoughts, my desires and my actions. "
26:22 "I don't want my own thoughts and my ways anymore. "
26:26 "Lord, please replace mine with Yours, give me the courage"
26:29 "and the strength to obey Your will as You reveal"
26:32 "it to me, not just an outward obedience,"
26:34 "but from the inside, from a heart that has been"
26:37 "cleansed by You. Please search my heart"
26:40 "and soul, enable me to see clearly where I'm failing You,"
26:43 "where my thoughts and attitudes have built a wall"
26:46 "between You and me; please show me where self has"
26:49 "risen up to block the working of Your Spirit in my life. "
26:52 "I surrender to You all my anger and bitterness,"
26:55 "my fear and hurt, my pride and my unforgiving and judgmental"
26:59 "thinking, everything that has prevented me from being"
27:02 "filled with Your love and Your Spirit. "
27:06 "Please reveal any root cause for these negative feelings"
27:08 "so I can surrender them to You, and receive Your forgiveness"
27:11 "and cleansing from all unrighteousness. "
27:14 "I refuse to act on my own thoughts, emotions and desires"
27:17 "that do not take into account Your word. "
27:20 "I recognize that anything that doubts Your sovereignty"
27:23 "in all things can't be of faith, so I submit my will"
27:26 "to Yours, I want to glorify Your name in all my thoughts"
27:30 "and desires and actions today, please fill me with Your"
27:33 "Spirit, and enable me to reflect You fully. "
27:36 "Change my heart, O God. "
27:40 Amen Atonte! Those who would survive
27:42 must first surrender, and that's exactly what Jesus Christ
27:45 is calling us to do. Hollywood has what's called
27:48 a walk of fame, and here we're told that the stars
27:52 are immortalized, their names are written in stone,
27:55 but if you read Revelation 2:17, Jesus says: "I will write"
27:58 "your name in a stone", which means your name will truly
28:00 last forever, and we pray and hope that your names
28:04 will be written in those stones. Until next time,
28:07 may God bless you.


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