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00:16 Welcome to "Battles of Faith".
00:18 I'm Atonte Myers
00:19 and I'm Ivor Myers.
00:20 Today we're continuing our discussion
00:22 on the entertainment industry.
00:24 On our last program we learned how to have
00:27 a supernatural connection with God, and that's only
00:29 through constant comunion with Him.
00:32 When you do that, having constant comunion
00:34 with God, you, then begin to see what your giants are.
00:38 And so, we have entitled today's program "Giant Killers".
00:42 - That's right Atonte.
00:43 For those of you who may be familiar with your Bibles
00:45 you know that the story of David and Goliath is a perfect picture
00:52 of what a giant killer should be.
00:56 We know that there are giants out there
00:59 and when you decide to follow Christ you have giants
01:01 that you have to face. We all have giants that
01:04 we need to face and in this context we're talking about
01:08 the giants that are found in the entertainment industry,
01:11 the struggles that we come across when we decide
01:14 that we're going to follow Christ.
01:15 We want to lay out, in this program, those steps
01:19 to becoming an effective "giant killer",
01:22 how to get rid of those giants, how to overcome those giants
01:25 that are standing between you and Jesus Christ.
01:28 - I have to say that, out of all the programs
01:31 that we've done, they all were exciting to me,
01:34 but I think that, if I have to pick a favorite, this is
01:36 my favorite one, and I think it'll be yours too,
01:39 because everyone wants to know how do I slay my giant,
01:43 the thing that just seems to have total control
01:46 over me.
01:47 So, you'd going to want to get your Bibles,
01:48 take notes, because you're not going to want
01:50 to forget this information.
01:52 - Why don't we go to Daniel
01:56 and we're going to just notice something
01:59 in this particular verse.
02:01 And Atonte is going to read that for us:
02:02 [text on the screen]
02:13 - Alright. We're not going to worry about the first half
02:15 of that verse now, because this is a verse that
02:18 really has a lot of prophetic significance.
02:20 We just want to foucus in on the last half of the verse
02:24 where it says that people that do know their God
02:27 will be strong and do exploits.
02:31 - I like that. - Yes. It's speaking about
02:33 the people in the last days, who, through the power of God,
02:36 will be doing mighty exploits, mighty deeds for
02:40 and through Jesus Christ.
02:42 I know that I want to be a part of that people,
02:44 I want my wife to be a part of that people,
02:46 but I know that I want you out there to be a part
02:49 of that people who are doing mighty things for God.
02:54 Now, Atonte, one of the best stories in the Bible
02:57 that illustrates this theme of mighty exploits is found
03:03 in the story of David and Goliath.
03:06 Before we look at the actual story of David and Goliath
03:10 we want to look at some of the other things
03:11 that surrounded the life of David.
03:13 That's going to give us some insight into what
03:17 mighty exploits means, especially in these last days.
03:21 So, why don't we go to 1 Chronicles 12
03:26 and I'm going to ahead and read verses 1, 2 and 8.
03:31 The Bible says there:
03:32 [text on the screen]
03:59 And than verse 8 reads:
04:00 [text on the screen]
04:18 Now, Atonte, when I read this, it excites me
04:21 because I'd like to use my godly imagination here
04:25 and I wonder: why did these mighty men (and we're going to
04:30 read a little bit about these mighty men in a little while),
04:32 but why did these mighty men joined themselves to David
04:36 as he was hiding out in the wilderness from Saul?
04:39 Well, I can just imagine that these mighty men
04:43 who were maybe around the same age as David,
04:45 they were all young men, that when they were children,
04:49 they must have heared an incredible story
04:52 about a little boy who had taken on a giant
04:56 named Goliath.
04:58 - Right. He was like their hero.
04:59 - He was their hero. I can imagine dad coming home
05:02 one day and saying to his wife: "Honey, you'll never believe
05:04 what happened."
05:05 And one of these might men is a child of these times
05:08 and he's listening and he hears dad telling a story
05:12 about this little boy not to much older then
05:15 this child, saying: "This boy went out and took on
05:19 this giant, named Goliath and slew him."
05:22 I can imagine in the minds and in the hearts
05:24 of these little children that David had become their hero
05:29 and they were probably saying: "I would love to meet David,
05:31 I would love to be just like David."
05:36 And now you have this story where these
05:39 mighty men come out and say: "We're going to join to David
05:42 because we believe that he is the man for the time,
05:45 he is the man of the hour."
05:47 Now, let's read about these mighty men.
05:49 2 Samuel 23 and we're going to look at the discriptions
05:54 and some of the exploits of these mighty men.
05:56 We'll go ahead and read verse 8 to begin with:
06:01 [text on the screen]
06:21 - Wow! And we think we have super-heroes in the movies.
06:24 This are truly super-heroes.
06:27 - That is amazing. 800 at on time!
06:30 800! Count that! We don't have the time to do that on the show,
06:33 but 800 at one time! This is a mighty exploit!
06:38 What about verse 10?
06:40 Or rather verse 9... It says:
06:42 [text on the screen]
07:08 So, here you have this mighty man
07:09 who takes on the entire Philistine army
07:12 by himself and all day he's just out there
07:16 slaying this army, and the Bible says
07:18 the Lord had given him this great victory.
07:20 - They actually were doing great exploits than David.
07:23 - Oh, they were doing some mighty things.
07:26 Notice verse 13. It says:
07:29 [text on the screen]
07:59 - David has not yet conquered Bethlehem
08:02 and I can imagine him. The Bible says he longed.
08:05 He wasn't talking to people and saying:
08:07 "Somebody go get me a drink from the well of Bethlehem".
08:10 It's like he was talking to himself,
08:12 maybe in a room alone and what he's saying is:
08:16 "I want to capture Bethlehem, I want to get Bethlehem",
08:19 and he's saying: "Oh, if someone would get me
08:23 a drink from the well".
08:24 He's speaking simbolically.
08:25 Listen to what happens. Verse 16 says:
08:29 [text on the screen]
08:46 - It's amazing Atonte!
09:03 These three mighty men, they may have been outside
09:05 David's door, they may have overheard him talking to himself
09:08 and said: "You know what? Why don't we go down
09:10 to the well of Bethlehem, break into the Philistines
09:13 and get David a drink of water."
09:16 Can you imagine? The Philistines are all there,
09:17 you know, they're in Bethlehem, and all of a sudden
09:20 they see three Israelites comming towards them
09:22 and they're going: "These guys must be crazy!
09:23 What are they doing?"
09:24 And they suddenly approach them and they pull out swords
09:28 and they begin the fight.
09:30 And they're fighting, and they're getting the victory.
09:32 And the Philistines may be desoriented
09:34 and they're going: "What are these guys after?"
09:36 And they work their way to the well, take out a flasc
09:39 dip water in it and start fighting their way
09:41 back out and the Philistines must be going:
09:44 "What in the world is this all about?"
09:46 All for their love for David.
09:50 Now, talk about a comittment, talk about a willingness to risk
09:55 their lives. These are the exploits that they did.
09:58 And then, the Bible says: "When David found out,
10:00 he pourred it out. He said: I will not drink this water."
10:03 Did David's men love him? Yes.
10:06 Did David love his men? Yes.
10:09 And we see there this concept of love,
10:12 this experiancial love between these men
10:16 and we're going to learn a lesson about that
10:18 in a little while. Let's read on a little more
10:20 about these mighty men. In verse 18 it says:
10:23 [text on the screen]
10:35 And now notice verse 20:
10:36 [text on the screen]
10:53 And in another place it says: "on a snowy day".
10:55 I'd like to ask this question: How many of you out there
10:57 would like to fight a lion on a good day?
10:59 No, not really.
11:00 Sunshine, the clouds are out, everything is nice.
11:03 You wouldn't fight a lion on a good day...
11:04 The Bible says you know how it's like to walk in snow...
11:07 Well, this man is fighting, he kills a lion in snow.
11:11 We're talking about mighty men,
11:13 and, Atonte, it's amazing. You said it before:
11:16 these mighty men seem to have been doing more
11:18 powerful exploits than David.
11:21 Just imagine. One of these men could have said:
11:23 "You know what? I'm pretty powerful. I can take David."
11:27 But it never crossed their minds.
11:29 They loved David and David loved them
11:32 and they joined themselves onto David.
11:34 Now, here's the beautiful thing about this story.
11:38 David is a type of Christ in the Scriptures.
11:43 If you're familiar with the story of David and Goliath
11:45 you'll remember that David was feeding his sheep,
11:50 was watching over his father's sheep
11:52 when a lion and a bear rose up, attacked the sheep.
11:59 David slays the lion and the bear.
12:04 Shortly after that, David's father sends him out to go
12:09 check on his brothers who were in the midst of a battle
12:13 with a giant named Goliath.
12:16 When David gets on the scene,
12:18 are his brothers excited to see him? No.
12:22 They don't accept him well at all.
12:25 Nonetheless, David, despite their rejection,
12:29 he slays the giant by delivering a fatal wound to his head.
12:34 And the victory is won!
12:37 Because of that he is elevated.
12:39 And because of his elevation, Saul, who is king of Israel,
12:44 becomes jealous and now he's going about to kill David.
12:49 Now, David has already been anointed to be the king.
12:51 He is the rightful king, but at the present time
12:54 who is the king? Saul!
12:56 Now, how was David a type of Christ?
12:59 Christ was in heaven watching His Father's flock,
13:05 the angels.
13:07 A dragon rose up and Jesus cast the dragon out of heaven.
13:12 Shortly after that, the Father sends the Son
13:17 to where?
13:18 To the earth, that's right. To the earth to check up
13:22 on His brothers who are in the middle of a conflict
13:26 with a giant named: the Devil.
13:29 They are not happy to receive Christ,
13:31 but, nonetheless, Christ, on calvary delivers
13:36 a fatal wound to the head of the serpent.
13:39 You remember, in the previous program, that the word "calvary"
13:42 means "cranium". And so, when Jesus died,
13:45 that skull-shaped hill called Golgotha or Calvary
13:51 was broken apart.
13:52 It represented the fact that the skull of Satan,
13:56 the head of Satan had received a deadly wound,
14:00 as it was prophecised in Genesis 3:15.
14:02 And so we've got this incredible paralel.
14:05 Because of that Jesus has been exalted
14:08 as the King, the rightful king of this earth.
14:10 And guess what? He's not the king of this planet yet.
14:15 Who's still the king?
14:16 - Satan - It's Satan!
14:18 So, Jesus is in heaven, just as David was hidding
14:21 in the wilderness. He was going to be the rightful king
14:24 and these men came out of Saul's kingdom and said:
14:29 "We're going to join ourselves onto David."
14:31 The question I have is: where are the mighty men
14:34 that are supposed to be joining themselves
14:37 to the rightfull king of this earth, Jesus Christ?
14:41 - We should be those mighty men!
14:42 - We should be those mighty men!
14:45 God is calling for us to do exploits, for us to come out
14:50 from under 'king Saul' or from under the prince
14:53 of this world who is Satan, to come out
14:57 from under the principalities, from all those things
15:00 that he exercises his dominion in and say:
15:04 "We're going to go and join ourselves onto Jesus,
15:07 the same Jesus that I heard about when I was a little child.
15:10 My hero, Jesus.
15:12 I want to join Him.
15:13 When we do that, Jeseu says: 'I'm going to make you
15:15 a mighty man. You're going to go out and do mighty exploits.
15:20 You're going to go out and slay giants.'
15:24 So, let's go ahead and look at this story now,
15:26 of David and Goliath and how we can learn
15:30 to slay our giants.
15:32 We're going to go to 1 Samuel 17,
15:38 and we're going to go through these points
15:40 pretty rapidily. So, let's go ahead
15:42 and begin with verse 23.
15:45 1 Samuel 17:23
15:48 Atonte, would you read that for us?
15:49 It says: [text on the screen]
16:05 So, here we have David's encounter with Goliath.
16:09 Goliath has been coming forth and he's been making
16:12 these boasting claims and saying:
16:14 'I can do this, and I'm going to do that
16:15 and none of you can challenge me.'
16:16 And the Bible says these very significant words,
16:20 it says David heard them.
16:24 Now, when I was little in school,
16:25 when I was younger and I was in school,
16:27 7th - 8th grade and highschool,
16:30 when someone said something bad about you
16:32 or bad about your mother...
16:37 and you heard those words,
16:39 it was time for war!
16:45 And the Bible says that David heard these words.
16:49 There's more than just saying:
16:50 'Oh, I heard what the giant was saying...'
16:55 No! David heard these words and the challenge that he heard
16:59 coming from the giant stirred his heart.
17:01 Our number one principle, number one point is that
17:04 we must hear the challenge and the boastings of Satan.
17:09 - And he's daily doing this to us.
17:10 - That's right. Satan's telling us,
17:12 he's telling our young people: 'Look, you can't to this,
17:14 you can't be victorious, you can't overcome.
17:17 Who is your God that is going to deliver you
17:19 out of my hands?'
17:20 - 'You can't be on fire for God. It's not cool.
17:23 You won't be popular!'
17:25 - That's right! We've got to learn how to hear
17:27 the challenge and say: 'What did he say?
17:31 Did I just hear him say that the only way
17:35 that I'm going to stay in the church is if I'm entertained?
17:38 Okay...I heard those words!'
17:40 And once you hear those words, that's the first step
17:43 because it triggers a reaction like it did with David.
17:47 Notice verse 25, our second principle.
17:49 [text on the screen]
18:07 -Now, I want you to notice this point here.
18:09 David, or rather Goliath has been coming forward
18:13 and making this challenge for forty days.
18:15 And remember that number, forty days.
18:18 And for forty days the Israelits have been running back;
18:23 as soon as Goliath appears, they run.
18:25 Now, there was a valley between these two armies,
18:30 the Philistines and the Israelits.
18:32 The Israelits were on one side, the Philistines on the other,
18:35 and, on day one, Goliath comes out,
18:38 and I'm sure he's on his side of the valley.
18:43 But everyday, Goliath gets a little bit bolder.
18:46 I'm sure Goliath looked humangus from the other side.
18:48 The Israelits saw him from a distance and said:
18:50 'This guy is big!'
18:52 But, as day after day Goliath would come forward
18:56 and the Israelits would run, Goliath's confidence grew
18:59 even more and he would come closer.
19:02 And Goliath worked himself down the valley,
19:04 until, by the time David gets here, Goliath is making
19:08 his way up the other side of the valley.
19:11 That's why they say: 'Have you seen this man
19:12 that's come up?'
19:14 And I'm sure that the giant looked much bigger now
19:17 close up, than he did on the other side.
19:19 -I have to pause you right there because we do that
19:22 everyday and wonder why we don't have victory.
19:25 We hear or see our giant and then we run,
19:29 like the Isrealits, the other way,
19:31 and so, our giant gets bigger and bigger
19:33 because he's coming closer and closer.
19:36 He gets more confidence.
19:37 - We've got to realise that if we don't stop our giants now,
19:40 if we don't face them now, they will only get bigger.
19:43 We were talking about the blood
19:44 in the last program and how the blood represents
19:47 that comunion of cicle. The blood goes in a cicle
19:50 in the body. And the blood of Jesus Christ
19:52 by which we overcome, represents the comunion
19:55 between the Father and the Son.
19:57 We must have that same blood or that same spirit
20:00 of comunion fromed with us.
20:02 We know that Satan wants to stop this blood folw,
20:06 to stop this comunion between us and the Father.
20:08 One of the most dangerous things that can happen
20:11 in the human body, talking about blood flow,
20:14 is what we call a blood-clod, because it is that little thing
20:19 that gets into a vein, it blocks the artery
20:22 and if it blocks an atrery to the heart what do you have?
20:24 A heart attack! If it block to the brain, what do you have?
20:28 A stroke! And the Devil is trying to do just that.
20:32 The entertainment industry is like a blood-clod.
20:35 People say that it's just a litle thing,
20:37 but in reality it's a giant.
20:38 And through it Satan is attacking the heart,
20:41 he's attacking the mind and when the blood stops,
20:45 you have death.
20:46 So, if we don't face our giants,
20:49 including the entertainment industry,
20:50 what happens is death.
20:52 We've got to learn that if we don't face our giants
20:54 they'll only get bigger and ultimately will cause our death.
20:57 - Right. - So, let's go ahead and
20:58 look at the next principle, verse 26.
21:02 And Atonte you can go ahead and read that.
21:04 [text on the screen]
21:19 - Alright, our next principle
21:20 is learning to be jealous for God.
21:23 Learining to be jealous for His name.
21:26 When we hear someone talking about God
21:28 it should stir up something in our hearts
21:31 that would just make us say: "Hold on! That's my Father.
21:35 And we don't talk about my Father that way."
21:38 And we're not talking about people in this context.
21:41 Remember, the battle is not against flesh and blood
21:43 but against spiritual wickidness in high places.
21:46 - Because that's what Satan does. He says:
21:47 "You know, God can't keep you, He cannot help you
21:50 in this area, you're a slave to me,
21:52 you will do this today. You will take that drink today...
21:55 You will smoke that cigarette..."
21:57 - That's right. And he says God's Word is boring
21:59 and we repeat that: "God's Word is boring."
22:01 No, don't do that! Be jealous for God,
22:04 be jealous for His Word and we want to stand for God
22:08 just like David. He was jealous for his God and said:
22:11 'No, we're not going to have you talking about God like that'
22:15 And so David says: "I'm willing to challenge you
22:18 to vindicate the name of God."
22:21 And we've got to be willing to do the same thing.
22:23 Now, let's look at verse 23-27.
22:26 We're not going to read this, but basically,
22:28 what happens here is that David is brought before Saul
22:32 and Saul says: "Well, you're young, you can't go out
22:36 and fight the giant." And what David does is
22:39 he lays out before Saul all his conquests of the past.
22:44 He was watching his father's sheep and,
22:47 I believe it was in the same period of time, the same
22:50 forty days, while the Israelits were running from Israel,
22:54 David was out, watching the sheep, and that's when
22:57 he's conquered that lion and the bear.
23:01 And so David says: "This is what God's done for me
23:03 in my past." We've got to remember
23:05 how has God led us in our past.
23:07 We've got to look at that and say:
23:09 "If God has led me in the past,
23:11 than He will be able to lead me in my future as well"
23:14 - And everyone has that past where God has done
23:17 something, giving them victory over something,
23:20 and we can claim that and say: "Lord, you gave me victory
23:23 over this, this is my next giant,
23:25 this is the next thing that I need your help with."
23:27 And He will do it for you.
23:29 - That's right. If you go in a hunter's home
23:30 and you look at a hunter's wall you're going to see trophies
23:34 on that wall. And I believe that God has given us
23:37 all trophies.
23:39 David had on his wall the jaw of a lion,
23:42 the paw of a bear, and he could look at those
23:44 things and say: "This is what God's done for me in my past."
23:48 We have trophies on our wall.
23:50 You know, I used to smoke marijuana, used to drink
23:53 alcohol and a lot of other things.
23:55 But those are now trophies on my wall.
23:58 So, when I have to look forward to a battle
23:59 God says "I want you also to look back
24:02 at the victories that I have already given you."
24:04 And so, we need to remember what God has done for us
24:07 in the past.
24:08 - So, David had the courage, as he knew God had delivered
24:11 him before. - That's right. It was not
24:12 in his own strenght, but it was in God's strenght
24:15 that he was delivered. And so he says: "This same God
24:18 is going to deliver me in this conflict,
24:20 so let's go ahead and look at the verse 39 and 40
24:25 for our next principle.
24:26 [text on the screen]
24:42 - Alright. So, let's look at verse 40 as well
24:44 before I comment. It says:
24:46 [text on the screen]
25:01 The principle here is this:
25:03 we have got to be properly armed.
25:08 The book of Peter says that we should be armed
25:11 with the mind of Christ.
25:14 We've got to have the thinking, the thoughts
25:17 and the feelings of Christ running through our veins.
25:20 That's what it means to be armed with His mind.
25:23 And so, when we learn what that means,
25:25 when we arm ourselves and say: 'Lord, I'm going to think
25:27 like You, and I want to feel like You felt",
25:29 then we can go forth in this battle
25:32 knowing that God is going to give us a victory
25:34 because we are going in the mind of Jesus Christ.
25:38 David had no fear. He went in the mind of Jesus Christ.
25:41 - And Jesus had already won the battle.
25:44 David knew that. And we can know that.
25:48 - He has given us the victory already, and now,
25:53 we must exercise the confidence to say:
25:56 'You know what? I can go home and face that cd
25:58 that looks like a giant, and I can break it.
26:02 I can go home and face any giant with the confidence
26:06 that I can slay that giant through the power
26:08 of Jesus Christ.
26:10 Now, let's go ahead and look at verse 43-47.
26:12 We're not going to read all this,
26:14 but basically, what happens here is a confrontation
26:16 comes between David and Goliath, and Goliath begins
26:19 to just yell at David, and
26:21 'who do you think I am? Am I a dog?'
26:22 And David responds by saying:
26:25 'Look, you can yell at me all you want
26:28 and try to terorize me, but I'm telling you
26:30 that the Lord is going to deliver you in my hands,
26:33 the same Lord who you have defied this day.'
26:36 David moves forward in confidence.
26:38 In fact, in verse 48, the Bible says:
26:41 "And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose
26:42 and came and drew nigh to meet David,
26:44 that David hasted and ran toward the army
26:49 to meet the Philistine."
26:50 We need to learn to run towards our giant.
26:53 Not run away from them, not side-step,
26:55 but run directly toward our giant.
26:58 -With no fear. - With no fear at all.
27:00 And notice what happens. The Bible says
27:02 that David took out that sling
27:03 and slew the Philistine; that stone went right
27:07 into his head, he dropped, but David didn't see the giant
27:11 drop and go: 'I'd better start running."
27:12 No. He still moves forward because he says:
27:14 'I'm going to finish this giant off.'
27:17 And look at what it says in verse 51:
27:18 "Therefore David ran and stood upon the Philistine
27:20 and took his sword and drew it out of a sheath thereof,
27:23 and slew him..."
27:24 We need to learn how to kill our giants.
27:27 Not to wound them, so that they come back
27:29 to haunt us, but to kill them fully and finally.
27:33 - Satan is banking that we'll be afraid,
27:36 that we will have fear,
27:38 and God does not give us the spirit of fear.
27:40 - That's right. It is God's desire that we would get
27:44 that strenght, get that courage that David had
27:46 and become mighty men and do mighty exploits
27:50 for Him; go out there and win souls to conquer
27:53 those bad habbits that have been ruleing
27:55 over us, to conquer those giants
27:57 the devil says you can't win these.
27:58 And there will be writings in the books
28:00 of heavens about tha mighty conquest
28:02 that God's people do here, on earth.
28:05 - It is our prayer that you will make the decision
28:07 to beat your giant with the strenght of God.
28:09 We're out of time.
28:10 God bless.


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