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Exodus From The Black Hole

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00:15 Welcome to "Battles of Faith"
00:17 - I'm Atonte Myers
00:18 - And I'm Ivor Myers
00:19 - And today we're continuing our discussion on
00:23 the entertainment industry.
00:24 We've entitled today's program
00:26 "Exodus from the Black Hole".
00:28 Now, if you've seen some of our other programs,
00:30 you know we've been talking about the music industry,
00:34 movies, television, our last program was on
00:37 the martial arts,
00:38 but we want to talk today about how to escape
00:41 from that black hole.
00:42 We call the entertainment industry "the black hole"
00:45 because a black hole is that place in Space where
00:48 no light can escape, but
00:51 with God all things are possible.
00:53 So, for those of you who have made a decision to say:
00:56 "Hey, you know what? This information that I've heard
00:58 on "Battles of Faith", I believe in it
01:01 and I believe it's in the Bible. I want to make a decision
01:03 This program is for you because you're going to learn
01:06 how to escape form the black hole.
01:09 Those things that you want to give up,
01:10 you're going to see today how you can receive
01:11 the power from God to do that.
01:14 So, we're excited about this program.
01:16 - That's right, Atonte. We want to lay out principles
01:19 by which those who are looking to escape
01:22 the black hole, those who have seen the dangers
01:24 of the black hole, those who have seen
01:26 the hidden dragon behind the black hole
01:28 can say: "Alright, this is how I'm going to escape,
01:31 this is what I need to do to make it out",
01:36 because we pointed out before that we cannot do this
01:40 except through the power of Christ.
01:42 So, we want to lay out some of these principles
01:43 on this program.
01:45 We want to begin by reading Revelation chapter 18,
01:49 we invite you to get your Bibles,
01:50 Revelation 18 and we're going to look at verses 1-4.
01:54 [text on the screen]
02:41 Powerful push in the Scripture there.
02:44 God describes this Babylon power and says it is full of
02:50 all the abominations of the Earth.
02:51 And a lot of things that we've been talking about
02:53 in this series, are some of those things
02:57 that are found in Babylon.
02:59 Some of those things that the Devil has been using
03:01 to deceive and to pull people away from Jesus Christ.
03:06 And now, we find here, in this portion of Scripture,
03:08 God is revealing all these abominations,
03:12 every unclean spirit, those thins that
03:15 the entertainment industry is full of, Atonte.
03:17 Than God says: "Come out of her, my people!"
03:21 You know, that let's me know that there are people,
03:26 honest and sincere people who are still in this industry.
03:33 You know, we don't want to seem as though
03:35 coming out and saying: "You're in this industry,
03:37 you are evil." - Right!
03:39 - But God has people who don't see, who have no clue
03:43 and once they begin to see and learn these things,
03:45 they're going to make a decision to follow Jesus
03:48 and come out of Babylon all the way.
03:50 So this not only that pretends false doctrines and
03:54 false teachings, but also an anti-christian lifestyle.
04:00 - That's right. - And so God says:
04:02 "I want you to come out and let you be not partakers
04:06 of her sin."
04:07 So, we see here that God is definitely wanting us,
04:12 He wants to lead us on this exodus out of the black hole.
04:18 And that reminds me of the story of Moses and
04:22 the children of Israel where God delivered them
04:24 out of Egypt, out of bondage.
04:27 We're going to see that there are some parallels
04:29 in that story and this call here for God's people
04:34 to come out of Babylon that are going to help us
04:36 discover just how we can do that.
04:39 - And this program is so exciting because, again,
04:42 when you're trapped or you feel trapped in the black hole
04:46 and you want to escape, but you feel powerless,
04:48 because Satan's made you feel that way
04:50 and he's made you feel that: "You know what? Even though
04:53 you want to give these things up, you can't, there's no way."
04:56 God has promised us that He would give us the power
04:59 to escape. And we have so many wonderful
05:02 testimonies from the Bible of people that He has
05:04 given power. So, we have history there that He can and
05:08 He will do it for us as well.
05:10 - That's right. Let's go ahead and look at
05:11 the book of Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 12.
05:19 The Bible says here:
05:22 [text on the screen]
05:35 The Bible point out here, this is principle number one,
05:38 that we must recognize that what we are up against
05:42 is not natural, it is supernatural.
05:46 - So, so many of us think that we can fight it
05:49 within our own power. Just if we are determined
05:53 in our will-power, we can get the victory over it.
05:57 - That's right. You know, will-power has
05:58 a certain place, but against will-power by itself
06:02 is actual powerless when it comes to this spiritual conflict
06:07 So, while we must put our wills on the side of God,
06:11 ultimately it is God's power, not our will-power,
06:15 it is God's power that is going to come in and
06:17 enable us to fight against and to be delivered
06:22 from the supernatural power.
06:24 So, we again, we've been looking at the supernatural
06:29 nature of the entertainment industry.
06:31 Remember, we discussed the word, and I keep going back to this
06:35 word "sorcery" found in Revelation 18:23,
06:38 that the whole world was deceived by her sorceries.
06:42 And the word there is "Pharmakeia" which means
06:45 -you should all know this by now- "anything that
06:49 medicates the mind so that it will not follow the will
06:53 or the law of God".
06:54 We see that the entertainment industry does just that,
06:57 it medicates the mind.
06:58 We are talking about wrestling and warring against sorcery.
07:02 Most people think that if they are not reading
07:06 "Harry Potter" books or if they are not
07:09 directly involved in some witch or witch doctor
07:14 that they have nothing to worry about when it comes
07:16 to sorcery. But, far from that, we are dealing with sorcery
07:21 in a very real sense through the
07:23 entertainment industry.
07:24 - So, Satan has supernatural power and
07:28 he's the one that's behind the secular
07:31 entertainment world and his powers are being
07:35 brought through that industry.
07:36 And than God also has supernatural powers,
07:40 so, if we're going to come out of the black whole,
07:44 if we're going to escape, we have to connect to God.
07:46 - That's right. And that's our second point.
07:47 Once you realize that your enemy is supernatural,
07:53 once you realize that what you're fighting against
07:55 is supernatural, those drugs, the alcohol, the reason why
07:58 the addiction is there is because
08:00 it is the power of the enemy.
08:02 Once you realize that, and once you realize that your
08:05 will-power is only half of the battle, that you must
08:09 connect with someone supernatural,
08:10 than that drives us to ask the Lord,
08:14 to plead for a supernatural connection
08:17 with Jesus Christ.
08:19 - That's exciting. I think 2 Peter 1:4
08:23 sheds a little bit more light on this. It says:
08:25 [text on the screen]
08:39 - That's right. The Bible says there that that's
08:41 how we are going to escape, by partaking of
08:43 the divine nature.
08:45 Now, here's a beautiful thing about the divine nature.
08:47 The divine nature is not natural.
08:50 It is supernatural!
08:53 In other words, God says: "I'm going to come into you
08:56 and supernaturally empower you."
08:58 I know that when I say the word "supernatural",
08:59 most people are thinking: "Is he talking about
09:02 floating around somewhere or some other physical
09:05 manifestations?"
09:06 No! We're talking about supernatural love,
09:08 we're talking about that supernatural gift
09:11 of righteousness where we hate evil and we love good.
09:15 And this is supernatural because it comes
09:18 only from God.
09:20 And God Himself is supernatural.
09:22 - Because Satan can cause us to float across the room
09:25 but he cannot give us victory over sin and over
09:30 the things in our lives that we want victory over.
09:32 It's impossible for him to give us that power.
09:33 - That's right. That's the one thing that the enemy
09:35 cannot counterfeit, he cannot counterfeit the gift
09:38 of righteousness. So, God says that,
09:42 actually, when we realize, if we underestimate
09:45 our enemy and say: "This are just natural things",
09:48 then what kind of power are we going to use to fight
09:50 these natural things?
09:51 We are going to use natural power.
09:53 We're going to say: "I'm going to grip my teeth",
09:56 and we grip our teeth and guess what happens?
09:58 - Nothing. - We stand for a while
10:00 and then we find ourselves falling right back
10:02 because we underestimate the power of the enemy.
10:05 Once we understand that the enemy is supernatural
10:07 we say: "You know, I need a supernatural connection
10:09 with God. I can't have a superficial 'Yes I go
10:13 to church once a week, yes I read my Bible'",
10:18 We've got to go deeper then that because
10:20 now we realize that this battle that we're in,
10:22 this star war that we are in, this galactic conflict
10:27 that we are in, we need more than just will-power
10:32 to fight it, we've got to get supernaturally connected.
10:34 - That's right. And that's why we're so excited about
10:37 this program, because before the end
10:39 of the program we believe that you will have
10:41 the tools that you need to know how to get
10:43 supernaturally connected with God.
10:46 - That's right. We want to go to our
10:47 next point. Next point is burning the magic books.
10:52 We talked about this in another program.
10:54 But we're going to touch it again.
10:55 Burning the magic books...
10:56 Let's look at Acts 19, and we're going to read
11:02 verses 18 and 19, or rather we'll start with verse 17:
11:08 [text on the screen]
11:41 Now, that's beautiful, Atonte. Can you imagine what would
11:42 happen if the whole church took al those "magic books",
11:48 those avenues through which the Devil has entered into
11:53 our homes,
11:55 those video games, those VCR tapes
11:59 that have movies on them, those music CDs,
12:04 took all those things and burn them...
12:08 rid of them.
12:10 - If the whole church did that? - I know it's not going to
12:12 happen, but it would be awesome.
12:16 You know, those who want to escape the black whole
12:19 they've got to cut all ties.
12:22 They've got to get rid of all those strings that
12:26 the Devil has connected to them
12:28 and a way to do that is to make that confession
12:30 of faith, to show their deeds, to say: "I'm not only going to
12:33 confess Christ with my mouth, but I'm going to show my deeds,
12:36 I'm going to take all these things that have allowed Satan
12:40 to get into my heart, into my life and I'm going to
12:42 get rid of them, I'm going to cut them off.
12:45 This is my public statement that I am serious about
12:48 escaping from the black hole."
12:50 Now, does that deliver us from the black hole?
12:52 No. You can burn your CDs, do all those things
12:55 and then go out and buy more.
12:56 What we need is a heart changed!
12:58 And we're going to talk about that as our
13:00 fourth principle, but again, God is saying:
13:03 "I want you to show how serious you are.
13:05 I want you to go take those things and get rid of them."
13:08 - And only God can give us that heart change.
13:11 Only he can do heart surgery, as I call it.
13:15 - That's right. Now, let's go ahead and go to what I believe
13:18 is the most important point, or the most important
13:21 principle in escaping from the black hole,
13:23 and this is found in the story of the exodus,
13:28 being led out my Moses,
13:31 leading the children of Israel out of Egypt
13:32 into the promised land.
13:34 Let's look at Exodus 12 and we'll read verses 6, 7 and 13.
13:41 - Okay. In the Bible we read:
13:43 [text on the screen]
13:53 -Okay, let's pause right here.
13:54 We want to give a little bit of background here.
13:57 God has instructed the children of Israel
14:00 to kill a lamb. And this lamb, they would have
14:04 taken its blood and put it on the door poles
14:08 for particular reasons, so go ahead and read.
14:10 - In verse 7 it says:
14:11 [text on the screen]
14:21 - And verse 13:
14:22 [text on the screen]
14:36 - That's right. So, here we have God saying:
14:38 "When I see this blood upon your door-poles I will pass over,
14:43 I will pass over you". And that pass-over
14:48 was a good thing.
14:50 If you were in that time you would have want God to pass
14:53 over you, to protect you from that plague
14:57 and it was on this night that the children of Israel
15:00 were led out of Egypt, and it all began with
15:03 the application of the blood.
15:05 You see, it all began with applying the blood.
15:09 And that is the most important thing that, if we want to
15:12 escape the black hole, we've got to apply the blood.
15:14 Notice Revelation 12:11.
15:21 And the Bible reads there:
15:24 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
15:29 and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not
15:32 their lives unto the death."
15:34 The Scripture here points out that the way that God's people
15:38 will overcome in the last days is by the application
15:42 of the blood.
15:44 - Now, I know that there might be viewers out there
15:46 who are saying: "Oh, I've heard this before".
15:48 Of course, yes, there's power in the blood, we sing the song,
15:51 but there's more to it than meets the eye.
15:54 - That's right. If I would've asked somebody
15:57 what does the blood mean? How are we saved by the blood
16:03 of Christ?
16:04 You may get a whole array of answers,
16:07 but I believe that it's important for us to know
16:09 that if there's power in the blood, which there is,
16:11 and if we overcome by the blood, which we must,
16:14 then it is imperative for us to know just what
16:17 the blood is.
16:19 So, let's go ahead and look at John 6:51.
16:25 We're going to read from verse 51 on a little bit.
16:30 John 6:51:
16:34 [text on the screen]
16:55 - Okay. Let's pause right there.
16:56 Here, Christ is speaking and He says that
17:01 He's going to give His flesh to the whole world
17:04 so that they may live.
17:06 And the Jews say: "How can this man give us
17:09 his flesh? What is He talking about?"
17:11 That's cannibalism!
17:13 So, Jesus goes on and says, verse 53:
17:16 [text on the screen]
17:37 In other words, whoever has His blood in him
17:39 and His flesh, He's going to pass over him,
17:41 the destroying plague of the last days is not going to
17:45 follow them.
17:46 So, this is why it is so important to have the blood.
17:49 But verse 55 goes on:
17:50 [text on the screen]
17:59 And now notice verse 58:
18:01 [text on the screen]
18:12 And now, verse 60 says:
18:13 [text on the screen]
18:18 Jesus, how can you go around saying: Except you eat My
18:21 flesh and drink My blood you have no life in you.
18:23 Don't you know that doesn't sound too good?
18:25 And Jesus says to them, in verse 61:
18:30 [text on the screen]
18:38 What we want to know... What does Jesus say here?
18:40 What does the flesh and the blood represent?
18:45 Let's go ahead and look at Matthew 26
18:47 and we're going to find out a very important principle here.
18:52 Matthew 26:26
18:58 [text on the screen]
19:28 So, again we have Jesus here saying: Take here,
19:31 this is My body, this is My blood.
19:32 But He's giving them bread and He's giving them vine,
19:37 grape juice. So, we know that when
19:40 Jesus was speaking here, He was speaking symbolically,
19:43 the bread symbolically represented something,
19:46 the blood symbolically represented something.
19:49 It was not His literal blood that they were drinking,
19:51 not His literal flesh.
19:54 So, again we ask the question: what does the flesh and
19:57 the blood represent?
19:58 Let's go to Matthew 4:4
20:00 - And there we'll find the answer.
20:02 - Matthew 4:4. There we find our answer.
20:09 - In the Bible says:
20:10 [text on the screen]
20:19 - Alright. So, there you have it
20:20 The Bible says that the bread represents
20:22 the Word of God, the Bible.
20:27 Do we have to eat the bread?
20:29 - Yes, we have to eat up the Word everyday.
20:31 - It's important for us to study our Bibles.
20:35 It's important for us to read our Bibles daily.
20:39 It's important for us to understand
20:40 the things in the Word of God.
20:43 But, notice what Jesus said. Jesus said:
20:46 "Except you eat my flesh AND drink my blood,
20:53 you have no life in you."
20:55 Why is that so important to understand?
20:56 Because, when we go to the book of Leviticus 17,
21:02 notice what we find in verses 10 and 11.
21:08 Atonte is going to read that for us:
21:10 [text on the screen]
21:30 Stop right there... "The life of the flesh
21:33 is in the blood"! The life is not in the flesh,
21:36 it's in the blood. And that's why Jesus said:
21:39 "Except you eat my flesh and drink my blood
21:43 you have no life in you."
21:45 Now, if the life of the flesh is in the blood
21:47 we've got to understand that it is the blood that keeps
21:51 a person alive.
21:54 Let's ask a question. What is it that kept Jesus alive?
21:58 What is it that sustained Jesus, spiritually speaking,
22:02 when He was on this earth.
22:04 If we find the answer to that, we than know what
22:06 the blood represents.
22:08 What do you think, Atonte?
22:09 - It was His connection with His Father!
22:11 - It was His connection with His Father.
22:13 It was His communion, it was His prayer
22:16 to and with His Father.
22:20 - Communication! - Communication!
22:21 Notice a quote from the book "Education", page 80.
22:26 It says here: "It was not on the cross only that Christ
22:30 sacrificed Himself for humanity. As He went about doing good,
22:34 His everyday experience was an outpouring
22:37 of His life. In one way only can such a life be sustained"
22:45 Here comes the answer...
22:47 "Jesus lived in dependence upon God and communion with Him."
22:54 He was sustained, it says, by continual communion.
22:59 So, Atonte, if you can imagine,
23:00 and our viewers out there just imagine,
23:02 when Jesus spoke, His words were going up to the Father.
23:08 And then, when the Father would respond to Him,
23:11 the Father's words would come back down.
23:13 You know what you have there?
23:15 You have a cycle. Just like blood flows in the body,
23:19 you've got a cycle going on of communication.
23:22 And it was this continual cycle that kept Jesus alive
23:28 and functioning as a spiritual super-hero.
23:32 - And I think the word "continual" is what we need
23:35 to focus in on, because many of us out there say:
23:38 "Okay, I pray everyday, I communicate with God",
23:40 but Jesus had a continual connection with Him.
23:44 The blood was constantly flowing.
23:46 God was telling Jesus every step of the way:
23:49 "here, turn right, turn left, say this, go here, do that".
23:54 And that's what we need! Because if we try to
23:56 order our own steps and live our life out the way we feel
24:00 how we should do it and say what we should say.
24:03 But God is saying: "No, I want you to be so connected
24:06 to me, so dependent upon Me, that I'd even give you the words
24:11 to say, the places to go and I can give you the power
24:15 to do all these things that I'm asking you to do."
24:17 So, it's the continual communication with Him.
24:20 I can say that the days that I've lived accepting
24:24 the blood, meaning keeping a continual connection
24:27 with God, are the days that I was able to get victory
24:30 and escape from my own black hole.
24:33 - Now I'll tell you what. Satan wants to cut off
24:35 this communication. You know what it's like
24:37 to be numb? You know, you sit on your leg too long,
24:41 you get numb. What's happening?
24:42 The blood flow has stopped.
24:44 Satan is trying to numb God's people.
24:46 Listen to this. The Bible says in Amos 8:11 and 12:
24:50 [text on the screen]
25:02 There's a famine in the land because people are not hearing
25:04 God speak because their minds have been bombarded
25:07 by the entertainment industry.
25:09 And God says: "I want you to step back
25:11 from that, go into the quite and I want you to begin to have
25:13 that blood flow, on again, a continuous cycle.
25:16 It's interesting Atonte.
25:18 You remember that when Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane
25:22 and He began to pray, the Bible says,
25:25 in Luke 22:44 that He began to sweat as if it were great
25:30 drops of blood. Blood began to flow from His body
25:34 and you know why?
25:35 Because the communication between He and His Father
25:39 was beginning to break up.
25:42 And that breaking up was so stressful to Jesus Christ
25:52 that He began to sweat blood.
25:54 On the cross, when He said: "My God, My God, why has thou
25:58 forsaken me?", that's what killed Jesus.
26:00 The blood flow had been cut off.
26:02 The Father was no more communicating, the cycle
26:05 had been broken and the cycle killed Jesus Christ.
26:08 He died of a broken heart.
26:10 We have to ask ourselves a question.
26:12 Do we have the blood of Jesus Christ?
26:14 Do we have that spirit? You know, when we say:
26:16 "football is in his blood", what we're saying
26:20 is that it's something he loves so much that
26:21 he couldn't live without it. We've got to get to the place
26:24 where we have the blood of the Lamb,
26:27 where, if we don't pray to Christ is like we're dying.
26:30 We've got to be so in love with the Father and
26:33 in love with the Son that we've His blood
26:35 and it's our habit to just be continually in communion
26:40 with Him in a supernatural way.
26:42 - And the only purpose of the secular entertainment industry,
26:45 the whole reason why he has produced it is to stop
26:50 the blood from flowing. It's to stop the communion.
26:53 We constantly have the radio going, the TV going and
26:56 these two things, if you're watching TV
26:59 that doesn't have anything to do with God,
27:00 or listening to music that doesn't have anything to do
27:02 with God, or going to movies that don't have anything
27:05 to do with God, the connection is broken,
27:07 the blood is not flowing, and we need the blood to have
27:10 that supernatural connection and to have victory.
27:12 - That's right. Because Satan knows that verse,
27:15 Revelation 12:11 real well: "They overcame him
27:17 by the blood".
27:18 Okay guys, we need to get out there and stop
27:20 the blood flow. Bombard their minds. Attack, attack, attack,
27:25 give them no time to recuperate, give them no time to defend
27:30 themselves, give them no time to counter.
27:32 Satan knows what he's doing.
27:34 And it's time that we know what we're doing,
27:36 because we've got the battle plans of Jesus Christ,
27:40 right here, in His Word.
27:41 - And you may be thinking out there:
27:43 "Okay, I haven't had this supernatural connection,
27:46 I have not had this communion with God continually,
27:49 everyday, but you desire that, it can start today for you.
27:54 You don't have to wait any longer.
27:56 God is waiting, and these are prayers that if you pray them,
27:59 He will answer right away. Just be still and be quiet
28:02 and know that He is God and He will speak to you,
28:06 and you will hear His voice.
28:07 Thank you for joining us.
28:09 Until next time, God bless.


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