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00:15 Welcome to Battles of Faith.
00:17 We are your hosts Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:20 Throughout this series we have been talking about the
00:23 entertainment industry.
00:25 Today we want to switch gears just a little bit.
00:28 we entitled this program Flame On.
00:31 We want to encourage our young people and our viewers
00:35 to get on fire for the Lord.
00:38 That is what we are going to be discussing today.
00:41 Atonte some people may be wondering, flame on,
00:44 that sounds familiar.
00:46 When I was little there was a comic book I used to
00:48 love to read.
00:49 There were 4 individuals and there is actually a movie
00:53 out now about these superheroes.
00:57 One of the superheroes name was Johnny.
01:01 Johnny had this ability to become a human torch.
01:08 So he would say, flame on,
01:11 and all of a sudden he would flame on.
01:13 You know I said it before, I think that a lot of what
01:17 Hollywood presents out there, one it is a mockery of God,
01:22 and two it is a counterfeit of what God has in store for
01:25 His people and so we want to talk about the biblical
01:29 concept of flaming on.
01:32 What does it mean to be on fire?
01:34 What is it mean to be burning with a love for
01:38 Jesus Christ in your heart?
01:40 That is right, on many of the other programs we have been
01:43 sharing what we have found in the word of God.
01:45 And what God has taught us personally.
01:47 We have talked about the entertainment industry.
01:49 We have talked about television.
01:50 We have talked about movies and music and video games.
01:53 Different things like that, but today we really want
01:56 to show the other side.
01:57 What it is like to be on fire for God,
02:00 especially as a young person.
02:02 What God has in store for you.
02:04 What God's mission is for you and how you can get
02:06 on fire and stay on fire.
02:08 Now we also want to tie in the battle plan again.
02:12 What we want you to understand as we have an enemy,
02:16 a spiritual enemy, and he is going to try to prevent us
02:19 from doing what? from flaming on
02:22 So we are going to present both sides and we want to
02:25 encourage your viewers out there today to grab your Bibles
02:29 because we are going to be going
02:30 through our Bible and see what it means to flame on.
02:33 Let's go first of all to Revelation Chapter 3.
02:36 Revelation Chapter 3 and we are going to begin with
02:39 verse 14 through to verse 16.
02:43 And God here is speaking to His church.
02:47 He is addressing seven churches and this particular
02:50 church is Laodicea, the last church before Jesus comes
02:56 back to the earth.
02:59 Here's His message to the Laodicea church.
03:01 The name Laodicea means the people of judgment.
03:05 The people of judgment and so notice what it says in
03:08 verse 14,
03:40 It's interesting Atonte that Christ is speaking to his church
03:45 He is telling them, I want you to be either cold or hot.
03:49 Now evidently to be hot means to be on fire for Him.
03:53 to be cold is saying I do not want to serve Him.
03:56 But God is saying I'd rather you be hot or cold,
03:59 but I don't want you to be lukewarm.
04:02 Now it is interesting Atonte that when you take these
04:06 words hot and cold, and you mix them together,
04:08 what do you have?
04:09 You get lukewarm. Ivor: you get lukewarm.
04:12 You might even say that you may even get cool.
04:15 And God is saying listen, I think He is speaking
04:18 especially to the young people, He's saying listen
04:23 you cannot be hot and cool at the same time.
04:27 I believe that one of the things the enemy is trying to
04:32 do in these last days, he has this generation focusing
04:37 being cool versus on being hot.
04:41 That's right instead of being hot they are so focused on
04:45 being cool and that being hot is not even desirable.
04:48 no, it's not cool, it is not cool to be hot.
04:54 We want to explode that and say that God is calling us to
04:59 be hot, being hot doesn't mean being stiff.
05:02 Being hot means having a vital connection with Jesus Christ.
05:06 I can testify to this because I grew, up most of my teen
05:10 years, because my husband did as well, trying to be cool.
05:13 So I was always try to do the things to fit in with
05:16 everybody else, what the cool thing was to do, I did it.
05:21 However, when I found Jesus for myself and started a real
05:27 relationship with Him, being hot or flaming on was much
05:33 more exciting than I ever had being cool.
05:36 The joy, the peace, the happiness, the security in His
05:41 love was all there.
05:43 And it was exciting when I was called to share, when God
05:47 would open up a situation where I would have to even
05:50 witness, or tell somebody about Him, it was the most
05:53 exciting thing in my day.
05:55 It was like there is nothing better, nothing more fun,
05:58 nothing that make me any happier than that.
06:01 What God hates most, and God does not hate a lot.
06:07 What God hates a lot is when His children want to be
06:12 so accepted by the world that they resort to peer pressure,
06:18 they resort to being cool in stead of being hot.
06:23 The Bible talks in Matthew 7:15, Jesus here gives a
06:29 principal, notice what it says.
06:39 Well what is the matter with this picture?
06:41 You have got wolves who are dressed up as sheep,
06:46 that is what the Bible says.
06:47 God hates that because it is deceptive.
06:50 The wolf is hiding out in sheep's clothing.
06:52 And God says stay away from that.
06:54 Have you ever stopped to think about the concept of
07:00 sheep in wolves clothing?
07:01 A sheep, in order for us to get closer to the world,
07:07 in order for us to be accepted of the world we are going
07:11 to start talking like the Wolf, and acting like the Wolf,
07:16 and dressing like the Wolf, so that we can be accepted
07:21 but inside I am really a sheep, but they just don't know it.
07:24 I think that principle is something that God wants us to
07:28 stay away from because it is the principle of deception.
07:31 Same thing wolves in sheep clothing, same principle.
07:34 Sheep in wolves clothing, He says let the wolves be wolves
07:37 and the sheep be sheep.
07:40 Let there be a clear distinction between those who are hot
07:44 and those who are cool.
07:46 God is calling for that distinction and says in Me,
07:50 I can teach you how to flame on.
07:54 That's right, Jesus can teach us how to flame on.
07:59 Wouldn't it be so exciting to have a youth group where the
08:04 base was the word, and studying the word and being filled
08:09 more and more with the Spirit.
08:11 Because so many times we form youth groups to entertain,
08:15 or let's go play a game, or let's go do something
08:18 entertaining, and there is nothing wrong with that.
08:21 We should have some fun with our young people,
08:24 there is nothing wrong with having fun.
08:25 Wholesome good fun, however the word, you still have to
08:31 be deep in the word, it is important.
08:33 This generation is the next generation.
08:35 And Jesus is coming soon.
08:37 We were talking about biblical illiteracy in the
08:40 last program and I have seen a lot as I have traveled
08:43 and spoken with different youth groups and
08:46 young people all over.
08:48 Youth groups, are large part of the youth ministry,
08:53 today is about entertaining.
08:56 Then we give a little nugget about the word of God,
08:59 and we say we've done our work.
09:01 But I believe that a biblical youth group should be a
09:05 group that is based upon the word of God.
09:07 A biblical youth group is a youth group that says we are
09:11 going to fulfill the mandate that Jesus Christ has given
09:14 us to go out and evangelize the world.
09:19 To win the world, to tell them about the gospel of
09:22 Jesus Christ, to turn their eyes upon Jesus, and to turn their
09:26 eyes to the word of God.
09:28 I think one of the biggest problems is that many of our
09:31 young people, because of the lack of the knowledge of
09:35 the Word of God.
09:36 So many things are going on out there where.
09:38 We are being entertained and that we don't have a
09:40 knowledge of the Word of God so I'm now fearful to go
09:43 out and share because I do not know what I'm sharing.
09:47 So when God makes this call and He says I want you to be
09:51 hot in the church, on fire,
09:54 or cold out but don't be cool.
09:57 I believe what Satan has done is that he is made us afraid
10:02 to want to push this for the young people because of the
10:08 history in the past of the church.
10:10 I'm not talking about any one particular church,
10:13 I'm talking about the Christian church overall.
10:17 These things were pushed to study the word, pray,
10:20 all these different things, but young people weren't
10:23 seeing some of the adults and other older members of
10:26 the church truly having a real supernatural personal
10:30 connection with God.
10:31 Ivor: they didn't see the fire.
10:35 They didn't see the fire, so they do not want to be
10:38 hypocrites so they are just saying come on we'll do
10:40 God thing and you should pray and read your Bible a
10:43 little bit but let's go on have fun and make sure we
10:45 have a good time together and we are friends.
10:48 It is important for youth leaders and pastors and
10:50 other people in the church to connect with young people
10:53 on that level, but it is not more important than
10:56 studying the word.
10:57 We have to have a balance.
10:59 That's right, well let's talk about how to flame on.
11:01 This is where God wants us to be at.
11:04 I have a text to your in Matthew 3:11.
11:08 John the Baptist here is speaking and he says something
11:11 very powerful and very eye-opening.
11:14 In verse 11.
11:33 That is a powerful text Atonte, because you can imagine
11:37 baptism, baptism if you have seen a baptism before,
11:40 what happens is the minister stands before you and puts
11:43 a white cloth over your nose and mouth which symbolizes
11:47 you have stopped breathing.
11:49 Atonte: symbolizes death.
11:50 death and he takes you down into the water
11:52 and it is baptism by submersion.
11:55 So you are fully underwater, which represents burial.
12:00 Then he brings you back up and he removes that cloth.
12:05 You take your first breath, so to speak.
12:07 What I want to focus in on is the fact that you come up
12:11 wet, you come up doused in water as it were.
12:14 Now we need to understand that because when the Bible
12:18 talks about being baptized with fire, just imagine
12:22 in your mind, the concept of God taking you down in a pool
12:26 of fire and bringing you back up, and what are you on?
12:31 Atonte: you're on fire.
12:33 You're on fire, you are submersed in fire and God says
12:36 this is what it means to be baptized in fire.
12:38 It means you are submersed in the presence of God.
12:40 Hebrews 12:29 the Bible says,
12:44 "our God is a consuming fire. "
12:47 So be baptized in fire, we baptized in the Spirit of God
12:52 means to go down and submersed yourself into God,
12:56 into the Spirit of God, into the Word of God and come up.
13:00 When you come up you are on fire, you have flamed on.
13:04 Not by any fire of your own,
13:05 but by the fire of God Himself.
13:07 I think that once we are baptized by the water we
13:11 kind of miss this point sometimes because it says,
13:14 "and with fire. "
13:16 It is very important that we get baptized by the water
13:19 and we feel like we are just the same regular old people.
13:22 that has publicly said we are going to follow Jesus.
13:26 But the second part about being baptized with fire,
13:29 or the Spirit of God, is so very vitally important.
13:33 That is right and what that fire does, fire consumes.
13:38 What that fire does is it consumes the carnality that
13:42 is in our hearts, it consumes all those desires that
13:46 we once had out the world.
13:48 I no longer want to be cool, I want to be hot.
13:51 That is what this fire does, it teaches us how to love
13:54 Jesus, it teaches us how to be on fire, how to burn, and
13:58 how to have a burning desire in our hearts to serve Jesus.
14:02 Really a lot of times this is what is missing.
14:04 So we go out into the world and try to find other things
14:08 that will make it appear that we may be on fire,
14:12 when we really are being cool.
14:15 God says I want you to come to Me and submerse yourself
14:18 in Me, He didn't say I want you to submerse yourself in
14:22 music, He said I want you to submerse yourself in Me.
14:26 In My word, and it is through His word that He sends forth
14:31 that this reaction takes place in us and we could walk
14:35 around like fireballs.
14:36 You're not literally on fire, but you are walking
14:38 around flamed on.
14:40 And I know there is a young person watching right now who
14:44 is thinking can that happen for me overnight?
14:47 Can it really happen?
14:48 Well I know for myself I just got to the point,
14:51 and this is what I would recommend to anybody.
14:55 I just got to the point where I desired that, I desired
14:57 the fire but didn't know how to get it.
14:59 So I prayed a simple prayer to God and I remember being
15:04 in the Oakwood College sanctuary.
15:06 It was a prayer meeting on Wednesday night and I kneeled
15:09 down and whispered a prayer, Lord by any means necessary,
15:12 I had been very heavy into Malcolm X.,
15:15 by any means necessary please save me.
15:18 Nothing that I did within myself to start it, but I believe
15:22 that the Holy Spirit really started working on my heart.
15:26 My thoughts and my feelings started to change.
15:29 The things I wanted to do.
15:30 The desires that I wanted to do.
15:32 The music I started to listen to, it wasn't all overnight
15:35 but it was a step and a process.
15:38 No matter where was in the process as long as I obeyed
15:41 God and followed Him, I was on fire.
15:43 Even though I still have much more growing to do,
15:45 I was still on fire for where I was.
15:47 That's right, you know when you think about that invisible
15:51 reality of God, that invisible realm.
15:55 That great controversy they cannot be seen with the
15:59 natural eyes, when God opened up my eyes to see this
16:03 conflict that is what caused me to flame on.
16:06 When I saw there were invisible realities that there was this
16:10 great controversy in which the souls of human kind,
16:13 to me this was greater than any movie I had ever seen.
16:17 And it was real.
16:18 I thought Lord you want me to have a part in
16:20 this great controversy?
16:22 It was like the greatest honor and just from that concept
16:26 alone, the Lord said, son, flame on.
16:29 Ever since I have come into being a Christian, it has been
16:33 fire, and I'm not boasting about myself.
16:36 I'm not saying look at me I'm on fire,
16:38 I'm not saying that.
16:39 What I am saying is that the desire of God has burned
16:43 away my desire for anything in the world.
16:45 That is where God is calling us too.
16:48 When God does this for you, when you say Lord I want to
16:52 flame on, He gives that to you.
16:54 It's a gift and He will not, not answer that prayer.
16:57 God desires this more than anything.
16:59 He gave His Son for this reason and He wants you to be
17:02 on fire, He wants to get to know you better.
17:03 He will do this and you will see that the things of the
17:07 world will become darker.
17:09 You won't desire them, and you can't change that within
17:13 yourself, God has to do it.
17:15 I used to absolutely love soap operas and other things
17:18 on television, movies and different kinds of music.
17:22 Now when I am in that presence and I have to be forced
17:25 to be in the presence of a television program that I
17:28 don't feel comfortable with, it makes me absolutely
17:31 miserable inside, and I couldn't do that for myself.
17:34 Only God could do that.
17:36 What you know if God wants us to flame on, we know that
17:39 the enemy wants us to what? Cool down!
17:42 Cool down, cool off, cool off.
17:45 I think about the text of Revelation 12:15.
17:48 I'm going to read that here.
17:57 Now we know in the Bible water according to Revelation: 19
18:03 rather Revelation 17:15 that waters represent peoples,
18:08 Nations, multitudes, and tongues.
18:10 So the Bible says here that Satan cast out of his mouth
18:13 people, Nations, multitudes, and tongues.
18:17 And everyone goes with that, the culture, the flow of
18:20 worldliness after the woman to cause her, the woman
18:23 represents the church, to cause her to be carried away.
18:26 One of the ways I see this text Atonte, is that the devil
18:29 in order to cool down the church he has cast out
18:32 this flood of worldliness.
18:34 God is saying flame on and be baptized in fire.
18:38 Satan is casting out this flood of worldliness
18:42 into the church.
18:43 It is up to us to say who am I going to go with?
18:46 Am I going to go with the flow that Satan is pushing,
18:50 or am I going to be baptized in the Spirit of God and
18:54 stand against that flood.
18:55 The Bible says in Isaiah 59:19 "when the enemy shall"
19:00 "come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift"
19:04 "up a standard against him. "
19:06 Part of that standard is when He says to flame on.
19:08 I'm going to allow you to stand strong against that flood,
19:11 and that flood will not move you away.
19:14 You will be standing firm on the rock of God's word.
19:17 You know as we are speaking about this I am actually
19:19 envisioning a young person in their living room or
19:22 in their bedroom, where ever they may be watching
19:24 this program, and getting excited and wanting to do this.
19:29 Sharing it with others.
19:30 Can you imagine an army of youth?
19:34 I call it an army because the name of this program
19:37 is Battles of Faith.
19:39 It is a war because Satan is not going to give up on
19:43 you easily, he is not just going to say okay just go on
19:46 and be on fire, go be with the Lord.
19:50 He is not going to give up on you easily, but like Ivor
19:53 just said, that God will lift up a standard and you can
19:57 trust Lord has more power and strength.
19:59 You just have to hang on and He will, God will allow
20:03 Satan to come in and test you.
20:05 You will go through some testing at times, but it is just
20:09 to purify you and draw you closer to God.
20:11 Not to give up.
20:12 One of the greatest lessons I learned from a friend when I
20:15 came into this church was this.
20:16 You take a group, you take a couple sticks and put them
20:21 together and light them on fire,
20:22 they are all going to burn.
20:24 If you take those sticks out of that bundle and set it to
20:26 the side, that stick is going to go out,
20:28 the flames are going to die out.
20:29 God calls us to be around like-minded people.
20:35 He says I don't want you to get away from the burning
20:38 brands, I want you to be around like-minded people.
20:41 I think about all the friends I have met before
20:44 coming to this church.
20:46 My own brother Sean, he is a minister now, he and I were
20:48 in a group together and he is and encouragement to me.
20:52 A good friend of mine Marquis Johns, he just escape the
20:55 black hole two years ago and he is now preaching
20:57 the word of God.
20:58 I think about all these different people who have come
21:01 out and we encourage one another, strengthen one another.
21:05 He is on fire and they are on fire and I want to be around
21:08 people who are on fire because it helps me to be on fire.
21:11 There might be some of the other thinking, well, it's
21:14 easier for you, you grew up in the world and you just came
21:18 into the church and now you're on fire, but his story is
21:21 totally different from mine.
21:22 I might be like you, were you were raised as a Christian,
21:25 and not yet made that decision to really follow God.
21:31 You can do to, you don't have to go to the world and come
21:35 back, I would rather you not have my story, or his story.
21:40 But just to start being on fire now, without having to
21:44 have those experiences that the world has offered
21:47 because it does leave scars.
21:48 Let me share why it is so important Atonte to be on fire
21:53 in light of the great controversy and in light of
21:56 the final reward at the end of time.
21:58 Why does God, the Bible says in Hebrews 12:29 that God
22:02 is a consuming fire?
22:04 The question is why is God a consuming fire?
22:07 Why does God manifests Himself as fire.
22:10 Is it to terrify and scare us, I would say not.
22:13 Let's look at the text in the Song of Solomon, and
22:16 Atonte what is the Song of Solomon about?
22:20 Well it is a love story.
22:22 Ivor: that's right a love story between Solomon and the
22:29 Shulamite woman and in this book,
22:31 this is a beautiful book.
22:33 In this book there is this relationship being described
22:36 between these two lovers.
22:39 You will find here something powerful in Song of Solomon 8:6,
22:45 Speaking about fire.
23:04 Now notice verse 7.
23:06 "Many waters cannot quench love. "
23:09 Why does God manifests Himself as fire?
23:12 Because God is love.
23:14 Have you ever said to yourself, I have a burning desire
23:16 in my heart for this person, for that person.
23:20 You may remember courting, or if you are married you
23:26 should have a burning.
23:27 You mean the way you feel about me right now?
23:28 Ivor: that's right, you should have a burning desire
23:31 in your heart, we call that fire, I'm on fire for my wife.
23:34 So God manifests Himself as fire not to terrify us,
23:39 but to say listen I am love and this is the best way I can
23:43 reveal My love to you.
23:45 It's interesting Atonte, that after mankind sinned,
23:50 God all of a sudden became a fearful being.
23:55 We ran from Him in the garden.
23:56 Adam and Eve ran from Him, whereas before they came
23:58 running to Him you see.
23:59 It is interesting that once sin entered, we began to view
24:03 God and His fire as something to be afraid of.
24:07 God says listen, the reason why I want you to be baptized,
24:10 every time I think about this it blows my mind.
24:15 We need to realize that heaven is the city of fire.
24:20 You think about it Atonte, God's throne is a throne of fire.
24:24 Revelation 15:2 talks about a sea of glass mingled with
24:28 fire and the righteous are standing on that sea of glass.
24:32 The Angels, the Bible says,
24:35 are ministering spirits of fire.
24:38 God's throne that I mentioned is fire and when you think
24:41 about that, when we get to heaven, the Bible says the
24:45 righteousness stand on the sea of glass mingled with fire.
24:48 How is that so?
24:49 It is amazing when you think about the story of Moses
24:54 and the burning bush.
24:55 When Moses encountered that burning bush he asked
24:58 the question, how is it that this Bush is burning,
25:00 but it is not being consumed?
25:04 In that bush God had illustrated the plan of salvation.
25:08 What He was saying, Moses heaven is the city of fire and
25:12 in order for you to dwell with Me and not be consumed,
25:17 you have to be baptized, you have got to flame on so that
25:21 when you enter into the city of heaven,
25:23 you will be on fire.
25:24 The Bible actually says in the book of Isaiah 33.
25:28 Let me find that real quickly Isaiah 33, a powerful text
25:32 here, Isaiah 33:14.
25:50 Now the question here is being asked, who among us are
25:52 going to be able to live in everlasting fire?
25:56 To live among everlasting burnings.
25:58 We have to be on fire to be able to coexist in the fire.
26:01 That's right, now the devil would say that it is the
26:04 wicked that burn for ever, but notice what the Bible says.
26:07 Isaiah 33:15.
26:23 Atonte the Bible says it is the righteous that will
26:27 get to dwell with the everlasting burnings,
26:29 which is Jesus Christ.
26:31 The righteous that get to stand on a sea of glass and not be
26:34 consumed, the wicked, as the city of God is coming down
26:37 out of heaven and they see the righteous standing in the
26:41 city and they are going why is it that the fire is going
26:44 and they are not consumed?
26:46 Is because while they were here on earth they learned
26:50 what it meant to flame on.
26:52 And God wants us to experience that now.
26:55 That is right He wants us to experience that now.
26:57 You know Atonte, when the flood came and destroyed all the
27:01 creatures on your there was one creature that was not
27:03 destroyed that was outside the ark.
27:05 When you read Genesis you will see that the sea creatures
27:08 were not destroyed, why, because they were already water
27:11 creatures, God has sent water down and they were
27:14 already water creatures.
27:15 When God destroys the earth by fire, there will be those
27:17 who will not be affected, why?
27:19 Because they learned what it meant to flame on.
27:24 They were fire creatures.
27:26 They were baptized in the fire of God, the Spirit of God,
27:30 so the fire has no effect over the righteous,
27:34 but it will destroy the wicked.
27:36 We are saying flame on now before it is too late.
27:40 God is calling us to be on fire.
27:42 That's right, it's God's desire that we be on fire.
27:46 I know as young people many times we think, well it's
27:49 my parents, it's my grand parents, or is the pastor
27:53 or the other people at the church who should
27:55 be on fire and not me.
27:57 But God is calling you especially.
27:59 Jesus is coming soon and time is running out and He wants
28:04 to use young people, He has a calling for you.
28:08 We are out of time join us next time.
28:10 God bless!


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