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00:15 Welcome to Battles of Faith.
00:17 We are your host Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:21 Today we are continuing our series on the entertainment
00:24 industry in which we compare it to a black hole.
00:28 Again a black hole is that place in space where no
00:32 light can escape.
00:33 In our last program, behind the scenes we saw how we can
00:38 be changed by beholding the images on the television,
00:42 either for good or for evil.
00:44 So we want to behold those things that will draw us
00:47 closer to God.
00:49 We have an article here and it is entitled Violence,
00:52 Sex Increases In Movies.
00:55 A new Harvard study shows violence, sex and profanity in
00:59 movies increased significantly between 1992 and 93.
01:03 While ratings became more lenient, research by the
01:07 Kids Risk Project at the Harvard School of Public
01:11 Health found a ratings Crete in movies and suggests
01:15 that the Motion Pictures Association of America was
01:18 relaxing standards in rating films.
01:21 The study release suggests that films rated PG and PG-13
01:25 have become more violent, that there was more sexual
01:29 content in PG, PG-13 and R films and more profanity
01:33 was used in films rated PG-13 and R.
01:37 The researchers say the current rating system does
01:40 not adequately describe the content of movies.
01:43 The study also found more violence and animated
01:47 G- rated films than in non-animated films with the same
01:50 rating and emphasize that animation doesn't
01:53 guarantee appropriate content.
01:56 So no longer can parents think that just because it
02:00 is animated movie or cartoon that it is okay.
02:05 Yeah remember we discussed in our last program that the
02:11 enemy uses mediums, or media to distinguish, or rather blur
02:16 that line that distinguishes between good and evil.
02:20 It is not surprising to see that these standards that
02:24 were once set in place to protect children, are now slowly
02:28 lowered and lowered and remember the devil does not
02:32 care how young you are.
02:35 He is going to try to do all that he can to change
02:38 your characters, to change us into his image and into
02:41 his likeness and we see this as one of the ways that
02:44 he is doing it.
02:45 Right, just like we mentioned in other programs with
02:49 Jesus it was all the babies under two, and with Moses
02:53 the same thing, correct?
02:55 He doesn't care how young they are.
02:57 I'm thinking about these people in this entertainment
03:00 industry who make these decisions and say,
03:02 you know what we can allow a little more profanity in
03:05 this children's film or we can elude to this sexual
03:09 thing in the children's films.
03:11 I know they are not coming up with these ideas on their
03:13 own, Satan is whispering a spell, which we talked about
03:17 before, and they are accepting it and making these changes
03:20 because we are allowing our children to watch these things
03:24 and it is changing them because they are able to do these
03:27 things that are harmful for them.
03:28 We want to say this, it may seem as though we are coming
03:32 down really, really hard on the entertainment industry.
03:35 If you have been watching these programs and you are
03:38 seeing our focus in this particular series is dealing
03:41 with the entertainment industry and if you think were coming
03:44 down hard it is because we are coming down hard.
03:47 Atonte: yes we are coming down hard.
03:49 The industry is coming down hard on those who are trying
03:52 to keep their eyes stayed on Christ's.
03:54 It's coming down hard on young people.
03:55 It is literally removing the moral compass, the moral
04:02 standard and they are not afraid to do it.
04:05 You know they are not afraid to get out there and do what
04:08 they believe in and so we believe as Christians we should
04:12 be just as bold.
04:14 The Bible says we should expose the works of darkness.
04:16 We not only want to expose the works of darkness, but we
04:19 also want to show you how to escape from that black hole.
04:24 We have traveled and spoke in many places where when we
04:28 make appeals for young people to come forward.
04:31 They are shaking, they are trembling and we are talking
04:34 about appeals dealing with the entertainment industry.
04:37 Dealing with giving up those things they know are
04:41 addictive, I'm telling you as I see people literally
04:44 struggle over this, we have I believe appropriately called
04:47 it a black hole because it is difficult,
04:51 especially for young people.
04:54 It is difficult to break that bond because so many of our
05:00 peers are in this black hole as well.
05:02 It seems like something that is normal until the light of
05:06 Jesus Christ comes in and we see the battle plan of Satan
05:10 revealed and we see the battle plans of Jesus Christ
05:13 revealed, and when we see those things our eyes are
05:17 opened and we see how dangerous an attack this is.
05:21 Mostly because it seems so innocent.
05:24 He is not exaggerating when he said shaking,
05:28 he has literally made appeals and young people
05:31 are literally shaking because they want to make
05:34 the right decision.
05:36 They are feeling convicted by the spirit to let these
05:39 things go, but Satan is right there trying to trap
05:43 them and keep them.
05:44 There is a severe battle, it is a great controversy going
05:47 on right there in their chair.
05:50 This is why these programs are so important,
05:52 and it is important that we pray for young people and
05:56 pray that they will have the strength to cling on to
06:00 Jesus who can give them the victory.
06:02 Again Atonte, when I was in the entertainment industry
06:06 as a hip-hop artist, we made appearances on many programs,
06:09 but one program in particular, which is why we need this
06:13 program Moved by the Spirit.
06:15 One program we appeared on was a program called,
06:17 Soul Train.
06:19 Soul Train and many people know what that program is.
06:24 It is a program like the mountaintop experience for the
06:28 entertainment industry.
06:30 When you made it to Soul Train, you were official!
06:32 Atonte: right, right.
06:34 A group appeared on Soul Train and we were so excited
06:37 about it, and after the Lord came in and delivered me
06:41 from the black hole, I began to realize that there was
06:45 more significance, spiritual significance to the name
06:48 of that program The Soul Train.
06:52 There was more significance to that name than
06:54 I had a first realized.
06:56 I happened to find something after I became a Christian
06:59 in one of my favorite books, Early Writings,
07:02 dealing with a soul train.
07:05 I would like to take the time just read it.
07:07 It says here.
07:14 She is speaking here about spiritualism.
08:07 Then it goes on to say they are all going with lightning
08:10 speed to perdition.
08:12 Atonte when I first read this statement I was under the
08:16 impression that maybe Harry Potter was going to become
08:20 really, really popular and everybody was going to be
08:23 reading Harry Potter.
08:24 I wondered, how is it that it seemed like the whole
08:28 world could be on the soul train.
08:30 This train heading for perdition and it was not until
08:33 I began to see behind the scenes the battle
08:38 plans of the enemy.
08:39 As I was beginning to see how he was using the
08:43 entertainment industry that I began to see how it is
08:46 possible for almost the entire world.
08:49 You know if you go to Japan today you are going to find
08:53 hip hoppers, in fact you have a statistic and I don't
08:58 know if you have it readily available.
09:00 Well I do have statistics on the top of my head.
09:04 It says that 75% of those who listen to hip-hop music
09:09 are non-African Americans.
09:13 I'll have to repeat that, some people might think I made
09:15 a mistake. Ivor: No!
09:17 There was a time, 15, 20 years ago it was almost purely
09:22 African-American, but now it has actually reversed.
09:27 Now more people that listen to hip-hop are
09:30 non-African-Americans.
09:32 That's right I was talking to a girl friend doing a
09:35 little research for these programs, because I knew we
09:37 would be coming in talking about these things and
09:40 really we are not a part of the hip-hop world anymore.
09:44 So we don't really know what's going on.
09:45 However, she let me know that hip-hop has crossed over
09:51 all racial barriers.
09:53 Every nationality is into hip-hop and there are still
09:58 rock groups out there, but they are not nearly as big.
10:01 She says is a matter of fact, the rock groups are joining
10:05 some of the bigger hip-hop groups to make some
10:07 songs together, just keep their names out there.
10:10 Because every nationality is into hip-hop music.
10:14 So we cannot no longer say that hip-hop is for
10:18 the young African-American children because truly every
10:22 body is listening to hip-hop.
10:24 The article even goes to say that it has entered into
10:27 the board rooms of America because most of the
10:30 commercials use hip-hop music to sell their products.
10:32 Like Sprite, Coca-Cola, they had the hip-hop beat behind
10:36 it, they can't put any other little hokey dokey song
10:39 behind it and still sell their product.
10:41 So hip-hop has taken over to say the least.
10:44 Right, and we are not just talking hip-hop art itself.
10:47 We are talking again about movies, music and all forms
10:51 of entertainment as a form of spiritualism has taken
10:55 over and we can see how the whole world is on board
10:59 this soul train.
11:00 You know trains move people, that's what they do.
11:03 The purpose of a train is to move a person from
11:06 one location to another.
11:08 So when I think about the name of that program Soul Train,
11:10 I think about behind the scenes of that picture,
11:14 that concept of a soul train my heart trembles.
11:18 I see that truly many, many people are on board of the
11:24 enemies soul train.
11:25 Now I want to take a look at Colossians chapter 1 and
11:28 we invite you again to get your Bibles out.
11:31 Colossians 1:23 and find a statement here and I will ask
11:36 Atonte to read that.
11:52 Okay Paul here is encouraging us to be stable in the
11:57 faith, he is saying don't be moved away.
12:00 He's not telling us to be literally or physically moved
12:04 away from the gospel, he's talking about emotionally,
12:08 spiritually, do not be moved away from your love for
12:12 Jesus Christ, do not be moved away the truth of God's
12:16 word, be stable, he says stand still in God's truth.
12:20 Now let's look at a word here on our screen.
12:23 It is a simple word, the word simply is move.
12:26 What does move mean? Move means to stir.
12:30 Real simple, to stir.
12:33 So when someone says I was moved by that presentation.
12:38 I was moved to go to this or go do that.
12:40 They are talking about they were emotionally stirred.
12:43 Paul here saying, do not be moved emotionally
12:47 from the gospel.
12:49 So we understand that the enemy of the soul train has
12:53 one purpose, and one purpose only.
12:55 It is too what? Move us from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
12:59 To move us from our love for Jesus Christ.
13:03 When you think about the word emotion, let's put this
13:07 word up there.
13:08 Emotion, the word emotion you notice there's the letter
13:12 E. and the word motion.
13:15 The word emotion means the same thing as move.
13:18 It means to stir or to be stirred.
13:21 So again we see here that one of the most effective ways
13:25 the enemy of God can move us emotionally away from
13:29 Jesus Christ is through the entertainment industry.
13:34 Atonte: and through movies, right? Because it gets our
13:38 emotions, or any television program,
13:41 because our emotions are up and down and all around and
13:44 all over the place.
13:46 Now think about that Atonte, you just said the word
13:48 movies, who wants to take a wild guess why they are
13:50 called movies?
13:52 They move us, for the most part, away from God.
13:57 You know you said a little earlier, when someone goes
14:02 to the movies or sits down before that screen and watch
14:06 this movie, what is happening during that
14:09 two-hour program?
14:12 Your emotions are literally being moved, or I should say
14:16 spiritually being moved, for two hours.
14:19 You're happy with some good is happening,
14:22 and you are sad when something bad happens.
14:25 You are angry when this thing happens and your emotions
14:30 are literally being played with during
14:32 that two-hour period.
14:34 And you have no control over it.
14:36 You have no control over it, you have this moving of the
14:38 emotions, up and down up and down all across the board.
14:42 Anger, sad, happy, joy, all these things in two hours.
14:45 Do you know what that does to our emotions?
14:48 When the movie is over what do you think happens
14:49 to our emotions?
14:50 They have been trained to be quick and jump all over
14:57 the place, we get out and get easily irritated,
15:00 easily agitated, we're happy one minute and mad
15:03 the next minute.
15:05 Joyful one moment and the next moment we are sad.
15:09 We find that we are losing control of our emotions.
15:12 We are driving down the road, especially in California,
15:15 there is a new disease called "road rage".
15:19 Where did that ever come from?
15:20 People are getting angry at the drop of a dime and their
15:24 emotions are becoming unstable.
15:27 I believe a lot of this has to do with the movies moving
15:32 the emotions and taking away the barriers like we said, that
15:37 allow us to be stable, to be focused upon God and focused
15:41 upon His word.
15:43 Again this is another form of sorcery, medicating the mind
15:46 so that it cannot, not only will not but cannot
15:49 follow the law of God.
15:52 You know that is an interesting point that you made about
15:55 the emotions as being so used to being happy one moment
15:58 then we're irritated then were angry and we see that
16:01 happening in our homes between married couples.
16:05 With mothers or fathers and their children.
16:08 Many times I can see it in the store, mothers can't
16:12 control themselves they are flying off the handle so
16:16 irritated with their children they're not even thinking
16:19 they are in a public place and they are flying off the
16:22 handle with their children because they are so used to
16:25 their emotions going from A to Z in one second.
16:30 And your A-Z just reminded me about another new disease
16:34 that has been recently diagnosed in the last couple years
16:38 and it is called ADD.
16:41 I am not an expert to say what exactly that is all about
16:44 but one thing I do know is that the devil is after our
16:48 attention span and that is why he is doing all these
16:51 things by flashing lights and music and all these things
16:55 before our minds so he can lessen our attention span.
16:59 I think there is a spiritual disease that many people
17:03 are unaware of and I call its sadd, SADD.
17:08 Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder.
17:12 Meaning that it becomes more and more difficult for us to
17:15 focus on spiritual things.
17:17 Take for example, we go to the movies and watch some
17:21 program that our emotions are moving all over the place.
17:25 There is all this explosion and drama, you think about
17:29 those words they use to describe movies as they are coming
17:33 out, you've got drama, action, sizzling,
17:36 all those different exciting words.
17:38 You go watch this two-hour movie and then when you get out
17:41 and come back into the real world what happens?
17:44 Everything seems boring.
17:46 Everything seems boring and so you need what? More!
17:50 You need more drama, you need more action and so that
17:54 is why you see these movies, it is really the same thing
17:57 only amplified.
17:59 More explosions, more bombs, more killing, more blood,
18:03 more blood than you have ever seen.
18:05 That is how they do their advertising now.
18:07 It's like a drug, remember we talked about the definition
18:11 of sorcery, pharmacopeia, pharmaceuticals, anything that
18:15 medicates the mind.
18:16 It is a drug that medicates the mind and it is an
18:20 addictive thing.
18:22 So we begin to watch these programs we become more and
18:25 more addicted, now watch what happens Atonte.
18:29 So our attention line has been chopped to pieces by the
18:34 enemy because we have been moved emotionally through the
18:39 movies, then we come to church and there's no what?
18:44 There's no action, no blood.
18:47 No blood, no sizzling, no drama, you know what I mean.
18:54 All of a sudden we begin to lose interest in church.
19:01 Atonte: It's boring.
19:02 It's boring, the devil pulls out his remote control.
19:06 And it's interesting Atonte when you think about that
19:09 word remote control, what does it mean?
19:11 Atonte: to control. Ivor: to control from a distance.
19:14 Ivor: to control from a distance and the devil will
19:17 pull out his remote control and hit the snooze button
19:20 and there you go falling asleep in church.
19:23 Because it is what? Boring!
19:25 The bobbing head syndrome, and not only that but now if
19:30 the sermon is more than half an hour you are in trouble.
19:36 Ha, this is too long, but we could sit before a movie
19:42 for two hours, three hours and be entertained.
19:46 So again we find the enemy strategically setting his plots,
19:51 setting his plan so that we are slowly being moved away
19:56 on the soul train from God.
19:59 Again people will say there is nothing wrong with movies.
20:02 It was just a nice little love story.
20:04 What Satan does is that he builds and builds and builds
20:08 so that when we do get to the word of God it seems so
20:11 boring, but the word of God is not boring at all.
20:14 There is more drama in here, the great controversy is
20:18 one of the most exciting things.
20:20 There is no movie that could even begin to touch the great
20:23 controversy between Jesus and Satan.
20:25 I think of the battle in heaven when Satan was cast out.
20:29 If you could go there in your imagination, or your minds
20:33 eye, and think about what really happened.
20:35 There is no movie that even could dramatize that more than
20:39 what really happened.
20:40 I mean the Bible has those things and they are good things
20:44 for us, it is not things that is destructive to us.
20:47 I think about the current fad in the movie theaters with
20:54 the supernatural superheroes.
20:57 We see it out there, there's Spiderman, there's daredevil,
21:01 there is all the sudden this influx of superheroes for the
21:06 world to look up to.
21:08 Again I believe that when young people, we are talking
21:11 about young people now, 5-6-7-8-9.
21:14 When they are seeing these superheroes who are dressed
21:18 in these pajamas, muscle men that are able to fly and do
21:22 all these things.
21:23 I think one of the things the enemy is doing is he is
21:25 trying to make Jesus Christ look boring.
21:28 Who wants to be like Jesus Christ when you can be like
21:30 Spiderman and climb up the side of buildings?
21:33 That is all foolishness because the ultimate superhero
21:38 is Jesus Christ and the devil wants to block that out
21:43 by providing his own set of superheroes.
21:47 So you have daredevil with his rod and Thor with his
21:51 hammer, and really all these superheroes,
21:54 in fact Superman.
21:56 These superheroes are counterfeits of the genuine
21:59 superhero which is Jesus Christ.
22:01 You may say oh what is the matter with that?
22:03 I remember behind the scene the eye of faith perceives
22:08 things that are not visible to the naked, or the natural
22:12 eye and this is why Christ tells us we wrestle not against
22:16 flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness
22:18 in high places.
22:20 You are so right, especially about young people not
22:24 getting excited about Jesus.
22:26 Him healing people, they should look to Him and get excited
22:32 about that and the things that He did on this earth were no
22:37 easy feat, He was supernaturally connected to God,
22:39 His father and that was the way He was able to do things.
22:43 We could be supernaturally connected to God, our Father,
22:46 and do the same things that Jesus did.
22:48 That should be the exciting force that drives us.
22:52 That's right, that's right.
22:53 You know when we go back to that text Colossians 1:23.
22:57 We look at that word when Paul says be not moved away
23:01 from the Gospel.
23:03 The word there for moved is Manta Kineo.
23:07 That is the Greek word Manta Kineo.
23:11 Forget about the Manta part, think about the Kineo part,
23:14 does that sound familiar in our English language?
23:19 It does, that sounds a lot like the work Kinesis.
23:24 Now what does the word kinesis mean?
23:26 It means to move.
23:29 So Paul here is saying do not allow your emotions to be
23:33 moved away from your love for Jesus Christ.
23:36 The devil will come in any way he can to try to move you
23:40 a way, and Paul says I want you to stand.
23:42 I want you to be stable.
23:44 So that word kinesis or Kinetic has a lot of significance
23:47 in the fact that when the enemy comes in, he wants to do
23:51 exactly that, to move.
23:52 Now I want to look at another work real quick because your
23:54 probably familiar when I say Kinetic or kinesis then
23:57 the word may pop into mind telekinesis.
24:00 So let's look at that on our screen.
24:15 The supposed psychic ability to deform or destroy an object
24:22 without physical force.
24:27 I would suggest that through the movie industry, the enemy
24:33 of souls is able to deform our characters without the use
24:38 of physical force and he is doing just that.
24:42 In fact he would probably blow your mind if I told you
24:46 that the word cinema is derived from the word kinesis.
24:51 They are actually connected?
24:53 Through the cinema the enemy moves the soul from God to
24:59 another place away from God.
25:02 In doing so he destroys, or deforms our characters.
25:06 He actually exercises telekinesis.
25:08 Many of us would never would sit back and say I'm involved in
25:11 telekinesis in any way.
25:13 Telekinesis has no power over me.
25:15 Yet when we sit and allow our characters to be deformed by
25:20 the enemy, he is actually using the power of telekinesis
25:25 destroying our characters without the use
25:28 of physical force.
25:30 The Bible even talks about that in Revelation 12:15.
25:46 Ivor: carried away, now this is a prophetical context
25:49 where it is a historical background we are talking about
25:53 here, but we see that one of the enemies tactics to cause
25:56 the woman, which represents the Church of God.
25:58 In Bible prophecy a woman represents a church.
26:01 One of his tactics is to cause her to be what?
26:03 Carried away, he does it through a flood.
26:06 Right now the enemy is using the same tactic.
26:09 Through the flood of the entertainment industry, through
26:12 the flood of the media, he is causing many people to be
26:15 carried away, to be moved away from God through the industry.
26:21 Again Christ says I, if I be lifted up will draw
26:26 all men unto Me.
26:28 In other words He says I will pull you out of that flood
26:30 that the whole world is going along with.
26:32 I will rescue you from that soul train and redeem your
26:36 soul and make it to the image of God again.
26:41 Again this is what He is calling our young people, our
26:45 old people who are on the soul train, He is saying get off
26:49 Board the soul train right now.
26:50 I am your way of escape, looked to me all ye to the ends
26:54 of the earth, and be ye saved.
26:57 Now I know we are doing another program on this, but it is
27:01 connecting right now that Jesus said if I be lifted up,
27:05 I will draw all men to myself.
27:07 We were talking about how Satan uses the remote control
27:10 in church because everything seems so boring.
27:12 We are bringing in to try to entertain people to keep them
27:18 there, the same things that the world is using.
27:20 Jesus said that if I be lifted up, that is the formula on
27:24 how to keep young people, and how to keep
27:26 your churches full.
27:28 It's amazing Atonte how the enemy is sending the flood
27:30 into churches all across the world.
27:34 The flood of worldliness is coming into the church and we
27:37 are using it as a way to say we've got to keep our young
27:41 people so let's bring in the explosions, the action,
27:45 and all those things, and I'm talking across the
27:50 denominations are becoming more and more like the world.
27:53 That's true, we need to understand more about what it
27:56 means to lift Jesus up instead of trying to turn to the
28:00 world to entertain our kids.
28:02 Well we are almost out of time, but I want you to know
28:06 that our next program is about video games.
28:08 You don't want to miss it and until then God bless.


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