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Participants: Ivor Myers, Atonte Myers


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00:15 Welcome to "Battles of faith. "
00:17 I'm Atonte Myers.
00:18 - And I'm Ivor Myres.
00:20 In these programs we have been learning about
00:23 Satan's battle plans against us.
00:25 But the good news is that Jesus, God also has battle plans,
00:30 and they are revealed in His Word.
00:32 And He promised us, that if we follow His Word,
00:35 if we live our life according to His Word,
00:36 we will have victory,
00:38 and we will be able to escape that black hole.
00:40 Isn't that good news?-
00:42 That's excellent news, Atonte.
00:43 We know, that God sent His Son into the world
00:46 to deliver us and also,
00:48 to reveal to us the battle plans of the enemy.
00:50 And that is what this program is all about.
00:53 We want to share with you His...
00:55 - not only the enemy's battle plans,
00:57 but also God's battle plans.
00:58 How God wants us, how He expects us
01:01 to gain the victory over the things,
01:04 that the enemy of souls is trying to use to bring us down.
01:08 And there is a text, Atonte, that I would like to share.
01:11 Right up front,
01:12 Luke 4:18 the Bible says here
01:15 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,- these are Jesus' words,-
01:35 And many of us even though we may not be aware of it,
01:38 are being held captive in this black hole,
01:42 which we consider "The entertainment industry"
01:45 That's right.
01:46 And again it's just such a wonderful news, that Jesus says:
01:49 Through Me... - I mean, His mission-,
01:51 He was anointed for this very purpose to break that spell,
01:55 to brake that dominion,
01:58 that our sin has over us and to set us free.
02:01 And to make us ex-captives
02:03 in this particular war against sin.
02:08 That's why television has taken a serious role
02:14 in the life of most Americans.
02:17 Most Americans, I think I've seen it even on 3ABN,
02:19 that not that they only have one television in their home,
02:22 but they have two or three,
02:24 or each member in the family has one in their bedroom!
02:27 - That is right.
02:29 Well, it's definitely something that is taking a hold
02:33 of our society.
02:34 We have been talking about in this series:
02:36 music, movies, the entire entertainment industry,
02:40 and how it is pulling or sucking the life blood out of... -
02:44 not only of the world-,
02:45 but also many of God's people are trapped in this "past time",
02:50 - if you want to call it that. -
02:52 And again the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 5:8.
02:56 It says here:
03:09 So Atonte, it's again, God wants us to be aware,
03:13 that we've got an adversary.
03:15 If we are going to walk around saying:
03:17 You know, there is no adversary.
03:18 There is no evil, everything is fine.
03:20 We are deceiving ourselves!
03:21 God wants us to realize, that we've got an enemy.
03:24 But He also wants us to realize,
03:25 that we have got a friend in Him.
03:26 That's right.
03:27 And I think most people are thinking,
03:30 you know, the that Lion..., the Devil..., the adversary...
03:33 You know they don't see him in that literal form,
03:36 and so they seem to forget,
03:37 that still his mission is, that he is constantly after us.
03:41 And if he is not literally in a lion form,
03:44 that he is out there in some way.
03:46 That's right.
03:47 We want to talk in this program about:
03:48 The new face of spiritualism.
03:50 When we think about spiritualism,
03:52 we often think about things like Harry Potter, and witchcraft...!
03:56 And those things are indeed spiritualism Atonte,
03:58 but there is an other face to spiritualism,
04:02 that I think many people are missing.
04:04 I think is really summed up nicely
04:06 in 2 Corinthians 11:14
04:08 The Bible says here:
04:18 The Bible tells us here, that Satan actually appears
04:23 or can transform himself into an angel of light.
04:26 A lot of times we look for evil,
04:29 we are looking in all the dark places,
04:31 we are looking at Harry Potter,
04:32 we are looking at all your horoscope sign,
04:37 and all these different things.
04:38 But the Bible tells us,
04:39 that Satan also hides behind light.
04:41 And there is a very powerful quote
04:44 from the book "Prophets and Kings",
04:46 that deals with this particular issue.
04:49 We will go to this slide,
04:50 it talks about those involved in spiritualism.
05:15 Wow! That lets us know, that there are other ways,
05:18 that we can actually communicate with evil spirits,
05:23 without even going to a psychic.
05:25 Yes. That's right.
05:26 It was called here "... pleasant forms of evil. "
05:29 in other words things
05:30 that we wouldn't be so quick to jump at.
05:32 At things we probably say:
05:33 well, I don't see anything wrong whit that.
05:35 But as we go to the Word of God and as we have our minds open,
05:39 than we'll begin to say,
05:40 wait a minute, this is too a form a spiritualism.
05:43 Here is another powerful statement
05:45 from the book Maranatha page 59.
05:47 And it says here:
06:13 And again Atonte, this is pointing out... -
06:15 I want to stress this to our listeners -
06:17 that spiritualism is taking on a new form today.
06:22 And while we've got to be aware of Harry Potters
06:26 and all the different things, that are going on out there,
06:29 and many books that are being written.
06:31 We've also got to realize,
06:33 that Satan knows and understands,
06:35 that as Christians we know pretty much,
06:40 that Harry Potter over evil.
06:42 We see the over evil in it.
06:45 And so he says,
06:46 Well, for them I'm going to do something else.
06:49 And again this is what we want to do in this program.
06:51 We want to reveal His plans and also point out,
06:53 that Jesus Christ has a way for us,
06:56 to escape these end time deceptions.
06:58 That's right.
06:59 I was raised in a Christian home,
07:02 and I was told from a young age,
07:04 that you know you stay away from anything
07:06 like witchcraft or anything that has to do with
07:08 witches or the wee-gee board, or anything like that,
07:12 But I definitely was involved
07:15 in a lot of the other aspects of the entertainment industry.
07:18 With the music, the other television shows,
07:20 and they were beginning to change my mind.
07:23 The way, that I thought and I felt.
07:24 And I behaved according to those thoughts and feelings.
07:27 That's right.
07:29 You know in the book of Genesis, - we've discussed this before,-
07:32 but in the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve,
07:35 or rather Eve was approached by the Devil,
07:38 but he did not appear as himself.
07:40 He appeared in the form of a serpent.
07:43 And Atonte, we would say, that serpent was a medium.
07:46 Satan used a medium to deceive Eve.
07:52 And one of the things, that blows my mind Atonte is:
07:55 when you look at the word: "medium",
07:57 and you think about the plural of that word;
08:00 The plural is: "media".
08:02 And I mean, that is incredible
08:04 because when you think about it, Atonte,
08:06 a medium is,
08:08 that which is used by the spirits to communicate.
08:11 And he didn't choose to just use any medium,
08:14 but we know, at that time before sin,
08:17 the serpent was one of the most beautiful creations,
08:19 that God created.
08:20 It's said, the serpent was very flattering,
08:22 and the Devil used this serpent to communicate with Eve.
08:26 And you think about the media today Atonte,...
08:29 Now I'm not saying, that all media falls under this category,
08:33 but we must come to the conclusion, Atonte,
08:36 that the Devil is using the media today as a medium,
08:40 to communicate his character to millions of people
08:45 across this planet.
08:46 I have to agree.
08:47 I came across this news source, it was from the A.P.
08:53 It was talking about Demi Moore and her new boyfriend Ashton,
08:57 and it was simply saying, that: They are so amazed...
09:01 that was the title of this article from the New York A.P.
09:06 It says they were so amazed,
09:07 and when they were asked the question:
09:08 Well, when you'll going to get married?
09:10 And than he said,
09:11 well we don't feel a need to do anything formal
09:13 We'll just going to buy this new house,
09:16 move in together and live happily ever after.
09:20 And that totally goes contrary to what the Word of God says.
09:24 But our young people or even people period in the world...
09:29 We look at the stars,
09:30 we look at television and whatever they do,
09:34 not consciously but subconsciously
09:37 we put a mark of OK on it.
09:41 Yes, the character is actually the character of Satan.
09:45 The character of rebellion
09:46 is actually communicated through this media.
09:50 And again Atonte, I mean,
09:51 that's why it's so important, what kind of media we behold.
09:55 Again, 3ABN is an excellent media source,
09:58 because through 3ABN
10:01 we are getting connected with Jesus Christ.
10:03 We are getting connected with the Holy Spirit.
10:04 Not a fallen spirit.
10:06 But these other media stations and channels,
10:09 and different forms of media are actually...
10:11 - I believe,-
10:12 bringing people into contact with the enemy of souls.
10:17 What do you think will happen if the majority,
10:20 I won't say all,
10:21 but the majority of those who are entertainers,
10:25 In Hollywood started promoting
10:26 the principles and the character of God
10:29 on the big screen, on television, within the music...
10:32 Don't you think, will do a big turn around in our young people?
10:35 Yes, but we know, that is not going to happened.
10:37 No. We know, that is not going to happened.
10:39 but they are promoting the exact opposite.
10:40 That's right.
10:41 And that's what young people are doing.
10:43 It's OK to have premarital sex,
10:45 it's OK to live with your boyfriend or your girlfriend
10:48 before you are married
10:49 because that's what they see every day, all the time.
10:52 That's right.
10:54 Let's look at another word, Atonte:
10:55 Channeling..., or to channel...
10:57 The definition of channeling:
11:05 And really Atonte it's just a synonym for a medium.
11:09 You know a person, who is a medium or who is a channeller.
11:15 It's the very the same thing.
11:16 It's the act of communicating.
11:17 And it's interesting Atonte, when I think about
11:19 when we say things like: why don't you turn the channel?
11:24 Let me say this:
11:25 I'm not saying,
11:26 that turning stations is equivalent to sorcery.
11:32 Because sometimes I turned from 3ABN to Hope Channel.
11:35 That's right. And that is on no way sorcery.
11:36 However, is it possible,
11:39 that through those channels, that we are watching,
11:43 - You know those channels,
11:44 that promote the principles of rebellion,-
11:47 could it be possible, that the Devil is actually channeling
11:50 or using that as a medium to communicate his spirit to us?
11:54 Again, we would shrink from going to a channeller,
11:57 we would shrink to going to a medium,
12:00 but yet the Devil repackages his
12:02 spiritualism in a different form,
12:04 And Atonte, you can see, young people are so hypnotized
12:09 by what they are beholding on television,
12:11 what they are seeing, and we treat it as something natural
12:15 Men, I wonder why there are acting like that?
12:17 When we see
12:18 that spiritualism, actually changes its form
12:21 into a more pleasant form,
12:23 that people are not expecting,
12:24 and we see the media for what it really is,
12:27 when it is uplifting the principles of rebellion.
12:29 And these different channels, that just you know,
12:32 allow this garbage to come into the home,
12:36 you stop and you realize according to the Word of God:
12:40 This is Satan's new form of spiritualism.
12:43 Now, some people out there
12:44 may not really understand the whole concept of channeling.
12:48 Why would somebody go to a channeller
12:52 or another person who does something like that?
12:56 Is it because they can't be
12:58 in direct contact with the evil spirits themselves?
13:01 They are using a go-between, a medium?
13:04 Right. They are using a medium
13:05 to try to get contact or try to get information from spirits,
13:10 that will help them to better their lives.
13:12 And you know, Atonte,
13:13 It's amazing, that as you wonder,
13:16 why so many kids are watching what the are watching,
13:18 and listening to what they are listening to?
13:20 And it is with the hope of bettering their lives,
13:23 or at least what they see Hollywood presenting:
13:26 You can be this, you can be famous,
13:28 And they are going to these channels,
13:30 they are going to these different media outlets,
13:33 and they are allowing ignorantly - I might add -
13:36 the enemy of souls to pervert their characters.
13:41 So, what you are saying is,
13:42 that most people would not go to a psychic.
13:47 Where we live, there is a psychic,
13:52 a place where people can go to get palm-reading.
13:54 You see a big palm on the front of their building.
13:57 So most people would not go to that place.
13:59 So Satan says, well, since you will turn on your television,
14:03 and you will watch things
14:05 that may not be talking about God,
14:07 I can use that.
14:08 Exactly.
14:09 And that's basically the same thing.
14:11 You know, Atonte,
14:12 we talked about this, we talk about this quite often,
14:15 You know the soap operas,
14:16 I know that you were once into the soap operas, I never was,
14:20 but I mean, you just look at what soap operas do to
14:23 so many young girls; why are they watching these?
14:27 It is totally a fantasy realm.
14:30 and the things,
14:32 that the soap operas portray across the television screen,
14:35 are incredible.
14:37 And people watch and they behold and they become mesmerized.
14:40 And they become changed.
14:41 I was very addicted to soap operas.
14:43 Even in college I wouldn't take certain classes
14:47 because they conflicted with my favorite soap opera.
14:50 They definitely had an effect on my life.
14:53 That was negative and not positive.
14:55 But praise Got I've been able to get victory.
14:57 And if you are addicted to soap operas
14:59 you can get the victory too,
15:00 because that's Jesus' promise in His Word.
15:02 That's right. 2 Corinthians 3:18 tells us that
15:04 "By beholding we become changed. "
15:07 And I believe, that what we behold will change us.
15:11 This is why we want to direct our listeners
15:13 to behold Jesus Christ,
15:15 because when you behold those other things,
15:17 it is going to have an effect on your character.
15:20 Satan will have an avenue to your soul.
15:22 You know these are the avenues to the soul:
15:25 The ears, the eyes.
15:27 Satan will take advantage of that and He will come in,
15:30 and by you beholding you will become changed.
15:32 God says: I want you to behold My Son.
15:34 By beholding Him, Atonte, we'll become changed into His image,
15:38 and into His likeness.
15:40 And this is a crucial part of the battle plan,
15:43 if we'll get the victory over this new face of spiritualism.
15:48 It's true, the closer I got to Jesus,
15:50 the more time I spent in His word and in prayer,
15:54 in constant communion with Him,
15:56 the less I desired the things of the world,
15:58 the less I wanted to watch the soap operas,
16:01 the less I wanted to watch those sitcom shows that were no good,
16:04 or go to those movies, that were not edifying,
16:07 that would not draw me closer to the Lord.
16:10 So you are changed by beholding Jesus.
16:12 That's right.
16:13 Let's look at another term.
16:15 And actually this verse is found
16:23 The Bible tells us there a powerful statement.
16:26 It says:
16:30 iniquity and idolatry.
16:33 I'm just going to read up to there,
16:34 because the Bible points out in this verse, Atonte, that
16:36 rebellion, - and in the KJ version the "is" and the "as"
16:41 are italicized.
16:42 So the Bible is not saying,
16:43 that rebellion is something similar to witchcraft.
16:47 No. It is saying that rebellion is witchcraft.
16:51 When something is italicized in the Bible that means...
16:53 ...That is not there in the original writings.
16:55 So it' added.
16:56 So the Bible tells us here:
16:58 The rebellion is a form of witchcraft.
17:01 It is a form of sorcery.
17:03 Because we are rebelling against God,
17:05 and the author of that rebellion is
17:07 the ultimate sorcerer, or Satan himself.
17:10 Now again, the word here for witchcraft,
17:13 it means: to whisper a spell
17:15 That's what witchcraft means.
17:17 In this particular verse it means: to whisper a spell.
17:20 And Atonte, as I think about, that definition of witchcraft,
17:24 You know, I remember being out in the industry,
17:29 and just having my mind saturated with Hollywood.
17:33 Voices of Hollywood and of the movies and of the music,
17:37 that I had been listening to,
17:39 you know, I'm hard, I'm this, I'm that...
17:42 and you repeat those words,
17:44 and these words just floating around in your mind,
17:47 and all these spells, Atonte, as it were,
17:49 are controlling you.
17:50 Look at..., a lot of these school shooters,
17:52 And they will tell you:
17:54 You know, we heard voices.
17:55 Were those voices come from?
17:56 "Music I was listening to. "
17:58 "Television programs I was watching. "
18:01 Why did you break your wow of virginity?
18:04 "I heard voices. "
18:05 Well, they are not going to say "I heard voices. "
18:07 but there was the voices of the media.
18:09 There was the thought.
18:10 That's right. That was these thoughts saying to them:
18:12 Do this. You don't have to wait.
18:13 You don't have to be pure.
18:14 And all these different things, Atonte,...
18:17 Remember, spiritualism comes in a new form,
18:20 And especially through the entertainment industry.
18:23 We are seeing these things just mushroom...
18:26 ...into an unbelievable problem.
18:28 And with these school shooters,
18:31 they are from totally different parts of the country.
18:34 They did not know each other.
18:35 But they ended up doing the exact same thing.
18:38 Because they were listening to the same music,
18:41 and the same violent television programs.
18:44 When you were in the world, and in the entertainment industry,
18:49 and all those thoughts
18:50 and everything were flowing through your mind.
18:53 And you've reminded me of being a child,
18:54 and me and my brother..., there was a bunk bed in his bedroom,
18:59 I was on the top and he was on the bottom.
19:01 My favorite show at that time was "The A team".
19:03 some of you that are my age will remember "The A Team"
19:07 We would go to bed quoting the entire hour program,
19:11 or what every character said in that program.
19:15 But if you would asked us to quote a Bible verse,
19:20 we could not do it.
19:21 We could actually rehearse every single line over and over...
19:26 That's right.
19:27 That brings us back to the word: witchcraft, Atonte.
19:30 We said, that the word meant: to whisper a spell.
19:33 And it seems, that as we behold some of these things on TV,
19:36 there is a spell, that actually comes over our mind.
19:40 And will just have us hypnotized as it were.
19:44 It's interesting, Atonte, that the word "spell" actually means
19:49 "a bewitched state, a trance"
19:52 A compelling attraction, charm, or fascination.
19:57 And that's powerful, Atonte.
19:58 Because Satan knows how to charm.
20:01 He knows how to bewitch, how to fascinate.
20:05 When you think about this in the light,
20:08 even going back to the Garden of Eden.
20:11 A powerful quote here from Youth Instructor,
20:15 which was written July 1, 1897.
20:18 And listen what it says about this temptation:
20:40 Atonte, we see here, that way back to the Garden of Eden
20:45 where Satan came in the form of a medium
20:47 to come and communicate with Eve,
20:50 that He charmed her,
20:52 or he beguiled her.
20:55 He fascinated her with his beauty.
20:57 He entertained her, Atonte.
20:59 And again, it's amazing when you look at Hebrews 13:2.
21:03 The Bible tells us there:
21:04 "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
21:07 for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. "
21:12 Now if it is possible to entertain good angels,
21:16 is it also possible to entertain evil angels?
21:20 I would think so.
21:21 Very possible.
21:22 Again this word here "entertain" it means,
21:25 To come in or to allow to come in, or to be a host for.
21:29 You know if I'm going to entertain someone in my home
21:32 today,
21:33 I'm saying, that I'm going to invite them in as a guest.
21:36 And, Atonte, Eve entertained the Devil
21:40 by inviting him, allowing him to come in
21:43 and take possession of her thoughts.
21:46 And that's powerful, Atonte,
21:48 because it is in this very the same way
21:52 through the medium or of the media,
21:53 a lot of media, that the Devil comes in, and we entertain him.
21:59 So there is two way entertainment going on here.
22:01 The Devil is entertaining us by all these different things,
22:04 but we also entertain him by allowing him to come in,
22:07 by opening up ourselves
22:09 to be a host for him to reside within us.
22:13 So you are saying that
22:15 by watching certain TV programs or watching certain movies,
22:19 we are actually inviting Satan in...
22:21 That's right.
22:23 our home to entertain our minds.
22:26 That's the down side of entertainment.
22:29 Are many forms of entertainment,
22:31 that are not acceptable in the sight of God.
22:35 They are really channels.
22:38 Through these the Devil can actually come in,
22:41 and take up residence within our hearts.
22:44 There may be some young person out there,
22:47 or an adult, or anyone out there saying:
22:49 "It's too hard for me not to watch these programs. "
22:53 A little secret to let you in on.
22:55 Something, that we have done in our home is:
22:57 I don't trust myself either.
22:58 It is too difficult
22:59 not to sometimes just watch some of those programs,
23:03 that are not edifying to God,
23:04 So what we've done is,
23:06 we don't spend extra money each month for cable.
23:08 Because I know, that are some things out there,
23:11 that if I'm not totally surrendered to God,
23:14 I may watch them.
23:15 That's right.
23:16 And it will be Satan's thoughts
23:19 and his feelings getting into my head.
23:21 And I don' want that.
23:22 That's right.
23:23 That's the last thing we want, Atonte,
23:24 the Bible says in Gal 3:1
23:27 Now again, we've mentioned
23:29 witchcraft what we often thinking like it said about,
23:32 you know all the things, that we know are overly evil.
23:36 But look at the this definition in Gal 3:1
23:38 It says:
23:39 "O foolish Galatians,
23:40 who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth?"
23:46 Do you realize according to this text,
23:49 that when we refuse to obey the truth,
23:51 when something gets into our heart or into our mind,
23:54 that pulls us away from obeying the truth,
23:57 Paul here attributes it to witchcraft.
23:59 So again we look
24:00 Was Eve pulled away from the truth?
24:02 What was it,
24:03 that convinced her not to follow the dictates of God?
24:07 Well, she was bewitched.
24:08 As is every person who says: I'm going to turn my back on God.
24:11 And one of the most powerful ways
24:13 through which the Devil can bewitch
24:15 so that we would not follow the truth in this society today,
24:19 is through the entertainment industry.
24:21 Now to clarify something there,
24:23 Didn't Eve have to make a decision?
24:26 She actually made a decision to stop
24:29 and entertain the serpent at the tree.
24:32 That's right. And that was the decision that she made.
24:34 Once she stopped at this tree of knowledge of god and evil,
24:38 and allowed her mind to entertain the Devil's argument.
24:41 That's where the Devil was able to get her in his group.
24:44 And I want to say to our listeners
24:47 to our young people and to our old people out there,
24:49 Do not entertain...
24:51 Entertain angels, the Bible says,
24:54 but don't entertain the Devil and his angels.
24:56 Don't entertain their thoughts, don't entertain their ideas.
25:00 And the biggest venue they have to get across these ideas
25:03 is through the media.
25:05 So we have got to be careful about what we call
25:08 "entertainment".
25:09 It is interesting, Atonte,
25:11 one of the definition of the word "entertain" is,
25:13 to amuse with that, which makes the time to pass pleasantly.
25:18 Now, it's amazing, Atonte
25:20 because God says: Redeem the time.
25:22 The Devil wants us to pass the time -
25:24 if you heard about passed time
25:26 What you will do for pass time?
25:27 One of the things,
25:29 that the Devil wants us is to completely "pass the time".
25:33 Jesus says: Now is the accepted time.
25:34 Now is the time to reach out
25:36 and to take hold of Me and of my grace.
25:38 Now is the time to brake the clutches of the enemy.
25:41 And the Devil says: no, no, let the time pass.
25:43 I would like to amuse you with things,
25:48 that pleasantly make the time pass.
25:51 That's right. And it's just amazing,
25:54 it's so important in the decisions, that we make.
25:57 Because just like Eve, once she made that decision,
26:01 Satan was able to come in.
26:03 So it is very important for us to make the right decision
26:06 and not allow Satan to entertain us through TV
26:11 or movies or other areas in entertainment, that are bad.
26:15 That's right.
26:16 You know it is God's desire for us
26:19 to stand firm and to stand strong.
26:22 The Devil's desire to pull us away from Him.
26:25 The Devil's desire is to come in like an overwhelming flood.
26:29 So many young kids are like: "everybody's is doing this,
26:33 I can't stand strong. "
26:34 It's like an overwhelming flood.
26:38 The Bible tells us in Isaiah 59:19
26:41 "When the enemy shall come in like a flood,
26:44 the Spirit of the LORD will
26:45 lift up a standard against him. "
26:48 And that standard is Jesus Christ.
26:51 Once we have our minds stayed on Him,
26:54 That's why the Devil wants to pull our minds from Christ.
26:57 Through all these forms of entertainment
27:00 he wants to come in and possess our minds,
27:03 but God says:
27:05 I promise if you keep your mind stayed on Me
27:08 I will give you the victory.
27:10 I will break the chains, that are now holding you captive.
27:15 And that is exactly what Jesus Christ came to do.
27:17 He came to set the captives free.
27:20 But when we're stuck in that black hole.
27:23 It is so difficult to keep your mind stayed on Jesus.
27:28 I'll be honest.
27:29 I still have a difficult time
27:31 just praying for long periods of time.
27:34 Because I'm used to the TV-, movie thing,
27:36 where everything is going really fast.
27:38 And the prayer slows everything down
27:41 So it is a constant battle. And I need Jesus.
27:43 That's right.
27:44 And we want to encourage all our viewers again.
27:47 Remember, that if you are trapped in this black hole,
27:50 God wants to deliver you.
27:52 And He can deliver you through Jesus Christ.
27:55 He did come to set the captives free.
27:57 And we believe,
27:58 that by keeping our minds stayed on Jesus Christ,
28:02 we indeed will be able to get the victory.
28:04 Amen
28:06 Well, we are out of time.
28:08 Until next time,
28:09 God Bless.
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