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00:16 Welcome to "Battles of Faith"!
00:18 We're your host: Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:22 On our last program we've learned about sorcery.
00:25 And we found out that sorcery is more than just
00:28 witchcraft or Harry Potter or things of that nature.
00:31 But we actually found out that sorcery is anything
00:35 that medicates the mind not to follow
00:37 the will of God. We also learned that
00:41 sorcery is supernatural and we have to be connected
00:44 to a supernatural God if we want to have power
00:46 over it.
00:47 Today we are going to talk about Star Wars.
00:50 Before we get into that, I have some stacks
00:53 that I want to read here.
00:54 It says that children spent more time watching
00:57 television than any other activity except sleep.
01:01 54% of kids have a TV in their bedroom.
01:05 44% of kids say they watch something different
01:08 when they're alone than with their parents.
01:11 And 25% of them choose MTV when their parents
01:14 are gone.
01:15 66% of children, ages 10 to 16 surveys, say that their
01:19 peers are influenced by TV shows.
01:22 And 62% say that sex on TV shows,
01:25 and movies influence kids to have sex
01:28 when they are to young.
01:30 Atonte where are those states from?
01:32 From parents television counsel.
01:35 That's amazing that this is coming from
01:38 the children themselves.
01:41 And that, most of the times they're watching things
01:43 when they're not watching with parents, things
01:45 that they will not watch when their parents
01:47 are around.
01:48 That was amazing that in and they
01:49 choose MTV, as one of the programs.
01:53 But you know it brings me to another point,
01:56 you know in our home we have a television
01:58 but we only have 3ABN on that television.
02:00 Because of that reason, we not even purchase cable
02:03 because yes there are a few, and I say a few,
02:07 good programs on cable television,
02:11 but there are far in between and
02:14 it's to much hassle to try to scan through
02:16 and keep your children from viewing what it's bad.
02:19 And you don't know what they're doing
02:20 when you're not home.
02:21 That's right. We have named this program
02:23 "Battles of Faith". And one of the biggest
02:25 battles that a Christian has to face today
02:28 is a battle that's going on in our culture,
02:31 a battle that's going on in particular with
02:33 the entertainment industry.
02:35 And we're finding that it is consuming many
02:40 of our young children, taking them away
02:43 from God, away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
02:46 and that's why we want to share what we have,
02:48 our experience, what we have learned
02:49 with our audience because we believe that
02:52 it's something that is definitely
02:54 a plague upon the Church.
02:56 Now this episode is actually entitled Star Wars.
02:59 That's right!
03:00 And you had a personal connection with
03:03 Star Wars going up.
03:04 Well I didn't call it so personal.
03:06 It's interesting that my code name when
03:11 I was in the entertainment industry,
03:13 when I was a hip-hop artist,
03:15 my code name was Yoda.
03:17 Yoda, you remember is
03:20 the little funny looking guy in Star Wars,
03:22 both have bald heads now, little funny little guy
03:25 in Star Wars that was wise.
03:28 And being wise always intrigued me.
03:31 When I was out there in the world
03:33 Yoda was the man of wisdom
03:34 and I said: I want to be wise like Yoda.
03:37 And so when my stage name was Yoda red
03:40 because I had red dreadlocks, my brothers code name
03:43 was Jedi. So it kind of lets you know
03:46 that we watched a lot of TV.
03:51 And so those were our code names.
03:53 And it's interesting,
03:54 I've never thought that the name that I
03:58 have chosen and the concept that I had been involved in
04:01 Star Wars would have such a profound effect on me
04:05 and actually become part of my life as it is now
04:09 talking about Star Wars.
04:13 Well what is Star Wars, what do we mean when we say
04:16 Star Wars? Let me show you a text here
04:19 Revelation Chapter 12 and again
04:20 we invite you to get your Bibles out
04:21 and we're going through the word of God
04:23 but look at Revelation Chapter 12.
04:27 Revelation Chapter 12 Verse 7.
04:29 In the Bible says:
04:31 "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels
04:33 fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his
04:37 angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found
04:42 any more in heaven".
04:43 I'm gonna read verse 9 as well
04:45 "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent,
04:48 called the Devil, and Satan which deceived the whole
04:50 world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels
04:55 were cast out with him".
04:57 So the Bible here is letting us know that there was war
05:00 in Heaven that Satan an his angels were cast out
05:05 of earth, Christ says in Luke 10:18 that he beheld
05:08 Satan like lightning fall from Heaven.
05:10 So we are talking about the fall of Satan.
05:12 And was interesting here Antonte is that in verse 4
05:16 it's says the same thing but is uses symbols.
05:20 Notice what is says in verse 4: "And his tail"
05:22 that is Satan's tail "drew the third part of the
05:25 stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth".
05:31 And they call them stars instead of angels.
05:33 That's right. So this angels where stars that
05:36 where cast on to the earth. So we are talking about
05:38 Star Wars. What we are really talking about?
05:40 We are talking about the war
05:41 that's going on between unseen forces in this world.
05:43 The war that's going on between
05:45 falling angels and the holly angels.
05:48 Now Atonte is interesting because when Satan was cast
05:51 out of Heaven the reason he was cast out
05:53 according to Isaiah 14 Verse 12-14
05:56 is that he wanted to be like God.
05:59 He wanted to be more popular.
06:00 He wanted to be more popular than God.
06:02 He wanted to be more famous than God.
06:05 And so we ask a question, where does the desire
06:08 to be famous,
06:11 to be more popular than you peers?
06:13 To stand out above everybody else, come from
06:17 with whom did that desire originate.
06:21 It was Satan!
06:22 That's right Atonte, it originated with Satan.
06:25 That desired to be above his peers, above
06:28 the other stars, or above the other angels and
06:31 above God himself. It was a principle that began with
06:35 Satan and it's amazing because the entire entertainment
06:39 industry is based off of this principle to be more popular
06:43 more famous, to outdoing our peers and
06:48 that desire originates with the enemy.
06:51 I know when I wanted to become a hip-hop artist my
06:54 desire was to be the best hip-hop artist group
06:57 out there in the world. See! And so we have got
07:01 to ask ourselves is that principle in our hearts.
07:04 Can that principle even flow into good things.
07:07 Let's say I'm going to sing for Jesus, but I secretly
07:11 want to out sing the person that just sang before me.
07:14 That's the same principle there, I want to out preach the
07:18 person that preach before me. It's the same principle
07:21 and we've got to check our hearts that this principle
07:24 is not there. Really sounds like the spirit
07:27 of competition. That's right.
07:28 Satan was competing with God.
07:30 That's right! I'm going to be better.
07:31 I'm going to be more that you can be or that
07:33 what you are. Now Atonte we read here
07:37 Satan and his angels where cast out of heaven.
07:42 Ok? Now the question is where were they cast out?
07:46 On to the earth. They were cast
07:48 out on to the earth, the Bible says.
07:49 And I find it amazing cause
07:51 when I was in the entertainment
07:53 industry one of the things that the Lord
07:55 shared with me that really
07:56 brought a conviction was He
07:59 had this dialogue with me basically about
08:00 this very verses.
08:02 And I remember Him asking me
08:04 where were this stars cast out?
08:06 And I said Lord they were cast out
08:08 into the earth. And then He asked me:
08:10 Where is the home of the stars?
08:14 Where is the city of these
08:16 fallen angels. Atonte the answer blow my mind.
08:20 Los Angeles. Hollywood.
08:25 The capital of this fallen stars
08:28 and I thought Lord have mercy
08:30 this is absolutely amazing. Could it be that Hollywood
08:34 the capital of the entertainment
08:36 industry is actually the place
08:38 where Satan and his angels
08:41 have the most influence over the world.
08:45 I believe the answer is unequivocally, yes!
08:48 Thanks to television he's able
08:50 to go all around the world. We just recently traveled
08:54 to the country or island of Jamaica.
08:57 And when we got there I was
08:59 really surprised at how much
09:02 American television was there.
09:04 They may not had have some
09:05 of the other things that we
09:06 have here in America but
09:08 all of our entertainment, our movies, our television
09:11 our cable system, they had.
09:14 And so if is in Jamaica it's in many other places
09:17 all around the world, and that's
09:19 how Satan is able to reach the
09:21 masses, all he has to do is set
09:23 up in Hollywood and it reaches
09:25 out to the whole entire world.
09:26 That's right! Now let's look
09:27 on other way that Satan is influencing
09:30 to this particular industry the "black hole".
09:33 What I call it the "black hole".
09:35 Today men and women are calling themselves
09:38 what? Stars!
09:41 Basketball stars, movie stars music stars,
09:46 television stars. All these stars.
09:49 And why stars?
09:50 Why stars?
09:51 Because they are supposedly elevated above
09:54 the rest of humanity.
09:55 They are higher than the rest of humanity.
09:58 At least that's how we, people, out in the world
10:01 view them. Oh those are the stars!
10:02 We treat them that way.
10:04 We treat them that way.
10:05 So we've got to again, looking and say wait a minute
10:08 is the devil deceiving us here?
10:10 Is he trying to take our eyes off of the bright and
10:14 morning star which is Jesus Christ.
10:17 Let's talk about the word astrology.
10:22 The definition of astrology is the attempt
10:25 to base one's future upon the study
10:28 or the observance of the stars.
10:32 I know that Churches there is no Church
10:35 on this planet, that says astrology is ok.
10:37 We warn people about astrology.
10:39 Don't read your horoscopes,
10:42 don't look up into the stars and observe them,
10:47 don't read your fortune cookie in Chinese
10:49 restaurant. And all that different things.
10:51 But I want to put something out there.
10:54 Is it possible that while we are abstaining
10:58 from the outward observance of astrology
11:01 is it possible that we ourselves,
11:05 could be involved in that satanic science
11:11 called astrology.
11:12 Yes because what ever the stars do,
11:15 we do. Exactly!
11:16 They set the trend. That's right!
11:18 People get up and they dress according to
11:22 stars. They will walk according to the stars.
11:25 They will guide their lives and make
11:27 their future decisions based upon
11:29 an observance of the stars.
11:32 That is astrology.
11:34 And it's amazing as we look as how astrology
11:37 is taking over. And not only the world
11:40 but even as we look across the Church
11:43 we're talking about denominations,
11:45 all denominations. We're looking as Satan
11:46 is trapping our young people into astrology
11:50 and we do not even see it.
11:52 We're not even aware of it.
11:54 That's why I'm going back to our last program
11:57 sorcery. That's right.
11:58 Going right back to sorcery, right back to
12:00 medicating the mind so it will not follow
12:04 the will of God.
12:06 So we get all involved in observing the stars
12:09 and allow the stars to dictate to us
12:11 how we going to dress, how we going to act,
12:14 how we going to live, how we going to talk, and
12:18 basically Atonte we have gotten to a place
12:22 in society, in time where the Devil has such
12:25 a powerful influence to astrology.
12:28 And it's true because I can remember
12:30 as a teenager, getting Ebony magazine
12:33 and Janet Jackson was on the cover of that
12:36 magazine. And I remember putting
12:37 the magazine on the counter in the bathroom
12:39 and trying to do my hair,
12:41 just like Janet Jackson.
12:42 Ok she's got the bang just like this.
12:44 I tried to look just like Janet Jackson
12:46 because I worshiped her.
12:48 How ever she looks like that's how I want
12:50 to look like.
12:51 I remember Atonte being on the stage, come out
12:54 I was looking to the audience and I see a sea
12:57 of hands. Just doing this.
13:01 The Bible calls this a form of worship.
13:04 It calls it idolatry. We know that
13:06 we hear it all the time.
13:08 Janet Jackson, she's my idol or,
13:10 Michael Jackson, Elvis or who ever it is.
13:13 I don't know. What ever the name is...
13:15 They will say this is my idol.
13:17 There is a Commandment in the Bible against
13:20 idolatry God warns over and over
13:22 again. Do not bow down to
13:24 to the stars. Do not bow down
13:26 to those things that are created
13:28 to worship them. And we are lifting our hands
13:30 we are bowing down, doing all this things
13:32 and the scary thing is as I look across again,
13:36 like I said all Churches, and find
13:38 that more and more of our young people are becoming
13:41 involved in astrology, and don't even realize it.
13:45 And Satan is so conniving, because many of us
13:48 would never, ever worship demons if they
13:52 were just in their regular form looking like
13:55 demons we would never worship them.
13:57 And I'm not saying that actual stars are
13:59 actual demons. However, what Satan does is
14:01 he controls them by doing things that he knows God
14:05 will not want us to do. And then by beholding
14:08 we become changed. That's right!
14:10 So we are actually worshiping demons and
14:12 worshipping Satan. That's right!
14:13 But we would say I'll never worship Satan.
14:15 You know Satan has in a cunning way made us
14:19 star gazers. A star gazer is one
14:22 who observes the stars.
14:25 One who observes the stars.
14:27 While we will say I will never, why will I look into
14:30 the sky and worship those stars?
14:32 There's nothing in them. They were created
14:33 and yet we're looking at the stars we're allowing the
14:36 stars to dictate us how we are going to live.
14:38 We are even now allowing stars to dictate us
14:41 how we are going to worship. Right!
14:43 And we are going to say that from another program
14:45 but I'm telling you, this astrology thing
14:47 is way deeper than a lot of people
14:49 see and understand, and realize.
14:52 And like we read at the beginning of the program
14:54 children are spending more time, watching television
14:57 than any other activity.
15:00 And than you're hearing parents say:
15:02 I can't control my children, their behavior
15:04 their attitude, they're disobedient.
15:06 They're this, that and the other.
15:08 But we're allowing them to watch this things
15:11 on television, the violence on television.
15:13 They're saying that children are so more
15:16 violent now because of what they're watching.
15:18 And because of the video games.
15:20 We are going to talk about that on another program as well.
15:23 I want to direct our audience to Jude, Verse 1:13.
15:31 And it's speaking about wicked that
15:33 would come in the last days.
15:36 And in Verse 13 it says this in particular.
15:38 "Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame;
15:44 wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness
15:50 of darkness for ever. "
15:51 Star Wars. So this goes beyond the angels.
15:55 It goes beyond Lucifer but now
15:57 it comes down to us.
15:58 I can be a star. I can be someone who
16:01 instead of turning the eyes of people to
16:04 Jesus Christ, I want to turn
16:05 their eyes to myself.
16:09 You know the definition of a dark star.
16:11 A dark star is one who does not emit
16:15 light. Dark star is a star that not emits light.
16:19 Rather it attracts it. Just like we talked
16:20 about the black hole. The black hole being
16:22 that star that it's lost its field, and no longer
16:26 emits light but rather absorbs it,
16:29 pulls it all to itself.
16:30 Well a dark star, we know Lucifer was
16:35 a dark star.
16:36 He was a bright star in the city of God,
16:39 but he was cast out, he lost his field,
16:42 he lost the Holy Spirit.
16:43 Now he's become a dark star. All worship
16:46 he wants directly to him.
16:47 Well when we, as human beings say I want you
16:51 to worship me. And I'm going to get this
16:54 record deal and I want you to worship me.
16:56 When I come out I want you to scream.
16:58 I want you to lose your mind, and I
17:01 want you to have pictures with me on the wall,
17:04 and all this things... We are seeing the very
17:06 same things Satan said. We're saying I want you
17:08 to worship me. In that case now we're
17:10 not giving of light back but we are saying
17:13 I want to attract light, I want people to worship me.
17:16 And we don't want to be a dark star.
17:18 See the conflict is not only between Satan and his
17:21 angels, but between humanity on earth.
17:24 Those who are good versus those who are
17:26 attempting to draw attention away from Jesus Christ.
17:31 That's right and there's good angels,
17:34 and there's evil angels. You know, like I said
17:37 earlier, so many children or young people
17:40 are being entertain by the evil angels, through
17:43 entertainment. But God would have it
17:45 that we would allow our children to be influenced,
17:48 and entertain by the holy angels.
17:50 That's right! To teach them to do
17:51 the will of God and to follow God.
17:53 That's right! You know, we have been
17:55 talking through this programs
17:57 about sorcery, witchcraft we are also going to be talking
18:00 about the power of God to lift us up.
18:01 Christ says if I've been lifted up, I
18:04 will draw all man on to Me.
18:05 And He wants to draw us from this black hole,
18:08 but He can't do it, if we don't give Him
18:10 our minds and our hearts fully.
18:12 We can't have a divided heart.
18:14 We have to make a decision and our minds
18:16 to say: Lord what ever you ask me to do,
18:19 that I'm going to do.
18:21 Now Atonte, there is a phenomenon that's
18:24 sweeping the world right now, and that phenomenon
18:27 goes by the name of Harry Potter.
18:30 Right!
18:31 Everybody's in love with Harry Potter.
18:34 And as you said earlier, on the programs,
18:36 even some Christians who say: oh
18:38 that's nothing wrong with Harry Potter,
18:40 it's just a game. And we'll going to deal
18:42 with that on one of our incoming programs
18:43 about this issue of just being a game,
18:46 just having fun.
18:48 But there's something interesting about
18:51 Harry Potter that's going to help us in our study
18:52 of "star wars". Because it is a study
18:56 between good verses evil,
18:58 Biblical good verses evil.
19:01 Ok. Harry has a wand. And this wand, in this
19:06 story Harry's wand is made of a particular type
19:09 of tree. And some of you may have heard
19:14 this or may understand this just from maybe
19:17 studying of ancient paganism
19:20 or ancient witchcraft, but Harry's wand
19:23 is made of what's called the holly tree.
19:26 The holly tree. Now if you're sitting
19:29 at home and say holly, that sounds familiar
19:32 let me put it this way. Harry's wand is made
19:35 out of a wood or tree called holly wood
19:40 or holly tree. This particular wood
19:43 the holly tree was one of few
19:46 I think about nine sacred trees
19:48 in witchcraft.
19:50 One of them was the holly tree.
19:52 And the holly tree which had red berry,
19:54 was used in particular to cast spells
19:57 of sleep.
19:59 Cast spells of sleep.
20:01 And to make one's transition into
20:03 death smoother and easier. Wasn't so violent,
20:06 it was more... gentle.
20:09 Now I thought about that and understand
20:12 in the origin, of the holy tree.
20:14 You know I thought to myself is it possible
20:16 Atonte, that the Devil himself has a magic wand.
20:21 And that magic wand is Hollywood,
20:26 by which he casts he's spells of sleep
20:31 to make our passage into death,
20:36 a lot easier, a lot smoother a lot more enjoyable.
20:39 And it's so interesting that you said gently
20:41 and a smooth one, because you know we're talking about
20:44 were television is today. But television didn't
20:47 start were it is today.
20:49 I mean, when my mother talks about the
20:52 programs that she use to watch
20:54 and when I've seen old clippings of the black and white
20:55 it was so innocent. And they couldn't even
20:58 kiss on television and you would never even
21:01 hear anything close to a curse word,
21:04 or anything about immodesty or anything like that.
21:06 And it's so far from where it started.
21:08 That's right! My brother thought me
21:10 how to catch birds when I was very little.
21:14 And it was really simple.
21:17 What he did was, he would have a box
21:19 and he would set that box up and put up a stick
21:22 underneath it, he would tie a rope around
21:24 the stick, and then he would place bread
21:27 or put food, some kind of food underneath
21:30 the box. Now the birds were smarter than
21:31 that, so they knew not to fly right underneath the box
21:34 because it was an obvious trap.
21:36 So what we would do, is we would put
21:39 a bunch of food under the box and then we would
21:42 make a trail just leading out into a distance
21:46 and then I can imagine the birds going
21:48 hey there's some food down there,...
21:50 and man it looks dangerous I'm not going to go.
21:53 And one says I'm going to go down there and
21:55 I'm going to try the piece that's way out there.
21:58 And he goes down and he takes that piece
21:59 and guess what's happens?
22:00 Nothing. He's ok.
22:02 And the other see and say, oh maybe there is no
22:05 danger at all.
22:06 A couple more would come down and go back up
22:07 and before you know it there was a line of birds.
22:09 And what was happening was that they were moving closer,
22:11 and closer and closer,
22:12 My brother is completely out of sight, but
22:15 when they got underneath that box,
22:17 all he had to do, was tug the string.
22:19 And it was already to late, they could not escape.
22:23 And the entertainment industry it started of
22:26 purely innocent.
22:28 But as time went on we have seen that is
22:32 been leading closer and closer and closer
22:36 to the very foundation of the principles of Satan.
22:40 Which is why many people, don't even have a television
22:43 in their homes know, because there's nothing
22:46 there to watch. Unless we have satellite
22:48 and can get 3ABN, what else is there.
22:50 Nothing, only watch 3ABN. Just kidding.
22:54 Definitely it's amazing, and it's change so much
22:57 even in the last 15 years. That's right!
23:00 You can figure out how old we are when
23:02 I make this next comment. When I was a young
23:05 person in high school "The Cosby show"
23:08 was the most popular programs with everybody
23:12 white families, black families I don't care who
23:15 you were, on Thursday night at 8 o'clock
23:17 you were home watching Cosby.
23:18 And it was just family issues, just really wholesome things
23:22 that were going on, and that was
23:25 what everybody was watching.
23:26 Now your sitcoms have even gotten much worse,
23:31 it's nothing like the way that it used to be.
23:34 And let me say this, many of this shows
23:37 look innocent on the front, but as you look
23:40 into these programs, you began to see
23:41 even with "The Cosby show" you began to see
23:43 some of this things that were going on.
23:45 You know as a Christian as you are looking at
23:47 this things you're saying there are some principles
23:51 even in the best of what Hollywood
23:52 tries to put out, that makes you go:
23:55 you know, what we can't even go here,
23:57 we can't even look at this or look at that.
23:59 And the issue becomes in this "star war".
24:03 When I was there watching Star Wars
24:05 there were the forces of good, there
24:07 were the forces of evil. The issue in this
24:09 "star war" which is a real star war, is what
24:12 kind of star am I going to be.
24:14 Because as there are 2 types of angels
24:17 in heaven so there're 2 types of people,
24:19 2 types of human stars.
24:21 One human star says I'm going to draw light
24:24 to myself. But let's look in the book
24:26 of Daniel.
24:27 Daniel Chapter 12, Verse 3.
24:32 And Atonte this is powerful because God
24:35 wants us to be stars to.
24:36 Daniel 12, Verse 3
24:39 Notice what it says here!
24:41 "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness
24:50 of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness
24:54 as the stars for ever and ever".
24:57 We're talking about a "star war" Atonte,
25:00 we're talking about those who have decided that
25:03 they're going to attract light to themselves
25:05 versus those who have decided that they're going to
25:08 focus all the light, on Jesus Christ.
25:11 And this is what the last day issue is going to be
25:15 revolving around.
25:16 Which star?
25:18 Are we going to be influenced by Jesus Christ
25:20 or the falling star Satan.
25:22 What star do I want to be?
25:23 A star that attracts light and attention to myself
25:26 or a star, that is going out and turning many
25:30 to righteousness, directing people
25:33 to the word of God,
25:34 directing their eyes upon Jesus Christ.
25:37 I think so many young people get so discouraged
25:41 with the Church, or going to Church
25:44 and turn to the world, because they feel like there's
25:46 no use for them. Well I see,
25:47 over and over in the Bible that God is calling
25:50 you to do this work. He is calling you to be
25:53 that bright star, being used for Him to tell
25:57 others and to tell them about the love of Jesus.
26:01 And if they can only see and get excited
26:03 about that. If they can only understand their
26:06 mission, and not just feel like well it's all
26:09 the older people, or it's the pastor.
26:11 No it's you that God is calling.
26:14 And so the world looks so attractive because
26:16 the world is definitely curving everything
26:19 to them. Hey I'll give you power
26:21 this way. Do this.
26:22 I'll give you power that way. Do that.
26:23 And it's all bad and it's all evil and
26:25 it's all destructive to them.
26:26 That's right! Now here is God's promise.
26:28 Listen what God's saying in Isaiah 60
26:31 Verses 1 and 2. This is beautiful.
26:32 Isaiah 60: 1-2
26:35 He's telling us, Christian soldier,
26:37 young people arise.
26:41 We are in a battle. This is a battle of faith.
26:43 He says I want you to: arise, shine.
27:05 Notice here Atonte, we're not pulling glory
27:07 to ourselves now, but His glory is
27:11 to be seen upon us.
27:12 So Satan comes and he says: I want you to reflect
27:16 your own glory. I will give you fame,
27:18 I will give you honor, I will give you praise.
27:21 Jesus says no, I want you to reflect the glory
27:25 of God.
27:26 And in so doing, we will direct people to Him
27:30 and not to ourselves.
27:31 And so again Satan tries to substitute what
27:35 God's original plan is. That's right!
27:37 It is our believe, that when young people
27:42 and old people Atonte I'm telling you
27:44 there are people out there in Churches,
27:48 pastors who are stuck in a black hole,
27:49 and elders who are stuck in a black hole,
27:51 that once they see and realize the damage
27:54 they will turn to Jesus saying: Lord cleanse me
27:57 of this, clean my heart, forgive me
27:59 and give me that supernatural
28:02 power to be drawn out of this black hole.
28:04 And God will do it.
28:05 That's right!
28:06 We are out of time and until next time:
28:09 God bless!


Revised 2014-12-17