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00:15 Welcome to Battles of Faith, we're your hosts,
00:18 Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:21 On our last program we discussed how to escape
00:24 from the black hole, we also talked about Ivor's personal
00:27 testimony on how he escaped from the black hole,
00:30 the entertainment industry, specifically,
00:32 the hip-hop industry, and we also talked about
00:36 revealing Satan's plans, his personal attacks against us
00:40 and how we can fight against that.
00:42 We're going to reveal another one of his tactics today.
00:45 We're talking about sorcery, and I know many of you,
00:49 when you hear the word "sorcery" you think of Harry Potter,
00:52 or witchcraft, or people casting spells on you,
00:55 but we're going to discuss today that sorcery
00:59 is much more than that.
01:00 That's right, we want to take it a little bit deeper.
01:03 We discussed in our last program that Satan had battle plans.
01:09 We wanted our viewers to know that this program,
01:12 we're not here to focus in on the Devil's plans alone,
01:18 we want to also focus in on God's plan for us,
01:21 and how He has a plan, a way of escape for us from this
01:26 black hole, from this assault of the enemy,
01:30 that he is perpetrating on God's people.
01:34 But I want to look at one of his other battle plans
01:38 that he is successfully using on many people today,
01:41 and to do that I invite you to get your Bibles
01:44 and we're going to take a little trip through the word of God.
01:47 We want to begin with Genesis 3:15.
01:52 Genesis 3:15 reads this: "I will put enmity between thee"
01:58 "and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed;"
02:02 "it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. "
02:06 Atonte, what we have here is one of the first
02:09 prophecies of the Bible, and God has basically come to Adam
02:13 and Eve and He said to them: "Listen, I'm going to give you"
02:19 "a son, a seed, and that seed is going to bruise the head"
02:23 "of the serpent, and in turn, the serpent was to bruise"
02:27 "the heel of the seed. " When you understand this to be
02:31 the conflict that would take place between Christ
02:35 and Satan, in particular when He came the first time,
02:40 but ultimately when He comes the second time.
02:42 There's so much power there because God is actually saying
02:46 "I'm going to use you to crush the serpent's head",
02:48 which is Satan, and we should be, as Christians,
02:51 so excited about that.
02:52 That's right, and we read that in Romans 16:20.
02:55 If you would read that for us, Romans 16:20.
02:59 It says:
03:07 This is so interesting because what it's telling us here is
03:11 that Jesus Christ has promised that the church
03:14 because this text is dealing with the church here,
03:18 the church, through the power of Christ, through the power
03:22 of God, would ultimately bruise the head of the serpent.
03:26 And that's what you're referring to when we realize that this
03:29 is part of God's battle plan for us, not that we should be
03:33 bruised, that our minds should be bruised, or our heads
03:37 should be bruised by the enemy, but that we should ultimately
03:39 bruise the head of Satan. We ought to rejoice,
03:42 we ought to say: "Okay Lord, I want to become a soldier"
03:44 "of faith, I want to enroll, I want to enlist in this battle. "
03:49 Satan understands that the mission of the church,
03:54 the battle plan of the church is to bruise his head.
03:58 I want you to notice in Romans 16:20, it says
04:01 "the God of peace. "
04:04 What does that mean, "the God of peace"?
04:06 When we think about God, God is trying to bring us back
04:09 into a relationship with Him. A relationship where there is
04:12 no war between humanity and God, between those of earth
04:19 and those of heaven. He's trying to bring us back
04:21 into peace, and we're told here that it is through peace
04:26 with God that we will bruise the head of the serpent.
04:29 So Satan's trying to divert us from that because he
04:32 obviously does not want his head to be bruised.
04:35 That's right. Now Isaiah 26:3,
04:38 it says there: "Thou will keep him in perfect"
04:41 "peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee. "
04:44 So notice the connection there, God wants His church
04:48 to ultimately, through the power of Christ, bruise the head
04:52 of the serpent. The way that we're going
04:54 to do that is through the power of the God of peace.
04:58 Now, the God of peace says: "I'm going to give you"
05:01 "My peace, and through that peace you're going to bruise"
05:04 "the head of the serpent. "
05:05 And he says: "How do I do that?" Isaiah 26:3:
05:07 "Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed"
05:11 - "on Thee. " - That's right, perfect peace.
05:13 That peace that we get is through keeping the mind
05:16 stayed on Jesus Christ.
05:19 And that lets you know that Satan's attack is going to be
05:21 - right there on the mind. - Exactly.
05:26 Why don't you look at Ephesians 6:15.
05:33 Okay, now let's put that together.
05:36 God wants to use you and I, the church,
05:40 through the power of Christ He's going to bruise the head
05:43 of the serpent. How's He going to do that?
05:45 Through the God of peace.
05:47 How's He going to give us that peace?
05:48 By keeping our minds stayed on the God of peace.
05:55 What part of the body is to do the crushing of the head?
05:58 It's the heel, it's the feet, and the Bible says that
06:02 our feet are to be shod with the preparation
06:05 of the gospel of peace.
06:09 So now, what is it that controls the heel?
06:13 Satan knows that the heel is coming after him,
06:16 what is it that controls the heel?
06:18 - Our mind. - Our minds, exactly.
06:20 So here's Satan's principle: if he can divert the mind
06:24 then he can divert the heel, and this is why his assault
06:30 is focused upon the mind, he wants to do everything
06:34 he possibly can to take our mind, or our focus,
06:37 off of the mission that God has given us, and to do that
06:41 he'll do anything he can, and one of the most effective
06:43 tools he's using is the entertainment industry,
06:47 which brings us to our definition of sorcery.
06:49 So why don't we go ahead and look at that.
06:53 We're looking at Revelation 18:23 and it says:
07:14 Okay, Atonte, you had mentioned earlier, and we've
07:16 said this before, when you think of the word "sorcery",
07:20 what comes to people's minds right up front?
07:25 Harry Potter. Many parents are upset
07:29 because their children are reading Harry Potter,
07:31 but on the other hand, some parents are happy
07:33 because their saying: "Hey, my child is reading a book"
07:35 "that is 500-600 pages long", but most people, when they think
07:38 of sorcery, they think of that character, or they think
07:42 of witches.
07:43 That's right, we're thinking of Wicca Witchcraft,
07:45 we're thinking of Potter, we're thinking of Merlin
07:49 the Magician, we may be even thinking Astrology
07:51 and all these different things, but when we look at
07:55 the definition of this word for sorcery in the Bible,
07:59 the Greek word is "pharmakeia".
08:02 Sounds a lot like "pharmacy".
08:05 And that's exactly what the word means,
08:07 its "pharmacio", "pharmaceutical".
08:09 It's interesting because from a pharmacy you get drugs,
08:14 medication, and the definition word "pharmakeia" is this:
08:25 Anything that medicates the mind, so remember,
08:28 we were just talking about the Devil's plan: divert the mind,
08:32 divert the heel.
08:34 And we find that the word here for pharmacy, or for sorcery,
08:38 is "pharmakeia", which means "to medicate the mind"
08:41 "so that it will not live out," or "it will not follow out"
08:45 "the plan of God in bruising the head of the serpent".
08:50 We think about that, what are some of things
08:54 that can medicate the mind so that it will not follow
08:57 the will, or the law of God.
08:58 Off of the top of my head, you instantely think of alcohol,
09:03 and marijuana, or any type of drug that's mind altering.
09:07 That's right, that is one definition, Biblical definition,
09:10 of the word "sorcery" because alcohol medicates the mind.
09:14 I'd drive by the stores and I always wonder,
09:17 when I was younger, why do they call alcohol "spirits"?
09:20 Never knew that. Well, after I opened my Bible
09:23 and I saw behind the scenes and I saw the Devil's battle
09:26 plan, I said: "Oh, that's why they call is spirits"
09:29 because when you partake of alcohol, you're opening up
09:33 you mind to be controlled by evil spirits,
09:36 and the same thing with drugs, with marijuana.
09:39 When you begin to smoke, or partake in these kind
09:43 of drugs that alter the mind, they medicate the mind,
09:47 so that you're unwilling, you're incapable of following
09:50 God's will.
09:52 I don't think young people, or people, period, think that
09:56 when they're drinking alcohol, or smoking marijuana,
09:58 or even smoking cigarettes or any drugs, that there's
10:01 demons that are actually accompanying those drugs.
10:04 That's right. You know, Atonte,
10:05 I asked this question a lot of times, and I ask people:
10:08 "do you know a sorcerer?" Most people say no.
10:12 Like, I don't personally know a witch.
10:14 That's right. "You know, this is 2005... "
10:16 "sorcerer? No I don't know one. "
10:19 But think about it, if you know someone who is selling drugs,
10:24 selling these 2 things we just listed, you know a sorcerer,
10:30 you know someone who is dabbling in the power
10:33 of the enemy, to help medicate the mind so that it will not
10:37 follow the will or the law of God.
10:40 So now we've got drugs, we've got alcohol,
10:43 but let me ask you this: can TV medicate the mind
10:48 so that it will not follow the will or the law of God?
10:52 I say yes.
10:54 Answer is difinitely yes. As we look at what TV is today,
10:59 now we're not just talking about any TV, or every TV program,
11:04 obviously 3ABN is far from sorcery.
11:07 It helps people to follow the will of God.
11:09 That's right, it's pulling people towards the will
11:11 of God, but you have programs out there, and for the most
11:14 part, the media is saturated with these programs
11:17 that are designed to pull a person's mind
11:22 from what God has desired for them, which part of that
11:25 is bruising the head of the serpent through peaceful
11:27 relationship with Jesus Christ. It's pulling us away and making
11:31 us at odds with God.
11:33 Right. You know, it reminds me of
11:35 being in high school and many of my friends and myself,
11:39 we were watching a particular program that was designed
11:43 for young girls that were in high school, I won't mention
11:46 the program, it doesn't air anymore, but thinking of
11:49 what you were saying, many people might say:
11:51 "I'm not sure if TV can actually medicate the mind",
11:55 but when I was in high school I had many friends
11:58 and none of us had had any sexual encounters, if you will,
12:04 but we loved this TV program, we loved it to death,
12:07 so we watched it ever Wednesday.
12:09 We were there watching this TV program, and at the end
12:13 of the season, the last program,
12:17 and I had never seen this done before on TV,
12:20 but they actually allowed, these girls were in it,
12:23 they were sophomores, and one of them had a boyfriend
12:28 and it was the prom night, and they actually allowed
12:33 on the program this girl and her boyfriend to go upstairs
12:36 and to have their sexual encounter.
12:40 And it was glorified.
12:41 Oh, it was glorified. Before this time it was always
12:45 very taboo on TV to allow teenagers to have sexual
12:48 encounters and it to be Okay. It was like: if they have
12:50 the sexual encounters, it was a bad thing or you're in trouble,
12:53 that kind of thing, but in this program, on this show,
12:56 it was okay, it was glorified. And I can remember
13:01 me and my friends talking about the program after
13:04 and making a conscience decision that we would go home
13:09 on our school break and do the exact same thing.
13:14 It medicated our mind, and we didn't realize it at the time,
13:17 but it did.
13:18 You know, Atonte, I think that is so important
13:21 to understand when we're talking about things like
13:25 the entertainment industry, the power of the TV;
13:29 it literally has power to get into a persons mind
13:34 and to put things there that are diametrically opposed
13:38 to the government of God and to the will of God
13:40 and to the law of God, and I think one of the things
13:42 that people don't realize, when you are dealing
13:46 with something that is supernatural, you can't just say
13:50 "okay, I'm not going to do this anymore",
13:53 you're dealing with supernatural power, your dealing with
13:57 supernatural conflict, and mere willpower is not good enough,
14:00 it's not going to do anything to break these habits,
14:03 and that's one of the reasons why these habits are
14:06 so addictive. If you're out there
14:08 and you're watching, you're saying: "I know this is wrong,"
14:13 "but I just can't seem to have the power to break it",
14:15 well now you understand why. Ephesians 6 tells us we wrestle
14:18 not against flesh and blood, but it tells us we're wrestling
14:22 against spiritual wickedness, against supernatural forces.
14:27 We call this program Battles of Faith because it takes
14:30 faith to see behind the scenes, it takes faith to see that which
14:34 is not apparent to the naked eye.
14:37 So often we say "what's the matter with TV?"
14:40 "What's the matter with this?" "What's the matter with that?"
14:43 "I don't see anything wrong with that", but in the Christian
14:47 conflict we don't walk by sight, we walk by faith;
14:51 we don't fight by sight, we fight by faith.
14:54 So it's a supernatural power that the enemy is using.
14:59 He's planting seeds and thoughts and the supernatural power
15:02 of his power is there, so we need a supernatural power,
15:06 but we don't have it within ourselves.
15:08 Exactly. John 12:32 says:
15:10 "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth", Jesus speaking,
15:14 "I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men"
15:18 "unto Me. " Now notice that Jesus says
15:20 "if I be lifted up, I'm going to draw all men unto me. "
15:22 What is the enemy trying to do? What is his battle plan?
15:25 Divert the mind, divert the heel.
15:28 If you can draw them away from Christ,
15:31 if you can draw them through the media, if you can pull
15:34 them away from their affections to the Lord, then we have
15:37 the victory. Jesus says "no, no,"
15:39 "if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me",
15:42 so you've got these 2 drawing powers, these 2 drawing forces,
15:46 and I tell you, as Jesus became a reality in my life,
15:49 and as He was lifted up in my life, as I saw Him for who He
15:54 really was, that drawing, that magnet power of the Lord,
15:58 Jesus Christ, just took my life over; and it drew me,
16:02 it literally drew me out of the black hole.
16:04 We talk about a black hole having no bottom,
16:07 no pit; we talk about the black hole being the entertainment
16:09 industry as a whole,
16:11 Jesus Christ literally lifted me, spiritually, I should say,
16:15 lifted me out of that black hole and put my feet
16:19 on the Rock, which is the Word of God.
16:21 I'm so excited because as you're talking and it's like
16:25 Satan wants us to not understand our mission,
16:27 but I'm envisioning young people getting excited and seeing
16:31 their mission that God has given them, and the power that goes
16:35 with it, to crush the serpent's head.
16:37 And Satan gets this excited about basketball games,
16:40 and the next movie that's coming out, and this show,
16:43 and all these things, just to get us to forget
16:45 "hey, you're supposed to be on a mission to come after me",
16:48 which is Satan, and he gets us to forget that and if we're
16:52 not on the mission, it prolongs it
16:54 because it is going to happen, it's a prophecy, his head
16:56 will be bruised.
16:57 That's right. It's important to realize
17:00 that when that prophecy was first spoken to Satan,
17:04 when Satan was told that a seed was going to come that's
17:06 going to crush your head, you know what he did?
17:08 When Cain was born, I can just imagine that Satan was terrified
17:11 - to death. - Trembling.
17:12 "This is him, this is the one that's going to crush my head",
17:14 but as be watched and he was able to get into the mind
17:17 of Cain and divert the mind, he said "Oh, I've got this"
17:21 "all taken care of", but then along comes Abel,
17:25 and Abel is showing the characteristics,
17:27 the very character of God, and he's saying
17:29 "this must be the one", so what does he do?
17:31 He encourages Cain to kill Abel,
17:33 and on and on, through the Bible.
17:35 In fact, when that happened, Eve has another child,
17:38 Seth, Satan's going "Man, they just keep coming. "
17:41 "If I can't beat them, I'm going to join them"
17:44 and his mission all along has been to stop this seed
17:48 from crushing his own head because he wants to live,
17:51 he wants to have eternal life, and he can't.
17:53 The fact that Jesus came and did what He did on Calvary,
17:58 and was lifted up, He said "This is only the beginning"
18:02 "Satan, I'm going to allow my people, who you have beaten"
18:05 "for centuries, I'm going to allow them to get the victory"
18:09 "blow over you. " What a high calling!
18:11 We don't have the power in and of ourselves to do that,
18:14 He says: "I will come into you", in fact, the Bible says
18:18 "let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. "
18:24 So He encourages us, "be drawn unto Me, come unto Me"
18:26 "all ye that labor, and I'm going to give you power,"
18:29 "and I'm going to give a mission and a directive, and I want you"
18:32 "to fulfill that in Me. "
18:35 Satan is so tricky, using the things of this world,
18:39 the entertainment industry.
18:42 It's like you get so drawn to it and, again, almost like
18:46 they're hypnotized.
18:48 We can't think about anything else, we live our life
18:51 to try to be like these people, we want to dress like these
18:55 people, and our whole mission is supposed to be to want to be
18:58 like Jesus and to look like Jesus, and to get the power
19:00 from Jesus so we can accomplish this mission.
19:03 That's right. We were talking earlier about
19:05 the fact that this warfare is a supernatural warfare,
19:09 but you know what's lovely? That God says, John 1:12,
19:14 it says: "As many as received Him, to them gave He power"
19:19 "to become the sons of God. " Being a son of God is not some
19:23 trifling thing. He says if you truly become
19:26 a son of God, if you truly receive what I have for you
19:29 I'm going to give you power, now what kind of power
19:32 is He talking about? Natural power?
19:34 Supernatural power.
19:36 Let me put my hands up here, because we're not saying
19:38 supernatural power means I get to float around,
19:41 or start to do all these physically impossible things,
19:45 what He's saying is "I'm going to give you the supernatural"
19:47 "power of love. I'm going to give you"
19:48 "the supernatural power of My Son in your life,"
19:53 "working in, and through you, to over come, to fight against,"
19:57 "to war against the supernatural foe. "
20:00 You can't use natural power to fight against something
20:02 that is supernatural.
20:04 It's supernatural power when a young person who's being
20:07 pulled to be like everybody else or who's being pulled
20:10 into the black hole, to say "No, I'm going to be an individual,"
20:14 "I'm following God and I'm happy in following God,"
20:17 "and I actually think it's cool to follow God. "
20:20 You need supernatural power to do that, and that's what God
20:24 wants to give us. If it seems like we're
20:26 targeting the young people, we are, because we want
20:30 them to get excited and to be so excited about Jesus
20:33 and want to do the will of Jesus and His Father,
20:37 because He has a mission, it's so exciting.
20:39 That's right. I consider us young people...
20:41 - We are, I am young! - because our peers
20:44 are the ones who are out there, involved in this particular
20:49 industry. Let me share something else
20:52 with our watchers. 1 Samuel 15:23 gives us
20:58 another definition of the supernatural, let me read it
21:02 very quickly.
21:03 It says here, 1 Samuel 15:23,
21:09 "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. "
21:17 Now if you notice in the Bible, if you have a King James Bible,
21:20 you'll see that the word "is" and "as" are italicized,
21:23 that means that it's not there in the original writing,
21:25 so this verse is not saying that rebellion is something
21:29 similar to witchcraft, it's saying rebellion is witchcraft.
21:33 The word "witchcraft" here means "to whisper a spell".
21:37 Think about it, sometimes I'm just minding my own business,
21:42 going about my day doing something, and all of a sudden
21:45 some song that I used to sing back out in the world
21:49 will just pop up in my mind, and all of a sudden I find myself
21:53 getting ready to sing this song, and then I'm saying:
21:57 "What was that? What am I doing?"
21:58 "I'm a Christian now! No, I'm not going to allow"
22:01 "that song to come into my mind. "
22:03 Things that we watch on TV, the Devil will come
22:05 and he will whisper, and the Devil does have the power
22:08 to whisper.
22:10 So he will come and he will whisper these things,
22:12 and he will say: "Hey, why don't you do this?"
22:14 "Wouldn't it be cool to do that?"
22:16 What we find is that that is actually a form of witchcraft.
22:20 The amazing thing is we think that that's our own thought,
22:23 we think we came up with it on our own, but it's not,
22:26 it's Satan working sorcery on us.
22:29 That's right. When you look at the word
22:31 "entertainment", we're talking about the entertainment
22:33 industry, the word "entertainment" if we break
22:35 it down,.
22:45 So you put the word together, it actually means
22:48 "to come in, to posses and to hold in a state of possession".
22:53 And he does that through TV 24 hours a day,
22:57 - 7 days a week. - That's right, he comes in.
22:59 In fact, he did it with Adam and Eve, he entertained them
23:02 through the medium of a serpent.
23:04 He came in, he took possession of their minds
23:07 and held them in a state of possession.
23:09 As we look at the entertainment industry today, that's exactly
23:12 what's going on. Through the entertainment
23:15 industry we are being deceived by the enemy of souls.
23:21 We have statistics that have let us know that young people
23:27 are watching at least 5-6 hours of TV a day
23:31 and I'm amazed at that because most young kids are going
23:34 to school and then they come home in the evening
23:36 and they're watching 5-6 hours of TV a day.
23:40 That's not including video games and we're going to talk
23:43 about that in another program, so if you're a parent
23:46 out there who wants more information, or struggling with
23:49 your young person, so addicted to video games,
23:51 we're going to talk about that on future programs,
23:54 but the point is that Satan is taking up so much
23:59 of the time of our minds by us spending so much time
24:03 watching TV, or secular TV, because I believe
24:07 the same way Satan is trying to entertain the mind,
24:10 or take us in, God is trying to do the same thing.
24:13 Christian networks like 3ABN and other Christian programming
24:17 can be a blessing, allowing God to come in
24:20 and entertain the mind.
24:21 Let's consider witchcraft again for a moment.
24:24 We said earlier that the Bible
24:28 likens rebellion to witchcraft, and it's interesting
24:32 because as we view the entire entertainment industry:
24:35 rock, rap, when you think about the 60's, what was the spirit
24:41 that this industry was based on?
24:43 - Definitely rebellion. - Rebellion.
24:45 Rebellion against established order, rebellion against this,
24:47 rebellion against that, the entire hip-hop industry,
24:51 the reason, as a hip-hopper, I dressed the way that I did,
24:53 it was about rebellion and what this industry does
24:57 is it induces and it encourages rebellion.
25:01 Most people don't realize that that rebellion is really
25:05 against God, so when we talk about witchcraft
25:08 we're talking about Satan using these things
25:12 to whisper into our minds a spell of rebellion,
25:15 we might even call it black magic.
25:18 And that's what black magic is; in fact, the defintion
25:20 is this:
25:34 As we go back and we say "Okay, sorcery simply means"
25:36 "anything that medicates the mind", you know what
25:38 the Devil does? He says if you see somebody
25:40 walking down the street with a magic wand, then that's magic,
25:43 if you see someone with a chicken's head cut off,
25:47 then that's sorcery, and all that is really a disguise
25:51 to hide his battle plans because his battle plans
25:53 really are to get in and to use all these supernatural
25:57 elements and have us think: "Oh, this is just natural. "
26:01 "This is just normal. " Atonte, what is our hope?
26:04 It's interesting, we go back to Genesis 3:15,
26:07 we're told that the seed was to bruise the head
26:12 of the serpent. You know what's beautiful,
26:14 when Jesus Christ came, He died on a hill named Calvary,
26:20 and in other places it's called "Golgotha".
26:23 The word "Calvary", it actually means "cranium".
26:26 And the word "Golgotha", it'll tell you there that it means
26:29 "the place of the skull", the question is who's skull
26:32 was it that had that cross hammered into it?
26:37 None other, I believe, than the skull of Satan.
26:40 Praise God.
26:41 You know, when Jesus died, the Bible says there was
26:43 a great earthquake, so that that skull was broken apart.
26:49 That's right, it was crushed. The mind of Satan
26:53 was blown that Jesus Christ would sacrifice Himself
26:57 for us, sinful human beings, to make a way of escape
27:01 from the black hole, so that as we look at Christ
27:04 and see what He did for us on the cross,
27:06 guess what happens to our hard, rocky, carnal, rocky minds?
27:11 Guess what happens? They're broken.
27:14 Our hearts break and we say: "Lord, whatever You want me"
27:17 "to do, that I will do. " And He begins to pull
27:20 and to draw us, and when we are drawn because our hearts
27:23 and minds have been broken by Christ, there's nothing
27:27 the Devil can do to stop that from happening.
27:29 These are the things that we should get excited about.
27:32 These are things that young people should just
27:34 get on fire about because Jesus has already done it all
27:37 for us, we just have to accept it, believe in the power,
27:40 and actually do it.
27:41 That's right, and He promises: "I will give you that power. "
27:46 Remember, we are fighting against supernatural spirits,
27:50 supernatural power, and there is no way that we're going
27:54 to get the victory unless we come fully to Christ
27:57 and say: "Lord, here I am, empower me, make me wise,"
28:01 "that I can have the victory. "
28:03 Well, our time is all done now, but until next time,
28:07 God bless.


Revised 2014-12-17