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00:02 Okay, so we have actually finished this program.
00:05 Teamwork. Teamwork.
00:06 We're talking about E for eating.
00:08 E for eating, yes.
00:10 And I mean, you talk about eating,
00:12 we want some good food.
00:14 Good food.
00:15 A lot of times, people think that,
00:17 "Okay, I'm going to change over,
00:18 switch out some things,"
00:19 but when you're switching out,
00:21 they're thinking that
00:22 they've got to throw everything out
00:23 and bring other stuff in.
00:25 But no, you can take the same foods.
00:26 As a matter of fact,
00:27 a lot of people say they like 3ABN.
00:29 They like this show because
00:30 we just take the regular foods that people eat
00:32 and we convert them or change them
00:33 into a healthier format.
00:35 So you don't have to throw out the spaghetti.
00:36 You've still got that spaghetti going on, all right?
00:38 Right, that's true.
00:39 And you still have your bread, your French bread or whatever
00:40 on whole wheat baguettes or French bread,
00:43 whole wheat once again.
00:45 And then we got the pasta noodle.
00:47 Good.
00:48 We then changed all of that from angel hair, thin,
00:50 and now they got the whole wheat pasta noodle thing.
00:52 So complex, now refined in a way.
00:54 And then on the herbs, we got the garlic in there,
00:57 we got the basal in there.
00:58 From somebody's garden.
00:59 Yes, yes. The herb garden.
01:01 I am just so outdone with this garden.
01:03 Yes.
01:05 'Cause I mean, this is just gorgeous. Okay?
01:06 I think every morning, we go out and check the garden
01:08 and check for all types of critters,
01:09 and so we find something just by every morning,
01:12 every other morning, but really good.
01:15 You know, there's a term called epigenetics.
01:17 And some of you may have heard the term.
01:20 It's not that we can change our genes based on what we eat,
01:23 we can change how genes respond,
01:26 they evolve because epi means environment.
01:28 So we can actually change the environment
01:30 of our genes based on what we eat.
01:32 So a lot can be said.
01:33 But again, we have our webinar coming up our very soon,
01:37 and you can email us at info@AbundantLivingTV.org.
01:42 And we'll go more in detail with the E for eating,
01:45 with a workbook as well.
01:47 And not only what to eat, how much to eat,
01:53 when to eat, how fast to eat,
01:56 how to cook the food, all that involved with eating
02:00 and the digestive system as well.
02:02 So it's really in depth.
02:03 We just really gave you about maybe, what,
02:05 20 minutes so far on this problem right here.
02:08 So but it's time to close, but stay with us.
02:10 We're gonna some other letters as well.
02:12 So John 10:10, Jesus said,"
02:14 I have come that they might have life
02:17 and have it more abundantly."
02:21 See you next time.


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