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00:02 Okay. Hey.
00:03 Now this is a real good recipe.
00:04 It's a quick and easy recipe. All right.
00:06 Although there are some things that are in this recipe
00:09 that I'm excited about, okay, that actually grew.
00:12 Oh, in the garden?
00:14 Yeah, let me do the ingredients first and then...
00:15 I know 'cause it's getting really excited.
00:17 Okay.
00:18 I'll tell ingredients first and then I'll talk about it
00:19 from there, okay?
00:21 How about that? Okay.
00:22 So this is an angel hair tomato toss.
00:24 It calls for three tablespoons of olive oil,
00:26 three garlic cloves chopped, one half cup of onions chopped,
00:30 three large tomatoes diced,
00:32 two tablespoons of Italian seasoning,
00:35 two cups of tomato sauce, one half teaspoon of sea salt,
00:39 one half package of angel hair noodles uncooked,
00:43 of course, and then one half cup
00:45 of basil leaves, fresh.
00:46 Okay.
00:48 Now the reason why I said that is...
00:49 The reason why.
00:50 Okay, I'm going to go ahead and start getting the onions
00:52 in first because...
00:53 Is it on, honey? Yep, it's on.
00:55 So we're going to get the onions in
00:56 and then we're going to put the garlic in, okay, as well.
01:00 You want to go ahead and put that in for me, honey?
01:01 Oh, garlic, yeah.
01:03 Right there. Right here, okay.
01:04 It's quite going.
01:06 All right, we're going to get those start up
01:08 and we'll just get all of the goodies in there.
01:14 I have a special...
01:16 We're just going to stop here a little bit.
01:18 Yeah, okay.
01:19 Now when it comes to the garden,
01:21 believe it or not,
01:22 the garden is a part of a special project
01:24 that I'm involved in.
01:25 And in this project,
01:27 I'm doing all foods from a garden,
01:30 my own garden.
01:32 All right. Okay.
01:33 And in this garden, believe it or not,
01:35 we have our tomatoes which are from the garden,
01:38 tomato sauce which I used, the basil,
01:41 and oregano, and also the parsley,
01:45 and my tomatoes.
01:46 All from the garden? Yes.
01:47 And my own spaghetti sauce and then also the basil
01:50 came from the garden.
01:51 Oh, that's great. Yeah.
01:53 Now let me just say this about the garden now.
01:54 She as a breast cancer conqueror,
01:57 not a survivor, a conqueror,
01:59 to stay in Alabama, the only state in this country
02:02 that has a grant issued to the University of Alabama
02:05 in Birmingham
02:07 and for all cancer survivors with particular age group
02:10 and to set them up for a garden
02:15 in their yard 4x8,
02:17 and of course my wife qualifies,
02:19 and so we have actually got,
02:20 and we're assigned a Master Gardener with that.
02:24 How many did I get? You got three.
02:26 Well, everybody's got one, we got three.
02:27 We got three.
02:29 But we just said don't film, but anyway.
02:30 So, well, they take her blood and everything like that,
02:33 and then 12 months, they come back to see
02:36 how well she fares and check her blood again
02:39 to see if having a garden would improve the lifestyle
02:43 and the blood type of, not a blood type,
02:45 her blood quality after 12 months
02:49 of having a garden.
02:50 So the garden is also like the...
02:52 You're going to work the garden,
02:53 plant the garden, then you work the garden,
02:55 the exercise, then you eat from the garden,
02:57 and then you come back and do all the tests.
02:58 And we actually have before that garden that...
03:00 We have our own garden we had years ago,
03:02 which is a herb garden.
03:04 Yes. That's a 4x8 as well.
03:06 So some of these came from the herb garden
03:08 and other ones came from the 4x8 raise garden.
03:11 And I mean there is such a difference
03:12 between tomatoes and stuff from the garden
03:14 that we get from store.
03:15 Oh, man. We will never buy tomatoes again.
03:16 I mean, honey, we've eaten so many tomatoes.
03:19 My wife has actually eaten so many tomatoes.
03:21 Believe me. Do not.
03:22 Do not. Do not.
03:24 She's eaten so many tomatoes,
03:26 I guess, she'll probably never get prostate cancer.
03:29 The lycopene in tomatoes,
03:30 I mean, probably I'm going to bet.
03:32 Help me. Help me.
03:34 I'm willing to bet because of the tomatoes, the lycopene.
03:36 I don't have a prostate.
03:38 Well, so you see my point.
03:40 My point, exactly.
03:44 You're going to drop that, honey.
03:45 Go ahead and pour it before...
03:47 Let me steady you.
03:48 I'm going to put in the tomatoes.
03:49 Let me steady you. Oh, I'm here.
03:51 Here's my point.
03:52 Oh, you know.
03:54 Clock is moving, honey.
03:55 Okay.
03:56 All right. Okay, so.
03:58 It's been wonderful to have a garden,
04:00 just see the crop.
04:01 And my wife, she's on YouTube and does a lot of work
04:05 on her own as well.
04:07 I love this.
04:08 I love this. I love this. Yeah.
04:09 And I'm telling you there is such a difference.
04:12 It's kind of hard to go out and buy tomatoes and stuff now.
04:14 It really is.
04:15 And cucumbers, we got big, large cucumbers too.
04:18 Cucumbers, they're also a part of it as well.
04:19 Yes.
04:21 And the last part we're going to put in here
04:22 is we're going to take the oregano,
04:24 I'm sorry, Italian dressing. Okay.
04:25 And we put that on, okay, and with that in there as well.
04:28 And then we're going to put in also our salt for seasoning.
04:33 All right.
04:34 Okay. Yeah, cherry tomatoes.
04:36 You have the...
04:38 Oh, beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes.
04:40 Yeah, three types of tomatoes.
04:41 We have the bell peppers and...
04:43 Yes, yes.
04:45 We've been given some of the cucumbers away,
04:46 I mean, large cucumbers.
04:48 I figured that the more I give away the more it grows.
04:49 Really, seriously.
04:51 You know, you saw that picture.
04:52 I'm telling you,
04:53 it must be at least about seven or eight feet tall.
04:55 Yeah, it was about eight feet tall.
04:56 All right.
04:57 Now if you've noticed, I've already done my pasta
04:59 ahead of time,
05:00 and so there's two things happening here.
05:02 We said angel hair pasta.
05:03 And then for those who are talking about,
05:05 once again we talked about the carbohydrates.
05:06 Right.
05:07 Also, how about now there is a thin pasta noodle?
05:11 Thin. Now whole wheat?
05:12 Whole wheat. Of course.
05:13 Whole wheat. Yeah.
05:15 Okay, so it's not refined carbohydrates.
05:17 It's not refined carbohydrates. It's complex carbohydrates.
05:18 There you go, there you go.
05:20 There you go.
05:21 And so we have already got them ready to go as well.
05:24 Okay. And we've got our sauce.
05:26 This is looking good. Already working.
05:28 I'm going to just turn up.
05:30 There's a tad bit
05:31 because I'm getting ready to do something with that,
05:33 and notice I'm leaving the basil till the end.
05:36 Oh, at the end, okay.
05:37 I'll leave it to the end
05:39 because it will be the final part.
05:40 You know, spaghetti sauce, if you don't have a basil,
05:42 you know, you just saved me, it's just not there.
05:44 It's not there. It's not there.
05:45 It's just not there. It's not there.
05:47 Okay. All right.
05:48 So it's got the bubbles going on now, see that?
05:50 It's seasoning, okay.
05:52 Make the camera crew yell.
05:53 You're working hard, baby. Yeah, okay.
05:55 Not too much, baby, 'cause they had to eat yet.
05:57 Okay.
05:58 'Cause she might come running up here, right?
06:00 We won't get a chance if we both be doing.
06:01 Okay. Okay.
06:02 Okay.
06:04 So now what we're going to do is we're going to...
06:05 This is the regular grocery store, right?
06:06 Absolutely. That's where it's at now.
06:08 Okay, we don't have to go to the health food store.
06:09 That's where it's at now. All right.
06:11 And so we're going to just go ahead
06:12 and start putting in the noodles.
06:15 Why can't you just dump it in?
06:16 You don't want to...
06:18 No, I do not want to do that, Mr. Eakins.
06:20 Okay, Sister Eakins, why are we being so formally,
06:23 I don't understand that.
06:25 So you're making me miss my count here
06:26 like I'm doing in there.
06:27 Your count? Oh, you have to count that.
06:29 Oh, okay. All right.
06:30 All right. Yummy, yummy.
06:33 And you know, with this,
06:35 we serve it up with a green toss salad.
06:38 And we serve it up with some delicious bread,
06:44 which we also going to see to at the end.
06:46 Whole grain and not refined. Yeah, no refine, no refine.
06:49 Multi-grain, preferably whole grain, yes, okay.
06:51 And then we're just going to just toss it over top of it.
06:53 Oh, so that's where the toss comes in.
06:55 Yeah.
06:56 You'll just kind of toss it in, huh?
06:57 Yeah. All right.
06:59 So when they come back,
07:00 they'll get a chance to see the finished product.
07:02 Now you just took out some more of the basil.
07:04 I got just a tad bit more. You want to use all of that.
07:07 I might be sprinkling it on at the very end.
07:09 Oh, okay. Okay.
07:10 But for how long will you let this cook down?
07:12 No, it doesn't even cook down, babe.
07:13 Oh.
07:15 Because the sauce itself is going to do its thing.
07:16 So when they see it again,
07:17 they just got to see it with the sauce already there.
07:19 Oh, okay.
07:20 I just want them to get a look at
07:22 and see how that goes out, okay?
07:23 Okay.
07:24 So if you just stay by,
07:26 you will see the finished product.


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