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00:02 Okay, so we have finished this dish.
00:04 Right. Spicy red beans, man, oh man.
00:06 Team, team, looks good, Honey.
00:08 And the yellow rice, yellow rice.
00:09 Remember what I said now, all I did was I put turmeric
00:12 and it's actually in a recipe turmeric is in the rice,
00:14 in the water while you're cooking the rice
00:16 and it would turn the rice yellow.
00:18 Forget not, that's wonderful.
00:20 And got some cornbread on the side way just come up...
00:22 You got to have some conebread when you had those beans.
00:24 Cornbread or conebread? Conebread.
00:26 It's conebread not cornbread.
00:27 Not cornbread. It's conebread.
00:29 Cornbread, everybody can make that
00:30 but conebread,
00:32 that's a different stuff, right?
00:33 Now, so I've had the cornbread before
00:38 I have not had this in a while.
00:40 Do you... Oh, okay.
00:41 You're going down.
00:43 Oh, okay.
00:44 You know, I know that when we do these shows
00:46 you're going to be find your best to eat.
00:48 And you have the right spoon too.
00:49 Look at that spoon. Look at that spoon.
00:51 That is amazing.
00:52 Yes. Okay.
00:54 So I will open up mouth and insert inside in my mouth.
00:58 I'm first.
00:59 Ladies, ladies first.
01:01 Adam before Eve.
01:02 I thought that's in the Bible, isn't it?
01:05 I would know about that because you're teasing me,
01:07 you're teasing the audience right now as well.
01:10 Okay, baby. Oh, here we go.
01:17 Is it not gonna drag out or what?
01:19 Like a person with cross eyed.
01:21 Good. That was really good.
01:22 You're so crazy.
01:25 You can talk 'cause I got food in my mouth.
01:29 John 10:10.
01:31 Not yet. Not yet.
01:37 John 10:10, is coming.
01:39 So not quite do that now.
01:41 Easy simple recipe.
01:43 I'm serious. It's easy and it's simple.
01:45 It's in our cookbook.
01:46 So you need to go ahead and get a hold of us and...
01:49 Now we're gonna say John 10:10.
01:50 Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
01:51 Jesus said, "I have come that they might have life,
01:55 and have it more abundantly."


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