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00:06 Okay, I'm really excited about this particular recipe
00:08 because it's got a lot of stuff in it,
00:11 it's actually a one meal dish.
00:12 Oh, one meal? Right.
00:13 One meal dish. Everything is one meal.
00:15 Okay, so let's look at the ingredients.
00:17 Let's go for it, Honey.
00:55 Sea salt to taste.
00:57 Now... Okay.
00:58 Yeah, before I start doing my stuff,
01:00 I do wanna say, I know that you saw on a recipe use
01:02 that I said three cups of brown rice and turmeric.
01:06 All right?
01:07 So this is one of the things you've been doing.
01:09 I don't know if you ever thought about really want
01:10 yellow rice instead of just a brown rice,
01:12 you know, you kind of tired of it.
01:13 You guess what? I have a secret for you.
01:15 If you're doing your brown rice,
01:17 then all you have to do is put the turmeric powder
01:19 in the water.
01:21 Oh. Okay.
01:22 And it will turn that rice yellow.
01:24 Oh, I like that.
01:26 How about that one? How about that one?
01:27 How did you figure that one out?
01:28 Well, I was playing around with those things for a while
01:30 because I love yellow rice, you know...
01:31 Okay. Yellow rice on a market.
01:32 It's bad news, got a lot of sodium in it.
01:34 So you got the medicinal properties of turmeric...
01:37 And talking about the seven powerful healers.
01:40 Turmeric is one of those healers as well.
01:42 Anti-inflammatory, cancer, yeah.
01:44 Now you have the mock sausage. Yep.
01:46 Let's go ahead
01:48 and now different types of mock sausages on the market...
01:50 There's a lot of more in the market.
01:52 So which one is the...
01:53 Well, I'll just say, you go check it out.
01:54 Yeah, because if I say, you know, just check out,
01:57 look over in a section where you have the...
01:59 Now all the vegetarian options is so much out there now
02:02 and they actually have different sausages out there.
02:05 You know, of course, on one of our shows
02:07 we actually made with the seitan
02:09 which was the one we did use the vital wheat gluten flour.
02:12 We made our own sausage up
02:13 before I want to, so that's in our book.
02:15 That's right. I remembered that. Yeah.
02:16 But this one I actually purchased in a store.
02:18 So it's actually out there as well.
02:19 Actually, actually, I'm putting in is olive oil
02:22 'cause I wanna get the sausages brown...
02:26 So you just cut that up...
02:27 Just make this is...
02:28 Yeah, just gonna cut them in a circle.
02:30 Okay.
02:31 Okay, we'll let them get brown for a few minutes there.
02:33 And notice that the other thing I have on here also
02:35 is I had the red beans, red kidney beans.
02:39 I got the bay leaf going on in here as well.
02:41 All these are medicinal.
02:43 I've got the thyme.
02:45 A lot of herbs in here.
02:46 Oh, yeah, yeah, and garlic is in there as well.
02:49 So all of those are part of this recipe,
02:51 but you talk about knock-down drag out.
02:54 Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
02:56 All right.
02:58 That means it's really good?
02:59 It means it's really good. Okay.
03:01 So what we're gonna do is because of the time sake,
03:03 we're brining our sausage on both sides.
03:05 Okay.
03:06 And then we're gonna be adding to that,
03:09 half a cup of onions.
03:10 Yeah. All right.
03:12 And then we're gonna add to that,
03:13 I want you go ahead and put in those peppers.
03:16 I like green peppers coming here.
03:17 A cup of peppers going in from the garden.
03:19 That peppers are from my garden.
03:21 Yeah, we're gonna be talking about that later on
03:23 during the series.
03:25 And the celery going in there. Celery, all right.
03:27 That's going in as well.
03:29 Hopefully that's the one raise that's really nice.
03:30 Okay, we're gonna back those over there.
03:32 You look pretty too, honey. Thank you.
03:33 No, thank you. You're welcome.
03:35 You're welcome. Oh, I'm fully saying it.
03:36 Yeah, okay. Well, I say it for you.
03:39 Okay, now so you gonna let that salt to taste.
03:41 We're browning that
03:42 as because we want the onions
03:44 and I'm gonna just move this around a little bit here.
03:46 Matter of fact, one of the things going on,
03:48 I need to turn my, my pull up.
03:50 Turn up a little bit. Up a little bit.
03:51 Let's do that.
03:53 Okay.
03:54 Oh, yeah. All right.
03:56 Now that's gonna make a difference.
03:57 Go ahead, and low it first. Okay.
04:00 And sometimes people ask me questions like they'll say,
04:02 "Paula, you know,
04:04 I noticed you use olive oil and canola oil
04:06 and all those different oils and stuff
04:07 and we should be cutting back on those and,
04:09 you know, we're concerned about the fact
04:10 that all of that goes into a lot of high temperatures
04:13 gonna lose his potency and all that kind of stuff.
04:15 We're not really frying things like we do when we're frying
04:18 chicken back in the day and stuff like that.
04:21 So we just sauteing for hot second
04:22 until things start get a little bit translucent,
04:24 you know, and from there...
04:26 And, you know, we're always in the Bible.
04:28 I mean, you know,
04:29 we're not talking about deep fried.
04:31 So they just a little saute just...
04:33 But someone did asked me that question.
04:34 Yeah, I know that.
04:35 Yeah, well, you know, those questions do come up.
04:37 Look how pretty that is. Yes.
04:39 Okay, now, here comes the good stuff,
04:42 more, more good stuff, more good stuff.
04:44 More to seasonings.
04:45 So now we're gonna go ahead and add in the pinto beans.
04:48 Pinto, let's add in a kidney.
04:49 With those two.
04:50 Yeah, the kidneys beans on this show.
04:52 Okay. Oh, whoa.
04:53 Take your time, baby.
04:55 Slow it down. Slow it down. That was hot.
04:58 My finger hit the pot. Did it?
04:59 Yes, it did.
05:01 It's all right.
05:02 Do you wanna kiss it for me?
05:05 All right, feels better already.
05:06 Yeah. Okay, all right.
05:08 That's my mom used to do all the time.
05:09 I used to come in here talking about I had things
05:11 it was going on me I'd be hurting here and there.
05:13 She say bring it over here. Yeah.
05:15 And let me kiss it for you.
05:18 You know, when I got older
05:19 I realized that did not really work
05:20 but she liked that she thought was good.
05:22 So hey, let's do it.
05:23 Look how pretty it is. Look good, gorgeous.
05:24 Oh, yes. Okay.
05:26 One part, this is one dish meal.
05:27 This is one dish meal.
05:29 You smell it, we have some... Everything is right here.
05:30 We put all these seasonings, yeah.
05:32 Okay, so now what you're going to do now,
05:33 Curtis, is you're going to go ahead on slowly.
05:35 Let's go ahead and put the garlic in.
05:36 Okay, garlic. All right.
05:38 And it's gonna take a little bit of time here.
05:40 So let's go ahead and get our fork out.
05:42 Help a brother out.
05:43 Help a brother out.
05:45 All right, there we go. Okay.
05:47 We need to get everything out of there.
05:51 Okay.
05:52 That's what I'm talking about. Okay.
05:54 So it's the garlic going in.
05:55 That's the garlic.
05:56 Okay. Okay.
05:58 And then we're gonna put the...
05:59 You got the garlic powder. That's going in too.
06:00 Okay. Mm-hmm.
06:02 Sprinkle, sprinkle, yeah, yeah, yeah.
06:04 That's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm talking about.
06:07 Okay, here we go.
06:08 Just a little bit.
06:10 Okay, okay, we got it. All right.
06:11 Okay, now we're gonna go ahead and put the oregano
06:14 in, I mean, that's thyme.
06:15 All right, is that time or thyme?
06:18 Time, thyme, whatever you wanna call it.
06:20 Just put it in. Get it in the pot. That's all.
06:22 And then our salt.
06:23 Hold up, now there're two things happen once again,
06:25 wanna remind you that we're doing a salt to taste.
06:27 Okay, so yeah, everybody got different taste.
06:30 So should I taste this now
06:31 and determine how much salt you put in.
06:33 No, I think if you put your mouth on
06:34 is while it is hot you are not gonna be doing
06:36 no more program must be going just wait a little bit.
06:39 I wait till my tongue cool off a little bit.
06:44 Okay. Is that a yes or no?
06:46 I'm not answering that at all, but just sprinkle a little bit.
06:48 Yeah, 'cause the clock is ticking.
06:50 I know. I know. Okay.
06:52 And then we're gonna actually just put in, guess what?
06:55 We got two bay leaves is going into this
06:57 and this is gonna go in to help give flavor.
06:59 Now, remember when you put the bay leaves in,
07:01 after about 10 minutes or so, not 10 minutes,
07:03 about five minutes or so, you wanna take them out.
07:05 Do not leave the bay leaves in this mixture.
07:08 Okay?
07:09 Okay, I'm gonna put them in for flavor, for flavor.
07:13 Yeah, and then we're gonna put the lid on.
07:15 All right.
07:16 Then we'll probably come back to see the finished product.
07:18 You'll come back to see that finished product
07:20 so you know what we're going to say at this point.
07:23 Stay by.


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