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00:01 I'll take herbal medicine for 100, Alex.
00:03 You can almost hear the jeopardy question
00:05 in your head as you face a shoes wall
00:08 of herbal products,
00:09 not know what to take for what ailment.
00:11 Well, today's program is entitled
00:13 "H for herbal medicine."
00:15 We'll be right back.
00:39 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living.
00:40 My name is Curtis Eakins
00:44 and my lovely wife is Paula Eakins,
00:47 same last name?
00:49 Same last name.
00:50 And we are married in holy matrimony
00:52 and you satisfied with our marriage so far?
00:56 It's good.
00:57 It's good? It's good.
00:58 Oh, I was expecting great but I'll settle for good.
01:01 Okay, for right now. Yeah. Maybe great later.
01:03 Maybe great later, okay.
01:04 Well, it's good for right now.
01:06 So I'm gonna start what on my head.
01:08 I've learned that a long time ago.
01:10 And also,
01:11 but H for herbal medicine.
01:16 Now, Honey, now we're going to spell acronym.
01:18 Okay.
01:20 This is going to be a series of the coming weeks of...
01:23 It's going to be acronym. This is the acronym, folks.
01:26 The acronym is called Healers.
01:30 H for herbal medicine,
01:34 E for eating,
01:37 A, adoration,
01:40 L, liquids, or juicing,
01:43 E, exercise,
01:46 R is rest,
01:48 S is sunlight and also the Son of God.
01:51 Healers.
01:53 So we gonna walk through this journey
01:54 with our individual there.
01:56 There's been a lot of acronyms.
01:58 The most popular one is probably is the Newstart.
02:02 But the Lord gave me this acronym
02:04 because I want to have an acronym where
02:07 when you see the acronym, when you hear it,
02:10 you know exactly what it is.
02:11 All right?
02:13 Newstart could be a new start of a job or whatever,
02:16 but when you hear the word, healers,
02:19 you know exactly it's going to be
02:21 something that heals people.
02:23 So it's gonna be healers,
02:24 and it's gonna be exciting series.
02:26 We're not going to give you all the information
02:28 but at most we can give for each letter
02:30 for the coming weeks.
02:32 But we'll also be having our webinar coming up as well,
02:34 and we give you some information
02:35 about that as well.
02:37 And don't forget on top of that,
02:38 I know you're saying,
02:40 "It's just gonna be just about the herbs only".
02:41 No, we are also gonna be going in the kitchen
02:42 each time as well.
02:44 That's right.
02:45 So we have foods that actually
02:46 go along with the different healers.
02:48 That's right. That's right. Absolutely.
02:49 And also, before we go into this letter
02:52 H for herbal medicine,
02:54 we're also going to,
02:57 reveal to you several references.
02:59 One is gonna be...
03:01 The first one is gonna be God's Word.
03:02 Absolutely.
03:03 God's Word would be the standard of truth
03:05 for healthful living.
03:07 Healers is without exception.
03:09 So we're going to go to the Word of God.
03:11 So I advise you to have your Bibles ready
03:13 when you see Abundant Living come on.
03:15 And because God's Word is a standard of truth.
03:17 Absolutely.
03:19 And then number two would be also another inspired writer
03:22 Ellen White, you probably heard of her
03:24 by watching also not only Abundant Living
03:26 but Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
03:29 A prolific writer,
03:31 the most translated author in United States,
03:33 second in the world,
03:34 according to the Library of Congress.
03:37 And then the third reference, reference number three,
03:40 the third tier is gonna be clinical studies.
03:43 So we'll go through all these letters
03:45 and highlighting each of these references
03:48 as we go through this series in the next coming weeks.
03:51 So I like that because that means that,
03:53 you know, we try to hit it from each angle.
03:54 That's right.
03:56 All right, so we got the Bible.
03:57 God's Word. And then Ellen White.
04:00 That's right. Absolutely. And then we're gonna do...
04:02 Okay, now, when we get down that part about other stuff,
04:05 that's where you really gonna have to listen to it
04:07 because you'd be surprised at how much stuff
04:09 do we actually hear people say to us
04:11 when we're doing our programming
04:13 and or when they come and talk to us.
04:15 That's absolutely correct, Honey.
04:17 So yeah,
04:18 so we're going to walk through this with the H.
04:21 And I'd like to say before we're not going to cover
04:24 all the information, but we're gonna do this
04:27 in a webinar coming up.
04:29 And we'll give you our email address
04:30 at the end of the program where you can email us
04:33 and we'll put you on our email list.
04:36 And let you be aware of the webinars coming up
04:38 to get more in depth information
04:40 on each of these letters as we walk through this series.
04:43 Well, I guess the first thing
04:44 and you talked about we're gonna have
04:45 our Bibles handy, that is,
04:47 what does the Bible have to say about herbs?
04:50 Well, the Bible has a lot to say about herbs
04:53 and I'll tell you one thing,
04:55 I will say this that
04:57 the third week of creation.
04:59 All right, Genesis 1:11
05:01 where God created the grass and the herbs,
05:05 and it's interesting to note that
05:06 God had the herbs already in place
05:08 before man was ever created.
05:10 Right.
05:11 So in case man should get sick, the herbs were already here.
05:14 And I'll quote Psalm 114:4,
05:18 104 well,
05:20 somewhere around there.
05:21 Well, 104:14 I think that's what it is,
05:24 Psalm 104:14, the Bible says,
05:26 "He causes the grass to grow for the cattle
05:29 and the herb for the service of man."
05:33 So herbs are for our service.
05:35 But I want to go to a text
05:37 and this is really
05:40 something that it's going to be an eye opener for some people.
05:43 But, you know, when birthday comes around,
05:45 we tend to give people gifts for their birthday.
05:49 Yes.
05:50 Your birthday is coming up, mine is coming up,
05:52 and yours is coming up as you watch us as well,
05:54 so we like to give gifts.
05:56 Well, the birthday of Jesus Christ came about
06:01 and so there were some wise men
06:02 who came and they brought gifts.
06:06 Yes, they did.
06:08 One of the gifts,
06:09 some of the gifts that they brought to Jesus
06:12 were herbs.
06:13 So let's go to Matthew Chapter 2,
06:17 I believe.
06:19 And we're gonna look at this gift
06:20 Matthew Chapter 2 and I want to read verse 11.
06:23 Matthew 2:11
06:26 the Bible says, "And when they were come
06:28 into the house, the wise men,
06:30 they saw the young Child with Mary His mother,
06:33 and fell down and worshiped Him.
06:35 And when they had opened their treasures..."
06:37 The word treasure in Greek
06:39 is more or less a miniature casket, a box
06:42 that treasures there and open that up,
06:45 "And these are the gift that it had.
06:47 And they presented them unto Jesus him gift,
06:51 and three gifts
06:53 gold, frankincense,
06:56 and myrrh."
06:59 All right, so now,
07:00 two of the three gifts
07:04 were herbs,
07:07 myrrh, and frankincense.
07:09 Yes.
07:10 And when you look at myrrh,
07:12 we're gonna highlight myrrh
07:13 and then we're gonna go to some other things as well.
07:15 I want everybody turn
07:16 to Esther 2:12
07:20 because when talking about herbal medicine,
07:23 there's also essential oils
07:26 in with herbal medicine as well.
07:27 Okay.
07:29 And so here in Esther 2:12
07:33 the Bible says, "And now when every maid's turn was come
07:36 to go in to king Ahasuerus,
07:39 after that she had been twelve months,
07:42 according to the manner of the women,
07:44 for so were
07:45 the days of their purifications accomplished, to wit,
07:50 six months with,"
07:52 there's that word again,
07:54 "oil of myrrh,
07:56 and six months with sweet odors."
08:00 Today, we call that essential oils,
08:05 the aroma, lavender, cinnamon,
08:08 and so they were using the herbs
08:10 and also in this text, essential oils as well.
08:12 And myrrh today is known to have
08:16 very powerful healing properties
08:19 as far as antimicrobial.
08:22 We're talking about staph infections.
08:24 We're talking about E.
08:25 coli, and all kinds of things like candida,
08:29 the oil of myrrh
08:31 even for wound healing.
08:33 So therefore the Word of God is clear far
08:35 as using herbal medicine
08:37 and essential oils back then and we use them even now today.
08:41 So God's Word is clear about
08:43 the use of not only herbal medicine
08:46 but also the essential oils.
08:49 I think you have some essential oils as well.
08:51 I'm just sort of like you saw how,
08:52 when you mentioned...
08:54 Yeah, that definitely got little excited.
08:55 Okay, okay.
08:56 There are two of my favorite ones.
08:58 Okay.
08:59 Like one of them is eucalyptus, eucalyptus spearmint.
09:00 Okay.
09:02 Which I like when I get kind of a little rushed, stressed.
09:03 Okay.
09:05 I just put that on
09:06 and it just kind of calms me down.
09:08 And the other one is lavender, vanilla.
09:10 Oh, lavender and vanilla, okay.
09:13 Lavender is one of those soothing herbs
09:16 that actually put you to sleep.
09:17 It sure does.
09:19 It helps you to just calm down and it have very nice aroma.
09:21 There are lot of other ones I like,
09:23 but those are my two most favorite.
09:24 The two more favorite ones, all right, all right.
09:26 And also, we're using this book,
09:29 the Seven Laws of Healing.
09:30 This is our workbook that we use
09:32 in our webinar that will be coming up shortly,
09:35 so all this information in here.
09:37 We're not going to cover of course
09:39 everything in our workbook
09:40 on this one for H for herbal medicine,
09:43 but we just gonna give you some highlights
09:44 as far as herbal medicine concerned.
09:47 But we'll always want to go with God's Word first
09:49 to lay the foundation for herbal medicine.
09:53 H for herbal medicine.
09:54 H for herbal medicine. Yes.
09:56 Okay, all right.
09:57 So I guess the question you said,
09:59 you already talk about what herbal medicine was about
10:01 and that's, but what about drugs?
10:03 Aren't drugs just as effective?
10:06 I mean, you know, when we're used to drugs
10:08 and now we're coming in with this herbal medicine.
10:10 So we're going to use that...
10:11 Is that together by itself in place of
10:15 or just how are we going to do that?
10:17 Well, first of all we need to understand...
10:19 Let's define herbal medicine.
10:21 First herbs, really,
10:24 herbal medicine is actually any part of a plant.
10:28 Okay.
10:29 They can be a stem, a flower,
10:32 a leaf, the fruit,
10:35 a bark, a root,
10:38 all of those can be called, "Herbal medicine,"
10:42 sometimes known as botanical medicine
10:46 because we're talking about true botany.
10:49 Okay. All right.
10:51 And so therefore,
10:52 now with herbal medicine and drugs
10:55 there's a powerful statement that one of the authors
10:59 that we're going to highlight throughout this series
11:02 is Ellen White.
11:03 She's a Christian author
11:04 and she's written many books on healthful living,
11:07 a lot of information on herbal medicine as well.
11:09 And she has a powerful statement for us
11:11 on herbal medicine
11:12 in relationship to drug therapy.
11:14 Let's go to screen at this time,
11:15 and this is what she says,
11:19 "The Lord has given herbs
11:22 used intelligently,
11:25 would have recovered many sick people
11:28 who have died
11:30 under drug medication."
11:35 The Selected Messages, Book 2, page 294.
11:40 So she's saying a lot of times
11:41 people may use drugs and that's fine,
11:44 but a lot of times,
11:46 it's more efficacious and we're gonna look
11:47 at some clinical studies about
11:49 how a lot of herbs are even more efficacious
11:53 and doesn't have the baleful side effects
11:56 as drugs have
11:58 and it's not poisonous to the system
12:00 if used properly and intelligently.
12:02 Well, I think the thing is also good to note also
12:05 and when you're studying and looking at the book
12:07 and that is that
12:08 when we talk about a lot of people want the drug
12:10 because of the instance.
12:11 Yeah.
12:12 You know, instantly that's what you're supposed to be doing,
12:14 every four hours,
12:15 every two hours, you're taking it.
12:16 But in this case, we talked about herbal medicine
12:18 is gonna take a longer time.
12:19 Yes, it is.
12:21 Okay, but more effective and no side effects.
12:23 Yeah. That's what I like.
12:25 I think that's why herbal medicine
12:26 is really booming
12:27 because they don't have the baleful side effects,
12:30 it's very cost effective as well,
12:32 and it's more mild on the system
12:34 because since we come from the earth,
12:36 the herbs come directly from earth,
12:38 is more synergistically more efficacious
12:40 than the medication that synthesize.
12:43 Okay, so here's my question.
12:44 And, of course, you know,
12:45 people want to ask the question,
12:47 so how can they actually learn more about herbs?
12:49 Well, there's one company out there,
12:50 it's called the American Botanical Council,
12:56 ABC, American Botanical Council.
13:00 I've been a member of that organization
13:01 for over 20 years.
13:03 It's the number one organization in United States
13:06 as far as herbal medicine is concerned.
13:09 They have a lot of information in monographs, and books,
13:12 and journals, and periodicals.
13:15 One journal called the HerbalGram
13:17 been out there for over 20 years,
13:19 peer reviewed medical studies on herbal medicine
13:22 on a professional level.
13:23 They even have for those in the medical profession.
13:26 They even have now a PDF,
13:29 Physicians' Desk Reference PDR,
13:32 PDF, I'm still on my computer,
13:34 a PDR Physicians' Desk Reference
13:38 on herbal medicine,
13:41 that's highly resourced as well.
13:42 So you can Google that as well.
13:44 But there's a lot of information
13:45 that people get from herbal medicine
13:47 on a professional level.
13:49 So it's all out and available to us,
13:50 and it's everywhere?
13:52 Yeah, now I know just a little bit
13:53 before we go into the kitchen
13:55 'cause I know that, I know you are now
13:58 at the time of this taping away,
13:59 a 12 year cancer survivor
14:01 and, of course, causes wants you to do
14:03 the lot of the medication, chemotherapy, radiation,
14:07 and hormone therapy, Herceptin, HER2 and...
14:11 While you were saying that, I could hear him clapping
14:13 because every time we do a program
14:15 or every time we're somewhere
14:16 and someone hears the next year...
14:18 Next year.
14:19 The experience that I'm in, you know, they're like, oh,
14:21 you're moving up there,
14:22 they all just start clapping real loud
14:24 and stuff so I can hear you clapping
14:25 and I can hear you clapping back
14:28 because I am praise the Lord, a 12 years survivor.
14:30 And Ambeka.
14:32 Okay, just calling out people's names, huh?
14:33 It's okay. Okay, it's okay.
14:34 I think they'll be all right. Yeah.
14:36 So because our, and we use our...
14:38 So immunotherapy is the thing
14:40 that we use with my wife along with other things too,
14:42 that we have probably mentioned throughout the series
14:44 of this program.
14:45 But one of the things we mentioned with you
14:47 is that we use Astragalus.
14:50 Yes.
14:51 And that Astragalus is used
14:53 in Chinese oncologist for many years.
14:56 Astragalus, it helps to boost the immune system.
15:00 I think after about six months on your lab report,
15:03 your white blood cell count actually doubled.
15:05 Yes, yes.
15:06 And so they're powerful, Astragalus,
15:08 liquid extracts, alcohol free.
15:10 And 'cause what Astragalus does,
15:13 folks, this is amazing.
15:16 Number one it increases the T cells.
15:19 Now T cells, manufacturing the thymus,
15:21 T for thymus and also stimulates
15:24 the natural killer cells.
15:27 And these natural killer cells are like natural bodyguards
15:31 with killer instinct.
15:33 They open up the cell of the cancer cell
15:36 is spewing some substance
15:38 and cause the cancer cells to commit suicide,
15:42 so Astragalus was one of the things that we did,
15:44 in addition to other things as well.
15:46 So herbal medicine is out there and very efficacious
15:49 without virtually no side effects.
15:50 It did its job.
15:52 But once again, when you talked about,
15:53 you know, in a Book of Genesis about God
15:55 and the creation of the herbs.
15:57 And so the herbs are there, and they're available to us.
15:59 Absolutely.
16:01 And unfortunately sometime
16:02 with the drug situation they actually are...
16:03 They actually have at the beginning,
16:05 it might have an herbal part in that actual drug itself.
16:07 Right.
16:09 Basically, the drug is the one that's the strongest,
16:11 so that's only one of the ones
16:15 because once we were diagnosed that you discovered
16:18 that we needed to actually go to work.
16:20 So remember now, I denied the chemo,
16:23 the radiation hormone treatment.
16:24 So that meant that I needed to do something.
16:26 I want you to know that I didn't just sit around
16:28 and did you do these
16:29 and just act like everything was okay.
16:31 You know, I did a lot of praying,
16:32 I did a lot of talking to the father
16:33 about what was going on
16:35 and then he began to give information
16:36 to both Curtis and myself as to where to go.
16:39 And through your research, we began using it.
16:41 And as I was going through my time
16:43 'cause each time every...
16:44 At first every three months,
16:46 I had to go in and have my blood checked
16:48 after my surgery.
16:50 And so with that in mind,
16:51 each time we would go back the blood work
16:53 was getting better and better and better.
16:55 So to God be the glory.
16:56 To God be the glory, great things He has done.
16:59 Yes.
17:00 We're not going to cover everything.
17:01 Again, this is just a summary of H for herbal medicine.
17:05 Like I said before, we do have a webinar
17:07 that we give you the email address,
17:09 we'll be going to the kitchen how you can go on this list
17:11 so you get more in depth information
17:13 about herbal medicine.
17:15 The top 15 herbs in detail everything like that.
17:18 Let's go into the kitchen, Honey, and what we got
17:20 for the restaurant, for the day.
17:21 Well, you know, we're going in the kitchen
17:23 and because of the fact that we talk about herbal medicine
17:24 all of our foods we're going to be doing
17:26 through this whole series is all going to be foods
17:27 that have herbs in them.
17:29 Oh, okay.
17:30 Rich in herbs, this is gonna be our spicy red beans
17:32 and yellow rice.
17:34 Get your paper and your pencil and meet us in the kitchen.


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