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00:01 Now look at this. All right.
00:04 Okay. Welcome back.
00:05 So you know we put it in the oven,
00:07 but we've put it in,
00:09 what's originally gonna be coming out,
00:10 and that is...
00:12 A skillet. A skill...
00:13 A black skillet, all right?
00:14 And you see how those on the greens on it.
00:16 I see that on the top, yeah.
00:17 You can actually see it.
00:19 This is a really good cornbread by the way.
00:20 It really is, yes.
00:21 And I know you probably said to yourself,
00:23 "I'm looking at that cornbread.
00:24 I'm trying to figure out why she has that there as well."
00:25 Well, the reason I put this is to just give you an idea
00:28 that when you're doing your cornbread,
00:30 then you also want do something
00:31 like that lentil stew or some kind of a soup or stew
00:34 to go along with that and also a salad.
00:37 Now of course lentil stew is in our cookbook.
00:39 All right. Okay.
00:41 Sounds good. And so put that in mind.
00:42 So any testing, tasting, of these.
00:44 No, testing tasting on this particular program.
00:47 Not this one? No.
00:48 Maybe next time around?
00:49 Maybe next time. Maybe next time?
00:51 It depends. It depends.
00:53 Depends on what?
00:55 You don't want to say it on camera.
00:58 Okay, anyway.
01:00 So anyway,
01:01 there's this stew in the cookbook.
01:03 We said a lot on drugs, the dark side of drugs.
01:07 And a lot of people are taking medication.
01:10 A lot of people just don't want to take medication.
01:12 They do anything other than to take medication,
01:15 a lot of people are taking blood pressure medication,
01:18 diabetes medication,
01:20 medications for pain and for arthritis, for cancer,
01:26 and for a lot of things out there.
01:28 So if you stay with us,
01:30 we're going to reveal some things
01:31 that we can do from a natural perspective,
01:35 plant based,
01:37 other lifestyle factors that can simply, hopefully,
01:41 ease the need of medication with the help and knowledge
01:45 of your healthcare professionals.
01:47 Absolutely.
01:49 Because, remember, as I said before,
01:50 disease from lifestyle is one disease
01:55 but disease from side effects of taking drugs,
01:58 that disease is the most incurable
02:02 and the most stubborn, those diseases there.
02:04 So as always, John 10:10, Jesus said,
02:08 "I have come that they might have life
02:11 and have it more abundantly."
02:15 See you next time.


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