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00:01 Now, you know, we talk about all those drugs.
00:04 Yes, we do. It's like a whole lot.
00:06 So now, so now, I know you're saying...
00:07 I wonder if they're gonna cook anything?
00:09 Well, yeah,
00:10 we are definitely going to cook something.
00:11 But no drugs in these recipes.
00:13 No. All good food. All good food.
00:14 Yeah, but the main thing is that
00:16 whenever we're doing our foods here at 3ABN
00:18 is that we are looking at the foods
00:19 that people are used to eating but in a healthier format.
00:22 So we're not taking away some of the foods they like.
00:25 We give them something better.
00:26 That's right. Something better.
00:27 Okay. All right.
00:29 So this one is a fantastic recipe.
00:30 Okay. Let's go to the ingredients.
00:32 All right, honey.
00:34 Parmesan green onion skillet.
00:37 It calls for...
01:09 And we always cook,
01:11 use that vegetable cooking spray
01:12 to spray our pan.
01:13 Okay. What I'm saying...
01:15 Now you have a few other ingredients.
01:17 I'd like to just kind of highlight them right now
01:19 because there may be some ingredients
01:20 people are not familiar with.
01:22 Okay.
01:23 And so one is the vegan parmesan alternative.
01:26 Now there's different...
01:29 Lots of new ones in the market. Vegans out there, okay?
01:30 Lots of new cheeses are in the market.
01:32 Do you know what this... This one...
01:33 That one is called Follow Your Heart.
01:35 That's the title of it. Follow Your Heart.
01:36 "Follow Your Heart" is title of the vegan parmesan.
01:38 And that's what we have right here.
01:40 And that's going... It's already in strands, okay.
01:42 Already shredded. Does it have other...
01:43 They have blocks too,
01:44 but you want shredded for this particular one.
01:46 Shredded, okay.
01:47 But other flavors other than the parmesan.
01:49 Yes. Okay, good. All right.
01:50 And then also we're using the Florida crystals.
01:52 Okay, now we...
01:54 Make a list for the grocery store now.
01:55 With less processed.
01:57 Absolutely less processed,
01:58 and we're using aluminum-free baking powder
02:00 Now let's explain, why aluminum free?
02:02 Well, we've talked before about
02:04 that fact on the show, you know,
02:05 those of you who have been watching
02:06 Abundant Living know, that we talked about the fact
02:08 that we're gonna use the baking powder,
02:09 we're gonna use aluminum free
02:10 because the aluminum free causes some issues.
02:12 Okay.
02:13 So that's out there on the market too
02:14 in your regular grocery stores. Regular, okay.
02:16 And... Go to health food stores.
02:17 We're also using a whole wheat pastry flour.
02:19 And once again, we told you before
02:20 about the fact that a whole wheat pastry flour
02:21 is similar to a regular flour, but it's wheat,
02:26 it's called a summer wheat, all right?
02:28 And so it has the same kind of texture
02:30 as a regular white flour.
02:31 Okay.
02:32 I don't want to use whole wheat flour
02:34 because it's too strong and it's too thick
02:36 for this particular recipe.
02:37 Now that also at the regular food store chain.
02:40 Not necessarily in the health food store.
02:42 And then lastly, I'm using almond milk.
02:44 And I know there are some of you out there that say,
02:45 "Well, you know, Paul, I can't do the almond milk."
02:47 Okay, well, then you can use soy milk.
02:49 And if you don't use soy milk,
02:50 you can use rice milk, all right?
02:52 So the bottom line is that
02:53 you do have to have one of those,
02:55 either soy, almond, or rice, okay?
02:57 Now if they don't have either one of those,
02:59 then you won't be doing this recipe.
03:01 Well, I don't...
03:02 It might be part of this recipe.
03:03 Well, because of the fact
03:05 that we're not doing whole milk.
03:06 We're not doing any milks at all because...
03:08 And we'll talk about that later once we do our programming,
03:11 and that is that we don't do the whole milk.
03:12 So we're doing either soy, almond, or rice milk
03:15 as our alternatives, okay?
03:17 Cut back this cholesterol,
03:18 the fat and all that, which is totally...
03:19 And the sodium as well. Okay.
03:21 So what we're gonna be doing, so quick and easy.
03:23 I love this recipe.
03:25 You can make it into muffins and/or regular cornbread.
03:28 Like we're gonna do it...
03:29 but we're gonna make it in a skillet, okay?
03:30 So what you're gonna do is
03:32 you're gonna chop those up for me,
03:33 the green onions.
03:34 I'm gonna just start putting in the ingredients.
03:36 I'm going to put in first my cornmeal.
03:37 All right.
03:39 And then I'm gonna put in my pastry flour.
03:44 And then I'm gonna put in my Florida crystals.
03:50 I don't remember you preparing this meal for me, have you?
03:53 This is a brand new recipe. Brand new.
03:55 Okay. Yes, it is.
03:56 So went to Target, the three brand,
03:58 tried to use...
03:59 That is a true statement.
04:00 That is a true statement. Uh-huh.
04:02 And we put it in the aluminum free.
04:03 Now you've actually had...
04:05 you've had these cornbreads before.
04:07 But this is the first time... But not this one.
04:09 You've actually had the parmesan and green onions.
04:11 I think the last time I did it, I did it with tarragon.
04:13 You can do so many things
04:15 when you're actually using cornbread
04:17 or making your cornbread recipes up.
04:19 You could put so much inside of that, okay?
04:21 We're gonna be adding in now the salt.
04:25 I'm gonna then add in...
04:27 Oh, yeah, some red pepper flakes.
04:29 Gives a little kick to it. Yeah.
04:31 Just a little kick.
04:33 I'm going to tuck the green onions in.
04:35 You want to put these in? No, no, no.
04:36 Those are garnishing.
04:38 Oh, just for garnish, okay. All right.
04:39 And then we're gonna put in the parmesan.
04:41 Vegan parmesan. Vegan parmesan.
04:43 Alternative.
04:45 Now if you notice...
04:47 Get that last...
04:48 everybody in the bowl. Okay.
04:50 You notice that I have my oil and also my milk.
04:54 So I've got three tablespoons of olive oil.
04:57 I'm gonna put it into the milk.
04:59 Oh, okay. Okay, put it in the milk.
05:02 And then I'm just gonna stir it up a little bit.
05:04 Okay, now with most cornbread recipes
05:07 almost like biscuit recipes,
05:08 you're not gonna go crazy stirring it a whole lot,
05:10 you're just gonna stir it up and down.
05:11 Let's not go crazy. You're not gonna lead on one.
05:13 You know, it's okay because you know...
05:15 It's got that flour in it, so you want to be careful.
05:18 So you just slowly pour it in as you stir.
05:19 You slowly pour it in.
05:21 Okay. All right.
05:23 Oh, you can hold it? You want to hold it?
05:25 And you can just pour as I go around the bowl.
05:28 Just a little bit, not a lot.
05:29 Okay. Okay.
05:31 All right. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.
05:33 Look at that.
05:34 This is gonna work here.
05:37 And you want to make sure you get all the wet stuff...
05:40 I mean the dry stuff completely,
05:41 completely immersed in that milk itself.
05:45 There you go.
05:48 Now you see that texture, you see that looking...
05:49 You can see that the...
05:53 You're gonna make this in...
05:55 You're gonna make this in that pan there.
05:57 I'm gonna make it in this pan, but at the end of the program,
06:00 because it's done a skillet cornbread...
06:01 That's right. It did say skillet.
06:03 We're gonna bring it in. Oh, yeah.
06:05 So you're gonna make it in a pan,
06:06 but you can make it in a skillet.
06:07 You can make it... Absolutely. Once you...
06:09 I know you got a black skillet at home.
06:11 If you got a black skillet at home,
06:12 this is the opportune time to use it
06:15 for this cornbread, okay?
06:16 So you already made one in a skillet,
06:19 but make this here in this pan
06:21 and then we have one already prepared.
06:25 Already ready to go.
06:26 That would be the one in a skillet.
06:28 The temperature of the oven is 400 degrees.
06:30 And it cooks for about 25 minutes.
06:33 Yeah.
06:35 Look at that. Okay, excellent.
06:37 It's gonna have a good flavor to it.
06:39 Now when would you put in the garnish of the other...
06:42 I'm going to...
06:44 Believe it or not,
06:45 what you have right there in front of you
06:46 is actually going on right now.
06:48 Oh, right now? Okay.
06:49 So put that under the shelf for me.
06:51 No, we're not gonna sprinkle it,
06:52 we have to sprinkle it on.
06:54 Oh, okay. Sprinkle a little bit for me.
06:55 We want to just put it on the top.
06:58 Okay, just sprinkle it around a top
07:01 so that when it comes out,
07:02 it's actually...
07:04 In little spots, little spaces there.
07:06 See. Okay.
07:08 And there you have it. All right.
07:09 It's going in the oven at 400 degrees.
07:11 In about 25 minutes,
07:13 it will be nice and golden brown.
07:14 When we come back,
07:16 you will see the finished product,
07:17 so stay by.


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