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00:02 Well, we welcome you back, welcome back.
00:04 We're gong to go to our very next recipe
00:07 which is a Skillet Shepherds Pie, okay.
00:10 Let's look at the ingredients, it calls for:
00:39 Okay Curtis, this is another real good one.
00:40 I'm gonna to go ahead and get the,
00:42 get our fire started up, and notice in this one,
00:46 shepherds pie. Shepherds pie is another real
00:48 good one, one that people are used to as well.
00:50 And I'm gonna to put in first of all lets
00:55 start up by putting in, this is the crumbles
01:00 we're gonna go ahead and put in the burger
01:01 crumbles, no oil, no, okay. And we're gonna put
01:04 in the beans, the red kidney beans, kidney beans,
01:08 okay, because the thing that's going to
01:10 give us the liquid we need to have is going
01:11 to be that chunky salsa. So let's go ahead
01:14 and start pouring that salsa in, okay,
01:17 alright why is it called a shepherd's pie?
01:20 Okay you know the shepherds pie that name
01:21 originally started when individuals used to have
01:24 let says meat, okay, and they would do like
01:27 a pot roast on a Sunday and there will be some
01:30 pot roast left over, okay, and so what
01:32 would happen well they will take the actual
01:34 little pieces of the pot roast, add to it the
01:37 kidney beans and the carrots and other corn
01:40 and all that and then they would actually make up
01:42 this shepherds pie and the main thing is the mash
01:45 potatoes that goes on top of it, oh okay.
01:47 This is called a skillet shepherds pie it's a
01:49 little bit different. So your not turning
01:50 on the oven. No turning the oven on this one,
01:52 okay, alright. Go ahead and lets put the corn in,
01:54 okay. All the goodies and then let's get
02:00 the carrots, shredded carrots, you're gonna
02:02 see this is a lot of like we, you know,
02:06 you say left over's however you can see
02:08 I am using all fresh ingredients okay.
02:11 We're gonna stir that around. These are fresh
02:13 leftovers. I am going to go stir it around
02:16 and as you already said Curtis basically
02:18 when you're talking about doing this particular
02:21 shepherds pie you always like put into a
02:24 casserole dish and then you take your mashed
02:25 potatoes and put it on top, put a little bit cheese
02:28 on it. We're gonna be using a soy Parmesan
02:30 cheese and then you actually just put it in
02:31 the oven for about 25 minutes at 325 degrees,
02:34 but this is called a skillet shepherds pie
02:36 which mean we're gonna make it on top of
02:38 the stove, okay, oh okay, on the top
02:40 of the stove, okay on top. Okay,
02:41 now we've already done the mash potatoes
02:43 because of expediency sake, the mash potatoes
02:46 are ready to go and what happens is once
02:48 this cooks up, and once again it doesn't take
02:51 a long time because remember now the meat
02:52 is already done, and I'm just gonna turn
02:54 this down a little bit more, a little bit more.
02:58 You got the nice clean scoop, I got my scoop
03:01 ready to go, and this one here I like because
03:04 you actually make it on top of the stove,
03:08 look at the color. So it just stays in the skillet.
03:10 It stays in the skillet, skillet shepherds pie,
03:13 skillet shepherds pie what we do is as
03:15 it comes to it like a boil you can see
03:17 it's starting already to get your bubbles
03:18 going on then you would actually just take
03:20 your scoop, and you would just put in,
03:26 I want to do one of those. Okay,
03:28 I'll give you the things you can do one,
03:30 okay. Okay, alright, turn it down even more.
03:42 Alright, and one more? Yup.
03:46 How am I doing honey. You're doing fine,
03:48 you scooping it down and what's happening
03:50 is your messing with the aesthetics of.
03:53 Oh so I am missing things up a little bit.
03:55 Well you know you want the potato to be,
03:57 oh, where the potato is, oh okay.
04:00 Maybe I am at a bad angle maybe that's
04:02 the reason why. That could be, it could be,
04:03 it could be, you know what I am saying
04:05 it could be, I think it's the angle.
04:06 Yeah it's the angle, yeah it's the angle baby.
04:09 Put one there yeah, and then we're gonna
04:11 put one in the middle, so that when a person
04:17 scoops up their shepherds pie they get most of the,
04:20 they get some, mash potatoes as well,
04:22 mash potatoes, and you can see
04:24 this is quick and easy, has a wonderful,
04:26 wonderful flavor, yeah, okay now I want to
04:29 sprinkle on top of it, yes, a little bit of
04:31 the Parmesan, soy Parmesan alternative,
04:35 there you go. You're working it now baby,
04:37 you're working it, okay. And you know what
04:41 we've done these two recipes.
04:44 Now someone asked a question is there going
04:46 to be a desert? And the answer is yes.
04:49 We're gonna to be doing some chewy
04:50 bran bars and let's go to the ingredients.
04:53 It calls for:
05:16 Now, this is a real good flavor and it's one
05:18 of desserts you can actually cook on top
05:20 of the stove. We don't have to turn it over
05:21 on once again, talk about meals in minutes,
05:23 oh yeah, fixing things up real quick.
05:24 Now this one here Curtis believe
05:26 it or not shredded wheat, yes,
05:28 wheat bran cereal. You can use it on carob
05:30 for shredded wheat, you know it says
05:32 nothing to it, no taste, no sugar, yeah.
05:34 Some people say it's like hay, but there's a
05:36 new one shredded we got in market this is just
05:38 a itty bitty whole bran, whole bran cereal,
05:43 bran cereal and shredded wheat family,
05:44 so you just crunch them up.
05:45 Yeah, as a matter of fact I got a couple for you,
05:48 here you go. Okay what I am supposed to.
05:51 You're actually going to just crumble it up,
05:53 Oh, okay. watch your hand.
05:58 Okay, I'm gonna to give you these to do as well,
06:01 because I am going to go ahead and turn
06:02 the stove on how about that.
06:04 Okay, so regular bran cereal,
06:07 regular bran cereal, it's a good thing
06:11 it doesn't have taste to it or just kind of bland,
06:13 so you can just bland, so you can just
06:15 whatever add to that, yeah, yeah, yeah,
06:17 there's another one okay, okay,
06:19 and if you will give me a spoon here,
06:21 alright we will take the spoon.
06:23 I going to go ahead and put in the margarine,
06:25 we've got to melt that margarine,
06:27 soy margarine, non hydrogenated, at first.
06:28 And then as that's melting we're gonna go
06:30 ahead and add in give me a spatula baby.
06:32 We're gonna add in the peanut butter.
06:35 Can you use this, you're gonna,
06:36 this is all natural peanut butter that we're using
06:38 as well. And ingredients you just add peanuts
06:41 and little salt that's about it.
06:42 That's all, that's all, natural peanut butter,
06:44 natural peanut butter, yes. Okay.
06:46 And we're gonna to go ahead
06:48 and add in the honey, alright.
06:52 And this is actually gonna come to a boil
06:54 believe it or not, it's all gonna melt
06:57 and it's gonna form, it's gonna bubble up
06:59 on us, chewy bran bars, chewy bran bars,
07:03 from the bran cereal, as your base.
07:06 Good way to get that in, good way to get
07:08 that combination in. Let me, hold that for me
07:10 and we're gonna go ahead and stir
07:12 this around a little bit. Now, believe it or not,
07:15 if you can't find a bran cereal that's out
07:19 you can do regular shredded wheat,
07:21 you do a shredded wheat and then you're gonna
07:23 crumble it up as well, and then you can use a
07:24 little bit of bran flakes. And if you do bran,
07:28 I had the same problem before with this
07:31 bran flakes, I got you baby. You do that
07:34 also as well, but you would use 1 tbsp of
07:37 the bran flakes in there okay, okay.
07:39 I am just actually mixing this around here,
07:41 and it's gonna start bubbling into a
07:43 few minutes. So this would make the bran
07:46 kind of stick together. It help to make the bran stick
07:48 together, help to make it stick together.
07:49 Okay and notice now I am using coriander
07:51 in place of cinnamon, cinnamon can become
07:54 irritant so. For the delicate linings
07:56 of the stomach. And it also goes very well
07:58 with this particular dessert, okay. Curtis,
08:02 go ahead on okay, it's about to come
08:04 to a boil and I want you to go ahead
08:05 and add in now the vanilla, this is vanilla
08:07 that has no alcohol, alcohol free,
08:11 alcohol free, alright. And then, and you know,
08:15 give me that spatula 'cause some of the
08:17 peanut butter on the edge of mine,
08:19 just put it in there, okay. We don't want
08:21 to stick that in, because I don't want it to melt,
08:22 oh okay. Lets just take and do this,
08:24 yeah good move baby, okay, alright.
08:27 And then we're gonna add in the coriander
08:32 and the last that 1/8th salt, salt, okay.
08:36 Oh that smells good, doesn't that smell good,
08:38 okay, now, I usually put all this in the pot
08:42 at one time but so you can see what's going on,
08:44 what I'm gonna to do is I'm gonna to turn
08:46 this stove off 'cause once it comes to a boil
08:47 you're gonna turn it off, okay, we don't want
08:49 that peanut butter stuff to burn.
08:50 Now, we're gonna go ahead on and add to that,
08:53 lets put the raisins in, in there,
08:56 okay. 1½ c. of raisins going in, alright,
09:02 and we're gonna go ahead on and put
09:04 in the walnuts okay. Now this smells good,
09:08 oh yes it does. Alright, okay, it is kicking,
09:13 and I usually just take and stir it around
09:14 a little bit and get that mixed in because
09:15 we're getting ready to take all of this,
09:17 and put it in no, no. In there, put it in
09:21 with the cereal, oh I see. Get that,
09:24 mix it all, give me that spatula so we get all
09:26 the goodies, all the goodies, okay. And,
09:31 I'm gonna let you start stirring that up too,
09:33 make sure we get it all. It's gonna be a good
09:39 dessert here. Let me get a harder spoon,
09:42 you want a, this one, do this one,
09:45 no I want you at the end, okay, okay.
09:47 Now you're gonna take in all the goodies out,
09:50 you got anything else in there we got it all.
09:52 Well we got just a little bit but okay it's not
09:55 going to make that much of a difference,
09:56 I don't think baby. Maybe I'll just keep this
09:59 here so I can lift the pie. Okay,
10:01 what I am gonna to do is just mix this together,
10:05 and believe it or not you'll mix it and then
10:08 we're gonna transfer it into that 8/8 dish,
10:11 alright. We're gonna mix this altogether
10:14 and you know what we're gonna to go away.
10:16 When we come back you will see everything
10:19 we prepared to, we have prepared today,
10:21 so stay by.


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