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00:01 Often times, when you see me in the kitchen
00:03 by myself that means it's gonna be an all
00:05 cooking show. Now people always say to me Paula,
00:09 when you're doing those cooking schools
00:11 and I've just changed over to a plant-based
00:13 diet I have no idea what I am gonna be fixing.
00:16 Well you wanna to make sure you get your paper
00:18 and your pencil and you wanna ring somebody
00:21 on the phone and tell them that
00:22 'The Abundant Living' show is on
00:23 and we are doing meals In minutes, stay by.
00:54 Welcome to Abundant Living.
00:56 We are glad to be here today with you
00:58 and I hope you got your paper and pencils
01:00 because it is an all cooking show,
01:02 all cooking. I am Paula Eakins
01:03 and this is my husband Curtis Eakins.
01:07 Good to be here. You know a lot,
01:12 meals in minutes. Yeah meals in minutes,
01:13 a lot of times people will say that they're making
01:15 that switch. I'm switching over to vegetarian diet,
01:18 and I just do not have enough recipes
01:20 or I don't know what to do and basically
01:22 I remember when I made the switch over,
01:25 I was also perplexed and trying to figure out
01:27 where I was going with this,
01:29 and then my daughter, our daughter came along
01:30 and said mother, that's right,
01:32 why you do the recipes you've always done
01:33 just change out the ingredients.
01:35 So, we began changing things out,
01:37 regular milk for soy milk or rice milk
01:39 or almond milk. We began changing out
01:41 of whole grains you know the brown rice
01:44 and the whole wheat bread. As we began
01:46 switching things out, whole flours,
01:48 all those kind of things you know,
01:50 we began to just assimilate, or move into
01:52 vegetarian diet, so much, so that. It was,
01:57 it was a gradual process, really.
01:58 It was a gradual process. You know bit by bit,
01:59 inch by inch, anything's a cinch. Oh we did it on
02:03 time that was really, really good,
02:05 okay. And so, with that in mind this show
02:07 is actually called meals in minutes because
02:10 it's basically recipes you've always used,
02:13 but in a healthier type of a format.
02:16 That's the one thing that I like the most,
02:18 okay. Good and it looks like something that most
02:20 people are used to eating too.
02:21 That's what we always say in our cooking schools,
02:23 if we prepare food that no one has ever seen
02:26 before and does look strange. We really are not
02:30 gonna probably get to many takers.
02:31 So our theme in our cooking schools are never
02:34 serve your family strange foods.
02:40 So you think about that, then it's better to get
02:43 things that people are used to seeing,
02:44 yeah, just like our very first recipe Curtis
02:46 that we're gonna be using on the show today
02:48 it's a Tamale Pie. Oh okay,
02:50 lets go to the ingredients, alright.
02:53 It calls for:
03:20 Now, this is a real good recipe, a familiar recipe,
03:23 tamale pie. Yes, okay, sure is.
03:24 And just different ingredients,
03:26 so what I want you to do start off with is,
03:27 I want you to go ahead and cut the onion
03:29 into chunks for me if you don't mind doing that,
03:32 and I'm gonna to go ahead and get my stove ready.
03:36 Using a couple of items that perhaps
03:38 they have not seen before and that is we got
03:41 the mock beef crumbles that we're using for
03:44 stimulation of ground beef but it's not ground
03:47 beef at all. And we also are using in this recipe
03:52 the soy Parmesan alternative,
03:54 which is also an imitation of cheese that we're
03:56 using in a recipe as well. I'm gonna go ahead
03:58 and get the fire going. There are different
04:04 mock burger crumbles on the market, absolutely.
04:07 You have frozen, and so I guess it depends
04:09 on what texture you're looking for.
04:11 Yeah depending on texture you're looking for.
04:15 This is a frozen and you can find it
04:16 in the breakfast section of the freezer,
04:19 the freezer section in your grocery store.
04:22 Okay, okay where you have the breakfast items.
04:25 I'm putting in the oil right now,
04:28 and I'm gonna to need spatula baby,
04:30 okay, okay and we're going to let that get hot
04:33 and then you're gonna put that in as well.
04:35 Let's get this, it gets hot little bit,
04:38 a little bit. And people are used to tamale pie,
04:39 tamale pie, okay. Now, this recipe is gonna be
04:43 calling for let's go ahead and put the,
04:44 let's put the onions on it, okay, okay onion chunks.
04:50 It's too big, no it's fine, and usually what
04:53 I like to do is let it just sauté it for a few
04:55 minutes because remember now tamale pie
04:58 is gonna to go into the oven and bake.
05:01 We've got a cornbread, dressing that's gonna
05:04 to go with this, we're doing a batter,
05:05 that's gonna go with this as well,
05:07 so you don't have to cook every thing
05:08 from the very beginning because it will bake.
05:12 It will cook as it bakes in the oven.
05:14 Also, the crumbles, I want you to know
05:16 that the burger crumbles are already done.
05:17 And so it's just a matter of just kind of sautéing
05:20 them in with the onions that actually make
05:24 it help to come back to life or give it the flavor
05:27 it needs to have as well, okay.
05:28 Now I'm gonna go ahead on and
05:30 put in the crumbles. Now can you use someone
05:35 use TVP textured vegetable protein,
05:39 Yes, yes? Now let me just say that,
05:41 the TVP is also in your better grocery stores now,
05:44 it's a dry mixture, you can get it
05:46 in a dark brown color to represent beef
05:48 or you can get it in a light color to represent
05:51 that of chicken, okay and with that is one cup
05:53 of the dry item to one cup of hot water,
05:57 okay. And this is making a sizzling sound,
05:59 so let's just go ahead and turn this down
06:00 a little bit, here we go, because all of the other
06:04 ingredients are gonna to go in here Curtis
06:06 believe it or not, okay, okay. Let's go ahead on
06:08 and put in, I want you to go ahead now,
06:11 let's go ahead and put the diced tomatoes in,
06:14 okay it's also very colorful item.
06:18 All the goodies, all the goodies, all the goodies,
06:20 okay. And then we're gonna go ahead
06:22 and put in the corn. Now, this is frozen corn
06:25 or frozen corn, canned corn, whatever's available
06:29 to you, I like to always do frozen first,
06:32 and then also fresh and then can,
06:35 in that order, in that order, okay,
06:37 in that order. The nutritional value also,
06:39 and we're gonna go ahead on and put
06:41 in the tomato sauce. It looks very good now
06:45 and colorful. Okay, very colorful
06:47 and get your spatula, baby get a spatula,
06:49 okay. and then we're gonna just scoop it
06:53 it all in there. Yes baby, okay and
06:56 then we're gonna to go ahead and put
06:57 in the black olives. This is my favorite.
07:02 And these are already sliced up,
07:03 and I've already counted all the olives
07:05 just in case. You have counted each one, yeah.
07:07 Are you sure about that. Just in case,
07:08 I think I did, I believe I did, that's all
07:11 I can say. And then we're gonna go ahead
07:14 and put in also, just go ahead and
07:17 put chili powder, it's what gives
07:19 that flavor to it as well. Alright,
07:21 sprinkle it on top. It gives a nice little
07:23 kick to it. Alright, chili powder,
07:29 okay. Now this is the soy, this is the alternative,
07:33 this is not cheese; it is an alternative
07:35 to cheese. It smells like Parmesan,
07:37 I'm gonna to put just a half of this into
07:40 the mix, cholesterol free,
07:42 it's cholesterol free. We're gonna to put
07:44 some more on top, okay, oh okay.
07:48 See how that smells, yeah very good,
07:50 very good, very good. Turn the fire up.
07:52 Now, I'm gonna put the lid on, oh okay,
07:54 because I'm gonna talk about the other part
07:56 that goes with this because this is just the
07:58 filling okay, oh okay. We put that top on,
08:03 and I would say it would go for about maybe,
08:05 about maybe 8 to 10 minutes on low,
08:08 just to kind of get that seasoning in
08:10 and you know what, because the batter
08:12 that we're gonna be doing in a
08:13 few minutes is very, very important here.
08:15 Normally what we do is we let this cool
08:17 completely down, so that when you put it
08:19 in the batter it's not so hot that it could cause
08:23 a problem when you're trying to bake up
08:24 the actual tamale pie, but because of 3ABN TV
08:26 we're going to just you know skip that part
08:29 of the cooling down, oh okay and we're gonna
08:30 move into the batter. So Curtis, let's go to
08:34 the ingredients, okay. Alright, the Crust:
08:58 Now, I really like this one because we're using
09:03 once again cornmeal that is not degermed alright,
09:08 okay. So it's good whole cornmeal,
09:09 we're also using pastry flour.
09:10 Now let's talk about the pastry flour,
09:12 because it looks white and so people may think its
09:15 white flour even though you say whole wheat
09:16 pastry flour. Whole wheat pastry flour is actually
09:19 called a summer wheat, you have the 100 percent
09:21 whole wheat and then you have your summer wheat's
09:23 and the pastry flour is a part of that group.
09:25 It's got a light texture almost like that
09:27 of white flour except the germ is still available
09:29 still there, so it's called a pastry flour
09:32 and it's more pliable when you're trying to make
09:35 Pie Crust or fillings much more than 100 percent
09:38 whole wheat. Okay, alright, so it still has the
09:40 germ in it, it still has the B vitamins in it;
09:42 yes, yes its called a summer wheat.
09:43 So we're gonna to go ahead and pour that in,
09:46 we got one cup of the cornmeal and we got one
09:48 cup of the pastry flour. You also going to put
09:50 in this Curtis, if you will, we've got the fructose,
09:54 okay. This is a raw cane sugar that we're using,
09:57 okay. And then we're also gonna to put in
09:59 the salt as well. Sea salt, okay.
10:01 And then we're gonna to add in the baking powder.
10:03 Alright this is aluminum free baking powder
10:06 that we're using and we're gonna stir this up,
10:10 alright. Okay, and then we're gonna turn around
10:14 and do this. I have 1 1/4 cup of almond milk that
10:17 we're gonna be using, okay. Okay now again
10:20 let's, because some people may use soy milk,
10:24 or they can soy, they can use soy,
10:26 they can use rice, they can use soy
10:28 and they can use almond and all of them
10:30 whether soy milk, you want to use the original
10:32 soy milk not with the vanilla in it.
10:33 If you're gonna to use the rice milk same regular
10:36 rice milk, okay and if you're gonna to use the
10:37 almond milk you're gonna also use the original
10:40 almond milk. Anyone one of these that's has got
10:41 vanilla added to it is gonna have more sugar,
10:43 its gonna change the texture. Doing a tamale pie,
10:45 I don't want it to be real real sweet,
10:47 okay, yeah, okay. Alright, so we're gonna
10:48 to go ahead and put in the almond milk
10:50 alright 11/4 cup. Just now using cow's milk
10:54 that's right, that's right, alright,
10:56 okay and you're gonna to go ahead on
10:58 and put in the actual oil as well. Okay, okay,
11:05 Okay, if you give me, let me take,
11:06 change my spoon over, and we're gonna to
11:10 just mix this up. Oh this is gonna to be more
11:12 of the corn bread. Yeah this is gonna be a,
11:15 well it's a corn bread, but it's gonna actually
11:18 be the base. You're gonna put this in our mixture
11:22 in that 8/8 dish, okay. I was just telling
11:24 someone what I've done this before in the past,
11:26 I have had 9/13 dish, okay and when I take
11:29 the 9/13 glass dish I lay all the filling,
11:33 which is the ground beef and then the diced
11:35 tomatoes and everything on the bottom of my
11:37 dish and then I pour on top of it,
11:39 the actual cornmeal batter,
11:42 but this time we're gonna to do it a little bit
11:44 different. What we're gonna to do this time
11:45 we actually gonna take the cornmeal batter
11:47 and we're gonna put it on the bottom first,
11:50 oh okay. Okay, on the bottom first, alright.
11:55 You want me to hold it or what? No I got it.
11:56 Okay. Okay, so just enough to cover
12:04 the bottle. We'd use about half, about half,
12:07 about half of it, okay. Okay, let me just get
12:10 a little bit more, okay. Okay let's do this,
12:14 give me your, give me your napkin over there,
12:16 I think I want the bowl, okay and we're gonna
12:21 sit over there and once again we're gonna
12:25 to go ahead and add in. Oh so you want to
12:28 add it in now, yeah without cooking in first.
12:30 That's right, this is already done, right.
12:32 So, if you can move these out of way baby,
12:34 just move those over, okay, okay.
12:36 And then I'm gonna to put this in the middle,
12:42 okay. Remember now you want it to be cool,
12:46 alright. We're gonna put it in the center
12:51 and what's gonna happen is it's gonna come up
12:53 on the sides up at the top at around the edges,
12:57 okay to completely cover. I think I like about
13:00 this is that, unless you tell them its a
13:02 tamale pie they're gonna slice it up and go
13:05 into it inside the middle, it's gonna to be
13:07 all filling, just filling right here, yes, yes,
13:10 I see. Now all this is gonna go in because remember
13:13 that corn bread batter is gonna actually
13:16 come all up, so you want to get everything inside.
13:18 How did you come up with this dish?
13:20 I've always had a tamale pie dish
13:22 and I was just thinking you know in one of our
13:25 shows at Indian cooking I believe it was, we did
13:28 a kind of a doughy bread and then inside
13:32 of it I actually put fillings.
13:33 Yes, I remember that okay. And then
13:35 I covered it, and we got so many people
13:37 called in asking me about that and I will say
13:40 you know what wait a minute if we can do that
13:41 with regular like a biscuit type of dough,
13:45 what if we were to do it with a cornmeal batter,
13:47 oh okay. And so the cornmeal batter came
13:49 in handy because we've done it several times
13:51 and it's really wonderful. You want to turn
13:53 this skillet on the side. I can do that,
13:54 okay, thank you. Okay we're gonna to get,
13:57 I know you said, we're putting all of it,
13:59 all oh all of it, all of it remember now,
14:02 because that cornmeal is gonna to come all way up.
14:06 Alright, and we don't want it to be corny,
14:08 we want it to be a tamale pie.
14:11 You don't want to be corny. We don't want
14:13 it to be corny, okay. We don't want to be corny,
14:15 okay. Now, Curtis on this part here all
14:17 we're gonna to do is we're gonna
14:19 take very lightly, very lightly. Very lightly,
14:22 we're gonna to take and we're gonna to put
14:26 this over top, alright, so, okay, okay.
14:33 Now once you finished doing this,
14:34 this will bake at 350 degrees for about
14:38 25 minutes, okay, okay. So this can be a
14:43 one dish meal, I mean well, it can be maybe
14:46 some green vegetables or something because
14:48 you have a lot, you got the corn bread
14:50 or the bread, you have the, your breads
14:52 already here. You have your vegetables
14:54 in there as well, right. And I like to kind of like
14:57 on the edges leave a little bit red,
14:59 okay a little bit of red on the, on the side
15:02 because when it bakes up you will see a stream
15:04 of that red there. I am gonna to take a little bit
15:06 of this Parmesan. Oh that's where it
15:08 comes in. Okay, and we're gonna to sprinkle
15:09 the Parmesan on top and it's gonna then go
15:13 into the oven, and it's gonna bake and at the
15:15 end of the, has cheesy appearance,
15:17 at the end of the program, they'll get a
15:18 chance to see this tamale pie.
15:20 So, you know, this is, this is absolutely
15:23 delicious you know I really like this,
15:24 okay, okay, its presentation.
15:25 And so we're gonna to move to our very
15:27 next recipe. We're probably going to take
15:28 a break. Well let's do that, let's take a
15:30 break first, in that way I can go put this
15:31 in the oven. Okay, do that. And then we will
15:33 come back and talk about the very next one,
15:35 so we want you then to just stay by.


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