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Diabetes & Carbohydrates

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Alright, now we have just finished doing that
00:04 Thai Chicken Stir-fry and now.
00:08 It smells good. It looks good and also
00:10 we had the rice noodles that we actually added
00:12 with it. You can now do rice noodles or you can
00:15 actually do brown rice with it as well.
00:17 So we have the rice noodles, okay, and.
00:19 And all the veggie are right there. Yes. Alright,
00:23 lightly or slightly cooked. Slightly cooked,
00:25 that's right, that's right. And it also increases the
00:27 anti-oxidant and also the property in foods
00:29 when heat is supplied so this is great.
00:31 Broccoli, carrots. Broccoli and carrots.
00:33 Onions. Onions, right, okay, now of course this
00:36 is part of the defeating diabetes series,
00:38 and we talked about the diabetes and epidemic,
00:42 diabetes and carbohydrate and also
00:45 coming up as well is diabetes, reversing
00:49 diabetes with lifestyle, okay other than nutritional
00:52 therapy. We have been talking about
00:53 nutritional therapy for quite sometimes,
00:55 so there are some other things we can do
00:57 as well through, or do that. And also diabetes
01:00 and botanical medicine, and neuropathy
01:05 and nerve damage so that's coming up in
01:07 a next few weeks as well. So let's say a word
01:09 prayer shall well. Absolutely. Father God, you
01:12 know there many individuals that are really
01:14 gone through a lot when it comes to
01:16 his whole thing about diabetes as Curtis has
01:18 just mentioned an epidemic. We ask
01:20 in a very special way that you have been looking and
01:21 watching this show here through 3ABN
01:23 which you will bless them in a special way
01:25 and that you will help them to move into a
01:26 position of healing. We thank you so much
01:30 in Jesus name, Amen. Okay, wonderful program,
01:33 Well John 10:10 Jesus said I come
01:35 that they might have life and have it more abundantly.


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