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00:01 Well, welcome back. Welcome to our kitchen.
00:05 Yes, yes, yes, yes. We are gonna look the
00:06 recipe which is a Thai Chicken Stir-Fry.
00:09 That sounds good. It calls for:
00:45 Alright, Curtis, alright, alright. Thai chicken
00:49 We got our wok up here, we get started here.
00:52 I am going to turn it up. We're going to
00:53 put that peanut oil in there, in the wok,
00:57 I need all those goodies that you talked about
00:58 on the show. That's right, that's right, our broccoli,
01:02 carrots, you have the broccoli, all the goodies.
01:04 Yes. all the goodies. I'm going to get that
01:06 going. I like wok cooking because you don't
01:09 have to worry about, you know, it doesn't get
01:11 so hot and on top of that. It doesn't
01:14 burn your veggies, I am going to go ahead and put in
01:16 the onions first, okay, keep that going
01:20 and I am going to go ahead and put in now.
01:23 I actually say slanty carrots
01:25 so we actually, slanty carrots.
01:27 Cut on the slant. Cut on the slant
01:28 Cut on the slant I gonna put those in as well.
01:31 Okay. Yeah, I enjoy wok cooking.
01:35 We do that every now and then right baby.
01:37 Yes, I like to do wok cooking.
01:38 Let's go ahead and put that broccoli in too.
01:40 Okay. Broccoli, alright, alright,
01:46 and if you will, I got two things going on.
01:50 Okay. I am going to take the water. I said,
01:53 one and a half cup of water, I have water.
01:55 I also have the chicken-style seasoning
01:58 and I am going to put in, not real chicken at all.
02:01 Explain that because lot of people may be watching
02:04 for the first time. You explain that, Curtis.
02:05 Well, chicken-style seasoning has no
02:07 chicken at all and of course, we have
02:09 beef-style seasoning, that has no beef.
02:11 But this much the flavor's there, well, without
02:14 the cholesterol the part of the, you have
02:16 some flesh foods so and you can get this
02:19 at any of your major grocery stores now.
02:21 Yes, yes, yes, now you can. Both those are
02:24 in your regular grocery stores. We usually go
02:26 first the onions, the carrots and also the broccoli
02:30 because it takes a little bit longer for it to cook,
02:32 okay. And Curtis, a couple of thing that I
02:36 want you to do because I put this lid on.
02:37 I know you have a skit you want to show us.
02:39 And that is I am going to be also using mock chicken.
02:41 Oh! Let's talk about that yeah. We talked about
02:43 chicken need to chicken strips. You can
02:45 get them frozen. You can buy TVP which
02:48 is textured vegetable protein. It comes in a
02:50 blonde color like a beige. It comes in a dark
02:53 brown color. It represents once beef brown,
02:55 dark brown for beef and of course a lighter colored
02:58 beige for chicken. Oh! Okay, and you can get
03:00 it frozen like I said. You can also get it in a tube.
03:03 Whatever your preferences, whatever
03:04 your stores have. You can use that as
03:06 your mock chicken because not using any
03:09 chicken in it as well. And there are many different
03:11 brands. Yes, different brand. That's right,
03:14 that's right. Now everything just might be different.
03:16 I made a comment about cabbage, not just
03:19 any cabbage. I am actually using a
03:21 Chinese cabbage, alright, or we called it Napa.
03:24 Well, it has also, you see all the ridges in
03:26 this like a regular cabbage. Okay. Does it have
03:28 that in fact the ridges all inside of it curly,
03:31 kind of curly texture, big huge stem in it right.
03:35 I see that, okay. Okay, I got it shredded up, because
03:37 it goes fantastic when we talk about Thai cooking.
03:40 Fantastic. And what I am going to do is I am going
03:42 stir this up a little bit. You see it's getting really
03:45 well. I am going to go ahead on and put in
03:47 the, this is the chicken-style seasoning.
03:52 Now that's the chicken-style seasoning.
03:53 As well as, you see the, slush it, slush it around.
03:56 Okay, that's the new kitchen term. That's right,
04:00 it's my term. You only learn that
04:01 from Abundant living. That's right,
04:03 slush it around. I want to go ahead let that
04:05 get in there and get itself together.
04:08 I want ask you to go ahead and put the
04:09 chicken in as well. Okay. Put the cabbage
04:12 in last. Okay, we got the chicken going in.
04:14 And you know it's called Thai, so at the end
04:18 we're gonna put in the cabbage and we also
04:20 put in the Thai seasoning. Now Curtis
04:22 you have a skit, which you are going to be doing
04:26 and I am going to put the lid on here.
04:28 Yes I do, Let's do that. Okay. Is there anything.
04:43 Okay. And now we have here, Honey, let's talk about
04:46 this now, of course, now we talked about
04:48 the importance of whole grain products.
04:51 Right, because we want the chromium.
04:53 Okay. Chromium that really enhance the insulin
04:56 production also with that in mind we have a
04:58 broccoli. You also have the whole wheat bread
05:01 100 percent. Yes, so with that in mind
05:04 what you have there is one slice of 100 percent
05:07 whole wheat bread right there. Okay. Alright,
05:11 now I have here, honey white bread.
05:16 Now basically I have 24 slices. Okay.
05:21 My loaf is less than yours because, you have
05:24 only 19 slices in your whole wheat bread.
05:26 Oh! What's a good thing, I have only actually
05:28 19 slices. I have more slices. Okay. It costs less money.
05:31 So I think I got a better deal. What do you think?
05:33 I don't think so. You don't think so. I happen
05:35 to have the nutritional values of what's in
05:37 whole wheat bread. I can see that you got that
05:39 going on. Versus that white bread. First of all. Okay.
05:42 Phytanic acid. Okay. Two slices. I need two
05:46 slices of that white bread please. Two slices
05:49 in order to be equal for what I need for this
05:51 Phytanic acid. Okay, two slices of white bread
05:54 to equal the amount of Phytanic acid, that's right,
05:57 in your once slice of whole wheat bread. That's right.
05:59 Okay, well, you know, I got 24 slices.
06:02 It actually 26. They didn't count with two ends.
06:05 So I will start with 26. Okay. Folic acid,
06:07 give me three slices please. Okay. Three,
06:10 here's your three. Three, no, no three, 1, 2, 3.
06:13 Oh! Like three more. Yes. Oh! Okay,
06:15 'cause wait a minute, okay. I said order to
06:17 equal what I have in one slice of whole wheat bread.
06:19 Okay, you still got the one slice. And then why
06:22 your at it how about for calcium, give me four
06:24 slices of that white bread please.
06:26 Four more slices. Yes, four more slices.
06:29 That equal amount of calcium in the one slice
06:31 of whole wheat bread. Okay, it is, okay.
06:34 Maybe I need two loafs and okay,
06:36 wait a minute. I wasn't excepting all of this
06:38 now, it is now. Okay. Okay, that should do it.
06:40 Now that should do it. Okay, now. Phosphorous.
06:43 Phosphorous, okay. Five slices to equal one
06:47 whole wheat, please five. Five more slices.
06:51 Five. The equal amount of phosphorous in a one.
06:54 That's right. Piece of whole wheat five.
06:57 1, 2, 3, 4, say 5. Now I can count there, okay,
07:02 okay.1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Okay, so amount of phosphorous
07:05 in that one piece of whole wheat bread
07:07 and I need this amount and what I have here,
07:10 okay. Now the one thing I know for sure
07:13 is you don't have the last item, I'm just
07:15 getting started on the nutritional value.
07:17 But lets go with the fiber, we're talking about
07:19 fiber on this program. And I sure have no fiber,
07:21 'cause I got, how important fiber is.
07:23 And I have 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, I have 14 slices so,
07:27 so this should equal the amount of fiber.
07:30 It should. In that one piece of whole wheat bread.
07:33 It should. Pardon me, I got 14 in 1.
07:36 I need 40 slices 40, 40.
07:39 Wait a minute you think is right. No, no, no,
07:42 40, 40, 40, 40 please, 40. 40 total slices.
07:46 A fiber that equal to one slice of whole wheat bread.
07:49 There is no fiber in that, there's no fiber.
07:52 Okay, wait a minute. And while you're getting those
07:54 40, 40 slices out.
07:57 I'm going to check on my broccoli.
07:58 Oh! My goodness.
08:01 Let me see, 40 slices. I think I am running short
08:05 honey. Are you? I got, let's see 2,
08:08 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. That's all. Well, I should
08:14 have realized I only had 26 slices to the begin with.
08:17 Even if you have 26 you will still trying
08:19 to get 40. You don't have another. I will
08:21 still be short. Even you eat this whole
08:22 thing and try to get 40, you don't still have enough.
08:25 Okay, now maybe if this equaled the amount
08:28 of one slice of whole wheat bread,
08:30 maybe I can mash this down and equal
08:33 the size. You know, it's so fluffy, the germ
08:39 and the bran is gone so maybe I can do this,
08:43 there you go. See this comes from body building,
08:49 and. That is wow. Okay, that's what's going
08:55 into your system, that white bread
08:57 is nothing but junk. Okay, and it still
09:01 doesn't equal amount of fiber in a one piece of
09:04 whole wheat bread. No, no. Now you keep on
09:07 playing around with that, 'cause I'm getting to take
09:08 my corn starch. And I can make this
09:12 into football, okay, yeah, okay, number one
09:17 oh! let's go for pass, okay, you know,
09:19 you look at lot of people in the grocery stores,
09:22 they look at most grocery carts, a lot of people
09:26 have white bread, white buns in a grocery cart.
09:32 A lot of people have. But you know,
09:34 also, also, also, also, also I remember
09:35 one company they actually just put a
09:37 little caramel color in your bread and try to
09:40 say it was a whole wheat bread but actually was
09:43 a brown bread. Wait, actually it was a white,
09:44 it's wheat bread. They called it wheat bread.
09:47 It also has 51 percent wheat, whole wheat
09:52 they called it wheat bread, although,
09:53 49 percent is white flour, so.
09:57 Even, look at that. Yeah, I mean. Okay.
09:59 I guess, you know, I don't know. Now
10:01 I am going to make it. What you think, honey?
10:03 It's going to make it. I think I am going to chose
10:05 this right here. What I want you to do
10:06 is my buy that choosing. Let's go ahead
10:08 and buy that choosing, that's it. And start
10:10 pouring in the, this is the corn starch
10:13 and water, this is going to give a thickening
10:15 base though it, pour it in slowly please.
10:18 Okay, slowly please. Yes, we're going to make a
10:20 little thickening gravy here for this Thai
10:23 Chicken, alright. Well, no more white bread for us.
10:31 Not that we would buy it anyway. No, no,
10:33 absolutely not. Yes, oh! Well you know there's something
10:37 for you to even try, I remember when were in
10:38 the store trying to buy that white bread
10:40 people oh! know, that's not the Eakins with the white bread.
10:41 I said Curtis, doing a demo Curtis is doing a demo,
10:43 it's just for a demo, don't get worked up.
10:45 Okay, Curtis come on let's go ahead and put
10:48 back that cabbage in. Now we got the cabbage
10:51 and this is the, what's it Napa. Chinese cabbage?
10:56 Alright, we put that in as well.
10:59 This is a looking good really, really good dish.
11:01 You see it's thicken now. And then we going go
11:04 ahead and add in. This is a Thai seasoning
11:07 we're gonna be using, okay, okay,
11:09 just regular Thai seasoning. Thai seasoning.
11:11 You didn't do anything with this at all.
11:13 Yes. Go ahead and start sprinkling on
11:14 top below, on slog, okay, okay, sometime I
11:19 like also with this recipe when I'm doing it.
11:21 Is to actually put in. You smell that ginger in
11:23 everything in there, there's a part of that, that
11:25 family. I like to also put in this also peanuts
11:28 at the end. Oh! Have a nice peanut flavor.
11:32 What about peanut oil? Peanut oil is what we used,
11:35 okay we used the peanut oil. Now you were not,
11:37 you was excited with that bread.
11:39 So, you can see it's got a nice thickening
11:41 up now, what we're going to do
11:43 is we're gonna actually put that cover on
11:45 top it and we're gonna to go away and
11:48 we will be come back. You will see the finished
11:50 product, so stay by.


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