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Diabetes - An Epidemic

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well, we have finished this dish Yes. Looks good,
00:05 honey And I mentioned I am going to accompanied
00:06 trio Yeah, trio Which is the bean
00:10 and the brown rice So it's the brown rice,
00:11 okay Brown rice. Your nice accompany with the
00:13 black beans and the plantain and everything
00:16 looks good. Yeah, the black beans have banana
00:19 peppers in it and it has the cilantro.
00:21 It also has orange juice and lime in it
00:24 and it has garlic and all these things help to
00:27 make it come alive. You know, lot of people they
00:29 fix black bean with just beans in general just
00:32 little bit of salt, that about it so he is made
00:35 come alive with all those seasonings and spices
00:37 and herbs and things like that.
00:38 It's a good company with the plantain.
00:40 I like the plantain also
00:42 and you will see there is got a real nice flavor.
00:45 It really does, yes, now I want to see whether
00:48 or not the flavor is in the plantain,
00:51 also in the black beans and rice.
00:53 I knew if I said, I knew it. Can you prove the flavor.
00:56 I knew you are going to go there,
00:57 I knew you are going there. Can you hook
00:59 a brother up. And so I've decided to bring out
01:03 the plantain. Then it's all going to get,
01:05 just those three or what? Okay, whole you're
01:08 cutting that in half. I want to try it first.
01:11 Okay, I thought Adam was before Eve.
01:17 Adam was before Eve baby. You keep saying that.
01:19 Okay, you keep eating. Nice and sweet.
01:25 Nice and soft too, yes. Now, now, now, now,
01:28 now, hold on. Black beans, I knew, I knew you were
01:31 going to say something about the black beans.
01:33 So I thought I just go ahead and get those out too.
01:36 Okay, remembering our reception of our wedding you fed me first.
01:44 Did I? Yes, I know it's been 16 years ago but.
01:49 Okay, one eye on the clock 'Cause there is orange juice
01:53 and that lime in there. It's different with that lime
01:55 in there, yes. It was nice pazzaz.
01:57 You like to get this recipe. You know this is a part
02:00 of the defeating diabetes series and in the
02:04 coming weeks, we are going to talking about
02:05 diabetes and carbohydrates, that's always a hot
02:08 topic. Also diabetes and reverse in lifestyle,
02:12 a reverse in lifestyle, by helping lifestyle in
02:16 reversing diabetes I should say that.
02:18 Also diabetes and botanical medicine,
02:20 neuropathy and things like that so you want
02:24 to stay tuned for those coming program in the
02:26 coming weeks. And some good recipes in all
02:28 ones as well we're gonna have some good recipes
02:30 Yes, we have a good program. Well as always John 10:10,
02:33 Jesus said I come that they might have life
02:36 and have it more abundantly. See you next time.


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