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00:01 Well, welcome back. Okay.
00:04 We're going to be making a Black bean dish and we
00:07 also gonna be working on plantains at the same time.
00:10 So let's look at the recipe. Okay.
00:34 Now for the Plantain
00:37 we just need;
00:39 Now this a really
00:44 good one, this is a Caribbean dish.
00:46 Caribbean? Yes, Caribbean dish.
00:48 And I gonna get start because I want to go ahead
00:50 and put on, I want you to get that lime ready for me.
00:53 Okay And I'm gonna go ahead and get the beans together.
00:59 We're going to just start off by just putting
01:00 the olive oil in. Want the whole juice or the lime.
01:04 Yes, both of them please. The little gadget you like,
01:08 alright okay, we've got the oil going in.
01:12 I am also, hey, talk about two things at one time.
01:16 Let's get the plantain, we are going to go ahead
01:19 put the olive oil over there as well.
01:20 Get back and start. Caribbean dish, Umh! Jamaican.
01:23 I need to talk with a Jamaican accent.
01:27 No, we don't have to. I don't think you need to
01:28 go there. We don't need to go there.
01:30 No. Okay. My friend Ann might get you.
01:33 They might get you? Oh! Your friend,
01:36 Oh I just realized who you're talking about.
01:39 Now for the plantain all I am going to do is
01:40 I've got the plantain already cut up
01:42 and everything to put in here. I wanted to just
01:45 actually cook it on both sides. Until it gets like
01:47 a nice golden color brown and then,
01:49 Curtis got that lime ready for the,
01:52 to go inside the bean dish. Let's get this ready too.
01:56 Got things cooking on a stove too,
01:58 two things cooking on a stove at the same
02:00 time here. You are working it, baby,
02:02 go and we ain't playing baby, put the garlic in.
02:04 First the garlic and the banana peppers in.
02:06 Banana peppers. They're not hot are they?
02:09 No, no. and we're gonna to go head on
02:11 and put in. Why don't you go ahead and put the beans,
02:13 go ahead and do the beans. while it's a hot pan,
02:15 alright. Boy this smells good. Yes, it is. Alright,
02:19 we're going to turn that fire down, down,
02:23 and black beans doesn't cost that much,
02:27 do they? You get a pound for what?
02:28 I does not. Maybe $0.90 or so. It doesn't cost that
02:31 much and on top of the you can also buy the dry
02:35 like I said before you can buy the dry black bean
02:38 and cook them in your crock pot. Okay. And you get
02:40 the same thing, oh! You smell that, have mercy,
02:42 mercy. Okay, why don't you get that plastic off
02:45 of there for me, honey. I am going to go ahead
02:47 and put the orange juice in, that's 2/3rd cups of
02:51 orange juice. Now how do you,
02:52 what you look for when you're purchasing
02:55 the plantain? Any particulars.
02:58 You want to make sure that they're already yellow,
03:00 I mean if you're going to do this particular
03:01 they need to be yellow, okay. Alright.
03:03 This is going to go ahead and stir for a few minutes,
03:04 put that cilantro and so we put that lid on.
03:06 Okay. And then put a plantain,
03:08 you want to make sure that they, like I said,
03:10 yellowish color, yellow. More yellow the more sugar.
03:13 And it starts getting real dark,
03:15 the skin itself it starts getting that black color,
03:17 it's even more sugar in it, you know we're going
03:19 to be talking on our show as we continue in
03:21 this area of diabetes. We're going to be talking
03:23 about the fiber. The importance of fiber
03:26 and the natural sugars, that are actually
03:28 occurring in the foods. So you go ahead
03:30 and put those plantains in. Okay, So you are just going
03:34 to brown those on both sides Oh! On both sides,
03:36 okay, oops! Oops! Oops! one jumped in there.
03:42 And you're gonna put the plantain in with the black
03:45 bean after the... No, no, no at the end of the show
03:47 you're gonna see these two in two separate dishes..
03:49 Oh! Two separated dishes. What a combination
03:51 of how they both can look good as a trio.
03:54 There's a third item coming in as well
03:57 Oh! I see, okay. Now, we're just going to brown
04:02 them like I said on each side, let's check on...
04:04 Want to go ahead on I see the black beans are doing
04:06 well, and you got that lime why don't you go ahead
04:10 on and put the lime in. It's ready.
04:12 Wow! It's going to be a good combination,
04:16 orange juice and lime juice together.
04:17 Got quite a bit of it. Lets keep on, alright, okay,
04:24 and then last but not least it's going to be the
04:26 cilantro leaves. Go ahead and put that in.
04:28 Okay, this is going to be a very good dish.
04:31 That's a very pretty. Very pretty Yeah
04:33 Yes, Alright, alright, and now are we looking for
04:39 our time. Okay. We got few minutes, Okay
04:42 So what we're gonna do, I don't want all the juice
04:45 to go out of this because I want a little bit
04:46 to be left over but what's going to happen is,
04:49 it's going to cook down I guess about a good maybe
04:53 10 minutes or so. You're gonna cook it,
04:55 make sure you keep it on simmer and then while
04:57 that's going on, let's just see what happening
04:59 to our plantains over here. Oh! It turned that.
05:02 As a pretty golden color, now you used canola oil.
05:05 No, no I use olive oil. Oh! Olive
05:06 because that's the flavor. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.
05:09 And you can use canola also as well, okay, on this.
05:14 Every thing is looking good and we're gonna be like
05:17 I said before we are going to be talking about the importance
05:20 of fiber, the importance of natural sugars,
05:23 the importance of which we're gonna get from
05:25 a different kingdom as you going to see that
05:27 when we get to the next part of our program
05:28 which is the continuation where we've left off.
05:31 How about that? Is that pretty. Okay. Pretty colors,
05:34 Now both of these are in your cook book
05:37 Both are in a cook book. This one plantain,
05:39 let's do it, let's do, okay, there we go, alright.
05:44 And look I tell you something right now,
05:46 Curtis, the more yellow or the more black of
05:50 the skin the sweeter the plantain actually is.
05:53 And people who, Even more blacker
05:54 the sweeter. That plantain.
05:56 The more natural sugar comes out.
05:59 It will be nice and sweet, you don't have to add
06:00 anything else to it.
06:01 If you have, people say sometime me to
06:03 what about the cholesterol issue.
06:05 I said them you can spray your pan,
06:07 just spray your pan and you can still do the
06:08 exact same thing with the cooking spray.
06:10 Okay. Alright. Okay. So everything is looking
06:14 good and you know what we're gonna go away
06:17 and we will come back. You will see the
06:20 finished products. So stay, by.


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