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Different Strokes

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL00195C

00:02 Well Welcome back Enchilada Casserole.
00:04 And I love to serve it up with a Square and then some
00:08 scallions and little bit of soy sour cream and you
00:10 are ready to go. The nutritional yeast again takes
00:15 the place of the cheese because we eat with our eyes.
00:18 That's right, that's right. So, we have the simulation
00:19 of cheese as well. Yes, yes. So, this looks very good.
00:22 This is the last part of a clean heart series and so
00:26 we are going to close out with the word of prayer,
00:29 may be people out there who are watching,
00:30 been through this whole series and let's have a word
00:33 of prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to help make these
00:35 necessary lifestyle changes. Absolutely. Loving God,
00:37 we're so grateful that again 3ABN and a wonderful
00:40 crew who are working here today as well and bless
00:42 the equipment as well, allow those who have been
00:45 watching the clean heart series that they would take
00:48 these programs to heart and all the information that
00:52 has been revealed and share with them, that will make
00:54 the necessary lifestyle modifications to reduce the
00:57 risks of strokes and also heart attacks as well.
01:00 In Jesus name we pray, Amen. Amen. Well, again
01:04 wonderful program, wonderful series and we are
01:06 going to do another series in the next couple of week
01:09 as well, defeating diabetes. Okay. So, it's always John
01:12 10:10, Jesus said I come that they might have life
01:17 and have it more abundantly. See you next time.


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