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00:01 Welcome back. Welcome back, welcome back.
00:04 We are going to make one of our favorite Enchilada
00:06 Casserole let's go to the ingredients. Okay. It calls
00:10 for four cups of pinto beans cooked, one medium
00:14 onion chopped, one tablespoon of olive oil,
00:18 one 26 ounce can of tomato sauce, one package
00:21 of whole wheat tortilla shells soft, one forth of
00:24 teaspoon of cayenne pepper which is optional,
00:27 one tablespoon of garlic powder and one tablespoon
00:30 onion power and one tablespoon of cumin powder
00:35 and one tablespoon of nutritional yeast flakes,
00:38 one cup of mock burger crumbles and one tablespoon
00:41 of ground sage. Okay, Enchilada Casserole,
00:46 well, Curtis, this is good one, this is good one,
00:47 good one I have already got my olive oil already
00:50 heating up there, so we can go ahead and put in the.
00:52 Those are onions. Onions and get them moving
00:55 around, I like this recipe it's quick and easy. It really
01:01 is honey. You know. And onions and garlic same
01:04 family they both serve as clot buster. Garlic is really
01:10 natural anti-clot-buster, garlic here. Smell that smell,
01:14 and onion's in the same family, smell that
01:16 smell that doesn't take very long at all, I am going to
01:18 go ahead and put in the crumbles. Now, this is mock
01:21 crumbles. Mock crumbles. There are different kinds out
01:23 there on the market. That's right, and these are frozen,
01:25 they come in a frozen section in your freezer
01:29 section in your grocery store. That's true. Alright,
01:32 why don't you go ahead on and put in slowly,
01:34 lets go ahead and add those beans, okay, four cups of
01:36 beans. And these are Pinto beans? Pintos, pinto beans.
01:42 Alright, alright. I do these also in a crock pot
01:48 and that way you can let them cook away while you
01:51 were not there at the house, you know. Yes.
01:55 Lets go ahead on and put in now we are gonna put in
01:57 the other seasonings, how about the sage is going in
01:59 now. Okay. Alright, yeah really difficult to sleep
02:02 because sometimes you do this at night. I know, I know.
02:04 And I dream about beans. I know, I know, because it
02:08 starts really smelling. Oh yeah, it comes up the steps.
02:10 How about that onion and garlic powder.
02:12 Onion powder. Onion powder and garlic powder,
02:14 get these beans nice and seasoned, nice and
02:17 seasoned, when I cook them in a crock pot,
02:19 there is no salt or anything, I just cook them
02:20 straight up, it's a one thing of beans to seven or,
02:29 six or seven cups of water, that's all. So, we want the
02:31 onion powder and garlic powder that's opposed to,
02:34 onion salt and garlic salt. That's right,
02:36 that's right. And garlic salt. Now, I am going to
02:37 put in now the cumin. Cumin. Alright, which I
02:40 talked about today. Yeah not Coumadin but cumin,
02:44 there is a lot difference there. And then lastly
02:48 cayenne pepper, oh little kick, just put a cayenne up
02:50 and there. I have a little kick baby. Absolutely,
02:52 absolutely. I'm backing off because every time I get
02:54 near that cayenne. Yeah, that's, now is that African
02:56 cayenne? Yes, it is. Oh okay. See that is why you
02:59 have all these symptoms of a common cold after a
03:01 lot of this, that's the real stuff. Those, they cook a
03:04 little bit, notice, I'm saving up these tomato sauce
03:08 and also the nutritional yeast, because I am going
03:10 to use nutritional yeast, believe it or not, I am
03:12 going to be using that in a place of cheese, how about
03:15 that. Okay, now let me talk about this nutritional
03:17 yeast; this may be new to some people out there.
03:20 Well, nutritional yeast is also full of B vitamins so
03:23 it's a real good way you get the B vitamins,
03:25 I mean not like you can get your whole requirement
03:28 of B vitamins in, but it does have the B Vitamins
03:30 available to us as well and is also a good substitute
03:34 if you don't have any cheese, which is also in
03:36 your Enchilada Casserole and you can use the
03:39 nutritional yeast which has that you going to see,
03:40 it has that look like, there is cheese on top of that
03:43 Enchilada when it really isn't not, talking about
03:46 trying to keep that fat level down, the fats and the
03:48 oils out of the diet which is also a problem with
03:51 building of the plaque. Right, okay. I am going to
03:53 move this out the way Curtis because that take a
03:55 longtime because once again its going to go in a
03:58 oven and its going to bake at 325 degrees.
04:01 So basically even though everything is already done
04:04 it will help with the recipe as well as the fact
04:07 is going to be hot when it goes in. Okay. Now, this is
04:09 a real simple recipe, you can do two things. A nine
04:14 by thirteen glass dish or eight by eight, I am going
04:16 to be using in eight by eight dish and I am going
04:18 to do, I am going to start up by just putting in a
04:20 little bit of the sauce in the bottom. This is regular
04:23 tomato sauce. Regular tomato sauce. Okay. Okay.
04:26 Just get that make sure that doesn't spill out.
04:29 Alright. Alright, move it around and we are going to
04:32 take our whole wheat. whole wheat. Tortilla shells,
04:37 okay just take that one out and just lay it right there
04:38 in that Casserole dish. Okay. Right down flat,
04:43 there you go, that's it. That's it and we're going to
04:45 take and scoop in believe it or not the beans.
04:50 The beans, beans mixture. Yes. Okay. Now, you
04:54 know I used this recipe, I used to take every single
04:59 one of the beans, mix them in this mixture and I also
05:02 put individual Enchiladas for each person, then I
05:07 said wait a minute. A lot of work or what? Well,
05:09 you can know, you can do it that way but this is
05:11 another way of doing it and that is putting all the
05:14 beans on the bottom, on top of the shell. And will
05:17 you put another shell on top of that, Absolutely.
05:19 Absolutely. Now in nine by thirteen dish you would
05:24 actually do this same but do you do use four, okay.
05:27 Yeah. So, we going to take and put the rest of these
05:30 beans and you we going to put a top on it, get another
05:34 top, I am turning this off, get another top for that
05:38 and Curtis going to put that on top of that would
05:41 do you know what before he does I am going to
05:42 finish putting beans in, he is going to put this on
05:45 top we going to sprinkle on the nutritional yeast
05:49 flakes after you put that sauce on top of it. Okay.
05:51 And put it in oven and when we come back you
05:53 will see the finished products, so stay by.


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