Abundant Living

Plaque Attacks

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL00194C

00:01 Well, well, okay. The salsa is ready.
00:04 Its ready with the chips around the sides.
00:07 Chips all around, all around.
00:08 This looks beautiful, where did you get this
00:10 plate, you always have it?
00:13 Curtis, you know it's amazing,
00:14 it just takes these shows.
00:16 I had to come way up here to find out about
00:18 these new dishes. Yes you do, yes you do.
00:20 Okay, its pretty though. We made that salsa up,
00:23 you make all different types, once again
00:24 you can eat as much as you want,
00:26 you know within limitations of course that is.
00:28 In moderation. I know that when you
00:30 do that with your chips you are going to be
00:31 very, very excited, you want to eat more of it.
00:34 Okay, I want to eat it right now.
00:37 Can you hook a brother up.
00:39 I kind of figured you were going to go there
00:40 with that Curtis, so I went on and just.
00:43 I got my own little dish and everything.
00:44 No, no, not just your dish.
00:47 It's you all's dish? It wasn't that funny,
00:52 honey, okay, okay. So, let's go ahead and
00:54 dig in and we'll give them a
00:55 whole lot and oh yeah, your turn.
01:01 Don't eat with your mouth open.
01:05 Okay, I can talk now, and what does that mean.
01:07 Let me just see, this is really good.
01:08 Okay, it's time to close, alright.
01:11 John 10:10, Jesus said, I come that they might
01:15 have life and have it more abundantly.
01:20 See you next time.


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