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Plaque Attacks

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00:02 Now, you know talking about that Plaque Attack.
00:04 Plaque Attack. We are doing a
00:06 recipe that doesn't; you have nothing to worry
00:09 about the plaque, arteries being, okay
00:12 built up you know with plaque because,
00:14 once again we're gonna, you know be doing this
00:16 Tomato Salsa, Let's look at the actual ingredients.
00:19 Let's do it. It calls for
00:54 Okay. Tomato Salsa. And this is a good
00:55 recipe, I have a lot of salsa recipes that I like
00:59 to use and you can make your own and so
01:01 this is one of them, we got the tomatoes,
01:04 already done the four cups of tomatoes,
01:05 and what you're gonna do is you going
01:07 to cut up the green Bell Pepper.
01:09 Yeah pepper, you do that one.
01:11 But I diced, you're gonna, yeah cut up in
01:13 small pieces, let me just get this knife.
01:15 And I am going to go ahead and start on the
01:16 onion and of course we're using cilantro,
01:21 a lot of people talk about cilantro you know
01:23 in all your actual salsas,
01:25 cilantro is one of the main ingredients.
01:27 Key ingredient, okay, isn't it.
01:28 And you have to get used to it, but I love the
01:31 way it tastes, now I am going to cut this up
01:33 small pieces of it and I also like to use fresh
01:37 lime as well in this recipe.
01:39 Okay. Okay. You can tell the
01:41 difference between I guess you fortunately.
01:43 Oh yeah, oh yeah, you can definitely tell the
01:45 difference between them okay, and
01:47 you're cutting that up very fine, we're going
01:49 to put that in there and also in the salsa I would
01:51 like it to be nice and chunky as well,
01:53 okay, we're gonna serve this up with
01:55 some Tortilla Chips as well.
01:58 Baked Tortilla Chips, we're going to put in
02:00 there as well. So, it has the fat.
02:03 That's fat. That's fat.
02:04 We're trying to unclog those arteries.
02:06 I want you want to go ahead
02:07 and put that in there honey.
02:09 Okay this is going into the.
02:14 And also it's pretty, pretty, pretty.
02:17 Very colorful. Very colorful, yes it is.
02:20 Okay, I'm going to put that one over there
02:26 and I am going to put in the onions.
02:30 Here you go.
02:34 Now, I am doing the lime juice.
02:35 You will do lime for us that fresh lime,
02:38 I've already moved it around,
02:40 so they can be nice and soft and palpable.
02:43 Okay. Make sure we get all
02:45 those onions in there,
02:48 that's your favorite gadget.
02:50 Yes it is, now you have the chips,
02:51 we have the chips too.
02:53 Yeah we have chips are there, we will see that
02:54 at the end of the program and while
02:56 you're doing that I'm going to go ahead
02:58 and get the cilantro ready. Okay.
03:00 I need to put it in that nice little tight ball.
03:03 We got to have these people
03:05 unclogged this plaque right.
03:06 We got to get that plaque out of the legs,
03:08 plaque out of the coronary artery.
03:12 It's a silent danger just sitting there.
03:14 Yeah, yeah, a lot of them don't even know
03:16 its there, so, okay.
03:21 Now, you got that all done, 'cause you make
03:22 sure that you got all the juice, all the juice.
03:27 Let me just go ahead and take that,
03:28 oh you smell like, that makes me smell
03:29 wonderful. Okay yeah, you just cut that,
03:31 let me just go ahead on, and move this forward
03:33 alright, let me that's going to go in last,
03:36 let's go ahead on and move these tomatoes
03:38 around and that I want you go ahead on put
03:40 that cilantro in there for me,
03:42 go ahead and move that in.
03:46 And this is in your cookbook.
03:49 Yes, this is in the cookbook,
03:50 I have salsa black thing salsa, avocado salsa.
03:55 How about cantaloupe and cherry tomatoes,
03:58 it makes the excellent one. Cantaloupe.
03:59 Yes, right. That's right, you remembered that.
04:01 Yeah. Okay. Alright, now we're
04:03 gonna put in the banana peppers.
04:05 Banana peppers look how pretty that is.
04:08 A nice colorful dish, yes, alright and
04:13 you stir up the ingredients over there.
04:15 We have over here also the oregano and we also
04:18 have a little bit salt, we're going to put in
04:21 and we also have the fructose,
04:23 so go ahead and get those to me next.
04:24 Okay. Go get the fructose next.
04:26 Okay, fructose this is it ready.
04:28 Right here. Okay.
04:29 Alright-y, okay and then we are going
04:32 to go ahead and put in,
04:34 go ahead oregano. Oregano.
04:37 It's coming together, it's coming together.
04:39 Oh it's working in now baby.
04:40 And we're gonna put in this salt.
04:42 Okay. Alright, and one thing
04:45 I like about this now when you make these
04:47 salsas up, they last a long time, you can
04:50 make them up and you can chill them,
04:52 they need to chill for several hours,
04:53 so you can get that flavor all those
04:55 wonderful flavor of lime and onions
04:57 everything together there, banana peppers,
05:01 sound kind of good, okay.
05:02 Let's slowly add in the olive oil.
05:05 Olive oil. Slowly add the olive oil in as well.
05:08 Now any reason the olive as
05:10 opposed to let's say Canola.
05:11 Now, this particular recipe called the flavor,
05:15 this is a cold pressed olive oil and the last
05:17 thing is going to be the lime juice, alright,
05:20 just put that lime in,
05:22 alright, good, good, good,
05:26 yes, yes, yes, wonderful, wonderful,
05:30 now you know, we're gonna stir this up little
05:31 a bit more, and we're going to go away,
05:32 we come back you will see
05:35 the final product, so stay by.


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