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Controlling Cholesterol

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well, okay, we've finish the product
00:04 easy lasagna, easy lasagna, to make it up,
00:07 team work, yes team work, team work
00:09 and I like to serve the lasagna up
00:12 with some type of a salad, Oh! Okay,
00:14 along with that and also some
00:15 fantastic French bread, it's made
00:19 with garlic,
00:20 and parsley and soy margarine,
00:22 I mean all they just kind of goes together,
00:24 it really does, okay.
00:25 And the margarine again that plant sterol,
00:28 they used the margarine
00:29 that had plant sterols in it,
00:31 so that is great for that as well, absolutely, absolutely.
00:32 And honey we probably need to have a word
00:34 of prayer because lot of people out there,
00:36 they don't want to go on blood pressure medicine
00:38 or cholesterol lowering medication
00:40 with the side effects too,
00:41 so let's have a word of prayer at this time.
00:43 Father God, we once again we wanna thank you,
00:46 so much for the 3ABN itself Lord and
00:48 the wonderful programming that goes on here
00:51 to tell people teach and everyone of us
00:53 about healthy living Lord.
00:55 We are asking you in a very special way with
00:56 that individual or it has a problem with their
00:58 cholesterol being high and we wanna make those
01:00 changes that You will bless them in a very special way
01:03 as they do the plant based diet
01:05 and get involve exercise as we talked before about
01:07 eight natural laws and we're asking that you
01:09 will bless them as they make the effort
01:11 to change what is going on your lives Lord,
01:13 we love you, we know you love us also.
01:15 We ask your to bless all those
01:17 throughout the sound of our voices,
01:19 this my prayer in the son's name, amen. Amen.
01:22 Okay, I know first Corinthians
01:24 10:31 Jesus said, well not Jesus, but Paul says,
01:28 that "Whether we eat or drink or whatever we do,
01:32 do it all for the glory of God.
01:33 " And that's what is all about, okay,
01:35 I think next time we meet of course this is
01:37 a series of clean heart series
01:40 and next time we will meet,
01:41 we will talking about plaque attack
01:43 so you want to tune for that as well.
01:44 Now, as far the food is concern now
01:48 I just don't want to mess this up because
01:49 it looks pretty, very good,
01:51 I know what bread tastes like,
01:52 is that parsley there in the corner there.
01:54 Yes it is, yes it is.
01:55 Maybe a sprig of parsley or so.
01:58 I don't think you want to go to a sprig of parsley.
01:59 Well, let's go ahead and close out John 10:10 Jesus
02:01 said I come that they might have life
02:04 and have it more abundantly


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