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00:01 We are excited about this recipe Curtis.
00:04 Yes, we are. lasen, lasagna. Easy Lasagna.
00:08 As a matter of fact, lasagna, easy lasagna.
00:10 Oh! Lasagna. Okay, let's go to the recipe, okay.
00:16 It calls for 1 (8-ounce) package of lasagna noodles
00:18 1 medium onion, chopped.
00:20 2 garlic cloves, minced.
00:23 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
00:25 4 cups spaghetti sauce, chunky style.
00:28 1½ cup of water and.
00:30 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning.
00:33 1 tablespoon of McKay's Chicken style seasoning.
00:37 And 1 (16-ounce) water pack tofu, extra firm
00:41 And 1 container of mock burger crumbles.
00:44 2 tablespoons of parsley dry.
00:46 And 1 teaspoon of onion powder
00:49 1 teaspoon of sea salt and
00:52 1/4 cup of vegan parmesan alternatives.
00:56 Okay, now, it has some ingredients that people
00:59 may not be familiar with. Yes, yes, yes, yes and.
01:01 And maybe we will talk about that
01:03 when we get to that we get to that ingredient.
01:04 As we get to them because, okay,
01:06 a lot of people love lasagna. That's right.
01:08 Or you said lasagna, lasagna,
01:09 they love lasagna and you know, we're, we're making
01:12 the healthy lasagna because we've got
01:13 a lot of good healthy things here.
01:15 Number one I'm gonna go ahead on and put in the olive oil,
01:18 okay, until I get started.
01:20 And talk about cholesterol again,
01:23 we want the oil that has,
01:26 the highest amount of mono unsaturated,
01:29 absolutely, and olive oil has that 77 percent,
01:32 has that in it, yes. And oil that has
01:34 the least amount of saturated fat
01:36 and of course that's canola oil has six percent and so,
01:38 yeah, those are two type oils in
01:39 that type of one's. The two types ones
01:41 and then I'm gonna be putting in there also
01:42 fresh garlic, fresh garlic, and also my onion,
01:46 this is two garlic's, okay, okay
01:49 and get all the goodies out,
01:50 why don't you go ahead and put the
01:52 onions in there, we have the
01:53 medium onion going in as well.
01:55 And both of these are cholesterol fighters as well.
01:57 Absolutely, absolutely, yes all the,
01:59 get all the goodies in, there we go,
02:03 and then I have I said, your spaghetti sauce
02:07 and then on top of that I said add the water,
02:09 so we're gonna go ahead and put in,
02:10 I have already got already in my container mixed up.
02:12 I'm gonna go ahead on and this is
02:16 sautéed enough, you want to burn the
02:19 garlic. So you wanna make sure you keep
02:20 a control on what's going on
02:22 and all this is going inside that lasagna, okay.
02:25 This is the chunky style,
02:27 chunky style, it has zucchini,
02:29 carrot pieces, and everything,
02:30 Oh! Everything, yeah, Oh! Everything is already
02:32 in there, right, okay. Okay,
02:35 all of this is going in and I'm gonna go ahead and
02:38 put in also the Italian seasoning, okay.
02:43 Alright and then I would like to
02:47 just get this stirred up a little bit,
02:49 there is once again the whole thing
02:50 is going to cook, when we actually
02:52 put the lasagna together.
02:53 Now, Curtis you have over here,
02:55 this is the extra firm tofu, okay,
02:58 we're using in the place curd as cheese,
03:00 alright and also he is adding
03:01 a chicken style seasoning,
03:03 which is not a regular chicken seasoning,
03:06 okay, it's a mock vegetarian
03:08 type of seasoning,
03:09 it's looks like mimics that of chicken,
03:11 you also have a beef flavor as well.
03:12 So go ahead and put that no beef...
03:14 Go ahead and put that in Curtis, alright,
03:16 chicken style seasoning and then you're gonna also
03:19 add into that the parsley, parsley,
03:21 and then we also have a little bit of salt
03:24 and then rest of is onion powder,
03:26 okay, okay, all those they're gonna go
03:28 together once again as well.
03:32 I like this recipe because you know,
03:34 one of the things that happened,
03:35 when I was trying to make this switches
03:37 changing over our diet and,
03:38 and still trying to get food items
03:41 and then I will prepare that look like,
03:44 the real thing then what I discover
03:46 is that you can still do that,
03:49 you can still switch over, all you have to do is know
03:51 what ingredients are used that at what time.
03:53 So this tofu takes the place of cottage cheese
03:57 and we're also gonna be using another ground beef,
04:00 which is a mock beef crumble that we're using
04:03 as well in this product,
04:05 along with that then I like to stir it
04:07 around little bit there and get itself ready.
04:10 So, now this is a cholesterol free dish.
04:14 That's right and this is gonna really
04:18 be something fantastic, okay,
04:19 Curtis as well. Now, in addition to that we're
04:21 also using the vegan parmesan alternatives.
04:25 That's right, that's right, again people can get
04:27 this at any grocery store,
04:30 yeah, yeah, not necessary at a health food store
04:32 they can get that and again this is
04:34 also good for the kidneys,
04:36 because the regular cheese is going to
04:37 stress out the kidneys and the kidneys not
04:39 working properly the blood pressure can go up
04:41 and also we're talking about blood pressure
04:43 and also cholesterol as well,
04:45 getting those numbers in the normal range.
04:47 Get them in normal, normal range
04:48 is the name of the game and also using recipes that
04:52 look like those that mimic that
04:53 people are used to eating,
04:54 that's one other things we really enjoy doing as well,
04:57 okay, and lasagna is one of them,
04:58 that's right, so at this point
05:00 what I'm gonna to do is I'm gonna start
05:01 getting things ready for this lasagna,
05:04 I am gonna just start up by putting
05:06 into our dish some of the sauce, okay,
05:09 okay now I have already pre done the noodles.
05:11 Now, these noodles are different also Curtis,
05:13 yeah, because these noodles are
05:15 Whole wheat noodles. Oh! Whole wheat.
05:17 Not the regular enriched like noodles.
05:19 You can get these,
05:20 at the regular grocery store once again,
05:22 a regular grocery store, yes, there.
05:23 Wal-Mart grocery store are, now having a more healthier
05:26 options as far as whole wheat.
05:30 Whole wheat is considered, plant based, yes, yes, mock,
05:33 now I have already pre-done
05:34 the noodles, so they are already ready to go,
05:36 and we're just gonna taken lay them in here
05:39 and usually one is 9 x 13 glass dishes
05:42 take about at least 9 of the noodles itself,
05:45 okay. So, they are already cooked.
05:47 They are already been pre-cooked, okay,
05:49 okay and then we're gonna go ahead and
05:50 put in at least half of the ground beef.
05:52 Now, you use different types of mock ground
05:55 beef for different texture,
05:56 it just depends on the texture, yeah.
05:58 It just depends on the texture and you
05:59 have to experiment and try the
06:01 different ones you know,
06:02 you can get them from any kind of a dry mixture
06:03 all the way up to one that is already frozen
06:06 just depends on what their
06:07 preference is, okay, alright.
06:09 I'm gonna go ahead and also in put in now
06:10 some of the at least half,
06:12 half of the... this would be in place of the
06:14 Cottage cheese, that's right, that people
06:16 would normally have, that's right and again
06:17 this is cholesterol free dish, cholesterol free,
06:19 cholesterol free, and the cholesterol down, okay,
06:22 and it's soy based, so that
06:23 would be helpful as well, yes.
06:25 And it has a same look, once again, yes,
06:27 also and this is a good time also you can hide things
06:30 like spinach and if you have family members
06:32 are don't want to eat their veggies,
06:33 you can put the spinach stuff as well and,
06:35 and zucchini, shredded
06:38 zucchini can go in there also, Oh! Okay. As well,
06:40 all that inside, I'm gonna just put
06:41 little bit of sauce. So, you just gonna just
06:44 alternate the, alternate matter of fact how about,
06:46 how about me letting you do the next layer.
06:49 The next layer, now I'm gonna go
06:51 just the opposite or what? Now, straight up and down,
06:53 Oh! It's the same way, okay. Okay,
06:54 and I'm gonna turn this fire off, okay,
06:57 three of them, alright, one, two
06:59 and the last one there.
07:01 And we're just going to repeat people
07:03 we have already done before, okay.
07:06 Go ahead and put on...
07:07 go ahead put that on, Oh! This next,
07:10 yeah, Oh! Okay, all of it this time,
07:12 move it around, all over your dish there,
07:13 very good Curtis.
07:18 Alright, then just move it around,
07:21 move around little bit.
07:24 We have this...
07:25 Oh! All of it, all of it goes, all of it goes,
07:28 the second layer is a three layered lasagna.
07:30 I will get the...yeah there you go,
07:32 okay, that's gonna go on next and at this point
07:36 believe it or not once I do it like
07:38 put this one we has got that around,
07:40 you want to go ahead and take that
07:42 once again the crumbles,
07:46 okay, spread it around,
07:47 and then I will try to put that
07:48 in next I'm gonna put the crumbles in, okay,
07:52 a nice meaty meatless, meatless and
07:55 give it a meaty texture, yes, okay, nice.
07:59 Now, at this point what I'm gonna do
08:01 is I want to take some of the Parmesan alternative.
08:04 Oh! And I'm going to sprinkle it on, okay, okay,
08:10 alright and then we're going to put a little bit
08:11 more to sauce and how are we looking at,
08:14 our time is going, how is that going?
08:16 It's coming down the wire baby.
08:17 Okay, and you can start closing it out.
08:21 What we're gonna do
08:22 is we're going to actually put the next layer on and,
08:25 and it is real easy once again
08:26 the last layer is going on,
08:28 is I'm gonna put that last layer on
08:30 and then I'm gonna put out of the sauce over top
08:32 of it then we're going to take and put
08:34 foil on it, put in the oven at 350 degrees
08:38 we're gonna bake any oven for 45 to 50 minutes.
08:41 So, if you will say bye,
08:43 you will see the finished product.


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