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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Okay, team work. We got the final product, the final product
00:05 and this is a real good dish. Yes, it is. Alright.
00:07 Looks good too baby. A Spicy Oven Baked Vegetables,
00:10 once again you know we've got the sweet potato,
00:13 the baking potato. We got the red pepper,
00:16 the yellow pepper. We got the onions.
00:18 We have garlic, olives, all these can also reduce
00:24 ones high blood pressure. These foods you just
00:26 mentioned. God's original diet, okay.
00:28 You know this also diet out there has been for
00:30 several years called the dash, DASH, Dietary
00:35 Approach to Stop Hypertension.
00:37 This is also low salt, low dairy foods and it does
00:43 lower your blood pressure but I think God's original
00:45 diet, plant based diet is better than a DASH diet,
00:49 which has virtually a no sodium chloride,
00:53 table salt but it has the natural sodium that's
00:55 found naturally in foods, alright, so..
00:57 This one, this one is actually one of our
01:00 recipes from one of our cookbooks of an Indian,
01:02 well, Indian type of dish. Yes it is, right.
01:04 Instead of using a lot of salt, you know,
01:06 use things like the cumin and basil and oregano
01:09 and all those different spices. They help spice
01:11 your foods up. And this one also I serve up with
01:14 a whole wheat tortilla shell. Okay.
01:16 And then I put in soy sour cream and then we put
01:20 the potatoes of mixture inside of it.
01:22 It kind of wrap it up and eat it that way. Yeah,
01:24 okay, let's try to eat it right now that way.
01:26 We don't have to wrap it up, but maybe just.
01:29 I had a feeling you were gonna ask that question,
01:31 yes. I already got my fork and we then gather
01:34 there you know and I guess you want the combination.
01:38 Yeah, I want combination of the sweet potatoes
01:40 and the zucchini and baked potatoes and the clock
01:46 is ticking. And the clock is ticking, ticking away.
01:49 Well, you wait sometimes okay. I want some onion.
01:51 And not going to make a, well, I think we are go
01:53 ahead and close. John 10:10, Jesus said,
01:55 I came that they might have
01:58 life and have it more abundantly.


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