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00:01 Well, we are going to move into the actual
00:04 recipe Curtis. Alright. With this particular program,
00:07 let's look at the ingredients, let's do it;
00:11 Spicy Oven Baked Vegetables, the Marinade.
00:31 Now for the actual vegetables we are doing;
00:54 Lot, lots of cutting up, but we've already
00:56 because of sake of time. I've already gotten
00:57 the potato and sweet potatoes already done,
01:00 already cubed, okay, and what we're gonna be
01:02 doing is getting the zucchini cut the chunks
01:04 already started that, okay, and I am going
01:06 to do the marinade first, okay, that marinade
01:11 what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually
01:13 take our lemon juice, pour it into our container
01:17 and then we're gonna add in the olive oil, 3 tbsp.
01:21 of olive oil. Want me to do both of these Honey,
01:25 yes, and then I'm gonna add in the basil.
01:31 I'm also gonna to add in the cumin,
01:37 and I'm gonna whisk it a little bit, no high sodium,
01:42 no high sodium, just natural herbs and seasonings,
01:46 and good veggies, good veggies, and good veggies.
01:48 I'm gonna go ahead and put in the garlic, okay,
01:51 chopped garlic and while you're doing that Curtis
01:53 you're on a roll. I'm on a roll. We can actually put
01:55 that zucchini in with the potatoes, sweet potatoes
01:57 and the regular white potato, okay, baking potato,
01:59 put that in and then I'll give you something else
02:01 to do. 1/4 cup of onions chopped.
02:09 Want this blood pressure to come down, alright.
02:13 And I'm gonna give you the red pepper.
02:14 And the red pepper once again too we're gonna
02:16 just do it and, I thought it was finished. No, no.
02:19 and do into strips. Oh! Well this isn't the right
02:21 knife. Let's take this one. That's a real knife
02:24 there baby. Yeah, let's do that strips in too
02:26 and when I say strips just like little pieces like
02:28 that, it's kind of like the chunk also as well.
02:30 Okay. And I'm gonna do, I'm gonna put a little bit
02:34 of the salt, just a little bit of the salt in there
02:36 also as well, this is salt to taste.
02:39 You can taste to see what you want to do there.
02:42 I'm gonna mix up now the marinade, it smells,
02:46 doesn't it smell wonderful. Yes, it does, baby.
02:48 It smells really good. It's sitting there ready to
02:50 go as soon as we get finished with.
02:51 I can put this in there. Yeah, put the peppers in there,
02:53 peppers on in there too, this is very colorful.
02:56 Yes it is. Very colorful, colorful vegetables,
02:59 okay. And then lastly I'm roll here, oh!
03:02 Your on a roll, you go ahead with that,
03:03 I'm gonna roll baby. Go ahead, yeah.
03:05 The same thing I'm gonna move this stuff out
03:07 of the way because we're gonna put that marinade
03:08 together. Talking about trying to get rid of that
03:12 high blood pressure get that blood pressure down.
03:14 And get off that medication that's really wrecks havoc
03:18 with the system, with all those side effects,
03:21 just to take other medications,
03:23 taking the side effect, alright, put in that in
03:25 there as well alright going in. Look at,
03:29 look at colorful, alright, alright, now I'm gonna
03:33 to stir this up a little bit, stir it up, see the pretty
03:38 colors, very colorful, now I'm gonna put this marinade
03:41 on top of it if you will give me a spatula standing by,
03:44 it gonna be all the goodies in and all the goodies,
03:46 all the goodies, and why don't you go ahead
03:52 and let me just put all the goodies.
03:55 Alright, okay, what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna.
03:58 And just you're gonna, lets just bake this or?
04:00 It's gonna bake in the oven 425 degrees, alright,
04:03 take that spoon and as I am actually just marinade,
04:06 I'm gonna tell you right now you marinade this,
04:08 but it actually marinades for 8 to 10 minutes.
04:10 So, what we want to do is why don't you go
04:14 ahead on the, while I'm stirring this around
04:16 and getting it ready, why don't you go ahead on
04:18 and do your thing. 'Cause I'm gonna take this.
04:19 I'm gonna pour it into my 9 x 13 baking dish.
04:23 Okay. And what I do with 9 x 13 baking dish.
04:26 What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put it in the oven
04:28 at 425 degrees covered first, and then I'm gonna
04:32 take it about 10 minutes, go back in there take the
04:35 spatula, move it around a little bit,
04:36 10 more minutes and then I'm gonna put the
04:39 cover back on it and I am gonna let it cook
04:41 until it actually gets tendered you can take
04:42 your knife and stick it through if it goes through
04:44 the sweet potato, which is the hardest one.
04:47 Then if it goes through that sweet potato
04:48 it's ready to be done, okay, okay, but you are,
04:51 you are marinating from 8 to 10 minutes, well,
04:53 surely on our 3ABN kitchen we're not gonna be able
04:56 to do that because, these kitchens are fast here,
04:58 these are fast, they're fast kitchen. Curtis,
04:59 you got a little skit there you wanna do.
05:01 A little skit, this is just a simple skit to show you
05:04 about the blood pressure we want to get that
05:06 blood pressure down folks, because it's very high
05:08 and a lot of people, millions of people have it.
05:11 Some people don't even know they have this,
05:13 so just a simple demonstration here.
05:15 Here is of course some ketchup and this is a straw.
05:19 Now, of course your vessel is actually smaller
05:23 than the straw it is the size of a spaghetti.
05:26 So, of course this being a thick, I can try to suck
05:31 this ketchup up in the straw, okay, I got some
05:37 ketchup now but took a little hard of doing that,
05:40 alright. Well, we're gonna make this easier;
05:42 this process of sucking this ketchup up into the
05:44 straw baby. Well, what do you think? Drink it,
05:46 get me some water. Drinking water.
05:48 So we probably need to add water to this alright,
05:51 so we add water as we drink water and we mix
05:57 it around like that and of course the blood vessels,
06:00 yeah, will not be damaged because the blood pressure
06:03 is now lowered because the water has been added.
06:05 Now. what I'm gonna do is, it comes right up.
06:09 Oh! It's good ketchup too by the way, alright,
06:10 so of course folks, the main things that when
06:13 we do not drink enough water our kidneys will
06:16 constrict these vessels and cause the blood
06:19 pressure to go up. When we drink water,
06:22 the vessels relaxes or dilate and the blood
06:25 pressure comes down, so a lot of people can
06:26 lower their blood pressure simply by increasing
06:29 the water intake. Alright, well, I'm gonna go ahead
06:31 and put these vegetables into this dish,
06:33 put it in the oven. I want you to stay by
06:35 to see the final product.


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