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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00191C

00:01 I like love cooking foods from other countries.
00:02 Well, we've finished everything.
00:04 Everything looks good,
00:05 smells good, can't wait for the show
00:07 to be over. I think it tastes good too.
00:08 Let's look exactly what we did today, Curtis. Okay
00:09 We did the curry potato turnovers,
00:13 nice filling inside.
00:14 We did a scrumptious carrot soup,
00:17 and we ended with a cucumber dressing,
00:21 that cucumber dressing can be eaten with
00:22 a lot of fresh vegetables.
00:24 Okay, nice setting here, and now
00:26 just complimenting you on this
00:29 out here this. Well, what do you call this.
00:31 Tablecloth. Yeah. It's okay.
00:33 My sister gave it to me.
00:34 Oh! She did Absolutely.
00:36 Loyola, yes. Goes perfect with the show.
00:37 So it does. Now can we taste some of this or
00:40 Well, I want, you know, this whole thing was
00:43 the inside of the pocket looking at
00:44 what happened after the
00:45 Oh! Okay, Turnover, how it got nice and
00:48 Okay. Got the peas and carrots and
00:50 the potatoes inside. I guess its time to close.
00:53 Okay. Good show, Good program.
00:55 John 10:10, Jesus said I come
00:57 that they might have life and
01:00 have it more abundantly.


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