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00:01 Now this next recipe is a real good one.
00:04 It's actually a soup. Oh! A soup.
00:06 It's called Indian Carrot Soup. Let's look at
00:09 at the ingredients. Sounds interesting.
00:12 It calls for:
00:49 Now, this also has at the end 1/4 cup of
00:52 soy sour cream and we're gonna be using
00:55 that vegetable cooking spray.
00:58 Now Okay. I know somebody said,
01:00 that's a lot of ingredients and it is.
01:02 But this is what makes the soups so good.
01:06 So good. Alright. You're gonna start
01:07 off Curtis, we're get those onions.
01:09 I'll help you get that started
01:10 while you get that oil going. Okay.
01:12 We're gonna chop those onions up
01:13 and put those in that skillet once again.
01:17 You go ahead and get the oil started.
01:19 I'm gonna get this oil going here.
01:20 Umh. You smell that nice smell.
01:22 You smell that ginger there.
01:24 I'm trying to cook with onions and cumin.
01:28 And ginger. And ginger.
01:29 And Curtis, ginger is also a wonderful
01:32 medicinal herb. Yes, it is.
01:33 We can talk a lot about ginger
01:35 for arthritis pain,
01:37 get some ginger tea and put a washcloth in it.
01:40 Let it soak. Put it right there on your knee
01:43 and you maybe go for that.
01:45 Umh. Helps sooth the upset stomach and.
01:47 And good for upset tummies,
01:49 good for upset tummies.
01:50 Yes indeed. It's it does. Alright, you're going
01:51 to go ahead and put in that ginger, also there.
01:53 Well, ginger going in there.
01:55 Fresh ginger, fresh ginger.
01:57 I need something small
02:00 How about a spatula.
02:02 There you go. Okay.
02:05 We're gonna stir that around a little bit there
02:07 and you see that smells moving around,
02:09 moving around, turn it down some honey,
02:11 you got it too high. I got a whiff of it.
02:14 We've got a whiff of it. There we go.
02:17 Alright. We're going to sauté that a little bit.
02:19 It actually turns translucent.
02:22 Translucent. The onion itself there,
02:23 you don't want to over burn.
02:25 Remember, you don't want to burn
02:26 that garlic too much, you want to make
02:27 sure that you keep the fire down.
02:29 You smell the ginger? Oh! Yes, I do.
02:30 Love it, love it, love it.
02:32 Now I am going to begin to add in the
02:33 other spices that's going to go with this, alright.
02:35 And that's going to be the chicken
02:37 style seasoning. The cumin.
02:40 That's going to be the cayenne.
02:42 All those are going in right now.
02:46 And keep you from getting yourself. Oh!
02:48 Worked up. Just so that you can't, you know,
02:49 yes stir it around a little bit there
02:51 and then guess what. We are going to end
02:52 all that by putting in one and,
02:55 look at that, look at that, look at that
02:56 Umh, Umh. Pan that out there
02:58 so the camera crew can smell that.
02:59 Smell the whole place.
03:01 They are having a rough time, baby.
03:02 Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed. Now I am going to slowly
03:04 slowly pour that one and a half cup of water. Okay.
03:10 That calmed it down. Didn't it? Yes, it did.
03:12 Alright. It calmed me down too.
03:16 I turn up the fire little bit.
03:17 Turn it up a little bit, turn it up a little bit.
03:19 Now, if you've noticed that I have water also,
03:25 but my water is a kind of orangish color,
03:27 and that's because well, we actually
03:30 steamed those carrots.
03:31 We actually have in there the liquid base
03:35 from the carrots itself.
03:36 So rather than throw it out.
03:37 We kept that water 'cause we're gonna
03:39 need another cup and half of that water also
03:40 as we finish making the soup up.
03:42 So what we're gonna do here is.
03:44 Curtis, that you're gonna let it sit for
03:46 a while honey, it's going to,
03:47 actually we have to let it come to a boil.
03:49 What we are going to do is I am going to
03:50 open up the food processor,
03:52 and we're gonna begin to add in those carrots.
03:55 We already got the carrots steamed
03:56 and ready to go. Streamed and ready to go.
03:58 Okay. Then move this a little bit closer.
04:00 It's going to go into the food processor.
04:02 This is the heavy duty kitchen aid.
04:04 Umh. Umh. And this is kind of food
04:07 processor that I like, okay.
04:09 Okay. Got the carrots going in. These were
04:10 about a pound you say. Yes, yes. Alright.
04:16 And we're going to save that pot,
04:17 'cause we're gonna to need to use it, okay. Okay.
04:19 Alright. We'll move that round little bit.
04:22 Under pretty other carrots,
04:23 I love carrots, they smell good also
04:25 now put that on top,
04:29 and we're gonna turn it on.
04:42 Wow! Look at that.
04:44 That was fast. Its not ready yet.
04:45 No. It's like a smooth.
04:46 I spoke too soon
04:50 Okay. Let's put it back on again.
05:04 Now we are going to go ahead on and
05:07 slowly pour in that mixture.
05:10 Pour this in there. Yes. Oh!
05:12 Just slowly, slowly.
05:13 Very slowly. Just a little bit, honey.
05:15 Just a little bit. Okay, yes.
05:16 Why are you backing up baby.
05:19 Oh! I know at the same time,
05:20 I don't know about you.
05:22 Why you don't know trust me.
05:23 Maybe not. Very slowly. Very slowly.
05:28 I'm watching out for your apron.
05:32 Okay. Here we go. Alright. Very good.
05:35 Wow! You smell that. You smell it, Curtis.
05:38 Yes, I do, baby. Okay.
05:40 I am gonna put it on pulse this time.
05:55 That. Indian carrot soup.
05:58 I wish you could smell this.
06:00 I wish you could smell this. I think the
06:01 garlic is oozing out. Garlic and that ginger
06:04 is doing this thing too. Yes. And the last
06:07 part is one more time we're going to spin
06:08 once more. You still got some seasonings,
06:10 you need to stir... That's going to go...ú
06:12 all that's a part of the next part of what we're
06:13 gonna do, okay. This is the last time.
06:18 The pot ready.
06:31 All right-y.
06:33 Now this is going go in here. Now the next side
06:34 we are going to take now the rest of water.
06:36 Oh! I need to turn that fire back on again. Now we're
06:38 get the on and put that in our pot.
06:39 This is the quart that the carrots came in already.
06:44 And we are going to
06:47 Want me to do that baby. Slowly pour that in,
06:50 slowly, baby. Very slowly Yes.
06:53 Remember now, you wanna be careful
06:54 it doesn't pop.
06:57 Okay. Very slowly.
07:01 I got a spatula here. Let me get the main.
07:04 You want get that out. Yeah.
07:07 Thank you, baby.
07:12 And how long we're gonna have this cook down.
07:14 Now that actually cooks for just about
07:15 ten minutes or so, 'cause actually
07:16 its already made into a soup now.
07:18 We're gonna go ahead and turn it left.
07:19 Put our last seasoning in,
07:21 go ahead and stir it round.
07:22 Here we go.
07:23 And turn that fire down its too high.
07:25 Okay. And now we are going to add in,
07:26 this is the fructose, and also the cayenne
07:29 and we're gonna put in the lime juice lastly.
07:32 This is what really makes it come to life.
07:35 Umh. Umh, umh, umh.
07:38 Oh! It's really smelling now. Yes. Yes.
07:41 And then lastly we're going to slowly
07:43 put in the lime juice. Okay. Okay.
07:52 Alright. Don't turn it, stir too hard.
07:53 Okay, baby. Okay.
07:55 Now that's actually going sit there for
07:56 another good, may be ten minutes
07:58 or so on low and then once we get down
08:01 with that you've take that pretty color
08:04 orange. Yes it is.
08:05 You put into a nice bowl and then you put
08:06 some soy sour cream on top of it and
08:09 a little bit of cilantro and then you just have at it.
08:11 But you know you we got to go to the
08:12 the next recipe, which is another one
08:14 of my favorites. Let's look at that particular recipe.
08:20 Cucumber Dressing. It calls for:
08:41 Now this is another simple recipe,
08:42 very, very easy to do.
08:44 Curtis is going to get that lemon ready
08:46 to go into this mixture and one of the things
08:49 I like about this one, Curtis, is that
08:51 you have the cucumber and as
08:52 I already said you can actually grate it.
08:54 I am just taking the seeds out of it, okay.
08:56 Okay. So I am going to take out the seeds.
08:59 Wow, yeah.
09:02 I like this contraption right here.
09:04 I know, that's why I gave it to you.
09:05 Yeah. I love it. Pour right into the blender.
09:09 Not yet, not yet. Oh! Not yet. Yeah.
09:11 Okay. Okay. And I got seeds everywhere
09:16 which is a good thing,
09:17 I think, well you're cooking?
09:19 I mean you know, got have that mess.
09:20 Okay. Now you know we got that Mori-Nu tofu.
09:22 We are putting in there.
09:24 I want to just chop that up a little bit.
09:26 Okay. Finished with my lemon.
09:27 Okay. I am going to put that in,
09:29 let's put go ahead and put the Mori-Nu in first.
09:30 Oh! Okay. I just hid that.
09:37 No, no. The camera would not have
09:39 picked that up honey.
09:41 They would not have know.
09:42 They would say what happened to other piece
09:43 because it's not quite what its supposed
09:45 to be, alright. Alright.
09:46 Okay. Not yet, not yet, Oh! Not, okay.
09:48 What we are going to do is we're gonna
09:49 actually go ahead and put in
09:50 the cucumber parts, cucumber.
09:52 You can actually grate it up
09:53 but you know it's a lot of work.
09:55 Let's just go ahead on and take it,
09:57 big pieces, lots of water in it.
10:00 Alright. So tofu is going to
10:02 form as the base. Yeah. And guess,
10:03 what in the normal, in the normal Italian,
10:06 I mean normal Indian cuisine,
10:09 they are using a cream sour cream
10:11 or, okay. Oh! Okay.
10:13 Or okay, Sour cream base
10:14 or some kind of yogurt base.
10:16 We got to simulate that with the tofu,
10:17 alright. Let's turn it on and see what happens.
10:21 Okay, we're gonna have to put that
10:22 lemon juice on it, now go ahead
10:24 and put the lemon juice in.
10:26 Okay. Go ahead and put the lemon juice in.
10:29 Right down here.
10:34 Is that the whole or what. Yes, it is.
10:37 Right. Okay, let's try this again.
11:02 All right-y.
11:04 Once again.
11:09 Super duper, super duper.
11:14 Okay.
11:22 Now, all right-y. Okay. Okay.
11:24 Alright.
11:25 Now we are going to take a break.
11:28 And you have got to see the
11:29 end of this program, stay by.


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