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00:01 I like love cooking foods from other countries.
00:04 Caribbean food, and Thai food,
00:07 and Mexican food, and Indian food.
00:10 All these different dishes that come from
00:13 different countries are so wonderful.
00:15 Tastes good, look good, smell good,
00:17 and on the show we are actually doing
00:20 foods from India and the program is
00:23 entitled Indian Cuisine, stay by.
00:54 Welcome to Abundant Living.
00:56 Welcome. We love this show,
01:00 3ABN, and we love cooking.
01:02 That's right. And also they may not even
01:05 know who we are.
01:07 Oh! Of course you know who we are.
01:09 For those who are watching for the first time.
01:11 I'm Paula Eakins and this is my husband
01:13 Curtis Eakins. Yes.
01:14 We are the co-hosts Of Abundant Living.
01:17 Abundant Living, and we love it.
01:20 And this is Indian Cuisine, Indian Cuisine
01:23 Now we go to restaurants We go to restaurants.
01:26 We love to go to Indian restaurants
01:28 Absolutely, absolutely.
01:30 And not only that, we do a lot of traveling
01:32 and then in the traveling a lot of
01:34 the recipes that I get are developed
01:35 from some of the other countries
01:37 and stuff that we actually travel to. Yes.
01:39 And you know, we go somewhere
01:41 and they actually have their recipes
01:43 or they'll say something about I want try to
01:45 convert them a little bit,
01:46 change them up a little bit,
01:48 and so that gives me an opportunity
01:49 to get a hold of their cook book.
01:50 Yes, right. Sometimes we try
01:52 to take the book home, and see if we can
01:53 take away some of the things,
01:55 you know, maybe so much of the
01:56 cholesterol or so much of the saturated fat.
01:57 You know, or the white products or whatever.
02:00 But you know, believe it or not,
02:01 a lot of other countries actually have very good
02:03 diets with lots of fruits and lot of veggies as well.
02:06 Yeah, we know. We here in America
02:07 we have a Standard American Diet or SAD.
02:12 So, but again the Indian cuisine
02:14 has a good diet overall I will say.
02:17 Yeah. And of course this is going to be a
02:18 meatless diet, so Absolutely.
02:21 Just what Abundant living in 3ABN is
02:22 all about. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
02:23 Cholesterol free. Cholesterol free,
02:26 no eggs at all. Yeah, seems that.
02:29 No meat at all.
02:30 Nothing that comes from animal,
02:31 or has a face or a mother.
02:34 My daughter made that comment the other day
02:35 when I was talking to her.
02:36 She said momma, does it have a face.
02:38 I said, no. Does it have a mother?
02:39 Does it have a mother? No, it doesn't.
02:41 That just means that, you know if it has a face
02:43 or a mother we should not be messing with it.
02:45 Yeah. It's not the best article of food.
02:48 Well, let's go to the recipe. Alright.
02:53 Curry Potato Turnovers, it calls for:
03:32 And soy mil, to glaze. Now. Okay.
03:36 You already know it's quite a bit
03:37 of spicy stuff. It sure is. Put the recipe,
03:39 and of course in order to even get this ready.
03:41 We got to first start on our,
03:43 actual crust itself, alright.
03:45 On the crust, huh.
03:47 So, we you're gonna do is, yes,
03:48 your favorite, as far as your favorite thing.
03:49 Oh! My favorite thing.
03:51 Your favorite thing. So, why don't you go
03:52 add the whole wheat flour and whole wheat
03:54 pasty flour together there.
03:55 Okay, put both of these in here.
03:57 Put them in together.
03:58 We going to go ahead on and add in salt.
04:01 You mentioned about McKay's'
04:02 chicken style seasoning.
04:04 Lets' talk about that for those
04:05 who may not be aware of that.
04:07 McKay's' chicken style seasoning is actually
04:09 just a seasoning that mimics that
04:12 of a regular chicken broth or chicken cube
04:15 that you would use when you are doing some type
04:17 of a soup base. But there is no animal at all.
04:20 No animal. Okay.
04:21 No animal ingredients.
04:23 You can have a beef style seasoning.
04:24 Yes. And no beef. No beef. Okay. Alright.
04:26 Now you're going to go ahead and put
04:27 your margarine in, Curtis.
04:28 And we know of course we gonna just crumble
04:30 it on up until we get that texture of cornmeal.
04:34 Okay. And, it's always better if the margarine,
04:36 of course, is cold. Now just take your fork
04:39 and go up and down.
04:41 Otherwise you're gonna,
04:42 it's not going to mash together.
04:44 Can I do it now. Just do like that.
04:45 Oh okay. Although that's what I was going there.
04:48 Now you kind of stirring for a while.
04:50 I will stir a little bit, okay. Yeah.
04:52 And usually if the margarine is colder.
04:55 It actually crumbles up just like cornmeal.
04:57 As you can see it's actually doing now.
04:58 Okay. Okay. And then what you're gonna do,
05:01 plus kind of like what we want. Okay.
05:03 Okay. Why don't you go ahead and pour
05:04 that water in slowly for me there.
05:06 We add in the water.
05:08 This is the half a cup of water here.
05:13 Okay. And we gonna make a soft crust.
05:19 So this is going to be a turnover,
05:21 the ingredient is gonna be inside this.
05:24 This is going to be that, the ingredients are
05:26 going go inside of that, okay. Okay.
05:28 What I'm gonna do is I am going to add
05:30 just a tad bit more of water when you use that
05:32 whole wheat flour and you use the pasty flour.
05:35 You might have to put just a little bit more,
05:37 just a little bit more water in here,
05:39 little bit more there, okay.
05:43 I'll let you do it baby. Alright.
05:44 Now once we gets this going and we gonna,
05:48 see its making up its own thing there.
05:51 And what we've done Curtis is save time
05:55 once again we've gotten our dough.
06:03 Oh! True. 3ABN kitchen one down,
06:07 and you got it going on baby.
06:09 Oh! Now I am going to move this over to
06:11 the side because what I want you to do as
06:13 matter of fact let's take this.
06:14 Go ahead on and. So we're just fast
06:16 forward about 5 minutes. We got fast forward.
06:17 I'm gonna give you a knife and you can go
06:18 ahead and start chopping the onion up and
06:20 I want to go ahead start rolling out
06:21 the dough so they could see this dough.
06:23 Okay. Alright. And the reason
06:24 why is that this dough actually has to sit
06:26 for at least 30 minutes chilling.
06:30 Okay, and 30 minutes is almost equal to
06:33 the amount of time that we actually have. Okay.
06:35 Okay. All right-y.
06:42 When was the last time we've been to
06:43 a Indian restaurant. Honey,
06:45 it's been a while. Oh!
06:47 There's this one in Huntsville we
06:49 We frequent quite often.
06:50 My wife goes to the restaurant,
06:51 she gets her pencil and pad out and
06:55 try to guess what's the ingredients in the meal.
06:58 Don't tell all my secrets.
07:00 Okay. That's just one of them.
07:01 Now believe or not,
07:03 this recipe is going to be for,
07:05 we're gonna make four turnover so
07:07 I usually just cut it in half first,
07:11 and then I cut it cross again.
07:13 So I want four pieces, okay.
07:16 And then each one of these piece is
07:17 going to make its own.
07:20 Turn over. Turn over.
07:21 Now while I am doing is,
07:23 I am going to take and roll this,
07:24 get this rolled out in a minute.
07:25 I want you to get your fire going,
07:27 because now we're going to fix the inside, okay.
07:32 And you have oil right there.
07:34 We're gonna put the oil in.
07:39 Okay, and I am going to watch what
07:41 was going to happen.
07:42 I am going to go ahead and have you put that
07:44 inside and sauté those onions for me.
07:45 Here is your spatula.
07:47 I start sautéing onion. Yup,
07:49 and I am going to go ahead on
07:50 and start making up the actual pockets himself.
07:54 Just roll it out, then.
08:04 You want the onions to be translucent
08:06 Yes, please.
08:11 Picking up these kitchen terms, honey.
08:12 You picking them up, picking them up.
08:14 Translucent. That's a good thing.
08:15 That's a good thing. Yes.
08:22 Get some flour going here.
08:26 Okay, now this is in your cook book.
08:28 This is in our supplemental book.
08:30 This is the new one. Okay.
08:31 So let's talk about that because
08:33 The supplemental recipe book actually is
08:35 the addition to global.
08:38 We've done a global one before,
08:40 we've added recipes to it,
08:41 it's gonna, sit that over there.
08:43 I am going to back up a little bit because
08:45 the tears are about to flow. A little bit.
08:48 You alright? Yes.
08:49 Okay. Back up a little bit. I'll back up.
08:51 And I will you tell what, just turn that down.
08:58 We will keep that going.
09:03 You going to do all four.
09:05 I'm just going to do one, so you can,
09:06 I'll do two of them so you can see
09:08 what's going on. Alright.
09:09 Alright. You wanna make a round circle.
09:14 'Cause we gonna fill it up.
09:16 And now what you gonna do is,
09:17 you're gonna go ahead on and let's start
09:19 them spices. We got that garlic going on in there.
09:21 Now, this is the garlic.
09:22 And then these are your spices.
09:23 We got cumin, turmeric, coriander
09:26 and McKay's chicken style seasoning.
09:29 It's going to really be smelling good,
09:30 smelling good, smelling good.
09:35 I'll look in the turmeric and chicken styles
09:38 seasoning and cumin, on in.
09:43 That smell good. Alright.
09:50 Its time for the carrots too or what?
09:52 Now, what's going to happen is
09:53 this sautés for a while and the onions
09:56 are actually going to get little more of a
09:57 caramel color, okay. And then we going
10:00 go ahead and put in the potatoes
10:02 and also the carrots. And I've already
10:04 steamed those, yes. I've already steamed them
10:06 so they're ready to go.
10:07 You smell that. Isn't that wonderful?
10:09 It's lovely. Alright, alright.
10:11 It is kicking. It's kicking. It's kicking.
10:19 I am going to stir it up real good,
10:20 sauté that, turn the fire up a little bit.
10:22 Move all the stuff out of your way.
10:28 Alright. Okay. Now, normally what happens is
10:36 once we finish cooking that.
10:37 We let it sit on aside because it really does
10:39 have to cool before you put it inside of
10:41 the crust itself, okay. Okay.
10:44 Alright. Once you have cooked the crust.
10:46 We'll cook. That's right.
10:47 Okay. Okay. So we'll sauté that
10:49 and then let me just go ahead on and turn
10:51 it a little bit more here around the edges.
10:53 Now can you put any type of meat.
10:57 Absolutely. I mean vegetation meat in here.
11:00 Yes, yeah. You can really play with this.
11:02 Yeah. Quite a bit. It's a matter of fact
11:04 and you can turn it off right.
11:05 Go ahead and turn it off, okay.
11:07 As a matter of fact, around the holiday time
11:08 when I am making these.
11:09 I will make them up and you can actually
11:11 make them up and put the some,
11:13 I'll show that to you also.
11:15 But you can actually put,
11:16 your filling on the inside
11:18 Okay. Put the other top on top of it.
11:19 Take a fork and then go all way around it,
11:21 okay. And make a nice pocket. Okay.
11:22 Alright. Alright, okay. Or the other way
11:24 we're gonna do it which even though
11:26 it has not cooled yet.
11:28 We're gonna just take out a little bit.
11:32 So, now you assume that it has cooled.
11:34 Yes, and we just gonna go ahead and.
11:37 Put a little bit inside. Yes.
11:42 And then we are going to just fold it up.
11:53 Umh. Very good baby.
11:56 And what you're gonna do is, take your fork.
11:58 Can I do one of those? Yeah
12:01 What's that you call that crimping or something.
12:04 Well, it's kind of, fork kind of helps it
12:06 to keep it together there. Yeah.
12:08 So when it bakes in the oven,
12:09 you give me that tray over there?
12:11 Give me that tray. Okay, alright.
12:23 Let me just put this right here.
12:25 And you can't put a lot in there now Curtis, okay.
12:27 Okay. 'Cause you won't be able to do your thing.
12:30 Want me to do this. Yeah.
12:31 Okay. You need to back up a little bit, baby,
12:33 okay. This is maybe dangerous, alright.
12:35 I know. Okay. That's enough to
12:37 more than enough, more than enough. Okay.
12:39 Because, I still have to close it. Okay.
12:42 Now, I want you to take notes okay baby.
12:44 You're taking notes on this.
12:45 Go ahead Mr. Eakins.
12:47 Okay. Sister Eakins.
12:48 And hope the camera's getting a close up
12:51 of this, because this is very critical
12:52 move right here.
12:54 I'm not trying to be funny baby.
12:55 Okay, I want to. I'm gonna take this fork.
12:58 Okay, I'm gonna crimp it.
13:00 What is so funny?
13:02 Even the camera crew is laughing.
13:03 What's funny is that the whole,
13:05 that there is holes up there,
13:06 honey and when that goes, okay.
13:07 Okay, it's closed now. Okay, there you go.
13:09 Mine's the prettier. Well, we're about
13:12 the same. Here you go and yeah that's.
13:21 Well. Okay, the way you're laughing?
13:22 I don't know. Okay, you have to talk to me
13:24 after the show. I just want you to know.
13:26 Maybe you need to take a break?
13:28 I want you to know that at the end of the show.
13:30 I am going to show you Curtis's and
13:32 what happens with that.
13:34 May be pick out which one is mine
13:35 when it starts baking.
13:37 But it bakes in the oven.
13:38 It has a temperature of above 400 degrees.
13:41 It will bake in oven and that will get nice
13:42 and golden brown. Now one of the things
13:44 that you can do is just take your brush
13:46 and little bit of the soy milk.
13:48 What we have here and you're just gonna brush
13:50 it across the top, okay.
13:52 Brush across the top. Okay. Alright.
13:56 Well, we're gonna take a break,
13:58 and when we come back.
13:59 We will look at the next recipe. Okay.


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