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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00190C

00:02 Well. Okay. We've got it all done. We've got them
00:05 Oat grain waffles. Yes. hearty breakfast. And they are
00:07 absolutely fantastic. Yes. They are better than
00:10 regular store bought waffles and they have a wonderful
00:15 and they have a wonderful pineapple sauce that we
00:16 made to go over top of them.
00:18 Got some kiwi working there. And we've got the kiwi,
00:20 yes we do, and we have some fresh cantaloupe.
00:22 Yes. And some peppermint tea. Peppermint tea.
00:25 Just a Peppermint tea also along with that, instead a
00:28 whole about the area as we look at and talk about
00:32 menopause; menopausal symptoms and maybe you
00:36 need to have a word of prayer and for the woman
00:38 who maybe experiencing these symptoms and what
00:40 do you say honey. Yes, that sounds good to me.
00:42 Let's do it. Let's do together this this time.
00:43 Father God, we want to thank you so much for the
00:46 program and the listeners Lord bless the 3ABN and
00:49 all those who have been watching to program here.
00:51 We pray that those women who are going through
00:54 different journeys in their life as they relate
00:56 to menopause that both them and their family
00:58 members will be lot more easier on each other
01:02 praying continuously and loving each other and
01:05 loving you most of all thank you so much for all
01:07 you do for us and for your dying on a cross for our
01:10 sins. This is our prayer in your son's name. Amen,
01:13 Amen! Now you have a favorite text you want to
01:16 close that with honey, what's you favorite text?
01:18 Oh! yes, yes, yes, yes. And if you get an
01:19 opportunity go to Jeremiah 29, 11, 12, and 13,
01:24 12 and 13 speaks about the fact that when
01:27 you search for God with all your hearts and truly
01:29 come to him that he will bless you. You know there
01:31 were plans. Alright, well, very good program. There
01:34 is always John 10:10. Jesus said I come that
01:37 they might have life and have it more Abundantly.


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