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00:01 Well, welcome back. Okay.
00:02 We are going to these Oat grain waffles
00:05 let's look at the ingredients.
00:08 It calls for:
00:29 Okay, Oat grain waffles. Now, Oat grain waffles
00:33 after that talking Whole Grain.
00:35 Yes, tying to get these menopausal symptoms down
00:37 and this will help a whole lot.
00:39 Yes, now we've already got the Oats in here. Okay.
00:41 This is Grain Oats and we've got 4 cups of water.
00:43 So, I want you to just kind of pour around
00:45 peripheral of the... not right down in the middle
00:47 but around the edges there, okay,
00:49 and pour that in because it isn't,
00:50 quite there is circles. All of it honey.
00:52 Yeah, all of it. Okay. It's 4 cups four and four.
00:54 Alright. Alrighty and wow and once he finishes that
00:59 off we're going to put in the rest of the ingredients so let
01:01 me get my smashed together there.
01:04 Now quick oats won't do. No, no this is steel grain oats.
01:07 Still graying. Now we're gonna to go ahead on
01:09 and then we put in the vanilla.
01:11 Alright. I like this is all one batter thing
01:13 and then we're gonna to put in the salt.
01:15 Okay, it was sea salt going in.
01:17 And we're gonna put in the honey. Okay.
01:23 Okay, and then is also has soy milk.
01:27 I see you coated this with oil. Absolutely. Absolutely.
01:32 Absolutely. Go ahead and put the soy milk in.
01:34 And the soy milk of your choice.
01:36 I like to use vanilla. Vanilla, okay.
01:38 Okay, I said walnuts are optional
01:39 and the reason why I said it was optional
01:41 because you can actually use walnuts
01:43 that you can use almonds, you can use pecans
01:46 any of those can be in there whole,
01:48 you want to use the whole nut itself,
01:51 not with the shell on it. Okay but you, you know
01:53 understand what I'm saying, would you could
01:55 use any of those and you will just change the flavor up
01:57 little bit alright. We're gonna use walnuts alright,
01:59 and Curtis believe it or not there is a,
02:02 there is the one already made up
02:05 because this sits a few minutes, so right around that corner,
02:08 if you would go ahead and get
02:09 that for me no. I've already made up the
02:11 mixture itself. So, it's thick enough to go in here right
02:14 now. You want me to get that now? Yes,
02:15 and I'm going to turn this on why you do that
02:17 okay.Alright here we go. And so Curtis you got that
02:34 for me. Here it is baby. Because I just kind of
02:36 want them to see, if you will bring back that... bring
02:39 that mixing bowl back and I could show them a little
02:41 bit how is to once you do it the first time around you
02:45 know it's got sit for about 10, 15 minutes so
02:48 you can see is going to be kind of... see. Oh! okay
02:51 that's the waffles. Okay, but let them see yours
02:54 how that looks. Okay. After this for about 15
02:56 minutes. It gets thicker.
02:58 Yeah. See that. Okay. Alright, so what we're
03:01 going to do then is I'm going to go ahead on.
03:04 Now so we're going to use this.
03:06 We're going to use that one instead. Okay. So,
03:08 we'll be getting just over here unplug that
03:13 for me can that waffle iron is already on it's
03:16 already been sprayed so it is to be nice and hot
03:20 and it is, it is. Hold it that way and I usually
03:25 take a scoop and I just scoop it right in the
03:31 middle. Now sesame seeds in put that on that.
03:34 Well, I'll put on hold on, hold on, hold on.
03:39 Okay. And my wife she fixed us for me usually on
03:41 Sunday morning, Sunday morning I have a good
03:43 hearty breakfast and the best breakfast for the
03:46 whole week this will take me for at least 5 or 6
03:50 hours. That's all, that's all Curtis, that's all.
03:52 Yeah, yeah. Well, that's all I need do any. Alright.
03:54 Well make sure you cover your waffel iron and
03:57 you want to make sure it's nice and hot and then with that
03:59 in mind you just sprinkle your sesame seeds
04:03 on top of both and you can also, what is the reason
04:07 for that sesame sticking? That's the key from
04:08 sticking. Oh! Okay. Okay and then you can also put
04:11 just sesame seeds on the bottom as well. And now
04:13 you're going t do is just close it down and lock it
04:15 now unlike regular waffles it's going to take
04:18 longer so we talked anywhere from 8 to 10
04:20 minutes so leave it alone until your waffle turns
04:23 to finished okay and with that in mind while that's
04:26 getting itself ready we want to go to the topping
04:29 for this waffle, these waffles, alright.
04:33 Okay. Let's look at the ingredients, its called
04:36 Pineapple Maple Sauce it calls for:
04:53 Now this is a real simple,
04:54 simple recipe. What we are going to do is we're going
04:56 to take our pineapple, this is crushed pineapple.
04:59 Now, you go ahead and pour that inside, slowly pour
05:02 into the blender. Alright. Okay. There that nice
05:06 juice goes with it. And I see you, you backing
05:09 up little bit.I did. Yes, you did. I backed up.
05:11 Yes you did I wasn't sure if he was going to throw in
05:12 there, yes, and even I've said that.
05:14 Yeah, and I'm doing this gently there. We don't want
05:16 to high calorie syrup, so this is going to be the
05:19 topping for the waffles. And this is the cornstarch.
05:22 Okay. So, that get nice thickening ingredient,
05:24 okay, that's right. Okay. And right after that I want
05:26 to go ahead on it putting that maple syrup, this is
05:30 maple here. Oh! right okay, alright. Okay, I
05:35 love maple syrup...Yes I do. You know, this is
05:38 pineapple by the way in it's own juice so there
05:40 is no sugar being added to it. Okay. Okay, no
05:44 heavy syrup, going to be trying to stay away from the
05:46 sweets. Now is this the vanilla, okay. Okay, and
05:51 we're going to put that lid on and we're going to
05:56 blend it. Get your fire on. That's all
06:15 you do do, that's it, that's it, that's it,
06:17 that's it, that's it. This will be our topping. And we
06:20 want to slowly pour it in. Everything going in and
06:23 want to get that spatula around. Yeah, Okay. Now,
06:28 you know I love this sauce, this goes so good
06:30 with that, you know. And this is part of my
06:33 breakfast on Sunday mornings. Now, folks don't
06:36 be coming by the house on Sunday mornings so because
06:38 I said that. Okay. Yes, okay. Put this. And we're
06:42 going to go ahead and we got to do. There is a good
06:43 toping. Stir it up, stir it up. You are going to
06:47 stir this until it actually gets thick,
06:50 alright and that would be thick because of the
06:52 cornstarch. Alright, turn it down it's kind of high
06:55 alright. Okay. You want to keep stirring, knowing you are
06:58 dealing with that cornstarch. You really have to keep
07:01 stirring so it doesn't stick to the bottom and
07:04 you can see already, see already it's started to
07:05 get thick. Yes, okay. Okay, this stuff is so
07:09 yummy, it's so yummy you know. Now, with the
07:11 waffles you can add a whole lot of other things
07:14 to it the scrambled tofu or just... Absolutely.
07:17 You know you can just put them out there. You can
07:18 just scramble Tofu, you can also make these waffles
07:20 up and you can actually serve it with the fresh
07:21 fruits. Okay. Alright, potatoes if you want to.
07:25 You want heavy one, on Sunday we do that. Okay,
07:27 yeah. Okay, but you know what is going to happen.
07:29 We're going to take and continue finishing this
07:30 off and I've know you want to see those waffles and
07:33 that pineapple sauce at the end and with some of fresh
07:35 fruits of what you want to do is stay by.


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