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00:01 Well, we want to welcome you back to Abundant Living
00:03 and the last time we were together we talked about
00:07 'Cause for the Pause', remember ladies and family.
00:10 Once again this is part two and we're asking you again
00:14 to get your paper and pencil and ask your family
00:16 members to come and join you because this
00:18 time we are gonna talk about ways to prevent
00:22 power surges, as it deals with menopause,
00:25 get your paper and pencil, get your family,
00:28 we'll be right back.
00:55 Well, welcome again to Abundant Living my name
00:59 is Paula Eakins and this is my husband, Curtis Eakins
01:04 and once again we're continuing where we had
01:06 left off the last time talking about Menopause.
01:10 That's right. And, further it was
01:12 Cause for the Pause. Cause for the Pause
01:14 and now we are preventing power surges.
01:16 Preventing power not hot flashes, but power surges.
01:19 Yeah, I like that word a lot better, Power Surges.
01:22 We don't have hot flashes, as a matter of fact,
01:24 It's good in winter time too.
01:26 One time when I was sitting in a room and they were lot
01:28 of women there and there was men there as well.
01:30 Okay. And this is kind of funny
01:31 ladies, oh! and they kept saying well woman have
01:34 hot flashes and I kept saying well that's kind
01:36 of not right because I'm looking around,
01:38 I got teenagers there who got fans they fanning,
01:40 I got the men they fanning and the women would fanning.
01:43 So, unlike this call that power surge.
01:46 I think we were in one presentation in one city
01:49 and someone gave you a plaque.
01:51 Oh yes. About that.
01:52 I still have it. You still have it, yes.
01:54 There is someone who watches us do a program
01:55 one time in the community and they actually
01:58 brought me a plaque they found at a unique store
02:00 and it talked about power surges.
02:02 This excellent website called powersurge.com.
02:05 Absolutely lots of websites out there.
02:07 Absolutely, okay. Let's get into some
02:09 nutrition therapy or fluids as far as how to prevent
02:13 these power surges, not just power surges
02:15 but also other menopausal problems as well.
02:18 Let's get into, yeah absolutely,
02:19 nutrition therapy and fluids.
02:21 When we talk about that nutrition once again,
02:22 we're talking now again about having a good diet,
02:26 looking at the fruits and the vegetables
02:29 and the whole grains. We've spoke about that over
02:31 and over on Abundant Living Show
02:33 and here on 3ABN as well; whole grains
02:36 and not the fruit juice but the whole fruit
02:39 not the vegetable juices, whole-steamed veggies.
02:45 That's going to be the best for us
02:47 and for anything that has gone as a matter of fact.
02:50 We talked about that breakfast
02:52 ladies we have to get breakfast in.
02:54 And you know lot of time we get to rushing
02:55 and we don't get the breakfast in,
02:57 but breakfast is so important.
02:59 It gets us fueled for the day.
03:01 Also that fiber is such another key,
03:04 getting that fiber in,
03:05 that's coming from our fruits and vegetables
03:07 and whole grains as well. And then of course
03:10 food preparation and you know a lot of times
03:12 we get involved in preparing foods
03:15 that are not really good and healthy for us,
03:17 especially as we're going through this
03:18 area of menopause, we definitely want to
03:20 make sure that we are baking and grilling
03:23 and sauteing, okay not that high fried foods
03:27 that has to go because it will cause problems
03:29 not just for menopause, PMS and all other issues
03:31 as well. Now, what are we going to avoid?
03:34 You already know. We're going to avoid alcohol.
03:38 We're going to avoid if you are smoking
03:39 you need to stop smoking, it actually
03:41 causes a problem for estrogen. Caffeine,
03:44 I know that we talked about PMS
03:47 and how that chocolate was the big deal,
03:49 caffeine bad news whether it's in drink, candy,
03:51 you want to stay away from that,
03:53 and spicy foods. Now, spicy foods
03:56 and hot foods specifically in the evenings
04:00 you don't want that going on because
04:02 that will actually bring the power surges on.
04:04 Okay, now good,
04:07 now we have the caffeine, the alcohol.
04:08 Again, now people already having problems
04:10 with menopausal symptoms, right, so these things
04:12 would just makes it worse. Alright.
04:14 Absolutely, absolutely. What about the clothing
04:16 because of the power surges. Now you know we talk
04:20 about that clothing. We know that you know
04:23 the best clothing, let me just say it that way
04:26 to be kind the best clothing
04:28 ladies and gentlemen because we are talking
04:32 now about the ladies but we want to make sure
04:34 the gentlemen's understand and that is the cotton.
04:38 Unfortunately, we got to go back to the cotton
04:40 because the cotton actually absorbs,
04:42 got the absorption and it keeps them,
04:43 actually having those power surges.
04:45 So, always those nice little frilly,
04:47 frilly things believe or not ladies,
04:48 the cotton stuff they have coming out now
04:50 and it's absolutely gorgeous.
04:51 We will wanna look at someone of those
04:53 because now I'm not talking the long pajama thing
04:55 that the foot is stuff in it and on to your neck
04:57 and everything where those who has been trying to
04:59 figure out what was going on, okay.
05:00 We are talking about the cotton,
05:02 nice cute and dainty cotton outfits alright,
05:04 just talking about cute and dainty;
05:05 you want to be cute and dainty at the same time.
05:06 Just cute and dainty? Absolutely.
05:08 Okay, yeah maybe the windows open up in evening times.
05:11 Oh! But have one of the windows need to be open,
05:12 fresh air comes in, you know.
05:14 Yes. If you get really one of
05:15 those power surges you might want to get use some
05:17 cool water, turn the fan on, you know or take walk
05:21 outside all those kind of things are really good,
05:25 deep breathing. Yes.
05:27 that also helps a lot as well.
05:28 Okay, now, let's move into some specific foods.
05:30 What about soy because a lot are dealing with soy
05:34 and menopausal problems. Soy has some ingredients
05:36 in that. So, let's talk about soy,
05:37 soy foods and menopausal problems.
05:39 What food and drug administration is really
05:41 trying to get is all to bump up the amount of fiber
05:43 they were getting in, soy is one of those good
05:45 foods and, okay, we are talking about the
05:47 fact that 20 to 25 grams of the soy which is actually
05:51 two to three servings, okay, over the day.
05:53 That's about maybe two three ounces at a time.
05:56 All kind of soy products on the market,
05:58 believe it or not soy foods have been
06:01 highly recommended for helping to an alleviate
06:04 power surges, is also very good for low in
06:08 cholesterol because it's cholesterol free.
06:10 That's true. It improves skin quality.
06:12 Yes. It also restores vaginal moisture.
06:17 Oh! Okay. That's very, very important one.
06:19 It increases bone density. Oh! soy.
06:22 That's very important. Right, excellent.
06:23 And then of course it inhibits clot formation.
06:26 These are just some of things that soy is actually
06:29 able to do and lots papers are out there,
06:31 more and more research coming out and a lot of,
06:34 I've got some friends that actually are having
06:35 problem with power surges. Okay.
06:37 And we've been talking about the soy products
06:40 and they said it really does work.
06:41 So, you can corporate soy foods or Tufu or soy milks
06:46 or those kind of things. Soy flower,
06:47 Soy flowers and different all that's on the market.
06:49 ways of incorporating soy, absolutely,
06:50 to the person's diet. Yes. I know that orient
06:52 at least in China in the Chinese language
06:55 there is not a word for hot flashes.
06:57 There is not in their language.
06:58 No. They've taken more,
06:59 seven times more soy that we take in here in
07:02 Unites States. So, that word does not exist
07:05 in their language. Yeah, yeah.
07:07 So, we will go for that. Now, what about some
07:08 physical activity because again we talk about hot
07:11 flashes or power surges and also some other symptoms
07:14 as well. How can physical activity alleviate some of
07:18 these menopausal symptoms? Now physical activity,
07:21 note he said the word physical activity
07:23 ladies and gentlemen, and that's because
07:24 we used to say the word 'Exercise' and may be
07:27 you say the word 'Exercise', people
07:28 are like I'm not doing that okay.
07:30 So, we've going to say physical activity
07:33 that sounds lot better. We've talked about
07:34 physical activity of course we are not talking about
07:36 getting the aerobic exercise in.
07:38 We are talking about three times a week
07:40 aerobic exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes
07:43 and I no that someone is saying right now,
07:45 I don't have no 30, 20, 30 minutes to do yes you do,
07:49 when you consider what can happen as a result
07:50 of not getting that physical activity in.
07:52 And you don't have to do all 20 to 30 minutes
07:54 at one time. You can do 10 minutes in a morning,
07:57 10 minutes in the afternoon and, okay,
07:59 10 minutes before late evening because you
08:00 don't want do exercise then. Aerobic exercise
08:03 that's the aerobic, now the other one is actually
08:06 doing strength training ladies.
08:08 Strength training is so key. It helps to keep those
08:11 muscles intact. It keeps them built up.
08:13 It helps the metabolism. So, you want to do it.
08:15 Now, I'm not talking about trying to get,
08:17 I know somebody, saying she don't mind using weighs
08:19 and I'll get on, you know muscles
08:21 and everything, no you're not.
08:22 God has designed us totally different from men
08:24 and no matter how much we lift,
08:25 of course you get lift but it's not much as men
08:27 lift anyway, but you know we're talking about
08:29 the three, no more than five pounds weights.
08:32 It is more about reputation
08:33 than is about the weight itself.
08:35 Yes, now you lift weights and you have trained the two.
08:38 You wanted to talk about that for little bit.
08:40 The reason why he said that ladies
08:42 is because of the fact that, he is my trainer.
08:45 Oh! yes, right that is correct yeah, okay, yeah.
08:48 He is my trainer and he is also my walking buddy.
08:50 Yes. Okay, that's gets me out there in nature.
08:52 And maybe, you want to show your muscles,
08:54 to the audience honey how well you are toning?
08:56 We're not going to do that part right now.
08:58 We won't do the muscle portion,
09:00 but I think when I was doing this,
09:02 that was enough to kind of go there with that.
09:04 Okay. Ladies also we can swim,
09:06 we can walk, we can jog, but I'm going to tell you
09:09 one of the things that I find very beneficial
09:12 and more and more coming out
09:13 and that is walking is the best exercise.
09:17 We spoke about that before about actually getting out
09:19 there, walk out of the door. You know, going through
09:22 depression, anxiety, things getting on your nerves
09:25 all those kind of things, you need to take a
09:26 walk sometime, get away from the crowd,
09:29 go and talk a walk and you know grab a friend
09:32 or partner or somebody, and somebody being with
09:33 yes, okay. In the open air,
09:35 sunlight, absolutely, because again these
09:38 menopausal symptoms of course you're going
09:40 to have some blood sugar fluctuation,
09:42 cholesterol tends to go up because of low estrogen
09:45 so the walking, the sunlight all of these
09:47 will help to stabilize those symptoms
09:49 going on in a woman's life. Now we're about some
09:52 relaxation techniques, lot of things we can do
09:55 to lessen these menopausal symptoms.
09:57 List just some of them. I just love this part about
10:00 the relaxation techniques. Oh, why you love it?
10:02 Because when it comes to relaxation after you come
10:05 back in the house and you're feeling all good
10:08 and everything, this is a wonderful time to sit down
10:10 and read a nice book, okay, listen to some tapes,
10:14 some DVDs, you know your MP3 player
10:18 the soft music ladies, that's not that hollering
10:21 and screaming and the bunch of stuff
10:22 and you know we want to be careful of the music you know
10:24 and make sure of soft music, spiritual music,
10:27 you know we don't want to- I loss my man,
10:28 I loss my dog and cat, now I don't like to go there.
10:30 You'd be more depressed, yes, just soft stuff water
10:32 sounds, it's the way to go you know,
10:35 spring soft music, oh, I'm telling you
10:38 I'm almost about to go there.
10:39 I can't go there because I will actually just tune totally out,
10:42 yeah, yeah, stay focused lady,
10:43 you got to stay focus lady. I saw you just an
10:45 off a little bit, you know, in the third heavens.
10:47 So, we get that warm back going, yes.
10:48 I would tell you the number one thing,
10:50 the number one, the number one prayer, yes,
10:54 I can tell you enough about how God is so concerned,
10:58 about us and everything that happens to us
11:00 and prayer is the one prayer is the key
11:03 to unlocks heavens store house.
11:04 That's true. Praying is asking God
11:06 to help you and even asking him to show you those
11:08 things that you need to be doing and show you,
11:11 you know how to move into the journey as you are
11:13 moving through this journey. Okay, okay.
11:15 Okay. Yes, wonderful.
11:16 Well there's some good techniques now so
11:18 hopefully that will help a lot you are out there
11:20 who are experiencing menopausal symptoms.
11:22 You can always call me and I can always talk you through it.
11:25 Yes. Okay. Now hormone replacement therapy.
11:28 Yes. Big word. Big word, big problem.
11:31 Let's talk about that. Okay, well, we talked about
11:33 hormone replacement therapy in the last program
11:36 and that you know when we are going through menopause
11:38 because of the estrogen is low etc.
11:40 and so what they would do is get the woman estrogen
11:44 replacement therapy and of course you know to get
11:47 that it comes from a mare and a mare weighs about well 1000,
11:53 1200 pounds give or take.
11:55 They would starve the mare of water so that there urine
11:58 becomes very concentrated and get that urine
12:02 and put into a woman's body that was a 150 pounds or so,
12:05 so of course you would have some problems
12:07 with that alright. And so, that wasn't working
12:10 so they decided to add progesterone
12:12 but a synthetic progesterone was just called progestin.
12:16 We talked about the woman's health initiatives study
12:18 that's we called Hormone Replacement Therapy,
12:20 estrogen and progesterone and of course they had to stop
12:23 that three years short of completion
12:25 because of breast cancer heart attacks and stroke.
12:29 So, therefore what happens is that,
12:31 now things are moving into what we call
12:34 Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.
12:39 There is a difference between synthetic. Bioidentical is
12:43 a hormones that's plant based.
12:46 Yes. That is molecular in structure
12:50 similar to the woman's estrogen that they produce.
12:54 That's right. The same structure is to saying
12:56 identical. Synthetic is similar but it's not
13:01 identical so therefore that's the different between
13:05 bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
13:07 which is a plan-based either comes from a Soy
13:11 or Mexican Wild Yam that's the progesterone.
13:15 So, but again excess serving
13:17 of sweet potato pies is not going to get it ladies.
13:19 No, not that. This is the Mexican Wild Yam.
13:21 That's right. Yeah, not sweet potato pies,
13:23 I want to make sure we understand that.
13:25 And so with that in mind it's more of better fit
13:28 to the body as well. So, now with in mind
13:32 before we do that we need to have some different
13:35 tests to see where you stand
13:37 because everybody is different.
13:39 So, let's go through this. I'm going to show you
13:41 what test needs to be taken for this
13:44 Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.
13:47 Here are the hormone test that you need to take
13:50 a ladies, first of all is Estrogen
13:52 and Estrogen has at least 400 impact
13:57 of what the body functions in a system,
13:59 400 functions are responsible just from
14:02 Estrogen alone and then you have Progesterone
14:05 another hormone, my wife talked about last program
14:09 back in their 70s then we added Testosterone
14:13 in the 1990's and then two more as of late
14:16 Cortisol that's the stress hormone
14:19 and DHEA both of those last two from the adrenals.
14:23 So, those our of five major hormones
14:26 ladies that need to be tested
14:28 and how those tests accurately,
14:31 we're not talking about a blood test,
14:34 we're talking about a saliva test.
14:35 That's right. And that's the different
14:37 between the two. Saliva test tests your hormones
14:40 within the cell itself and a blood test,
14:43 test of hormones in the liver.
14:44 So, it's not as accurate. So, therefore you want
14:47 a saliva test therefore it's more accurate
14:49 as far as where you stand then there were
14:52 match your hormone level with this
14:54 bioidentical hormone therapy for therefore it's more
14:58 of it perfect match for that woman.
15:00 Now can anybody and you said pharmacist
15:04 can anybody do this testing?
15:07 Yes. These pharmacist,
15:09 are they what type of pharmacist are there,
15:11 are they is certified? Okay, yeah, now we're
15:13 talking about compound pharmacists,
15:17 alright and this is a person who has a license
15:20 and regulated by the State board of pharmacy,
15:24 okay, compound pharmacist and they are all over
15:27 United States, Headquarters in Houston,
15:29 Texas and I want to show you on the screen where
15:33 you can get this compound pharmacist and were you can
15:36 locate compound pharmacist in your area.
15:39 Here is the website, it's the International Academy
15:43 Of Compound Pharmacist and our website there is,
15:47 IACPRX.COM. Just click on there,
15:53 click on your state, your city
15:56 and then what tell you, your compound pharmacist
15:59 in your area. Now of course we have one in Huntsville,
16:02 Alabama, the compound, and Madison, yeah, yeah.
16:04 Madison's drugs and you were the poster child you,
16:08 did a lot of TV interviews there locally with Dr. Wingo,
16:12 but again and they will have Saliva kits
16:16 you can use and they have self-mailer
16:18 and mailer straight to the laboratory,
16:20 so therefore they can understand
16:22 where you stand that's a partnership.
16:24 We're talking about the compound pharmacist,
16:26 your health care professional
16:28 and also yourself there is a triangle there.
16:31 Everybody working together, but that's
16:33 the shift that people are moving to in a very
16:36 little side effects as well.
16:38 Now, he said that triangle you, the pharmacist,
16:42 and then the doctor, that's right working together,
16:45 and guess what smack-dab in the meadow God.
16:47 That's right. And He is the one
16:48 who is directing all the way around and you know what,
16:51 we have basically kind of so much more to say on the
16:55 subject, yes, but I think you really got the
16:56 jist of it I think you know exactly what you need
16:58 to go or you need to do at this point
17:00 and we're going to be going into the kitchen
17:03 and when we go in that kitchen, guess what
17:05 we're going to be doing these Oat Grain Waffles
17:08 with a wonderful pineapple sauce.
17:11 Get your paper and your pencil
17:13 and meet us in the kitchen.


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