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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, welcome back. Okay.
00:02 We got those Franks in the Blanket.
00:04 Franks in the Blanket. All made up
00:05 and we're using once again that Lightlife.
00:07 Smart dogs. Smart dogs, okay very, very good,
00:10 low and no cholesterol, low, low, low in fat completely.
00:14 Saturated fat, yes. Okay, no trans fat.
00:15 No trans fats. And, of course, we are serving
00:17 it up with our barbecue sauce, which we have
00:20 in our global cookbook. And. Looking good,
00:23 nice golden brown baby. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
00:25 Again, how long do you bake these,
00:27 I know last night you bake these.
00:28 Yeah, about 400 degrees and about 15 minutes.
00:31 You want to just keep an eye on it.
00:32 Yes. Because, it is a round kind of thing
00:34 you might to even turn it.
00:36 Just kind a turn a little bit.
00:37 So, you want to keep an eye on it.
00:39 Just watching it.
00:40 And, I was keeping eye on these last night believe me.
00:41 So, they were looking pretty good.
00:43 Well, I know, we went in with.
00:44 It's a good thing that. What. Wait a minute.
00:46 Wait a minute. There is only five Franks in the Blanket.
00:51 Okay, maybe you got the package which has five in it.
00:53 No, okay. No, I know I put a couple in it
00:58 and let me see that's five, six, seven
00:59 that's means there is one missing.
01:03 Okay, well I'll tell you what, I'm gonna feed you,
01:05 I have something down here.
01:07 Oh! You did that, you saved it.
01:08 Yeah, there you see. I know you're counting,
01:10 so let's go ahead and get a little,
01:13 little sauce going. Of course, you wanna
01:15 make sure that they tune in because we got a part
01:17 two to this program on the solutions?
01:19 And, now I'm ready. Okay, alright, okay. Here we go.
01:23 But there is a little piece because I don't want
01:24 a whole lot. Okay. Took long time to bite,
01:30 honey, see. Umm! Umm! See you do it like this honey.
01:32 No, let's do it. Now, it's good.
01:36 Can you close? You wanna stay tuned for next weeks
01:40 program. John 10:10, Jesus said I come that they might
01:45 have life and have it more abundantly.
01:49 See you next time.


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