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00:02 Well, welcome to the kitchen. Okay.
00:04 Good discussion over there in the living room.
00:06 Good discussion, good discussion
00:07 and we're going to be doing this Frank in a Blanket.
00:10 Oh! Of course, people would see that of the another name,
00:12 but we're doing Franks in the blanket.
00:14 Okay, let's do it honey. Curtis, I just want to say
00:16 that we're gonna start off by making the dough,
00:18 that's gonna go with the franks, okay.
00:21 Okay. So, why don't you go ahead and start putting it.
00:22 Well, let's may do the recipe first okay.
00:24 Okay, let's go look at the recipe and see what we
00:26 got first as far as the ingredients is concerned.
00:28 Okay, let's do it. It calls for:
00:48 Curtis, okay now.
00:53 Okay and you know, how I was getting excited
00:55 because I was. You was ready to get into it,
00:57 okay, catch up with the recipe later on,
00:59 but Franks in a Blanket, now who is Frank
01:03 Well, let's put those in while we talk about Franks
01:06 in a Blanket because that's gonna take a little while,
01:07 put everything in. Okay, let's.
01:09 Now you try and get out of work, okay.
01:11 Let's put the pastry flour in.
01:13 Okay. And, we got the unbleached flour with
01:15 a germ, we can use that, this is your spatula there.
01:17 Oh! Okay. It will be easier.
01:18 Alright. Okay. There we go.
01:20 Yeah, I was just wondering why.
01:21 We got our baking powder. Okay.
01:24 Okay. And, we're gonna put in the salt.
01:28 Salt? And, this is your favorite thing
01:30 I know you like to do this and that is
01:32 we will stir up little bit. Stir up with the fork.
01:34 Yeah. Okay, Stir it up little bit and once again
01:37 we got that cold margarine, 3 tablespoons
01:39 of cold margarine. I'm gonna go ahead
01:40 and start slicing that in. Umm! Umm!
01:42 Okay. Now, why cold honey, why cant' you just melt
01:45 melt the margarine. Well, if it's melted
01:47 it's not gonna crumble up like. Oh! You need a.
01:49 Like a cornmeal. Okay. I see. Okay. Okay. So, let me
01:52 let's get that, I want that off here.
01:54 Now, are we gonna get back to Frank or I mean why not
01:57 Bill was in here, I mean. Why we call
01:59 a Franks in a Blanket, it's just people recognize that
02:01 as hot dogs as a matter of fact on this program.
02:03 Oh! Franks, okay. When using a smart dog, that's put up
02:06 Lightlife and it's a veggie protein link.
02:10 Okay. There is no meat at all,
02:12 it's a real good substitute and for those who does
02:14 still like hot dogs,
02:17 it takes a place of, so Frank's is just basically
02:18 the word for another word for the word hot dog.
02:20 I see. It is a zero fat and it has a very, no
02:26 cholesterol whatsoever. No cholesterol or zero fat.
02:28 And, it's very, very low in calorie.
02:30 And, no saturated fat. No saturated fat, okay.
02:33 So, it's a good one to use. I really like
02:35 this particular hot dog and it's very good
02:37 for this particular program itself.
02:39 So, you're crumbing that all up.
02:40 Yes, I'm. Put that in a crumble and then for me,
02:42 what I'm gonna do is that I'm just go ahead
02:43 and take an add in your milk. Just a little bit more,
02:47 little bit more and let me help you with that.
02:49 You want to help me? I don't take that, alright.
02:52 I wasn't doing fast enough. No, you can use a pastry
02:55 blender also to do the same thing.
02:57 Okay. Okay, and let's go ahead on now and I'm gonna
03:01 start pouring the milk in very slowly, as you can't,
03:03 and keep on, Yes. Mixing it. Kind of move it around,
03:06 just keep on stirring. Okay. And, I usually sometime,
03:11 you might have to use additional amount of milk
03:12 because we are now talking about a pastry flour
03:15 and an unbleached which sometimes, okay.
03:18 And just do one more there and have some extra flour
03:21 on this side just in case. Okay, hold on, hold on.
03:24 Oh! And we don't want to create too much gluten.
03:26 I'm getting too excited. Move your,
03:28 move your fork out of the way. Okay.
03:29 I got kind of carried away there.
03:31 Umm! Umm! Okay, now I like this, this particular recipe
03:35 and we have been working on this for a while to get.
03:39 I like stuff that is normal things that people like to eat.
03:43 Yeah. And they just say, there is no way you can
03:45 change that into anything. No way.
03:47 More healthy, no way, no way. And, no meat in here,
03:49 I mean this is not from animal product at all.
03:52 Right, what I gonna do... Soy base.
03:54 put some flour on my hands and then put some
03:56 flour on the board, okay. So, now you're about
04:00 to make the blanket, is that correct?
04:01 Now I'm getting ready to make the actual...
04:04 Biscuit is gonna be covering all this.
04:06 Okay. Okay. Put that there, let's get a spatula
04:11 and let's get it out. And, you made this of course
04:14 you made this for the show last night.
04:16 And, I'm going to half a cup. And, while you were sleeping
04:19 honey, I almost ate one of these bad boys.
04:21 I'm so glad, you did not. I came very close.
04:23 I'm so glad, you did not Curtis,
04:24 I know you didn't. Oops. Yeah, okay. Okay.
04:27 They didn't hear that. They didn't hear.
04:28 No they didn't. Okay, let's get little bit
04:30 more flour, this wants to come out.
04:31 Okay. Now, we're gonna do. Now, they are the other types
04:36 of soy base links as well, but we like this one
04:41 in particular, the Lightlife. But there is other ones out
04:43 there on the market as well.
04:44 Right, right. People can use and they can get that.
04:46 Now, at your regular grocery stores.
04:48 You don't have to go through the regular health food store.
04:53 See the regular grocery store. Regular grocery stores, yes.
04:55 What we gonna do is we gonna to notice
04:57 that I got flour, everywhere. Because you're baking baby,
04:59 you're cooking so. I'm baking it.
05:01 We would not trying to be neat here. Okay.
05:04 Okay. What am I do, is I'm gonna go
05:05 ahead on and put on.
05:12 get this out of the way. And we're gonna take our
05:14 rolling pan and it become roll.
05:16 This is only for a couple of hot dogs,
05:20 I just did half of it, so you can get the idea
05:22 what it is at the end of the show,
05:23 you will get a chance to see, what happens.
05:25 And, we're now producing the blanket for frank.
05:29 And, you can take the glass and or a biscuit cutter.
05:33 Okay. Alright. We're gonna use glass on this one.
05:35 Alright. And, we just gonna place it down
05:36 and we're going to just create.
05:39 Oh! Very good. Like that. Let's do a second one
05:43 that we have two there. Alright.
05:45 Okay. And this is the blanket. This is the blanket
05:48 and would you get me the hot dog.
05:51 And, the smart dog. And I like this because you can actually
05:53 stretch it out little bit. Okay. Then we're gonna.
05:55 That by in a lengthwise. Lengthwise, okay.
05:57 And, we're gonna bring that over.
05:59 So, now the frank is nice and warm in his blanket.
06:03 And, I like to rub it a little bit, roll it little bit.
06:05 Okay. And, then we're gonna just put it seam side down.
06:10 Same side down, let's do one more bad boy, okay.
06:12 And let's do one more, let's do one more.
06:17 Alright, that was kind of fun. Well, for you,
06:18 not for me, okay. Alright, So, nice and warm
06:20 the blanket. Now, we are gonna have a pillow with
06:23 with the blanket or just a blanket enough.
06:25 Not a pillow. Not a pillow, just a blanket.
06:26 Not a pillow. Not a pillow. I like to roll it
06:28 that way it gets nice and even.
06:30 Yes. Fix it round, all the way around.
06:32 Okay. And. Once again we're gonna actually
06:34 just lay it down. And, this is goes in the oven
06:36 seam side down once again, it's gonna go in the oven
06:40 at 425 degrees for just about 15 minutes.
06:45 You want to check on it, because it is 400 degrees
06:47 that actual blanket as Curtis calls it, it's gonna turn
06:51 to nice golden brown and you will actually see it.
06:54 Well, our program is over. I like this one because.
06:57 It has 8. 8 Franks in here. 8 comes in a package, okay.
07:02 Okay. So, basically when you roll this dough out,
07:04 you should be able to get 8 actual blankets.
07:08 Okay. Now, what can we eat with this
07:10 Okay. Now, what can we eat with this other than just
07:12 that less got few seconds left. Okay,
07:13 I would serve this with a nice let's say a nice tomato soup.
07:16 Okay. Or you can actually serve it up with a salad.
07:19 Because remember now we're trying to also make sure
07:21 we don't have lot of calories. How about one of those
07:24 who will have 45 calories in it. Well, okay. One frank.
07:27 One frank. And, by the time you add biscuit to it,
07:29 it's gonna be less than 100 calories.
07:30 Right, this is whole wheat. And, it's also thin.
07:31 Yes. A thin crust, so, Okay. You know, what we're going
07:34 to do that is we gonna to go ahead
07:36 and put that in the 3ABN oven.
07:37 And, when we come back you will see the finished products.
07:41 So, we want you to stay by.


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