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Cooking On A Budget

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL00188C

00:02 Well I will tell you it took everything, okay,
00:03 I had to keep Curtis from messing with that pie.
00:06 It needs to be on this side. No, No. I have it over here,
00:09 I have more control. More control.
00:11 Okay, now lets look at what we did today Curtis.
00:13 Okay team work, team work. First to started of with the
00:15 Soybean Patties delicious, absolutely fantastic.
00:18 Smelling good in studio. Smelling good and then from
00:20 there we went to Paula's Vegetarian Chili.
00:23 Well look at that, it's just delicious. It's got some
00:25 mushrooms going on there, nice and, they got some,
00:26 hardy, muffins to go with it,
00:28 and we took the same chili, same chili, and turned it into
00:30 a Rice and Bean Burrito. We talking about
00:34 Cooking on a Budget, same chili. Soy sour cream and that
00:37 salsa on top of it. And of course I dare not
00:39 say but I have to your Blueberry Cobbler.
00:44 Well Blackberry Cobbler. Blackberry oh yeah.
00:46 I like Blueberry too. That's number two.
00:48 You know why. That's number two.
00:49 This is Blackberry. Number one is differently Blackberry.
00:52 No your are number one baby. Okay.
00:54 Blackberry is number two. Okay. Alright.
00:55 It's been a good program. Yes it has.
00:57 I don't know you cannot wait before you start.
00:59 So that can we start, Curtis with Blackberry.
01:01 I knew, I knew that you want the Blackberry first,
01:04 I knew you want to go there.
01:05 Okay. And so I'm just going ahead on and, yes,
01:09 we will go ahead, come on baby,
01:10 of it, you're just taking your the time and the
01:12 clock is ticking baby. Work with me please..
01:14 Blackberries there for you,
01:16 Oh, yes, okay honey, here it comes baby, okay.
01:25 So good John 10:10. Jesus said I can't,
01:29 but they might have life and have a more abundantly.


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