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00:02 Well welcome back, we're down to desserts section.
00:05 Dessert some people like to dessert.
00:07 Some people like those desserts.
00:08 Some people like their dessert first.
00:10 But, Curtis I have special surprise for you.
00:13 What special surprise do you have.
00:14 It's the surprise for you that I have been talking about.
00:17 That's right. Since last night what is it?
00:20 It's a dessert. Okay. Okay it's a dessert.
00:23 It's one of your favorite desserts that you always
00:26 want around your birthday time. Oh, you. No you.
00:28 I mean, I got my you, as my dessert,
00:30 because you are my favorite.
00:32 Okay I'm your favorite, but it's just a second favorite.
00:34 Oh, second favorite. And that is of all the
00:37 different types of cobblers on the market.
00:39 Oh, I already know what it is.
00:41 What is it? What is it? Blackberry, blueberry,
00:44 what is it? Who would you guess that?
00:45 Cuz that's my favorite. Absolutely, absolutely
00:49 Curtis it is your favorite. Yes it is.
00:52 Okay. And so we're gonna look at the ingredients
00:54 for this dessert. Okay.
00:56 Blackberry Cobbler it calls for:
01:37 Blackberry Cobbler! I love you so much.
01:40 I have been hiding this, I have been hiding this,
01:42 You have been talking about this taping for about a week.
01:45 You have a surprise for me, now I know.
01:48 Now you know. Now I know.
01:49 Now this recipe actually starts off we gonna go
01:52 ahead on and put in the fructose.
01:55 Okay, I don't mind helping on this one.
01:58 Absolutely. I really don't. And you can go ahead
02:01 and put in the baking powder. You go ahead and put
02:04 your salt as well. The sea salt. Okay. Let's talk about
02:07 fructose that maybe... While you talk about that?
02:09 A new term for a new viewing audience so, just a fruit sugar.
02:13 Yeah fruit sugar. This what it is.
02:15 Little bit better then refined white sugar.
02:17 Oh, absolutely, yes, yes. And you normally instead
02:19 of putting this in big chunks we're just gonna cut it,
02:22 like this and I'm have you go ahead and start
02:24 mashing that in with your fork.
02:26 Okay. Okay, you can use a pastry blender as well,
02:30 lets go ahead and do that. You are getting used to that
02:33 now Curtis. Yes I am. You know and I guess while you are doing
02:37 that, I guess you're saying to yourself
02:39 where exactly are the blackberries?
02:43 Blackberries. Yes. You did say
02:45 blackberry cobbler right. Let me see, maybe I have
02:47 some blackberries. You got things hiding
02:49 down there don't. Oh, there it is, that's why
02:51 you didn't want me to see them okay.
02:54 You was working it, and if you put down there
02:56 I'm telling you with the time trying get
02:57 these things at this show. So that you would not.
03:02 And you would not let me see the recipes for this
03:05 series of taping too. I know, I know that.
03:09 I knew if you saw them you might start eating
03:10 the blackberries. I wouldn't enough for the show okay.
03:12 We've already greased our dish, square dish
03:16 I want to go ahead on put the blackberries in.
03:19 I like to keep him frozen. And there is a reason
03:21 for that that is the we've got that corn starch and
03:25 we have the fructose and lemon juice and what we
03:28 want is we want to be able to juice is gonna come
03:30 from the blackberries. It's going to breakdown the
03:33 cornstarch so that it will thicken up on us now that
03:36 will not get real thick, but it will thicken up on us alright.
03:40 Blackberry Cobbler. Aren't they beautiful,
03:42 aren't they beautiful, aren't they beautiful. Yes.
03:44 Okay I might as well go ahead and. It's so good.
03:50 Okay see if you can finish this show of Curtis because
03:53 I'm telling you right now. Yes wonderful.
03:56 We gonna pour on top of it, I've got the
03:59 cornstarch move that around. Go ahead and do it a little more
04:02 with your fork there, I can see you still didn't have it.
04:04 You are so excited. Yeah I'm so excited.
04:06 I know. I'm seriously punked, as I didn't have this evening,
04:13 on the way home this may not make it to the house.
04:16 Okay, then I'm going to take the fructose and we're
04:19 gonna sprinkle right on top. I'm gonna save a little bit
04:23 and put is also, okay, and now we need some soy
04:28 ice cream. I'm gonna take the lemon juice and
04:32 I'm gonna pour the lemon juice over top of that,
04:34 oh, this is going to be so, work it baby, work it.
04:38 Okay. Cooking on a Budget. Yeah. I'm gonna hold
04:42 on to that because now we got to do is we actually
04:45 have to take that now notice that.
04:46 Now notice that the actual... when he's... blend in the
04:50 margarine, the soy margarine has that kind of
04:52 a crumbly texture. So with that in mind
04:54 you're gonna have to take your cold water,
04:56 very cold water and your going to go ahead
04:58 on and pour it in. And keep that going.
05:02 Keep on going. Okay. Alright. Now this is what the crust,
05:05 this is gonna be the topping. Okay. Alright, I want to do
05:08 one more, how are we looking for time.
05:11 We got few minutes, we still have some time to,
05:15 well actually create that, I'm going to tell you, do the work
05:18 this is, you gonna keep working this around working around
05:21 and because it is a unbleached flour,
05:23 with germ it might need little bit more water.
05:25 It's important that the water is cold and it's
05:28 important that the margarine is cold.
05:30 Okay. Otherwise you don't have that thick,
05:32 well, your not going to get. Yeah, it won't get as thick
05:35 as you want. But, know once again as on 3ABN
05:39 in the amount of time we have, we are going to
05:41 moving to the next, probably already made.
05:42 No I don't know. No, I don't have it already made.
05:45 But, I tell you what I did do though, I have already got
05:47 a crust ready to go. Okay. Alright, we're going to
05:52 sprinkle our water on the counter. The 3ABN kitchen.
05:56 You know a little bit of a space here.
06:00 And we're gonna go ahead put our wax paper down.
06:03 Now, the water first it makes the wax paper
06:06 stay in place. Yes, it will make to stay together.
06:09 That there, little bit down. Clean that place up there.
06:15 Well ready, okay is down and then we're gonna just
06:18 take and you know once I do this I actually set in
06:21 refrigerator for about 15 minutes so I'm knew as
06:23 want to do that. And we're gonna to do a square
06:27 so we're gonna get it started in a square.
06:30 I remember someone said you did this in a
06:32 cooking class and ladies said what about the bottom crust,
06:35 you said this is Cooking on a Budget.
06:37 Just a top crust, not the bottom crust too.
06:39 I know, I know, I know. This is only gonna barely be
06:41 able to get a with a money. With a money, yeah,
06:44 This is just one crust, not two. Absolutely,
06:46 absolutely, absolutely. Absolutely. Alright and
06:49 we're gonna then take our rolling pin and we are going to.
06:53 Not make that kind of noise. Let me hold it a little bit.
06:56 Hold it for me, hold it for me and alright,
07:03 now we're gonna go to the side here. Okay.
07:06 Here is keep on doing this until you get a square block.
07:11 Okay. Look that way hold up and come this way.
07:15 Alright, because in your refrigerator it's going
07:19 to take, it still has to cool down a little bit,
07:20 so alright. Okay, now we come forward.
07:29 When was the last time you made a blackberry?
07:34 I have never made a Blackberry Cobbler.
07:36 You always get that, you always purchase them,
07:39 you know because it is your favorite,
07:42 when it's your birthday or anything special.
07:44 You know you are so excited about a Blackberry Cobbler.
07:47 Any how you just don't know. And you have kept
07:50 this hidden from me I tell you. Absolutely.
07:52 Absolutely. But, the camera crew knew.
07:54 Oh, they did. Yeah, they did. I need to talk to you
07:57 why didn't they tell me. Hey, you know I'm saying.
07:59 Probably because they want some of that Cobbler.
08:03 Alright, lets go ahead on I'm gonna finish this up.
08:06 The name of the game is
08:08 we're going to actually make it to a square,
08:10 make it to a square and once I make the square
08:13 up what's gonna happen is I will put my pan
08:16 over top of it. Make sure is the side that needs to be and
08:19 we are going to go away so that when we come back
08:21 you will see the finished product and everything so we
08:23 want you to stay by.


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