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00:01 Well, here I'm by myself again.
00:04 But, that does not mean that Curtis is not here.
00:06 It just means that it is an all cooking show.
00:10 Now have you discovered that because of
00:12 what's going on with your economy that you just
00:14 don't have enough money. And your are thinking
00:17 to yourself I'm is going to have to not get the
00:20 kind of fruits and vegetables I need on a
00:22 daily basis well guess what? This show is designed
00:26 especially for you. It is in entitled,
00:28 Cooking on a Budget stay by.
00:56 Well, welcome to Abundant Living.
00:58 My name is Paula Eakins and this is my husband,
01:03 Curtis Eakins, I guess you just waiting on me, right?
01:07 I was in a hold. Yeah, like a holding, you know,
01:09 okay it's Curtis, yeah, because sometime, yeah,
01:10 sometime I'm trying to figure out if I am going to finish
01:12 saying, yes, what you are gonna say or whatever.
01:14 But, today's program, Cooking on a Budget.
01:16 Cooking on a budget or modified spending plan.
01:19 oh, that's, where you got that from. We'll
01:25 make every dollar stand up and holler.
01:27 Absolutely, how about that? Absolutely, absolutely,
01:29 absolutely. Absolutely. And so you know
01:30 what we were doing, is we gonna be taking
01:33 certain foods and showing who we can stretch a dollar
01:35 by taking at same food, and using it with different
01:39 putting in different dishes. Right, okay, sounds good.
01:42 Well we need this all the time those who again have
01:46 low budget or have no budget. You should have a budget?
01:50 But, anyway how they stretch that dollar to
01:54 stand up and make it holler. Make it holler, there you go,
01:56 and one way to do that is by using one those groups that
01:59 I love the most, gives more staying power and that is the
02:02 the Bean Kingdom. Legumes, okay.
02:04 Legumes, so good for you. Good, good fiber and
02:07 then also it's got good nutrition and all the
02:09 vitamins, and they are normally not expensive, yes.
02:13 Well, now they used to be, they climbed up little bit,
02:15 and could be anywhere 60 and 70 cents but now
02:17 a $1.10, or whatever.
02:18 I think because on Abundant Living on 3ABN,
02:20 we talk a lot about those beans, maybe that was
02:22 making as prices go up, but not really. There is so many
02:26 different combinations out there.
02:27 I was teaching a class at Oakwood college, when I was
02:30 working over there and I know that my
02:32 students just always say to me, the only beans
02:34 I know, navy beans and pinto beans and black eyed peas.
02:38 And I said okay, okay enough of this, alright so
02:40 one of your days was actually a shopping spree.
02:42 Okay. I took them to the
02:44 grocery store, and we actually went through that area
02:47 with all the different kind of beans.
02:49 I, mean the creator God, you know what he is doing.
02:52 I bet your students were surprised.
02:54 They was absolutely shocked. Yes, absolutely shocked.
02:56 And so we did the beans, and not only that, we
02:58 went to area with apples were, we went to rice's were.
03:02 All the different foods, so it's amazing how we get
03:04 stuck sometime. Right, yeah. You know.
03:06 Open up that mind and so there are a lot of
03:08 legumes out there. So, we just going
03:10 work with today, we are going to work with couple of them.
03:12 We got a couple of beans we are going to be using
03:14 today, and one of them is one of my actual recipes
03:18 I've done before with a different bean, with
03:20 Garbanzo, okay, this time I'm doing it with a Soy bean.
03:22 Soya bean okay. Alright. So, we gonna look at the
03:24 very first a recipe which is Soybean Patties. Okay.
03:30 It calls for:
04:02 Alright. Okay lets see the last list.
04:04 But, always remember, always remember this recipe
04:07 does have a lot of ingredients. It does.
04:09 But, guess what? They are not expensive?
04:11 But, now we have these ingredients basically
04:13 you have in your closet most people in the cabinet
04:15 in the kitchen. In the cabinet noting the closet.
04:17 We talk about Cooking on a Budget were actually talking
04:19 about looking in that cabinet and seeing what's there.
04:22 Just use what you have already. And usually,
04:24 and that's really how I develop lot of my recipes.
04:25 Just kind of seeing what's in the cabinet.
04:27 So, most people will have oatmeal and,
04:29 they got the oats in there, and most people will have
04:30 let's say onions and, yes, and a lot of things they will have
04:32 already have, they will have. Now certain things you
04:34 mention you may not have. Yes we will do that as we
04:37 go through, because this one you actually
04:39 is gonna use your blender for this recipe, now
04:43 the Soybeans, you get them dry once again and you
04:48 gonna put it in a water, and put it in a refrigerator.
04:51 Okay, and one cup of Soy beans will turn out to be the
04:54 next day 2 and half cups. Okay. This one.
04:57 And Soybean is so small. It's so miraculous, yes, how
04:59 it swells up, it looks like a Navy bean when it's
05:02 finished. Right, okay. Now we gonna a go ahead
05:03 and pour those in. And get all the beans in,
05:08 has a protein, and we already got the water,
05:10 in there too, and we got the water in there as well, yes,
05:11 yeah that's going to be our protein,
05:13 okay, and I'm going to go ahead and
05:14 put in the onion as well. Alright.
05:17 And is this how I start it off, believe it or not?
05:20 And that is we gonna start off by blending this together.
05:22 Okay, lets do that. And you see that,
05:36 they have nice, one they about the Soybeans,
05:41 if they actually have a lot what we call suds, that's
05:44 part of the medicinal property of it, okay.
05:46 It creates his own kind of suds, which is
05:48 actually good for the digestive tract.
05:49 Okay, what I am going to do Curtis, I'm gonna take
05:52 and I'm gonna have you, now we got our skillet there?
05:54 Yes it is. Let me turn up little bit. You can go ahead
05:56 turn up a little bit. Till what about 300.
05:59 Above 3, yeah that's good that's good. Okay.
06:01 Okay, because what we are going to do is, there are lot
06:03 of things going to go on this recipe. Okay, I want to take the
06:05 Soybeans first, this is with the liquid.
06:08 Now we gonna go ahead and pour into a bowl.
06:12 Where can you get Soybeans I mean just.
06:14 In a regular grocery store. Oh regular grocery store
06:16 we have the Soybeans. Yes, yes. Okay.
06:17 If you find that you have a little bit more of the
06:19 Soybean left over, you can pour little bit water
06:22 and swish it around little bit swish it.
06:24 It's a kitchen term. A new kitchen term,
06:26 and swish it around little bit, swish.
06:28 Just made that up. Yes, indeed, well you know.
06:31 There you smell onions. Yes we do. Kind of good
06:33 okay, and what we are gonna do is I wanna have you start
06:35 adding in the other things we gonna need for this
06:37 recipe we can move that blender out the way.
06:41 Okay, we gonna set this down here also.
06:43 Out the way. Now look at that. You say
06:46 is that gonna make patties, yes it is.
06:48 Okay, what we are gonna do is we gonna
06:50 start adding in. Now if you would
06:51 just do are dry ingredients first pecan meal in.
06:54 Okay pecan meal this is yes, okay.
06:57 Pecan meal, and then I'm go to put in once again.
07:00 And where can a person get pecan meal again this.
07:02 At health food stores any... most general stores have
07:05 pecan meal and if not, you can always buy
07:07 pecans put them in blender and wallah,
07:09 pecan meal, okay. There you go.
07:11 This is the instant oats. Instant.
07:13 Alright. We can go ahead with, Old fashion.
07:15 Old fashion oats. All these things are right there
07:16 in your cabinet. Alright we are gonna go ahead
07:18 and put in we got the onion that's garlic powder
07:21 we gonna put in garlic and onion powder combination.
07:23 This is a good dish for those who have high cholesterol,
07:25 fine, and it's also there too. Okay and then we also
07:27 gonna putting in believe or not Italian seasoning
07:30 and little bit of salt and in too.
07:32 This all mixed up together. Yes, and then we gonna
07:34 put in the nutritional yeast. Alright.
07:37 And that you gonna have to buy at a health food store
07:40 or some of your regular grocery stores now
07:42 by have a health food section. Before I put that in
07:45 I'm going to now just start stirring it up.
07:47 Okay, you got your skillet ready? Now all the seasoning,
07:50 is, the skillet is warm, okay, turn it down,
07:52 turn it down, alright. Maybe 250, yeah that's fine.
07:56 Okay, Okay and now I'm now go ahead
07:59 and put in the soy sauce lite.
08:02 Soy sauce lite or Bragg's Liquid Amonio's which is about
08:06 the same amount of sodium. Right. Correct.
08:08 Same amount of sodium. Okay. I kind of like the depending
08:12 on what I'm making, I like the lite soy
08:14 because it has a kind of hickory flavor to it okay.
08:17 As opposed to the Bragg's Liquid Amino's
08:19 yes, yes, okay. Now one of the things
08:22 that happens when you do this recipe, it has to sit.
08:25 You know we always say let us sit for at least
08:28 a good 15 minutes. And that way the instant
08:31 oats get the opportunity to blend in and get that
08:36 cohesion to keep the burger together.
08:38 Okay. Okay. But, we don't have any
08:40 eggs in this. So does the oat meal that keeps it together.
08:42 Instant oats. Instant oats, okay.
08:44 And the thing that makes it have more of the
08:46 meaty flavor is the pecan meal?
08:47 Oh, okay. Okay, now you can see
08:49 how looks right now, because you know
08:52 once again because of TV I want you to see the finished
08:55 product looks as it sits. Oh, that was fast.
08:58 Notice the difference between the two colors. Okay, it has set
09:00 already for how long. For at least 15 minutes.
09:03 Okay. It gets real see that?
09:05 Okay, move this out the way. Out the way, that can
09:08 go ahead and keep sitting. And we have got to
09:10 skillet ready to go already. Already here, ready to go.
09:13 That's good, that's good. And now at this point
09:15 you can take a 1/3 or 1/4 scoop.
09:19 Okay, measuring scoop and we are going to
09:22 scoop out our burger. Time for the burgers.
09:24 Alright, let's put it in there and then we're
09:27 gonna mash it down. You can make these large,
09:30 you can make them small. I can make nice big round ones.
09:34 These are for the men size. Yes, manly burgers.
09:38 Manly burgers, manly burgers or man burgers.
09:42 Yes. Okay, lets get another one in here.
09:46 When did you decide
09:47 to get this recipe together?
09:49 Now you know what this funny.
09:51 I'm tell you, we like us before, I started
09:52 off with garbanzo, garbanzo beans okay.
09:55 I remember, yeah. At first and I was making
09:57 garbanzo beans up and I like the way
10:00 the flavor came out, when I was doing
10:02 garbanzo and I said, let's get a little
10:04 bit of oil more, Curtis...
10:06 Up here. Yeah, just tiny a bit, tiny a bit, little tiny bit.
10:10 Lets get all the goodies out, let's make a good burger.
10:13 Alright this okay, they go. Alright okay, now
10:17 let me get back to that subject.
10:19 Okay. Okay, so I was playing around with a garbanzo beans,
10:23 I made like garbanzo burgers and I used to do that with the sage,
10:25 and garbanzo patties also you can convert
10:27 over to making sausages, little round sausages,
10:31 or square sausages then I said wait a minute
10:33 what if I use soybeans. Oh okay. Soybeans and just change
10:36 out the seasonings which was Italian seasoning.
10:38 Okay. How about now I've done
10:39 pinto beans, how about I've done black beans,
10:43 so it just goes to show you. You could take those
10:45 beans and you could turn them into burgers all
10:47 of sort of things and so. And beans are what
10:49 60, 70, 80 cents a bag or, yeah, they
10:52 come up a little bit, since, yeah, we are on a
10:53 budget but basically. Is still on a good.
10:55 One bag of beans can actually serve up to
10:58 almost 8 to 9 people. One bag of beans.
11:01 It's a half a cup serving and you got 16 ounces
11:03 of dry beans, which multiplies itself once
11:06 you actually start cooking, which will show them
11:08 we go to our very next recipe. Now this is gonna brown
11:11 and both sides and because of the fact
11:13 that it is bean and we also it's raw, you
11:15 want to cook on at one side, at least a good
11:19 7 minutes or so before you start turning it.
11:21 It will turn a nice golden brown flip it
11:23 over and when I flip it over I usually put
11:25 the lid on top of it. Turn it down low and
11:28 let it continue to cook it. It's gonna make a
11:29 beautiful burger. I remember a friend
11:31 of ours said I don't believe you to make the burgers.
11:34 I don't know beans. Okay and even though
11:36 is got a beige color. It actually is gonna turn
11:38 to a nice golden brown color. Okay, but this is Cooking
11:43 on a Budget. It's definitely on a budget.
11:44 Or modified spending plan. Once you cook this up
11:48 all you have to do you can either serve it
11:49 but itself with some rice or potatoes or you
11:53 can turn around and put into a sandwich and make
11:56 it into a burger sandwich you know with the hamburger
11:58 bun, alright. It is so versatile, even if you
12:01 want to something like spaghetti? To make your
12:02 spaghetti and your marinara sauce you can
12:05 make this up too smaller burgers.
12:07 And then when do that you set it on the top of your
12:09 spaghetti and you have spaghetti and meat balls.
12:12 Okay, using the same recipe. Same recipe, same recipe.
12:15 Let's go to next recipe. What we have next?
12:17 Lets look at the very next recipe that we are gonna
12:19 be doing and that is Paula's Vegetarian Chili.
12:23 Okay. It calls for:
12:54 Now this is a favorite. Okay, Okay the chili.
12:57 The chili, Paula's chili. I've already made it up.
12:59 Oh it's already done. All the goodies are already
13:01 inside the chili. You already did it.
13:03 And you know the thing I like about that is
13:04 I cooked it in a cock pot. When you cook in a
13:07 crock pot, look at that, look at that,
13:08 look at that, look at that. Nice and hearty.
13:10 Cook it up in the crock pot and you got all
13:13 the tomatoes and the chili sauce and everything.
13:17 Oh, look at that. Now honey now that's
13:21 the chili now can we do something with this chili
13:23 to make this chili stretch and, we got to be
13:26 stretching it because you are going to
13:28 eat it right in a bowl. Right, and that's good
13:30 like it yes. And we can also do a Bean and Rice Burrito.
13:34 Oh, burrito, okay. We're going and do that now.
13:37 Yes lets look at the recipe. Okay lets do it.
13:42 It calls for:
13:58 Now we're gonna something else out of this.
14:01 We gonna make something else out of this and
14:02 what we are gonna do is Curtis, I'm gonna take... I've already
14:04 got my brown rice. Okay. Put it in my bowl.
14:09 Lets go back in their now honey. I'm not sure what
14:12 you did just then. What I did. See, you see that.
14:15 Oh, okay. Okay, okay. We won't even notice that,
14:19 that was alright to me. We are gonna a take
14:23 one cup of the chili. Okay and we are gonna
14:26 put in with the rice. Just a little more
14:32 same chili, same chili. It's a different dish.
14:35 Yeah, that was you that time baby. That was me,
14:38 okay, and now what we are gonna do is we are gonna stir it up.
14:43 See, now that can be another dish with the rice.
14:45 This is another dish, another dish, okay.
14:47 Have the chili by itself and the rice in the chili.
14:49 Right. Now you are gonna make a burrito from that.
14:52 Oh, yeah, I'm using my whole wheat, this is my whole wheat
14:54 shells I'm using and we got our little bowl right
14:57 here let's put that on top of that,
15:00 and I already got my shells, soft shells right here.
15:07 Whole wheat. And I'm going to put...
15:10 Tortilla shell, yeah. It goes right inside the
15:13 It goes right on in there, the tortilla shells.
15:14 Right on in there, right on in there.
15:16 Now this Cooking on the Budget. I mean using
15:18 the same chili now. You have the chili sauce,
15:20 same chili. Rice in a chili. now in the burrito.
15:23 And we're gonna role it up. Are you working not baby,
15:26 you work on that. And we gonna a get a
15:28 second one going there, move that one over.
15:31 And we just gonna, I mean you can just fill it
15:33 up depending on how much... you want to make sure
15:37 you can wrap it up. Yeah, you know they're made because that
15:39 would be mine. Okay this is yours.
15:41 That would be mine. You can also take in
15:42 lettuce and tomatoes and put that in there
15:44 also and olives, you know and work it.
15:47 Work it baby, work it. We got two of those
15:49 together there we are gonna put on top of that some salsa.
15:54 And you're working, now baby you're working it.
15:55 And then we gonna take and put on top
15:58 of that how about some Soy sour cream.
16:03 Soy sour cream. Sour cream supreme alright.
16:07 Soy based tofu sour cream.
16:11 So that's what we're using today.
16:12 That's what we're using. Okay.
16:14 That's what we're using and.
16:15 This is looking mighty, mighty good.
16:17 You can see that is ready to go and we'll put a
16:18 little bit chives on top of that. You know,
16:23 Oh, yeah this is really to consume.
16:25 And we're gonna be taking break Curtis because you're ready
16:29 to consume as I know. That's right I sure am baby.
16:31 And so for we would like the you then to just, stay by.


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