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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00187C

00:02 Well welcome back. Okay, welcome.
00:03 We have accomplished that polenta with the
00:05 spaghetti sauce. Yes we have.
00:07 Look at the entrée, it looks really good,
00:10 it looks really good, it's entree,
00:11 it's polenta is a cornmeal mush once again,
00:14 it has a wonderful Italian spaghetti sauce
00:16 over top of it soy mozzarella cheese,
00:19 a combination of mozzarella and cheddar
00:21 both the soy items. Soy for cholesterol free,
00:24 of Basil where we can use Italian seasoning
00:26 whichever your preference is, but it makes
00:27 a wonderful dish. Now, is this very expensive
00:30 polenta? Absolutely not. Absolutely not.
00:33 Absolutely not, matter of fact you can get it at your
00:34 regular grocery store.
00:36 Okay. And I'm speaking of your regular grocery stores
00:39 that's where I get it when I'm ready to buy,
00:41 it has all different flavors actually, so you don't.
00:43 Okay, now let's may be, you know lot of women
00:45 are going through this PMS and so may be we need
00:48 to have a word of prayer. Let's do that. Okay.
00:52 Father God indeed we ask in a very special way
00:53 that it has a different women who have watched
00:55 this program would you just bless them in a special way
00:58 help them Lord to get through the different things
01:00 they are going through in their lives
01:01 and especially this time for PMS,
01:03 we know you are a great God, we know you are listening God,
01:05 we know you are loving God, and we are asking you
01:07 would continue to wrap your arms around us
01:09 and help us get through the things
01:11 we are going through in Jesus name. Amen.
01:13 Alright, well that's been a good program honey
01:16 and now do you want me to sample this because
01:19 people need to see my expression
01:21 that's very important with these
01:22 Abundant Living Programs. That would work except
01:24 I did not bring a fork with me.
01:26 I guess we will be closing then.
01:27 Well as always, John 10:10,
01:30 Jesus said I come that they might have life
01:33 and have it more abundantly.


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