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00:02 Well, welcome back. Welcome back to our kitchen.
00:03 The recipe for the day is actually a polenta
00:06 with spaghetti sauce, okay,
00:08 let's look at the ingredients.
00:10 Alright. It calls for:
00:32 Okay now this polenta, now this again this may be
00:36 new to a lot of viewing audience so let's talk about
00:40 it and where can we get it and let's discuss it.
00:43 Well believe it or not, believe it or not.
00:45 I believe it already. Okay, this is polenta
00:47 and it actually is a Northern Italy,
00:50 okay, alright dish. They use a lot there,
00:54 food okay, it's actually
00:56 just cornmeal mush. It's made from just cornmeal.
00:58 Oh! Cornmeal. Made from cornmeal
00:59 and water it makes it up, that's what it is.
01:02 Most of the time people are used to doing
01:03 a cornmeal in the morning you know cornmeal and water.
01:06 You know, the Caribbean Isles
01:07 and stuff like that. Well this time it's made up
01:09 in and they actually come in different combinations
01:11 you have it in basil garlic and you just have
01:14 tomatoes in it, it's all different kind
01:16 of combinations. It actually takes the place
01:18 believe it or not Curtis of potatoes,
01:21 rice, okay, corn all those kind of things
01:25 is a main entree, okay, a main entree.
01:28 Now, so it can be used in combination with what?
01:31 Fruits grains or rice for It's actually can be used
01:32 By itself, in the place of your pasta,
01:36 oh! replace the pasta, or your rice or your potato.
01:38 Oh! Okay. You could still have,
01:40 you could still have a main entree with it,
01:43 but it can serve also in that place as well.
01:45 That's why it's so versatile. Polenta, okay.
01:48 That's why I like it. Now again where can
01:49 you purchase this, do you need to go
01:50 health food store or regular grocery store now.
01:52 Regular grocery store and now in a grocery store
01:55 if you are looking for it, you want to make sure
01:56 that you go in the area where you have like
01:58 all the corn tortillas you know you want to go
02:00 where you have the Mexican type foods,
02:02 okay, that's usually not in your refrigerators
02:04 usually once you cut it you do have to put
02:07 in a refrigerator and all I am going to do
02:09 with this one is just begin to slice it,
02:11 slice is very easy, see that look at it,
02:14 look at it, see that's it, that's it,
02:18 and I'm gonna go ahead on in. We got to screw it.
02:21 We got to screw it, there we go,
02:22 turn out little bit about 250,
02:24 yes near about 250 is fine. Okay. But I move it out,
02:27 I usually cut it into like a good
02:29 half inch slices. Oh! Okay.
02:33 You can make this yourself by the way,
02:35 you can make it, but why make it.
02:37 So, this would be in place of rice, potatoes and.
02:39 Right, right, right. Okay, now do you any
02:43 seasonings if you can mix. Absolutely,
02:44 we do have spaghetti sausage as do you have
02:46 our in your pan.
02:47 I just forget to pay attention yes.
02:49 We got the Italian seasonings. When we are trying
02:50 this up little bit too. Once you go ahead
02:52 and turn that on and get that ready.
02:53 See it has a nice sheen on it, yeah it does,
02:57 okay and you know the thing with this with the polenta
03:00 is that once again it's one of those items
03:02 that is the flavor is bland and lot of times when flavors
03:07 are bland you get a lot more work
03:08 you can do with it okay. Okay. So,
03:10 it has it's own personality, what we are gonna do
03:12 is we gonna go ahead and open that up
03:13 and we are gonna go ahead and start putting that in.
03:15 Okay. We are just going to sent in pan.
03:24 We are supposed to place it in couple, yes,
03:26 and then stop there, see it makes a nice amount.
03:32 Yeah. Okay normal, obviously with my hand,
03:38 we gonna round a little bit and we are gonna go.
03:41 So, we don't wait to get that wet,
03:42 nice and brown. It will get brown,
03:44 it will get brown, not really very, very brown,
03:46 but it will get brown on all sides okay
03:48 and now you have in your yours
03:50 you have the spaghetti sauce
03:52 that we have already got and started,
03:53 want to turn this up a little bit more
03:55 so you can get that browning and now I said
03:59 Italian spaghetti sauce. Make sure it's down honey,
04:02 it's too high because you know you don't want
04:04 to get that tomato sauce on that yellow apron.
04:07 No, I don't. Make another set of aprons.
04:12 Somebody called me, yes, they call me and asked me
04:14 do you guys sell your aprons. Yes, we get that quite often.
04:18 Can I get apron. No, no,
04:20 no, no, no. I said no, no, no.
04:22 The aprons are home made in our own home.
04:27 3ABN's special, 3ABN's special,
04:28 we just make them specially for the shows, okay.
04:31 Not for sale. Anyway,
04:32 so this serves really, really well up
04:35 with spaghetti sauce. Also in a book I have a recipe,
04:38 where I made this up and I take,
04:40 and here is veggie sausage on the market,
04:42 okay, and it's a veggie called Gimme Lean
04:45 and I will take that and sauté that some time
04:46 with onions and peppers and mushrooms
04:48 all that kind of stuff and then I'll put that
04:50 in a sauce and put that over top
04:52 of it as well, so it's very,
04:53 very versatile, okay. So, it Gimme Lean.
04:55 Yeah, you can use it, Gimme Lean.
04:57 Okay Not Jimmy Dean, no. Not Jimmy Dean.
05:00 So, this is going to turn a little bit more
05:01 of a golden color. Okay. You see that now
05:05 if you're concerned about of course lot of a fat
05:08 in a recipe you can actually do this by just spraying,
05:12 I bought the cooking spray on to so that you can see
05:15 what's going on with that. I understand that
05:20 on the package it was fat free so
05:22 we are not talking about, it's fat free,
05:23 okay and this is cornmeal, put the lid on top of it,
05:25 what honey, put the lid on top of it,
05:27 okay now what I was saying is that if you have a concern
05:32 about the oil amount or using oil
05:33 with it then you know you can use your spray
05:36 and what you would do is just spray both sides
05:38 of the actual polenta and then put it in the skillet
05:41 as well and do that, okay, but guess what you can
05:43 bake it, you can broil it, you can sauté it,
05:46 all those things can be done with this polenta alright.
05:49 Oh! Okay, one of those, one of those food
05:51 once again that people say I don't know about that,
05:53 but the name of the game is that you have food
05:56 and you know how to mix and match it with the right
05:58 kind of sauces and a proper way to cook it,
06:00 it can work out and you know what
06:02 I love trying new things, try something new.
06:06 And you know my wife she is always trying
06:08 something new with me, I mean, all the time,
06:10 so we just really, I am just really blessed
06:13 to be married to this wonderful lady right here,
06:15 recipe's always, I mean when it rains
06:18 she will cook all day long, absolutely,
06:20 I mean all day long. I have to taste all these recipes,
06:23 there are three things I love.
06:24 God first, can't argue with that one, then Curtis.
06:29 Hey! I'm, okay well I think you are higher
06:32 than God and last is cooking, but just in case
06:35 my children listen, yeah, grandchildren
06:36 you don't put those my children
06:38 and my grandchildren and then cooking,
06:40 yeah, okay now all I mean because
06:42 I can't get higher than that honey.
06:44 You can't get higher than that. You know what I'm saying
06:45 and so. Go ahead. Go ahead. So these combinations
06:49 of actually just getting in the kitchen
06:51 and working on a really when it's really rainy day,
06:54 cold day, I just love making recipes,
06:57 but God I have a thing in the kitchen
06:58 I love to get in the kitchen and work on recipe's,
07:00 get things done you know. Now we talked about PMS
07:04 and several botanical medicines about PMS.
07:06 We talked about red raspberry and this is a tea form.
07:09 We are not talking about capsule form,
07:11 that's right, a tea form for premenstrual
07:14 tension syndrome usually, maybe a week
07:16 before the cycle begins, it works wonders,
07:19 very important, calms the smooth muscles
07:20 and uterus as I mentioned before is a smooth muscle.
07:23 There are other herbs as well we can mention.
07:25 There is a herb called believe it or not cramp bark
07:28 alright and it is there based on clinical studies
07:31 this one called Squawvine, False Unicorn.
07:37 Go to a health food store and lot of these herbs
07:39 would be already in a formula,
07:40 that is already there so that the people
07:43 can purchase and take it that way,
07:44 so this are several herbs out there that can help
07:47 these PMS symptoms and that could be
07:50 very relieving to what women are experiencing
07:54 on a monthly basis. I know, one time
07:57 somebody asked me about red raspberry
07:58 and remember we talked about not no refined
08:00 sugars and stuff, so one of the ways
08:02 I do it red raspberry is I actually take apple juice
08:05 and that's without the sugar in it,
08:07 you know, right, and put the apple juice
08:08 in a pot and then I actually bring it to boil
08:11 and then I put the red raspberry leaves
08:12 and put a lid on top of it move it off the stove
08:15 and let it simmer for few minutes
08:16 without the heat and then I make it in a big pitcher
08:19 and put in a refrigerator and you know I like that
08:22 as sometime as a kind of a cool drink
08:23 not so much hot you know at night time
08:26 when you are going to bed you definitely want to drink
08:28 that little bit cooler at room temperature,
08:29 okay, you know, well one of the things
08:31 now you know I know what your interest
08:33 in seeing the final product, so we want you
08:35 you to just stay by.


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