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00:01 Well, we wanna, welcome you back.
00:03 Okay, welcome back. And, we wanna look at
00:05 that final product of what we actually done today
00:07 that Angel Hair Tomato Toss, is it absolutely a fantastic
00:12 recipe, we use those whole-wheat noodles.
00:15 Yes, we did. That really just take a
00:17 short period of time to cook and we've got that sauce,
00:20 we made from scratch tomato sauce and fresh
00:22 tomatoes and onions, and the aroma, and garlic,
00:24 permeating.
00:27 Yes it is, it's really coming through baby.
00:28 You know, and you can actually serve this up, you know,
00:30 you made a comment about, talking about
00:32 things to have with it. And, that is that we
00:35 talked about the cancer fighters.
00:36 Okay. So, this will be served up
00:38 very, very well with whole wheat toast.
00:40 Umm! Umm! It can serve very well
00:41 also with fresh broccoli steamed broccoli or skillet
00:46 cabbage, and just some, and so cancer fighting
00:47 foods in this recipe. Yeah, now these tomatoes
00:50 are from somebody's garden, isn't it?
00:53 Am I correct or what? I wonder whose garden.
00:55 I was just wondered. Believe it or not, you know,
00:57 I have to say to you that we decided to do a
01:00 container garden, somebody asked what in the world
01:02 is a container garden. I don't wanna get down
01:04 on the ground and be trying to crawl around and I don't
01:07 want to be telling you, I am one of them girls, just afraid of
01:10 spiders, and ants, and bugs and stuff.
01:13 As one person says, city girl.
01:14 I would be screaming and hollering every time I see them,
01:16 so we decided to take those flower pots and fill them
01:19 up with real good organic soil and put them on top
01:22 of and Curtis built me tables and.
01:26 Of course it's two by fours, and no bending
01:28 over and also no weeds. That's right. And, so we were
01:32 able to grow... people could not believe it,
01:34 we know, we grew squash and cucumbers and these
01:38 tomatoes, which you see in front of us tomatoes,
01:41 onions, we take, the cancer fighters.
01:44 Oh! Yeah. collard green onions,
01:48 we had all that stuff going on in that garden
01:49 and we work real well. Okay. Now, you have a
01:53 passion for breast cancer and let's share with
01:55 audience about your passion for breast cancer.
01:58 Well, my passion for breast cancer is because
02:00 I am a breast cancer survivor for whatever reason,
02:05 the Lord wanted me to go on this journey, it was fine
02:07 because my theme is always been whatever
02:10 God brings you too, he can certainly bring you
02:12 through. And, you know, what it did for me,
02:14 he actually opened up a whole journey of individuals
02:16 men and women, who are going through breast
02:18 cancer and our theme as I got involved with the breast
02:22 cancer society is that no one should have to face
02:25 breast cancer alone. Whenever something
02:28 happen to us, is always people around to just
02:30 cheer us along the way and I certainly had that
02:33 from my pastors, our friends, our family members,
02:36 my husband who is a wonderful, wonderful caregiver,
02:39 all of those came into play, they came to my
02:41 beck and call, but God was a supreme person
02:45 that actually helped me get through that time frame.
02:48 As a result of that, I want to be able to share that
02:50 news with other women and men as I walk through
02:53 that journey and still walking through the journey,
02:55 you know, what I am saying, and so with that
02:57 in mind, we pray, we read scripture, we talk to
03:01 each other, we cry a little bit, we laugh a whole lot
03:05 and we move, because attitude has a lot to do
03:08 with, what happens to us and God granted me
03:11 within the 11 months time frame all clear and
03:15 if you want to hear rest of that story, you have to
03:17 come to, you know, listen to 3ABN and some of the
03:20 tapes, we have actually done on that journey as well.
03:22 We want you to know though that education is
03:24 important to be forewarned is to be forearmed, okay.
03:28 Wonderful story, honey. So, we're gonna close with
03:31 John 10:10, Jesus said, I am come that they might
03:35 have life and have it more abundantly.


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