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00:01 Well, welcome into the kitchen, yes, we are actually
00:04 going to go into the recipe for this program and it's entitled
00:08 a Angel Hair Tomato Toss. Sounds good honey.
00:12 It calls for:
00:44 Now, this is very good recipe. Angel hair tomato toss.
00:49 Yes, yes, yes, and we are gonna start of by using
00:51 we said already, you got your olive oil in your
00:54 skillet already ready to go and we are gonna put in
00:57 the garlic and also the onions and the green
01:00 peppers, we are gonna go ahead and start with that.
01:02 Things we just talked about in beating breast cancer.
01:05 Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, you want the onions first.
01:09 Go ahead put in that, that's the garlic.
01:11 Onions first. And that's your onions,
01:12 go ahead and put those in. Okay, alright.
01:16 Alright, we got those going in first, talking
01:20 about that group of foods that are good for us.
01:23 The Allium family. Allium family.
01:25 Onions, garlic, scallions and leeks.
01:27 Aah, and then of course we got the whole cabbage family
01:30 going on too. Cabbage family, yes.
01:32 Alright. Okay, and that say based
01:34 on that research about a cup a day of the cabbage
01:36 help to protect the ladies and also the guys to
01:42 reducing the risk of breast cancer.
01:46 That's what we want honey. That's what we want.
01:47 That's the name of the game. The name of the game.
01:50 It's smelling already baby. You sautéing that for just a
01:52 hot second or so, you know hot second and then what we
01:56 are gonna do is we gonna ahead on then and put in
01:58 the fresh tomatoes. Okay.
02:00 Alright, let's go ahead and you can... this is two things.
02:02 No 1 you can use 14 ounce can of diced tomatoes
02:06 or you can use fresh tomatoes.
02:08 Okay, let's go ahead and do that.
02:13 Very lightly. Very lightly.
02:18 Alright, we are going to then add in our tomato
02:20 sauce, we are gonna pour it in tomato sauce.
02:24 This is any sauce or any? Oh, tomato sauce, I mean
02:27 you can purchase that. Okay, okay that's two
02:32 cups of tomato sauce. This is a delicious recipe
02:35 by the way and then the last what we are gonna
02:38 put in is the Italian, this is the Italian seasoning
02:42 and also the salt. Okay, why don't you just toss that...
02:46 stir that just a little bit very gently.
02:47 Very gently. Very gently.
02:52 This is gonna be a good sauce, this is a good one, this is
02:54 a good one, I can tell that right now. It smells good.
02:56 It does smell good. Yes it does.
02:57 And I made a comment about the actual angel
03:03 hair pasta, which I have right here. And that angel
03:06 hair pasta it's a whole-wheat pasta.
03:09 Okay. And it's sometimes takes a
03:12 little bit getting used to, but you know you can
03:14 actually use that as the alternative dish regular
03:17 enriched pasta as well. Okay. Now you mention about,
03:22 we got few minutes about exercise beating
03:24 breast cancer. Let's talk about that because that's
03:27 also very important for as beating breast cancer,
03:30 physical activity. You know one of the
03:32 things is going on is that we are still looking at or
03:34 they are still looking at ways in which cancer
03:37 develops and of course nutrition is one of them
03:39 and another one is lack of exercise and even
03:41 overweight. We talk about the exercise you need to
03:44 get in exercise you here all the time for heart
03:46 disease, diabetes, all the different diseases and
03:48 that is at least trying to get in three days a week
03:52 of some type of a walking exercise, you
03:54 know starting of slow 2500 steps if you have
03:57 the pedometer that helps you along the way
03:59 moving up to accomplishing at least 10,000 steps a day.
04:03 I know that sounds like a lot, but believe it or not
04:06 you can get there in no time. I tried to stay on exercise
04:09 program all the time, Curtis and myself,
04:11 we love to walk through our neighborhood, meet
04:13 our neighbors and that's very, very interesting.
04:16 Okay, also it's an opportunity time to talk
04:18 about the Lord with your neighbors as well.
04:21 And along with that you want to at least get in
04:23 another two days of that strength bearing exercises
04:26 that's lifting of the weights okay, that's
04:28 another thing you do as well. And so these things are
04:31 part of also that prevention trying to keep ourselves
04:34 healthy is very, very key alright, I know.
04:37 Yup, and I like to mention as well.
04:40 The reason why in addition to what you are
04:41 saying to because physical activity is very important
04:45 and so therefore when we do walk we exercise,
04:49 it also reduces our estrogen, estrogen has
04:52 been linked to cancer development particularly
04:55 in the breast thereby exercising, walking helps
04:59 to lower the rate of breast cancer.
05:02 Again there has been a lot of clinical studies as
05:04 far as it is concerned. Now we are talking
05:05 about a may be 2-1/2 hours a week, it can
05:08 lower the rate of breast cancer by 49 percent.
05:10 So, that's quite a bit base on just doing that alone if
05:14 nothing else. Now, we incorporate of
05:15 course the cruciferous, cabbage, broccoli etc.
05:20 and also the Allium foods, the garlic and leeks and
05:23 onions and some other foods that we can
05:25 mention as well, Resveratrol, the red grape, apple
05:29 and all those things help to fight cancer cells and
05:33 reduce that risk and that's what is all about.
05:35 Yes, indeed, what we're gonna do is, we're gonna
05:37 go ahead and start out little bit more and as we
05:40 do that, we're going to take a break and when
05:44 we comeback, when we comeback, you will actually
05:46 see the finished product, so you want to stay by.


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