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Squash It

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00185C

00:01 Well, we want to welcome you back.
00:03 We've finished this program squash it
00:05 and we started off with actually a
00:07 a Vegetable bulgur Stir-Fry and from there we moved
00:10 to that butternut squash with that honey
00:13 and margarine on top of it. Smells good.
00:15 And then from there we went to the
00:17 spaghetti squash primavera. Alright And then we ended
00:23 with our pumpkin pie. Have mercy.
00:26 Pumpkin pie, all these done which squash.
00:31 Squash it folks.
00:32 All the different types of squash out there.
00:34 You really need to try some of the ones that, if you've
00:37 not tried them before I am telling you they all taste
00:39 good, very, very nice and you know
00:41 a wonderful way to actually be able to go to
00:44 your next door neighbor or someone you're
00:45 ministering to about the Lord.
00:47 you know, prepare one of this dishes and take them out
00:49 and meet with them and talk about the
00:51 Goodness & Mercies Of Lord
00:52 and then enjoy a wonderful meal together.
00:54 Nothing like somebody coming over
00:56 bringing a dish, you know. Squash gossip.
00:58 Squash gossip. Squash gossip.
01:00 Squash jealousy and envy squash all of those things.
01:02 Absolutely, that's What God wants.
01:03 But this, we don't to squash.
01:04 No we don't want to squash any of this, you know,
01:06 and one of the way to do is, I just put some good
01:07 food in your mouth. Here we go, take your
01:11 neighbors some food and they will appreciative.
01:13 Yes. Wonderful.
01:14 Yes, yes, yes. Let me go, wonderful
01:15 program, but now we're gonna sample this food today, right.
01:17 We're going to sample right when the show is finished.
01:18 Well, let's close up. Get in there. John 10:10,
01:20 Jesus said, I come that day might have life and
01:24 have it more abundantly.


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