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00:01 Well, welcome back. Welcome back.
00:03 We are going to be doing a spaghetti squash
00:04 Primavera. Let's look at the ingredients.
00:07 Sounds interesting. It calls for:
00:27 Spaghetti squash, now this may be a new
00:31 squash for a lot of people. It is, it is a yellow squash
00:35 and people say how you get the spaghetti out of there.
00:37 Is this one of the summer squashes.
00:39 This is a winter squash. Oh! Winter.
00:41 This is a winter. Okay.
00:42 And all you're going to do once you bake it
00:43 in the oven. Oh! Now let's just
00:45 start spaghetti now. It begins to actually
00:47 do the exact same thing as spaghetti.
00:50 You're gonna do it cross wars.
00:51 Okay. When you do it.
00:53 Now, while I am doing that Interesting.
00:55 I'm going to have you get you got
00:57 your oil already, ready to go.
00:59 It's ready to go. And you gonna go ahead
01:00 and stir in, you got your mushrooms
01:02 and you have those peas.
01:05 Okay. Let them see how
01:06 that looks. Look at that.
01:10 Got the mushroom going here.
01:13 Now we are going to go ahead and put in the peas.
01:15 There's the peas is going in, peas going in.
01:19 Alright. This is a very simple easy
01:21 recipe Curtis. It's not a lot of work
01:26 and we're going to saute that a little bit
01:27 just for a little bit there, alright. And then I'm going
01:33 to go ahead on and I am going to start putting in
01:35 how about that? And that's going in here.
01:36 The squash. Okay.
01:38 Look at that. Spaghetti squash now
01:41 You got this in Huntsville right?
01:43 Yes, yes. In our health food stores there.
01:46 At Garden Cove. And most the surprising thing is
01:49 how much it actually makes.
01:50 You can go ahead and saute that. Yes.
01:52 Okay. Just kind of flip that a little bit
01:54 I'll see if you got any more in here.
01:59 It actually does a good serving amount.
02:04 and you'll be able to see this also at the
02:05 end of the program as well, got a little bit more.
02:07 It's more goodies. More goodies, look at that.
02:10 Alright. Okay. And what I am going
02:14 to do is I am going to put in the seasonings
02:16 to go with that, okay. Doesn't that smell good.
02:19 Now what we have this is. This is the oregano.
02:21 Oregano. I am just a little bit
02:23 a tad of salt that actually goes in there as well.
02:25 Okay. And while you're doing that.
02:30 At the very end of this recipe as Curtis is
02:33 kind of sauteing it and getting it ready
02:35 because it just look like regular spaghetti squash
02:37 by the way. The calorie count on this
02:39 is very, very low also, but not like regular spaghetti.
02:41 Okay. It's sounds okay, looks like is in a
02:43 pasta group, but it really isn't, it's actually a
02:45 squash, alright. It looks like spaghetti.
02:48 Looks like that. Looks like that
02:49 And we are going to put that pea back in there.
02:52 That was kind of tacky baby. Hold that, hold that.
02:55 Okay. Okay. And we're going to
02:58 just bring this up and over like so, okay.
03:02 And this is going to be one dish meal.
03:04 This is a one dish meal. You can serve.
03:05 You have everything in here. You have your squash,
03:09 Your pasta, but it's not a pasta
03:11 Spaghetti I know, I know. The one thing I like
03:14 about this Curtis is that. It's a vegetable.
03:15 It's a vegetable once again and once you can have a salad,
03:19 you can have a whole wheat bread or rolls with it.
03:22 Okay. Okay. And what's going to
03:24 happen once again is we're going to
03:25 look at the last recipe.
03:28 Okay. And the last recipe is
03:30 actually a pumpkin pie. Oh!
03:35 Let's look at the ingredients;
03:37 It calls for:
04:10 Well, now we got that that easy pumpkin pie.
04:12 Easy pumpkin pie. Easy to put together
04:14 It calls for that Mori-Nu firm tofu silken.
04:17 Silken. We want a soft one that represent
04:20 that of actually eggs. We are going to be
04:21 using or not using in this particular recipe.
04:23 So why don't you go out and, I'll put this in the,
04:25 just cut it up a little bit as you put it in.
04:27 Okay. Alright, so we're gonna put that in
04:30 on first, this is a Mori-Nu Silken
04:33 going in or you can use any silken or soft tofu
04:37 in this particular recipe. But not firm.
04:38 No, no, no, silken, alright. And then I'm going to go
04:41 ahead and put in the pumpkin and this is.
04:44 That's a canned. This is canned pumpkin.
04:46 Canned pumpkin. Yeah.
04:47 Okay, right. Depending on the season
04:49 Not able to find you know around the holidays.
04:52 You can get the actual pumpkin itself
04:55 and do it, but that's a lot of work.
04:57 Just get the can pumpkin. This is easy.
04:59 That's right Don't work yourself so hard, okay.
05:01 Easy. And then we are going to
05:03 put in also the vanilla. Alright.
05:08 And also go ahead and put in the seasoning.
05:12 This is all the seasoning. Seasonings, the coriander.
05:14 We'll put that honey in last put that top one.
05:22 And turn it on.
05:42 And you can take that off there a little bit,
05:43 and let's move this round.
05:45 Move it around a little bit. Nice and creamy.
05:48 It's a easy. It's going to be a nice,
05:50 easy one. Okay, let's do again, Curtis.
05:54 Okay and this time when we do, I want to actually
05:57 start pouring in honey in very slowly, okay.
06:37 Alright and then this will be the last one
06:39 around here Curtis. Oh! It's, now
06:41 it is creamy now. That's the last one, see its getting
06:43 creamy, you know, there's no eggs, in this at all.
06:46 Cholesterol free. And there is no milk in this at all.
06:48 Easy pumpkin pie.
06:50 That's right, easy pumpkin pie.
06:51 Easy to do, easy to prepare. Let's go that one last time.
06:54 Let me just get this here, you know, get all the goodies
06:56 on the inside, Okay. Okay. Okay.
07:15 Okay and this is ready to go, we've already got
07:18 our prepared a whole wheat pie, shell.
07:21 We're gonna put it in the shell there.
07:23 And once again and I am sure you can find
07:26 Want me to get that for you. I got it.
07:28 Okay. In our cook book,
07:29 we have the pie chef, we're just going to pour
07:33 that on it. We have done a lot.
07:37 We have done a lot on this show.
07:38 Yes, we have. Today.
07:39 This is squash it. This is squash it.
07:42 And most people wouldn't think that pumpkin is,
07:45 It's a squash? I know, I know.
07:48 But it's part of the squash family.
07:49 No, the gourd family. of the gourd.
07:51 And the gourd family is a part of all these
07:53 different ones, okay. What we're going to do.
07:55 is you're gonna smooth that around
07:57 it goes in the oven. The temperature is
08:00 about 425 degrees. Okay.
08:03 And is going to stay in for about an hour, okay.
08:06 Want me get the center piece out for you.
08:08 No, if the crust starts getting a little bit too
08:10 done then you just gonna put the foil on top of it.
08:13 once again and that will stop from doing that.
08:15 Now you made the crust I mean you can put the.
08:17 Crust, no, no. The crust I made
08:19 is from our book global vegetarian, okay.
08:21 Okay, And we are going to, are we looking for our time
08:26 how things is going.
08:27 Come on right down to the wire, honey.
08:29 Alright. What we're gonna do is
08:30 we're gonna put it in oven and bake it and guess what
08:31 we are going go take all of these different
08:33 things that we have made today and we are going
08:35 to bring them back at the end of the program.
08:38 So, you can see them all and then also have your
08:40 mouth watering, ready to go. So, stay by.


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